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Stories and Messages for Peace 2012

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Stories, Poems, Messages for Peace 2012
Written by Iwakuni Sogo High School Students
My Watch
It was 8:15 a.m. on August 6th, 1945.
My watch stopped on that time and that day.
I had a dream.
But I cannot make the dream come true anymore.
This is because my watch has stopped.
Not only mine but also many others' have stopped. How many people had their watch stopped since then?
Each of them must have had their own dreams. They must have had their own family. Sadness.
These are not the things people need to live on.
Why do people wage war which produces only such things?
We all should know this, shouldn't we?
Now at this very moment, someone's watch is stopping.
War is going on somewhere.
Tears and War
If I can grow to love what I hate
My fever will go down
And I'll never be afraid of any scary sounds
But I'll be careful
I hear a voice from somewhere in the distance
"Don't expect others to change this."
I don't even have time to breathe
I am so busy changing this world
Shall we receive those letters from survivors?
Just now, not to see anyone
I keep my mouth shut
And make myself calm down
At that moment, Mom said, "Run away!
You can live on and tell the reality of war!"
Only courage inside of me
Just enough to nod a little
Was shivering
The reality I'm facing is my friend
I'll pray for everyone
I wish you won't need to come here
After crying, the sadness will disappear
Please forget the tears you shed
When I had to register as a soldier,
I heard my number called so many times
I got tired of signing documents again and again
The white paper was full of letters
But my mind was blank and I couldn't read them
That paper seemed to be torn in my mind
I'm not strong enough to wish to be loved
Let me take a rest for a while
Because I'm tired
I should go home
While it's stopped raining
Before it starts raining again
"I'm home"
No one's at home
I close my eyes
And wish I hadn't said
"I'll miss you."
To Mom
Leaving her sad
You can crouch down and hold your artificial legs
Now you can't move them anymore
You can take a rest for a while
But remember those suffering people
It might be hard to stop tears reflecting many colors
Let us keep them from falling on the ceiling
Of the bombed house
Please forget the tears you shed
I hear a voice from somewhere in the distance
"Don't expect others to change this."
I don't even have time to breathe
I am so busy changing this world
Shall we receive those letters from survivors?
Real Peace
Why did we wage such a thing as war? War involves people who did nothing wrong. Didn't people think that it is so horrible? Some people say war is for the country, but actually it is for their benefit, to satisfy their greed. If people protest, they kill the protesters. Didn't people think that it is crazy? People could not protest because if they had protested, their children, lovers, and husbands would have been arrested. They might not be able to see them again. They would miss them, but they could not say, "Please don't go." All they could do was see them off, saying she or he had to work for their country. Soldiers knew they would be killed in war but they had to go. They had to hide how sad they were. They couldn't say that they didn't want to go to war. It is crazy. Everyone was crazy. In fact, the world is crazy still now. It seems peaceful, but it is not peaceful. It might be more peaceful than what it was long ago. But is it really peaceful? Actually, something is always going on where we don't know about it; bullying, murder, earthquakes.... Many things are going on.
When will the world be peaceful in the real sense? Today? Tomorrow? In two years? In ten years? In 100 years? Or.... No, the world won't be really peaceful unless we, human beings, change.
On August 6th, 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima. A lot of people were killed. There were two sisters among them.
The elder sister was sick. The younger sister was always playing by herself. But because the elder sister was getting better and better these days, they were going to play together. It had been a long time since they had last played together. The younger sister was very glad to hear that they would be able to play together again. They talked about what to play the next day. Just talking about it was so much fun for them. The next day, the atomic bomb was dropped. Two sisters went to heaven together hand in hand. They have lived happy lives there since then.
A Woman and War Mizuho
She lost her house and her family in war. She felt sad every day and hated war.
She had no energy to eat anything. She was about to die. A small girl appeared and she gave her half of the bread she had in her hand. She was glad and tears did not stop falling from her eyes. When she looked around, she saw an adult and a child helping each other. The injured people were helped. Survivors had a hard time, but they did their best to make their living. War ended 30 years ago. Now it is lucky that the family live.
I pray from the bottom of my heart that families will never be lost and that war will never be repeated.
One Day
One day, a city disappeared with a big noise. Everything disappeared, including the people who were with me before, the chattering voices, and the lights of the city. The voices became cries. Then the cries became groans. Everyone's lives were suddenly destroyed. Many people were suffering from terrible pain all over their bodies. Both their bodies and hearts were damaged horribly. There wasn't enough food.
People tried hard to survive. It was hard for them to talk about the horrible experiences, but they made a great effort to tell the next generation about it. It was because they thought that no one must experience such things, that peace is really important, and that we need peace for everyone to live happily
One Big Tree
One morning, with a big noise, the city of Hiroshima was burnt red and it became dark. No one knew what happened because it happened in an instance.
