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Well there are many different air conditioners and sometimes it's hard to bring up an decision on which one you should buy. Whether it be LG or the SPT brand, you'll need to take some things in consideration. While most of AC machines are pretty much same – they offer cooling and lowering down the temperature at your home, you might take some other things in consideration like features they offer and a warranty.
In the first place you'll want to look for warranty. I don't know why, but I think most people feel safe when they have warranty signed buy, it's much better than buying something you don't know anything about, but you still buy it because it seems affordable or a very good product.
LG is for example, an excellent brand. For example, the LG LP1200DXR
is backed by 5 years warranty- full warranty. That's right. Five years is a lot of time and it's like LG is offering you 100% satisfaction because you know you'll be able to call the manufacturer any time, within the time span
to fix your device.
Basically you know what you are buying. It's not like throwing your money in the hole, you are expecting to get something in return for the price you are giving in. The more you pay, the better product you should get. At least, we used to think so.
Another good product is the Frigidaire FRA064VU1. The Frigidaire is quite good and popular brand. Lately I have been writing reviews on the conditioners, as you may notice, and the Frigidaire is definitely getting some good reviews and opinions left by their customers.
So I deem you should think twice before you order something. Good luck.
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