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Hello, my foreign friend! My great-grandfather in 1942 he volunteered for the front. In the 45th
infantry division, he was on the Leningrad front. Once reflected after the German invasion, there
was a lull. The soldiers sitting in the trenches and Smoking, as well as my great grandfather did
not smoke, he went to get water. Back in the trench, he saw a huge crater and dead soldiers lying
around. It later emerged that a German artillery shell hit the trench. In 1943, on the orders of the
division commander, they went to meet the squad, finishing in first place, the Nazis began to
surround. The task was to deliver important documents to the commander of this platoon. On the
way to the edge, a friend of Michael's and came across mine. Friend died, and shrapnel mines in
the knee wounded my great-grandfather. After that, he got into the hospital. In early 1944 he
returned home. 28 February 2003 Nikitin Mikhail Petrovich died. On the same day, after 2 years,
his wife died (my great grandmother) - Nikitina Tatyana Nikitichna, the hero of the rear.
Remember you are my friend, a foreigner, a high price paid for this victory!"
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