But there were crying people and shouting people. I had never seen such a horrible scene before then. I leaned over a tree. The other trees were all burnt out, but this tree was left. A mother was giving milk to her baby. The baby was weak and so was the mother. She couldn't give her baby enough milk. The baby hung down its head. The mother could do nothing but cry. I felt very deeply how horrible and sad war is when I saw this scene. I didn't want anything like this happen again. I will keep on praying.
My Idea about War
When my grandmother and grandfather were younger than I am, atomic bombs were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. My grandfather told me that the ground under the epicenter in Hiroshima became a very big dent. He said it showed how powerful the bomb was. A lot of people were killed. Survivors had a hard time finding food, clothing and shelter. Most of the people were about to give up hope.
My country seems to be more peaceful now because we renounced war after the World War II. But there are still many countries which wage war one after another.
Why do people in the world wage war? A lot of citizens are sacrificed in war. If things go badly, we might be ruled by other countries and experience terrible things more than just insulting ones.
My answer is this: war is a chance for people in the upper class to earn money. If they can win a war, they can get a huge amount of profit. They might be able to control a country. If they can get a lot of money, they think their country can become stronger than other countries, and so can look down on them. They would be very happy about such an outcome. If this happens, ordinary citizens are killed and made to lose hope just because of such selfish reason.
"You can profit and live a better life than other citizens by causing war" means that someone will surely be killed in war.
I think ordinary citizens would choose "precious lives" rather than "profit." If we win a war, we might able to live better lives. But it means the people in the country which lost the war will live worse lives. We sacrifice their lives for us to be happy. To be honest with you, I cannot be happy at all in such a "happy" better life.
I think my country got the real happiness of "peace" instead of a false happiness after we renounced war
I think it was the right choice to renounce war. I think we can live ordinary lives in this way because our country renounced war. I am proud of my country.
Thank You
Thank you for the happiness that we take for granted in our everyday lives.
We can go to school now.
But few children could go to school long ago in our county.
They wanted to go, but they couldn't.
Most of them didn't have enough money.
Children had to work all the time from morning till night.
Now we can go to school.
We can meet our best friends there.
If I hadn't come to school, I couldn't have met them.
Thinking this way, I feel very happy to come to school.
It seems natural, but thank you for this happiness.
Only Sadness
Japan waged war many times long ago. Many people were killed in war. People who lost their family and friends in war cried and felt sad. People who experienced war thought they must not wage war again. Even after they won a war, they lost many things and lives. Both the winner and the loser felt sad. I think we must never wage war again.
I am against war.
This is because a lot of people are sacrificed. Another reason is that my friends and relatives, who are important for me were killed in war.
I want to tell how horrible war is to younger generation in order not to repeat war again.
I think we must not wage war no matter what problems we have.
Brothers' Bond
Two brothers were playing as usual one day. They always got along well with each other. The big sky and the scenery of Hiroshima City were just the same as usual. It was their hometown.
The brothers were famous for their good relationship.
One day, the younger brother became sick. He could seldom play outside of his house. He read books at home. The older brother told interesting stories about their school to encourage him. The younger brother liked listening to him very much.
On August 6th, the big sky and the scenery of the city looked the same as usual. The younger brother said to his older brother, "Are you going to school soon?" The older brother said, "Yes, I'll be back soon and I'll tell you more interesting stories." The younger brother looked very happy to hear that. Looking at his smile, he felt cheerful and went to school. The older brother saw an airplane on the way to school. At the moment, something flashed. A moment later, he heard "Bang, " a big noise. He lost his consciousness. But he came to after a while.
Then there was no Hiroshima he had known. He was scared and couldn't stop shaking. He remembered his brother's face. He hurried to his house.
His house was not crushed, but damaged terribly. His younger brother was burnt all over his body. The older brother wanted to take him to a hospital, he looked for a hospital but could not find any. He was too tired to run or walk.
Then the younger brother said, "I might die. I am sorry." The older brother said, "Don't die!" But he was dying.
The older brother told him interesting stories about school again. The younger brother said in a feeble voice, "You didn't forget your promise, did you? Thank you." He was crying. The older brother was shedding tears and said, "Of course not." But the younger brother was already dead. All the older brother could do was cry over his death.
Nuclear Weapons
When I watched TV programs about what happened in Hiroshima on August 6th in 1945 and listened to atomic bomb survivors, I felt my heart ache very much.
People say it is peaceful in Japan now because we don't have war, but I don't think so. The reason is that there are nuclear weapons somewhere in the world now though it seems natural that we can live peacefully without war. I cannot say that we are in peace until all the nuclear weapons are abolished.
I cannot tolerate a small nuclear weapon killing tens of thousands of people. I hope there will one day be no nuclear weapons in the world and we can live in real peace.
Before an Atomic Bomb Was Dropped
I was pulling a trolley filled with bank documents with my female colleague to a storehouse in Honmachi. It was a preparative measure to protect them from air-raids.
We came to a police station near a bridge next to the intersection. Then we saw airplanes flying high in the sky toward us. We thought they were the airplanes of our air force so we waved our hands to them. Then a policeman from the station shouted, "Run to an air-raid shelter! Didn't you hear the air-raid alarm?"
