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St. Petersburg In Your Pocket. June 2007

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GIANFRANC KITON 3, KAZANSKAY A ST. WWW.VANITY-FASHION OPENING IN JUNE! Unique international project opening June 2" at Eurasia Cultural Center in St. Petersburg. The Human Body: To See Is To Know, contains more than 250 real human body parts and has been seen by more than 4 million visitors in London, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Prague, New York and other cities worldwide. 65/8 Lesnoy pr. 200 meters walk from "Lesnaya" subway st. ST. PETERSBURG inyoupocket CONTENTS inyourpocket ESSENTI AL CITY GUI DES Contents Foreword A word from the General Director News Monthly June headlines! Arriving Getting here is half the battle Language Cyrillic & book review Culture & Events Discover the Russian cultural scene 12 13 18 Where to stay A fine selection of places to spend the night 20 Restaurants Nightlife Party hard in the city that never sleeps What to see Churches & museums Poem of the month: Sergei Esenin Getting around Planes, trains & taxis Mail & Phones Shopping Business directory Useful addresses Expat 27 39 44 49 53 54 57 58 59 Interview 60 Jean-Luc Hildebrand: The Swiss of La Strada Maps Consulates & street register 61-65 66 • June 2007 FOREWORD sance St tamtskay ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Tel: + 7 812 380 40 00; Fax: + 7 812 380 40 01 Harriott REWARDS 'What do you think of that magazine?' I asked the Austrian businessman, enjoying a cold beer on a sunny city terrace, reading our In Your Pocket. 'I always use this visitor guide when I'm in St. Petersburg on business', he answered. 'It is the best you can get here.' Reactions like this really make me proud - especially when people say it without knowing I am the publisher! I get the same feeling if I see people with our guide on Nevsky pr. or when I see them in my favourite restaurant with it. Last month I met two tourists with a handful of city guides. 'We were only interested inf inding In Your Pocket. But everywhere we went, they'd already run out of it.' Happily they found one in Anglia bookshop. A foreign student mentioned to me: 'It's like our Bible, and it fits in your handbag!' And so, to improve our publication, we'd like to ask our readers for a favour: to take part in our special readership survey. If you want to see the toilets marked more clearly on our map, or where to find more caviar, just let us know! Why are we doing this survey? Our monthly 20,000 circulation reaches more than 50,000 people and no matter how much time we spend out and about in the city, we just can't meet all our readers! So see page 56 for the details, or go to http://survey. Thanks! Charles Hoedt Publisher In Your Pocket, Russia Europe In Your Pocket Cover story The beautiful palace of Peterhof illumi­
nated against the brilliant blue sky was taken by Eugenie Balde. A day out at Peterhof or any other of the suburban palaces is a perfect Summer day out (if you like crowds!) For how to get to Peter­
hof and the other surrounding palaces of St. Petersburg, turn to page 48. In Your Pocket recently became the first publisher to produce city guides to the exciting Balkan cities of Pristina (Kosovo) and Skopje (Macedonia). Podgorica, the capital of Europe's newest country, Montenegro, will also be getting an In Your Pocket guide very soon. Belgrade (Serbia), and Katowice (Poland) willfollow, while we also intend relaunching guides to Kaliningrad (Russia) and Minsk (Belarus) in 2007. This will bring the total number of In Your Pocket print guides up to 40 cities spread across 18 countries. Thefull In Your Pocket range is available to buy online. inyourpocket E S S E NT I A L CI TY GUI DES St. Petersburg In Your Pocket founded and published by 000 'Krasnaya Shapka' Russia, 196084 St. Petersburg, Ligovsky pr. 270, iyp.spb<a>grnail.corn, telAax: +7 (812) 326 4617, © In Your Pocket / BCB Tourism And Publishing BV CEO Ben Rogmans. The Nethenands Published 12 times per year N 38,01-06-2007 20.000 copies The editorial content of In Your Pocket guides is independent from paid-for advertising. We welcome all readers' comments and suggestions. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of going to press and assume no responsibility for changes and errors. Editor Jennifer Fell Layout & Design Alexander Rrsanov Research Olga Sharapova Sales & Circulation General Director Charles Hoedt Commercial Director Bonnie van der Velde / Sales Manager Ekaterina Yanushevskaya Maps Discus Media Ltd. License CZG N 01041K, Copyright notice Text and photos copyright SPIYP 2003-
