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ASWT 2015 entry conditions

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ASWT 2015 entry conditionsImportant conditions of entry1. Each player must fill in an entry form.2. Entries will only be accepted on receipt of payment and entry form.3. Your email address may be shared with our sponsors. Please make us aware if you do not wish this to happen.4. Direct Credit payments to SBS Bank 03 1355 0687483 00 must have surname and club/ player ID.5. All entries will be acknowledged within 1 week.6. Maximum playing index 31.77. Entries will be divided into approximately three equal divisions.8. Four ball partner must be nominated on entry form or tournament committee will arrange a partner. Entry forms from both partners are essential to secure a place.9. Order of play on Wednesday for the Championship round will be in handicap order.10. The draw will be published in The Marlborough Express, posted in the Clubhouse and on on Wednesday 18th March 2015.11. Cancellations will be broadcast on More FM 92.912. Entry fee is non-refundable after the closing date.13. The course is available for complimentary practice on Sunday 22nd March up until 1pm only, thereafter the course is closed. No practising on course on tournament days.14. Entries close Friday 13th March 2015Contact: Pru Jensen at Phone 03 579 1284 or 0276460669
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