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тесты по английскому языку
5 - 6 класс
Обращаем внимание участников, для ответов необходимо использовать специальный бланк ответов ONE_5-6.doc, прикрепленный к письму. При отправке выполненных работ участникам необходимо назвать свой документ ONE_0000 (где, 0000 - регистрационный номер участника).
Task 1.
Read the text and write proper words in the gaps.
Write your answers on the separate answer sheet ONE_5-6.doc
The Poor Girl
Once upon a time there 0. lived a nice girl. Her mother died and her father 1. __________ again. His new 2. _________ had two daughters. They were lazy and ugly and didn't do 3. __________ about the house. The poor girl worked 4. __________ morning till night. Her name was 5. _______
0likedlivedlaughed1marriedmademet2sisterwifeaunt3everythinganythingnothing4withfromin5Snow-WhiteSleeping BeautyCinderella
Task 2.
Read the text and answer the questions.
Write your answers on the separate answer sheet ONE_5-6.doc
Nina is a nice little girl. She's eight. Nina and her parents live in a big city. Sometimes Nina is sad because she misses her grandmother, who lives in a small village far from the city.
One day the girl opened her eyes and saw her grandmother smiling at her. Nina was so happy! She wanted to tell her granny so many things! It was Saturday so Nina didn't go to school. She doesn't have classes at the weekend. In the afternoon Nina and her granny were in the city centre. They decided to go shopping. Granny bought some nice toys for Nina and then the girl helped to choose presets for granny's friends. They found some nice books about gardening.
0. Where does Nina's family live? -Nina's family lives in a big city.
1. How does Nina feel sometimes? 2. Who did Nina see when she woke up on Saturday? 3. When doesn't Nina go to school?
4. Where did Nina and her granny go shopping?
5. What presents did they buy for granny's friends?
Для выполнения задания используйте файл ONE_5-6.mp3
Task 1.
Read the names written in the box.
A. Emma B. David C. Fred D. Daisy E. Betty F. Helen
Look at the picture
Listen to the dialogues and write the names of the children. Match the choices (B-F) to (1-7). There are two numbers you do not need to use. In this case put dash instead of the choice.
Write your answers on the separate answer sheet ONE_5-6.doc
Grammar Task 1
Put the words into the right order.
Write your answers on the separate answer sheet ONE_5-6.doc
0. name is what your? - What is your name?
1. fridge in butter there any is the? 2. short that with who is boy hair
3. Ben's is book this? 4. the time what's? 5. summer last you go did where? Task 2
Choose the correct word in these sentences Write your answers on the separate answer sheet ONE_5-6.doc
0. Where (does/do) you study? - do
1. Let's (cook/ to cook) an apple pie! 2. Cinderella's father was kind to (his/him) daughter.
3. Who (did write/wrote) Winnie-the-Pooh? 4. There are (much/many) big lakes in Great Britain. 5. In Russia people celebrate Christmas (on/at) the 7th of January. 6. This year in England (it was/there was) a lot of snow in winter.
7. (I can/Can I) have a cup of tea, please? Writing
Read the letter from Liz and write an answer. In your letter you should write: your name, your age, where you live, about your pets or favourite animals, job you want to do in future.
Write your answers on the separate answer sheet ONE_5-6.doc
Dear friend,
My name's Liz. I'm eleven years old. I live in Canada with my mother, father and a four year-old brother. My mother's an engineer and my father's a vet.
We've got two dogs. Their names are Bim and Bom. Dogs are my favourite animals. They are so funny and I like playing with them very much. I walk out my dogs three times a day, before and after school and in the evening.
I want to be a vet because I love animals and I want to help them as my Dad does.
What's your name? How old are you? Where are you from? What do your parents do? Do you have any pets or favourite animals? What job do you want to do in the future?
Best wishes,
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