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Welcome to Krasnyi Yar

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Данная презентация является приложением к статье "Метод проектов - перспективная образовательная технология в сельской малокомплектной школе" (из опыта работы Земковой Татьяны Геннадьевны, учителя английского языка МБОУ ООШ с. Подсосенки Балаковско
The work of Nadybin Il’ya The teacher Zemkova T.G.
Welcome to Krasnyi Yar.
Krasnyi Yar is one of the largest villages in Balakovski district with the population about 1,500 men. They are supposed that Krasnyi Yar was founded by “staroobryadtsy” approximately 140 years ago in 1803.
They say that Russian countryside is a wonderful place. My village is one of it. It is situated on the right bank of the river Bolshoi Irgiz which flows its water to the great Russian river Volga.
There are some points of view about the origin of the village name. One of them is that its name is from the word “beautiful”. Other sources say that its name is connected with its place position (krasnaya storona). I think the both ones are true.
The first thing to do when you go to my village is to stand by the monument to 143 inhabitants who died for the country in the Great Patriotic war of 1941 –
Every year on May,9 the war veterans come together to the meeting to honour the memory of war heroes
My village is rich of historical events. On one of the July days of 1918 “kulaks” rose in revolt. The most active red army soldiers were caught. 4 of them Psyanin P.N., Sekretaryov P.K., Mazanov V.S. and Shurygin S.Y. escaped but were caught again and cut up. After the suppression of the revolt the heroes were buried in one grave in the village cemetery. Later there was erected the monument there
The old and modern monuments to the 4 Red army soldiers cut up by “kulaks” in 1918
In our village lives the oldest teacher Chernogorova Alexandra Semyonovna. She
came to the school as a mathematics teacher in the post
war 1946 and devoted to it more than 60 years. We are proud of the personal exhibition of our village painter A.I. Nachin which is situated in our school. Alexei Ivanovich was not a professional painter. He was a teacher. He taught Literature, Russian and arts in our school. In his pictures Alexei Ivanovich glorified the beauty of the native village and its landscape. It came to his heart.
If you’d like to learn more about the present and the past of my village let’s go to the local school. I think not many schools can boast about two museums and the Hall of glory.
We are proud of the school museum “The magic world of historical costume” which has a rich collection of dolls wearing costumes of different historical epochs. The particular proud of the school is the Museum of pertaining of study of local region.
From the school let’s go for a walk around the village. Lenin Street is the main street of Krasnyi Yar with its beautiful old houses, a house of culture, a café “Talisman”, administrative buildings, a village church, shops.
The old living buildings of the village. Lenin street
Lenin street
The village houses. The old and new
administrative buildings. Lenin street
Lenin street
House of culture
café “Talisman”
The village church.
Lenin street
My village is big but there is much less traffic noise in it. There is clean fresh air and many green areas around the village. A walk around the village makes you understand the beauty of this countryside. No secret spring is a beautiful season. It is a time when nature is awoken from winter dream. Every spring we can observe ducks and swans near the village in the pond which appears in one of the fields after melting.
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