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открытый урок 10 spotlight

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План открытого урока английского языка в 10А классе.
Учитель: Арестов А.А
Тема: Holidays (problems and complaints).
Цель: развитие диалогической речи (неудачный жизненный опыт на отдыхе) с целью описать случившееся и посочувствовать собеседнику.
1. Образовательная: отработка лексического материала по теме: отдых и путешествия; совершенствование навыков аудирования, говорения.
2. Развивающие: формирование умения анализировать и давать оценку.
3. Воспитательные: воспитать эстетическое отношение к окружающей действительности.
Оснащение урока: 1. Классная доска
2. Ноутбук\интерактивная доска для показа картинок и фотографий с опорой на тему урока
3. Аудиозапись с моделью диалога
4. Учебник Spotlight 10 (Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley, Bob Obee, Olga Afanasyeva, Irina Mikheeva). Конспект урока
Этап урокаФормы работы1. Warming up. Приветствие, лексическая работа, беседа про теме.
II. Follow up. Обсуждение возможных проблем на отдыхе; аудирование\чтение модели диалога, с заполнением пропущеной информации; описание проблем\возможных проблем и слова сочувствия III. Rounding off.
Выставление отметок, домашнее задание. T-Class, T-P1, P2...
P1 - P2...
Ход урока
I. Teacher (T): Good morning! Glad to see you! Sit down please. Have a look at the blackboard and read the proverb ("Experience is the mother of wisdom" - Жизненный опыт-мать мудрости). This proverb is related to our today's theme (holidays: problems and complains). You may copy it to your notebooks. The aim of our lesson is talking about holidays, describing bad experiences\sympathising. Moreover we'll learn new words about holidays and your homework will be to prepare with vocabulary to get ready to speak on our theme.
As the first task I'd like to ask you to open SBs on page 84. Here we have ex.1 (Brainstorming ex.) We have some categories about "holidays". Let's think about each one that goes with the theme. I'll help you with some of them. (Ex.1, p.84)
Children (Ch): (possible answers*) beach, backpacking, package, hotel, cottage, swimming, sightseeing, sunny, windy, stormy, ...
(T): Well-done! Now have a look at the pictures. Try to guess what we can see in them (учитель показывает слайды с опорой на вокабуляр).
(Ch): Pupils name pictures with new vocabulary.
(T): Good. Now please, try to use these words and discuss your last holiday. (Where did you go? What was the weather like?...). 2-3 sent. are enough.
(P1, P2, ...): Pupils' own answers. (I went on a beach holiday to Greece last year. The weather was boiling hot. We went by plane...)
(T): That's, good. Thanks
II. (T): Now let's do the ex.2 on the same page. On this page we might see the cartoon. Can you guess what's the problem? And how do you think the people feel?
(P1): (possible answer*) The problem is that the people didn't expect bad weather. (P2): And they might feel disappointed\annoyed.
(T): OK. Take a look at "b" part of this ex. We might see some problems and complains about holidays. Let's try to match descriptors to events (work in pairs).
I give you some time to complete.
(Ch): relate events to categories: weather, accommodation, food, service, travel, transport, crime, health, belongings, town, resort.
(T): OK. It was easy for you. And now, It's time to listen to the CD, but before draw attention to this dialog and predict "What do you think happened to John"? Read the first exchange only and guess.
(P1): (possible answer*) John had a terrible holiday. (P2): I think he lost his luggage and the weather was terrible.
(T): OK. Now, listen to and check. (R.13, 2nd disk. после прослушивания аудиозаписи)
Yes, you were right. But I'd like to ask you to do one more task for this model of the dialog. Take a look at the sentences in ex.3(b) and complete them with missing information. This is your last ex. for today.
(P1,P2,P3...): 1. His passport, missed their flight; 2. Was delayed, was lost; 3. Terrible; 4. to go abroad.
III. (T): A good work is done! Thanks for the work. So put down your home task...
The lesson is over, good bye!
(Ch): Good bye.
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