2007. Maps copyright cartographer. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form, except brief extracts for the purpose of review, without written permission from the publisher and copyright owner. The brand name In Your Pocket is used under license from UAB In Your Pocket. Санкт-Петербург В Твоем Кармане Учредитель и издатель: ООО "Красная Шапка" Россия, 196084 Санкт-Петербург Литовский пр., д. 270 тел./факс: + 7(812) 326 46 17 Главный редактор: Чарльз Худт Отпечатано в ОАО "Печатный двор" им. А. М. Горького. Санкт-Петербург, Чкаловский пр. 15 Заказ № 999 Свидетельство о регистрации средства массовой информации Пи №2-6849 от 17.10.03 выдано Северо-Западным региональным управлением комитета РФ по печати. . 20000 . №38 01.06.2007 June 2007 Let's talk about Russia! St. Petersburg becomes the epicentre of economic debate once more from June 08 -10 as the World Economic Forum holds its 2007 Russia CEO Roundtable. Held concurrently with the XI St. Petersburg International Economic Summi t, the Forum brings 150 top CEO's from Europe and the world to meet President Putin and parti ci pate in a 1.5 hour discussion session with him. Economic Development Minister German Gref, and First Deputy Prime Minister, Medvedev will parti ci pate in another session while the last session features Deputy Prime Minister, Ivanov and Energy Minister, Krishenko. The Roundtable, focusing on positive debate, a hallmark of the World Economic Forum, provides the opportunity to discuss the trade and economic challenges facing Russia today and Russia's role in the future. This latest meeting builds on the tradition of World Economic Forum meetings in St. Petersburg, the last was held in 2005. White Nights! Are you having trouble sleeping? You might need thicker curtains if you want to get to sleep before 23:00. With White Nights here, St. Petersburg is set for its longest day of the year on June 21-22, with around 18hrs 53mins of daylight. This day also marks the official start of the short and sweet Northern Summer. How to take advantage of these long daylight hours? For a superb view and a good climb, St. Isaac's colonnade is now open until 23:00. Now that St. Petersburg's famous bridges have started to go up, it's an opportune time to take a night boat ride. The first (and only!) English guided boat tours in St. Petersburg have just started. Jump on their 00:30 boat tour for a revelatory relaxed tour around the canals. For more information on Anglotourismo tours and St Isaac's, turn to What to See page 44, for the full bridge schedule see page 47. Happy Russia Day Russia! Tuesday June 12th is officially known as the 'Day of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation'. On this day in 1990, Russia's Parliament declared the country's sovereignty and Russia Day's first name was 'Independence Day' but this raised the question: independence from what? Many Russians, particularly the older generations, did not like the name and the holiday was renamed 'Russia Day' in 2001. While still quite a low-key celebration, for most Russians June 12 means an extra day at their dachas. Website According to many (inter)national websites and media we have the best portalfor travelling to Central and Eastern Europe, including St. Petersburg, which helped already millions of travellers. Our website has more informa­
