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 The AMTC Group of Companies
Market Leaders and Specialists in
Magnetic Applications Since 1999
Who we are
The AMT&C group is an esteemed group of companies, specialized in developing the most advanced applications in the field of magnetism. The firm’s research and development arm has created several proprietary technologies, which have improved the fields of science, medicine and manufacturing alike. In the following pages, we invite you to learn more about our dynamic group of companies.
The AMTC Group Structure
Who we are
The AMT&C Group is comprised of two main divisions, each having a distinct function within the field of applied magnetics
AMT&C, the namesake division, specializes in advanced R & D and is responsible for translating theoretic principles into real
world magnetic applications.
One such application utilizes the magnetocaloric
effect to improve lab
based research (variable magnetic fields up to 2 T) in areas such as magnetic cooling. In parallel, the firm manufactures a wide variety of magnet
based equipment for scale manufacturing applications.
Magnetocaloric Effect Measuring Set
UP from AMT&C
Advanced Magnetic Technologies and Consulting –
Magnetic Separators and Pulleys
Ore Sorters
Magnetic Sweepers
Automatic Gas Valves
R & D
Auto. Set
Ups for Measuring Magnetocaloric
Magnetic Foams
Lab Equipment
Field Generators
AMT&’s complex magnetic systems are designed for industrial, aerospace and scientific applications. AMT&’s Manufacturing Equipment
Suspended Magnetic Separators
Grates, Rollers, Alignment Tools
AMT&’s Manufacturing Equipment
Drum Sorters
Powered Plate Magnets
Plate Magnets
AMT&’s KGDE Gas Valve
One of AMT&’s most important products:
The KGDE gas valve is used in commercial gas delivery applications. It can be fully integrated into an automated system(s), including those that use autonomous power supplies.
The gas valve is designed to accommodate gas lines with varying dimensions; whereby the locking element can provide variable working effort from 0.1 up to 100 kgf.
Automatic Gas Valves
KGDE Gas Valve –
Patented and Certified
Certificate of conformity N POCC RU.AB28.B03326 –
received in 2009 and valid through 15.11.2012
Permission to apply for N PPC 00
39345 –
received in 2010 valid through 19.07.2015
Eurasian Patent “Electromagnetic Valve and Automated System On Its asis” –
no: N 013720 dated 30.06.2010
AMT&’s Research and Development
Axial Magnetic Field Systems
Intensity Magnetic Field Generators
“Halbach Systems”
Adj. Permanent Magnet
based Magnetic Field Systems
AMT&C is a specialist in magnetic field generation.
Steady State Field Generators
Intensity Magnetic Field Generators
“Steady State”
Innovative Approaches
Permanent Magnetic Field System for Non
destructive Testing of Vacuum Systems
ups for Expedited Measurement of the Magneto
caloric effect.
AMT&’s Research and Development
The firm’s expertise includes the development of magnetic applications for scientific purposes:
The team has developed and manufactured regulated (up to 2 T) and stationary Halbach
Style permanent magnetic field sources. This proprietary technology unlocks massive potential in the heating and cooling industries.
Proprietary set
ups, used for investigating field and temperature dependencies of a dynamic magnetocaloric effect, are solely supplied by AMT & C. -
AMT & C conducts research in the field of magnetic refrigeration, new magnetic materials, magnet
based environmental clean
he firm is the owner of 10 patents, including 2 in magnetic refrigeration and 32 in the area of magnetic know
Global Presence:
USA: Thermoking
Germany: IFW, Dresden
Poland: Institute of Nonferrous Metals, Gliwice
Spain: University of Sivilia
Russia: Physical Faculty of M.V. Lomonosov
MSU, Moscow
Russia: Baikov
of Metallurgy of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS)
Russia: Chelyabinsk Technical University
AMT&’s Research and Development
Competitive Advantages
Highly Effective R&D
Patented Technologies
Government Subsidies
free Business Operations
Strategic Advantages
AMT & ’s success and continued growth is the result several economic and strategic advantages. ustomer’s can leverage these strengths to achieve high
quality, value
priced magnetic equipment.
R & D Capabilities
level technological expertise
University and Lab research
Dedicated R & D Budget
Distinguished Achievements:
Developed the first regulated and stationary Halbach
type magnetic field generating sources. -
with field stength
of up to 2 Tesla
design based on permanent magnets
AMT & C has published several volumes in the field of applied magnetism
R & D Capabilities
AMT & ’s team of principals, engineers and scientists have published volumes of books, papers and peer
reviewed articles.
The firm’s work is often showcased in leading journals and act as a major contributor to the field of applied magnetism
Members of the Government
Subsidized Skolkovo
Economic Zone
AMT & C:
4 of AMT & ’s divisions are situated within the economic
free zone “
.” •
Within this environment, divisions enjoy 0% VAT, 0% income tax, and a reduced social tax of 14%. •
Government subsidies stimulate innovation and will dramatically reduce prices to the end
user. The Skolkovo
region is in close proximity to Moscow and mirrors the entrepreneurial climate of alifornia’s Silicon Valley.
