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Номинация: Виртуальное путешествие
Выполнила: Усова Ирина Валерьевна
Студент 1 курса
Специальность: стоматология
Руководитель: Карева Ольга Николаевна
Today I would like to tell
you a little about Great
Britain, its surprising and
unique places, sights which
can be visited, having
arrived to this country, so
we will begin our virtual
Great Britain — one of the largest states of Europe, the nuclear
power, the permanent member of the UN Security Council. The
successor of the British Empire, the largest in the history, and
existing in XIX — the beginning of the XX centuries.
The capital — the city of London, one of the largest cities of
Europe and the major world financial and economic center.
Great Britain has the parliamentary government founded on
Westminster system which is also used worldwide — heritage
of former glory of the British Empire. The parliament of Great
Britain sitting at the Westminster palace.
Westminster palace
In the palace of 1200 rooms, 100 ladders and 5 kilometers of
corridors. From palace towers clock tower Elizabeth's Tower
(Big Ben) — a symbol of Great Britain is best-known.
Britain is the country of surprising locks, the most beautiful
legends and unique landscapes. Many travelers consider the
United Kingdom Great Britain one of the most wonderful and
romantic places in the world!
Cotswolds - is the region recognized as one of the most
picturesque places of Great Britain. Fantastic lodges, small
small villages and surprising landscapes distinguish this corner,
allowing wanderers to take pleasure much in rural romanticism
and to be gathered pleasant emotions.
Mystical hill - Glastonbury Tor
Much know that in Glastonbury
annually passes a musical rock
festival. However music – not the
only reason to visit these edges.
Here the cradle of a set of the
legends and mythical legends
connected with king Arthur, the
magician Merlin and the mystical
island of Avalon is located. Holm
Glastonbury Tor is a place where, on
a legend, powerful power streams
Resort town Whitstable
The romantic resort town of
Uitstabl is located in Kent
County. Oysters – the bestknown point of the menu of all
restaurants of this town, bring
together them still here since the
time of Romans. Life in beach
lodges, walks on the coast, – all
this you will find driving on the
yacht in the remarkable city of
Замок Windsor
Rather small British city of Windsor should be visited because of the
Windsor Castle located there which is more than 900 years the
residence of a royal sort. Persons interested can plunge into the
atmosphere of royal luxury, having visited to visit the castle located
on the bank of the Thames.
Английский стиль Ludlow
Ludlow is one of small, but very bright cities of Britain. It is located in the
County of Shropshire, near Wales, and surrounded with a ring of
picturesque hills. In this place you are waited by a huge set of the real
English entertainments: the market, restaurants, an ancient castle, and also
the holidays and festivals which are taking place here all the year round.
Живописный край Lake District
This English corner is well-known for the lake
and mountain landscapes. Exactly here the
well-known Cheviotsky hills which serve as
geographical boundary with Scotland
originate. In this region wide green valleys
were stretched, and over mysterious lakes cool
mountains hung. More than sixty years ago
this territory was entered in the list of the
operating reserves.
Средневековый город Canterbury
The ancient city of Canterbury is in Kent County which was already
mentioned earlier located in the southeast of England. Here
everything tells about life of the medieval city. Canterbury
Cathedral represents a set of unsolved secrets and legends. Entirely
to plunge into the atmosphere of this bewitching city, go on
excursion of Canterbury Ghost Tour – there you will be told about
the ghosts and ghosts living in this region.
Экзотический сад Eden Project
Having gone to a botanical garden of the County of Cornwall, you will be
able to feel Adam and Eve. The Eden project represents the greenhouse
consisting of a set of geodetic domes where plants and flowers from all
corners of the world are collected. The area of this unique greenhouse
makes 22 thousand square kilometers! Under different domes of a
surprising garden different climatic zones of the planet are recreated.
Modern England
If you want to see alternative Great Britain and for a
while to plunge into the most creative and unique
district of London, Alternative London Tour is that is
necessary for you. The London East End blows the
mind wall drawings of authorship of Banksy, Cityzen
Kane and Stik.
The places listed by me is some bright corners of England. Year
after year people open, find and create all new and new
tremendous places in the territory of the United Kingdom of
Great Britain
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