tion we want to share with our readers including past features (Learning Russia in Russian, Russian Banya, Charity) and our database with the best restaurants, cafes and pubs in the city. Go to www.inyourpocket. com/russia/en St. Petersburg In Your Pocket KANNON DANCE CENTRE SAINT-PETERSBURG GOVERNMENT CULTURE COMMITTEE June 5 MUSIC HALL 20:00 June 9 MUSIC HALL 20:00 June 15,16 LENEXPO pavilion 7 20:00 H0J DAN НАР0ДР Summer Bar Fun! Tired? Got museum fatigue? You need to take your shoes off and walk barefoot on some sand at Dyuni (The Dunes), St. Petersburg's first beach cafe. Run by Anna-Christin Albers, of Dacha fame, Dyuni has 60 tonnes of real sand, toasted sandwiches, beer and badminton. As Anna explained, "We are open from 11 in the morning. After you've been to a museum, and you need a rest and a coffee, it's a perfect middle of the day hangout." To find Dyuni,you need to head to Konyushennaya PI. 2, (D-3) go behind Bar Mod and walkthrough thef irst courtyard, into the second. Speaking of new and improved, Bar Terra Cotta has launched their new weekday promotions, from Tuesday's Wine and Tapas promotion to Ladies Lounge on Wednesday (a bottle of wine for each four ladies), and Thank God It's Friday where there is a two for one from 19:00 - 21:00. Terra Cotta E-2, Gagarinskaya ul. 6/1, (MjChernyshevskaya, tel. 336 3014, • Open 12:00 - 01:00, Thu- Sat 12:00-03:00. ЩЩВ В Ц In Your Pocket News Stand "Tops for Central and Eastern Europe...This online collection of locally written, frank, lively and informative guides to more than 50 cities across the region... For most cities, content runs deep (...)" " Best of t he Web 2006" 'In Your Pocket (
tersburg/en/) Monthly listings booklet with up-to-date information and short features.' Lonely Pl anet Russi a 2006 ARRIVING Arriving in Russia can be overwhelming but don't worry! The city has good transport options from the airport and all St. Petersburg train stations are next to metro stops. By plane St. Petersburg's two airports are south of the city. Most international flights arrive at Pulkovo-2, tel. 704 34 44; internal flights (incl. most former Soviet republics) arrive at Pulkovo-1, tel. 704 38 22. Both airports have currency exchange offices (obmen valyuty) and ATMs (bankomaty) - although they're not always open, so have some spare cash when you arrive. Get t i ng t o t own Airport taxi-drivers ask anything from 1500Rbl, US$50 or €50 to take you to the city centre. Agree on the price first: a reasonable price is no more than 700Rbl, US$25 or €20. There's a bus (12-15Rbl) to Moskovskaya metro, from where the metro (14Rbl) gets you to the centre in 15min. There are also less-extortionate taxis here (200Rbl to the centre of town). The 24hours 7day Pulkovo Express Bus leaves from Pulkovo-1 and Pulkovo-2 and goes to Pushkinskaya stops at Zagorodny pr. 49 Technologichesky In. metro (C-4) and costs 70Rbl. Buses run every 20-30 mins. From Pulkovo-2: buses N113, N213 and fixed-route mini-buses (marshrutky) K13, T113 go to Moskovskaya metro every 15 min ( 15- 17Rbl). Mini-buses КЗ and K213 go to Moskovskaya and to the more central Sennaya PI. From Pul kovo-1: minibus K39 leaves the arrivals terminal for Ladozhsky Station, stopping at metro Moskovskaya, Moskovsky (Moscow) Station and Hotel Moskva in the city centre. Lost Luggage: If your airline loses your luggage, head for the Lost Luggage office to file a Lost Luggage Report. Keep the report, with your report number and call the office to find out where your bags are. When your luggage arrives, due to customs regulations, you have to make the journey back to the airport to collect them. Tel. 324 37 87. By boat The main passenger terminal is on Vasilevsky Island, a 15-
20min drive to the centre by bus (12-15Rbl), minibus (17-20Rbl) or cab (don't pay more than 200Rbl). Cruise ships also moor right in the city centre near the Leitenant Shmidt Bridge, from here it is a nice walk along the Neva river to the Hermitage. River cruises to/from Moscow or Valaam (Lake Ladoga) anchor at the river terminal on Prospekt Obukhovskoy Oborony near Proletarskaya metro (14Rbl, 15min to the city centre). Tourist Information Centre City Tourist Information Centre E-3, Ul. Sadovaya 14/52, Щ Gostiny dvor, tel. 310 28 22; D-3, Dvortso-