The Skolkovo
Economic Zone Four of AMT & C’s divisions maintain membership in the Skolkovo
The Skolkovo
Economic Zone Divisional Heads with Skolkovo
Membership Appointments
Strategic Partnerships
AMT & ’s Laboratory
In addition to high
tech manufacturing, AMT&C engages in consultative partnerships –
the aim is to leverage outside competencies to add value to existing technologies.
Among these many partnerships, AMT&C has engaged with OAO “Silovie Mashini –
ZLT, LMZ, Electrosila, Energomashexport” to aide in the development of new, more effective electric engines for use in sea transport. Polymagnet Divisions
Moscow Kiev Novosibirsk St. Petersburg Eschborn Sao Paulo Ningbo
Colored Magnetic Sheet for Marketing
Powered Separating Magnets
Magnetic Foils Magnetic Components
Permanent Samarium Cobalt
Magnetic Cores
Earth Material Polymagnet is both a sourcer
and direct supplier of Rare Earth Materials. The firm leverages several strategic partnerships, supplying a high level of REM material per month. Polymagnet’s
Growth Track Record
differentiated product lines have experienced growing demand –
this has led to heightened year
year growth.
Revenue per Year
Revenue in GBP
Magnetite LLC Magnetic Technologies
Magnetic Cores
Magnetic Separators
Ore Mining
Gold Mining
Magnetic Test Systems
Laboratory Magnetic Field Sources
GSM Systems
For remote, safe actuation of magnetic systems
Magnetite LLC designs and manufactures magnetic cores for use in magnetic separators. The cores and the test systems that accompany, are primarily used in the ore and gold mining industries. Magnetite LLC Magnetic Technologies
Industrial Cores
Theoretical Applications
Ore Sorting
The firm offers computer
based systems to accurately determine the magnetic parameters of magnetic separators, with a primary focus in gradient magnetic separators. The systems include computerized processing of measured data that are used to calculate the values and directions of magnetic forces acting within the work zone. Magnetite LLC Magnetic Technologies
Test Equipment
Integrated Circuitry
Remote Actuation
In the near
future, the firm plans to develop new generations of energy efficient, high
gradient magnetic separators with permanent magnets for use in wet or dry benefication
. Magnetite LLC Magnetic Technologies
Intellectual Property Magnetite LLC Magnetic Technologies
Magnetic Technologies
A central focus of FMT LLC is to create new magnetic technologies centered around the use of rare earth materials. The firm is charged with developing a national supply base of rare earth metals (REM) Nd
, Dy
, and Sm
from domestically sourced Russian raw materials. The aim is to create a supply chain independent of external imports and influence. The firm will supply REM and PM at a level outpacing current demand, while minimizing the costs associated with mining, environmental impact and price. Fryazino
Magnetic Technologies
Mined REM will be refined to develop and produce a new generation of high
energy nanostructures permanent magnets.
Characteristics to include:
Sustainably sourced, sintered PMs having high magnetic and mechanical parameters
Characterized by long life
times in electric motors
From a business standpoint, the firm will grow by supplying both domestic and international markets, with a focus on PM motor manufactures.
Magnetic Technologies
“Mined REM will be refined to develop and produce a new generation of high
energy nanostructures permanent magnets.”
FMT LLC has created and patented a new nano
structure composition for the production of permanent magnets. Pharmag
LLC Technologies
A central focus of Pharmag
LLC is to understand and develop applications surrounding magnetic hyperthermia (MH). The company has demonstrated that this process can be used to treat medical ailments, including the removal of tumors in a highly effective manner.
Thad said, the company is focused on reducing the current shortcomings associated with MH –
currently the process is choatic
and uncontrolled. The aim is to create a controlled, highly
specific application of MH.
The method utilizes magnetic nanoparticles (MNP) with high thermal properties. Combining this with high
efficiency equipment, Pharmag
has developed the patented methods of treatment that is intended to eliminate solid tumors. Pharmag
LLC Technologies
Controlled MH removes the need for direct, permanent control of the operating temperature. Precision control of temperature, including heating/cooling, will prevent overheating of tumors as well as surrounding tissues undergoing treatment. The process also eliminates the need of an invasive temperature sensor. In addition, it eliminates the need for high
freq. electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to the human body.
AMT&C Group Statistics
Holder of 61 pieces of intellectual property
Experts in magnetic systems, magnetic refrigeration and new advanced materials such as magnetic foam.
High Intellectual Potential
8 Ph. D. Degrees
1 Doctor of Science
A team of skilled engineers and managers; 29 R&D employees
Strong Human Resource Foundation
AMT&C has developed a robust industrial infrastructure capable of rapid, scale production. Located in Troitsk
, Borovsk
and Frianzino
High Industrial Potential
AMT&C commands 35
40% of the post
soviet market for permanent magnets. The group is poised to continue its rapid growth trajectory.
High Market Potential
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