I was too scared to move. I had seen bombs dropped over the city at night. I had seen airplanes on fire falling down.
People hadn't seriously thought of the damage of air-raids in those days till then. Even after they heard the siren of the air-raid alarm and the sound of the explosion of bombs, many people came out onto the streets and watched what was happening. Antiaircraft guns were shooting at the airplanes and the shootings looked like fireworks.
A Cherry Tree
Once upon a time, there was a cherry tree in a country. The tree was very old and big. It was older than the country. It had been watching so many things happen there for a long time. It could not forget a battle.
A few decades ago, here was a different country. It kept on fighting with neighboring countries in war. But it was weak and lost many times. All the citizens in this country were gentle and the cherry tree liked them. This country sacrificed a lot of lives. More and more people had wanted to end the war. One day a girl talked to the cherry tree. "I want war to end soon. If it does, I can play with my dad here." The tree felt happy when it imagined the happy girl with her father.
But the next day the tree saw the country burnt in a blaze. The neighboring country had finally set fire to the country. The fire burnt everything in the blink of an eye. The cherry tree remembered the girl. "Is she all right? Is she alive?" It worried about her. The fire went out in the evening the next day. Everything was pitch black all over the country. The cherry tree heard voices. They were the girls' and a couple's voices. The tree noticed that it was dreaming then. The tree saw beautiful scenery. The girl and her family were playing there. The scene was blurred, and the tree woke up from the dream. The tree felt sad. "If the war had ended earlier, I could have watched such a scene." The tree could not forget the sadness.
The cherry tree feels happy to see the present country peaceful. It doesn't want to see such a tragedy again. The tree prayed for the souls in the former country to go to Heaven and for the people in the present country to live in peace.
A Baby in Rubble
"Uh, where am I?" A girl was standing alone in a burnt-out area full of rubble. The name of the girl was Miku. She was at a loss for what to do. But she made up her mind and started walking. The view was all the same no matter how long she walked. It was like the view after an atomic bomb was dropped. The farther she walked, the more she worried because the view didn't change at all.
She sobbed, "Mom..., Dad...." She tried to stop her tears, but they fell down on her cheeks. Then she heard a baby crying somewhere. "Oh, who? A baby? Where, where are you?" She wiped off her tears and looked for the baby, listening to the voice.
"Where? Oh, there she is!" She found her under some debris. There was some space between the baby and the debris, so she could pull her out and hold her. "It's OK. Are you alone, too? She talked to the baby and cradled it. She felt relieved to find another person, and worried where the baby's mother was. Tears kept on falling down from the baby's eyes. "Where is your mother?" she asked. The baby just cried again. The baby didn't seem to stop crying. Miku wiped off the baby's tears and nodded. "I'll look for your mom." She started walking. It was hard to find a road to walk on, but she kept on walking to find the baby's mother. But all she could see was just rubble. She could not see any people. She was out of breath. Three hours had passed since she started looking for the baby's mother. She took a short rest. When she looked at the baby, she noticed the baby was not crying. "Is she too tired to cry?" She held her tightly. "Oh, no!" She was shocked. She put her ear on the baby's breast and listened to the heart beat. "No.... Why?" Her own heat beat sounded too noisy. She felt cold sweat in her fists. She clenched them. "I'm sorry. I couldn't do anything for you." Miku realized that the baby's eyes wouldn't open again. Her tears fell on the baby's cheeks.
Miku cried and cried. Tears fell down from her eyes. She held the baby tightly. Silence surrounded her and a lot of stars were twinkling in the sky.
"Oh, was it a dream?" When she woke up, she found herself on her bed. She felt tears in her eyes. She got up from the bed and opened the curtain. Then she heard the sound of siren. "uh, huh, it's the anniversary of the end of the war." She remembered the baby in her dream. Her body started moving as she thought of the baby. She took out a lot of folding paper from a drawer of her desk, and started folding paper cranes. She made paper cranes of red, blue, yellow, green, violet, and other colors. She made each of them very carefully. And she hung them on a string. She decorated the window pane with the new one thousand paper cranes. The blue sky seen from the window was beautiful. She felt as if she saw the baby's smile on the sky.
Hearts to Thank Everything
There is nothing good in war.
When there was war, we didn't have enough food.
We were not wealthy like we are now.
So let's thank the present moment.
Let's think of the happiness of what we can do now.
We have food, clothing, and shelter.
Let's thank our fathers and mothers.
Let's spend every day with thanks.
A Safe Apple?
One day, a boy found a red apple on a bench in a park. He was very hungry so he ate it. Then he suddenly crouched down there. He didn't move at all and fell asleep deeply.
It was later found out that a child of a rich family had taken the apple out from a garbage bin and had put it on the bench.
It seems that there are many other things we cannot judge whether it is safe or not just by their appearances.
Olga Timofeeva
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