vaya pi. 12, tel. 982 82 53, www. sai nt pet er sbur gvi si t.r u. There are two city centre information points for tourists to find out about the city. If thieves have picked your pocket, the staff can help you file a police report. Another tourist information point is in the Arrivals hall of Pulkovo-2 Airport, as you exit the Terminal, tel. 8 9 1 1 1 0 1 10:00 -19:00. Closed Sun. just on the right 63 66. • Open By bus If you go by bus, most drivers drop you off at the Central Bus Station at Naberezhnaya Obvodnogo Kanala 36 (£-4). From there it is a short taxi ride (about lOORbl) to the city centre. You can also walk for 15min to Ligovsky Prospekt metro station. Buses from the Baltic states also make a stop in front of Baltiisky station and Baltiiskaya metro. If you arrive from Finland on a private bus, they stop near the big hotels close to Nevsky Prospekt in the centre of town. By car Driving to Russia? Don'tforget: your national and international driving permit, registration and insurance documents for the car and of course your passport with visa. At the border, ask for an Immigration Card and make sure it is stamped! Traffic police (recognizable by ДПС or ГИБДД or ГАИ) may also fine you for not having a fire extinguisher or for speeding. On highways, this varies between 80 - 110 km/h. Don't overpay the traffic police; the official penalty for driving 20km toofast is 50Rbl, for 60km it costs 300Rbl. By train Four of the five main train stations (vokzaly) have long­
di stance trai ns. Vitebsky Stati on is the desti nati on for trains from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe, including Germany. Trains from Finland arrive at Finlyandsky Station, while Moskovsky Station is the hubfor Moscow bound trains. Trains to destinations in the north leave from Ladozhsky station. Only local trains (elektrichky) depart from Baltiisky station. All stations are close to metro lines, and most have metro stations attached. FORTUNA -.'MANAGI NG COMPANY <j RED OCTOBER * $? C O M P A N Y Jrfenaissance MillenniuM 1 1 VALUE THROUGH QUALI шЛл Ham JY • ^1111! 'fw ,'*es" > 4 ^ iilncommqtei * - S P тЩ^^Ш&ШЖЯШШЬ T SyezhiniRra st Oflice 94 11a 197198 St. Petersburg. Russia ^ —- • 1 Г ^ tel. Л 812 232 8158: *7 812 232 2256 tel./fax +7 812 498 1466 ^ f E-mail i - - - June 2007 Some pointers to get you started - and to help you make some sense of chaotic Russian life. 24 hours One of the good things about Russia is that it is never difficult to find a place to get food or drink, even in the middle of the night, whether it is a simple shop or an expensive nightclub. If you see the 24-sign (or a 25-sign), it means this place is open around the clock. Alcohol Stereotypes about Russian drinking habits are mostly true, so if you somehow find yourself enmeshed in a vodka session with locals, don't try to keep up. Vodka is cheap and there are oodles of different brands to choose from. Russky Standart, Diplomat and Flagman are pretty good. Russian beer (pivo) is good stuff, which is probably why Russians consume more beer than anything else. Locally brewed Nevskoe, Baltika and Bochkarev are the mainstay for most Petersburgers. Or try Sovietskoe Shampanskoe (Soviet Champagne), the national party drink - it comes in five varieties ranging from very sweet (sladkoe) to dry (sukhoe) and very dry (brut). A recent law states that you cannot buy drinks in shops that contain over 15% alcohol between 23:00 and 08:00. Communism Many older residents still call St. Petersburg 'Leningrad,' and reminders of the forefather of Russia's communi st revolution are everywhere. There are still a number of Lenin statues scattered around the city and there are 240 places of historical significance where Lenin lived or directed some kind of revolutionary activity. When communism was abandoned, many buildings, streets and landmarks in St. Petersburg went back to their pre revolutionary names. Customs Most i mportant is the completi on of the IMMIGRATION CARD (see Visa). If you don't carry drugs, billions of euros or weapons with you, you do NOT need to complete the 'Customs and Currency Declaration Statement' upon arrival or departure. This applies even if your cabin crew gives you this form. Just collect your luggage and simply go to the GREEN (nothing to declare) channel. If you are carrying valuables, or are the argumentative type, then it is wise to fill in the customs declaration and have it stamped. In this Climate June's around setsa Petersl E M Б » I * E * hign weather is lovely, with temperatures of 10*C at night and hovering 22'C by day. T he longest day of the year is 21 June when the sun hardly al. Wander the streets at midnight for the chance to experience St. xirg's glorious White Nights. jf ^ ^ * *\ 4\ S ^ \ ^ ^ _ _ _ *" ^ _. ^ v ^ ^^ ~****^ ^ - ^ _ ^ ^ * > W . -^ x^ Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec average temperature (C) ~ ~ est recorded temperature (C) — lowest recorded temperature (C) ~ ~ Basic data Area: Russia is the biggest country in the world, cover-
