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Dear friend,
Thank you for your letter. I am glad to hear from you .You would like to know about
the Great Patriotic War and my relatives who participate in this terrible war.I want to
retell you about my great-grandfather.
War. The Great Patriotic War. There is no family in our country, who would not
touched by it. And in our family my great-grandfather Nikolai Belov fought at the
Great Patriotic War. My great-grandfather was born in 1905 in the working village
Gus -Krystal. After graduating from high school he worked at one of the village. And
from 1927 to 1932 my great-grandfather served in the navy on the battleship
"Marat". Nikolai was very proud to serve on this ship. In 1941 when the Great
Patriotic War began my great-grandfather once asked to fight on his native ship.
During the Battle for Moscow in November the Red Army sent the first tanks and
planes to the Eastern Front . My great-grandfather was on the destroyer
"Gremyashchy" and participated at the reception of the caravan with combat
equipment and food coming from the US and the UK. He met these caravans in the
sea under German shells and bombs and accompanied them to the Soviet shores
away from the attack of Nazi aircraft and submarines. For his heroism Nikolai Belov
was awarded by many military awards. But the most valuable for him was the
medal "For the Defense of the Soviet Arctic."
I am proud of my great-grandfather. For me it is inexhaustible example of heroism
and heroism in the name of victory over the enemy and freedom of the motherland.
And did your relatives take part in the Second World War?
Unfortunately my letter is over
Write me soon
Best wishes
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