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George Stephenson

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The content of the presentation
• 1. George Stephenson
• 2. Childhood
• 3. Early career
• 4. The design of steam locomotives
• 5. The construction of the railway
• 6. Stephensons’s “Rocket”
• 7. Later career
• 8. Died
•9. Stephenson’s Steam Engine "Locos No.1”
• 10. Portraits Of George Stephenson
George Stephenson
He was born in August 12,
1848. He is an English
inventor and mechanical
He was the second child of
Robert and Mabel.
Stephenson At 17,
Stephenson became an
engineer man. He realized
the value of education and
paid to study at night school
to learn reading, writing and
arithmetic – he was illiterate
until the age of 18.
Early career
He was appointed
chief engineer of the
coal mines. Here
Stephenson in 1815,
developed a mine
The design of steam
In 1814 Stephenson designed his first locomotive and
hauling wagons of coal.
The construction of the
In 1821 he began to design a new railway
Stockton — Darlington.
Stephenson’s “Rocket”
The Stephenson locomotive
was the only one who has
successfully completed all
tests. He showed an average
speed of 12 miles per hour
(~19 km/h) with load of 13
tons. The maximum speed
reached 30 mph (~48 km/h).
Brilliant victory of
Stephenson's "Rocket" made
her perhaps the most famous
mechanism in the history of
Later career
He was besiege with requests
from railway problems. Many
of the first American railroad
builders came to Newcastle
to learn from Stephenson and
the first dozen or so
locomotives utilized there
were purchased from the
Stephenson shops.
Stephenson died
12 August 1848 in
Tapton house,
Stephenson’s steam engine
"Locos No. 1"
It was built in 1825.
The steam locomotive
"Locos No. 1" has
survived to the
present time. It was
used until 1857, and
now it is exhibited in
the railway Museum
in Darlington.
Portrait of George
Portrait of George
Stephenson was placed on
the banknotes of series E the
State Bank in the UK worth 5
pounds. In circulation, these
notes were from 7 June 1990
to 21 November 2003.
I think Stephenson is a
great person of the
world history.
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