ing an area of more than 17 million km2, of which 13% is developed and 51% is virgin territory. St. Pe­
tersburg is in Russia's Northwest Federal Region. Local Time: Russia has 11 time zones and St. Petersburg is in the same zone as Moscow: UTC/GMT +3 (+4 during daylight savings time). Population: Russia 142 million, St. Petersburg 4.5 million. Ethnic groups in Russia: Russian 81.5%, Tartar 3.8%, Ukrainian 3%, Chuvash 1.2%, Bashkir 0.9%, Belarusian 0.8%, Molda­
vian 0.7%, other 8.1% Rivers: The 4,400km - long River Lena, in Siberia, is Russia's longest river. St. Petersburg's River Neva is 74km long, 32km of which flow within the city's boundaries. Highest point: Mt Elbrus 5,642m (Caucasus). instance you need to get in the RED (to declare) queue. In general, the rules are: CASH: You can bring in up to US$3,000 in cash without declaring it (considering we are in Russia this rule may vary). ART: Anything resembling art should be cleared before departure at the Ministry of Culture. It's illegal to take out Icons or paintings which are more than 100 years old. PRINTED MATERIAL: Once again, if it's more than 100 years old, it's not going anywhere. If it was published between 1903 and 1953, you will need an 'expert's report,' either from the Ministry of Culture or an accredited shop. If you go to the Ministry of Culture, take the sales receipt of the item you are getting checked with you, as well as your passport or the passport of the person taking it out of the country. Disabled travellers Like most metropolises, Petersburg is not very friendly for disabled people. But there are some bright spots, such as the hotels, museums and restaurants that do cater for disabled people. Look for the 0 sign in this magazine. The Hermitage Museum (tel. 710 90 79) and the Russian Museum (tel. 314 64 24) have special entrances. The pavement on Nevsky Prospekt and other main roads don't have many holes, but wheelchair users often have a bumpy ti me. For travellers with visual and/or hearing difficulties: Russian drivers are no gentlemen, so be careful! Electricity The electrical current in Russia is 220 volts AC, 50Hz. Most sockets are standard European size with double round-pi n plugs. It makes sense to bring an adapter just in case. Floors The Russian floor-numbering system is American style, which means there is no ground floor. When you're on the ground floor, you're actually on the first floor. Go up one and you're on the second and so on. 1 = 33 - 35Rbl; GBP £1 = 50 - 52. US $1 = 25 - 27Rbl; China CNY 1 = 3- 4Rbl St. Petersburg In Your Pocket BASICS Learning Russian made easy! « Russian for leisure and business State-of-the-art teaching methods Foreigner prices The 'foreigner price' is a hangover from the good old days of Intourist-organised Soviet travel. At some theatres and museums, foreigners are required to pay six to 20 ti mes more than the Russian price. These institutions insist that Russian ti ckets are subsidised and that foreigners pay the 'real price.' If you have a document (propusk), which says you work or study in Russia, you can usually get the local price. If you have experienced problems with the foreigner pricing system, send an email to Victor Konovalenko and Cheryl Ann Sigsbee: They are preparing a letter to be sent to Russian president Vladimir Putin and Prosecutor General Chaika requesting that all foreigner prices in Russia be deemed to contravene articles 62,19 and 44 of the Russian Constitution. Be on guard! Pickpocket places Nevsky Prospekt and other downtown streets are popu­
lar places for pick-pocketing gangs. Pickpockets like to block the entrances/exits of public transportati on and metro entrances (particularly during rush hour). Sadly there's been increasing reports of theft around the coat checks and during intermissions at theatres. Watch out for fake book sellers on the streets and keep track of your belongings. Think twice about leaving mobile phones when checking your bags at official checkpoints at the airport and train stations. Police! The police here generally lookfor any excuse to fine you, so photocopy your passport and visa. Make sure that you always carry a few photocopies with you; if the po­
lice stop you (they check Russians all the time too) then show them the photocopy rather than the original. What to do if you are robbed Cancel your credit cards as soon as possible. Carry copies of your credit cards with international customer service numbers somewhere other than your wallet. The Tourism Information office, Sadovaya ul. 14, can help you file a police report. Your consulate can help you if your passport has been stolen (see page 66). More safety... Avoid attracti ng unwanted attention by not speaking loudly in your mother tongue, or walking the streets if you have been drinking. If you are of African, Arab, or Asian descent exercise caution, particularly at night. 02 - emergency hotline; 578 3 0 1 4 - police hotline for foreigners; 3 4 0 1 0 20 - central police switchboard Combining the best of British thinking with the best of local Russian know-how, Leto Tours is a certified travel company specializing in travel and event organization. If you are looking for a one stop solution for visas, transport, tours, conferences wedding or events, we wi ll make it simple. Tel + 7 (812) 571 2164 or UK +44 (0) 20 7193 5030 fax + 7 (812) 57 The Geneum Centre, 10 Nevski Prospect, St Petersburg Habits No shoes in the house! When entering a Russian household, remember to take your shoes off as soon as you get inside. Usually your host will offer you slippers. In terms of greetings and introductions, if you're a woman and you hold your hand out to a man, don't be suprised if it not shaken but kissed. Chivalry is alive and kicking! For many women this is heaven, although for feminists it may be hell. Health & Safety Despite having the reputation of being the crime capital of Russia. St. Petersburg is no more dangerous than your average European city. You're more likely to be robbed or beaten up by thugs ingeniously disguised as police officers. Russian drivers are your biggest danger, so cross roads carefully and don't assume cars will stop just because you're on a zebra crossing. Other dangers include dodgy electrical fittings, temperamental gas stoves, uncovered manholes and absinthe. The city's water is chlorine treated due to bacteria, parasites and heavy metals, so you can use it to brush your teeth or wash fruit. For drinking or making tea, it is better to stick to bottled water, or clean the tap water with a filter and give it a good boil first. Market values Petersburg may be ranked high as one of the more expensive cities in the world for expatriates, if you look at the Economist's Big Mac index, it isn't so bad (a Big Mac costs just over a euro). For Westerners, public transport is cheap, for 700Rbl you can travel 600kms to Moscow by train. You can also buy some red or black caviar for 5-15 euros per tin, not to mention vodka for 3-5 euros a bottle. June 2007 BASICS Advertisement RUSSIAN TOURS UlHIALUEMATKAT VIISUMITaMATKAT VENAJALLE Money The national currency is the ruble (Rbl). Banknotes come in denominations of 10,50,100,500,1,000 and the 5,000 note. Ruble coins come in 1,2,5 and lORbls. There are 100 kopeks to a ruble and kopek coins come in 1,5,10 and 50. Officially, it's illegal to pay in dollars or euros. It is possible to see prices written in Cyrillic V-e.' (or u.e.), even though this practice was banned in January 2005. Y.E. (U.E.) means 'conditional unit' - the exchange rate between the ruble and the dollar, or the ruble and euro (or sometimes whatever the vendor wants). Find ATMs at most metro stations, banks and large hotels (look for the ATM sign © on our city map, page 62 - 63). Not all establishments take credit cards, even if they have signs that say they will. Always have cash as back up. American Express travellers' cheques are exchangeable at most banks. The head office is in the White Nights Business Centre: 23 Malaya Morskaya, tel. 326 45 00. Most Russian banks also offer Western Union money transfers (see for a complete list). Advertisement Russia, St. Petersburg, 191040 Ligovsky pr. 43/45 Office 410 Tel: (812) 718 40 57/973 84 77 Fax: (812) 578 18 85 E-mail: ($RI.F Saint-Petersburg Grif Travel Company We organise and coordinate Corporate parties and functions, taking place in and on: • Boat cruises • Palaces and suburbs of St. Petersburg • Restaurants and cafes of the city and the suburbs • In the countryside We offer a wide range of services including: • Theme ideas • Programs or Ж = ladies or M = gentleman Toilets Difficult to find a public toilet? Look for the @ sign on our city map (page 62- 63). If the (chemical) lavatory is notgood enough for you, try the toilets at McDonald's, random hotels, cafes and restaurants. Just utter the words 'Gdye tualyet?' ('Where is the toilet?') whilef lashing afriendly smile and most establishments will let you use their facilities. Travel agencies Alliance F-3, Ul. 2ya Sovetskaya 7, office 408, (M)PI. Vosstaniya, tel. 579 99 33, The Alliance team can assist with all services needed to discover St. Petersburg, including transfers, accommodation and excur­
sions, visa support and registration. • Open 10:30 - 19:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Fortuna C-2, Syezhinskaya ul. 11A. office4, M Sport-
ivnaya, tel. 232 81 58, Fortuna is an incoming tour operator offering the complete range of services to both groups and individuals. Large experience in servicing tourists travelling on a cruise. • Open 11O0 -18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Grif Travel Company E-3, Ligovsky pr. 43/45 Office 410, (M)PI. Vosstaniya, tel. 718 40 57. The Grif travel team are more than happy to show the beauty of St. Petersburg to you. They are entertainment specialists; see the city by boat cruise or take a trip to the outskirts on a special excursion. • Open 10:00 -19:00. Closed Sat, Sun. International Centre of Incoming Tourism D-4, Ul. Sadovaya 53, Office 73, (MjSadovaya, tel. 310 45 89, The International Centre is an incom­
ing tour operator with over 8 years experience. Good deals on hotel rates and tours. Competitive visa support. • Open 10:00 -19:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Leto Tours D-3, Nevsky pr. 10, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 571 2164, New on the market, Leto Tours promises to make your visit to St. Petersburg unforgettable whether you are here to get married, organise a conference or just visiting! • Open 10:00 - 18Ю0. Closed Sat, Sun Ost - West Kontaktservice E-3, Nevsky pr. 105, (M)PI. Vosstaniya, tel. 327 3416, Ost West Kontaktservice has over ten years of experience in organising tours to Russia and St. Petersburg both for individuals and groups. Also representatives of the tomographic society in St. Petersburg. • Open 10:00 -18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Such a bargain! 1 kg of beef 1 kg of potatoes 10 eggs McDonald's Big Mac Loaf of black bread Litre of vodka Bottle of local beer Pack of Marlboros Petrol, 1 litre Viagra 180Rbl 22Rbl 30Rbl 49Rbl 15Rbl 130Rbl 20Rbl 30Rbl 21Rbl 1700Rbl €5.26 €0.43 €0.87 €1.43 €0.43 €3.80 €0.58 €0.88 €0.61 €49.71 $6.70 $0.56 $1.12 $1.84 $0.46 $4.89 $0.75 $1.13 $0.78 $63.91 J-
BASICS Advertisement Ost-West Kontaktservice Your specialists for individual tours in Russia • Hotel reservation • Private accommodation • Transfers • Excursion service Jfet JcontaJctservice • Railway Tickets • Cruises Nevsky pr. 105 • Visa-support Online' (entrance from yard) Tel+ 7 (812) 327 34 16 Fax +7 (812)327 34 17 Also welcome to the Lomographic Embassy (lomo compact for sale) WWW.OStWeSt.COIT) Russian Holiday E-3, Nevsky pr. 78, (MjMayakovskaya, tel. 327 30 23, This travel agency offers cheap business invitations and can arrange a tourist visa for 750Rbl. They also book air and train tickets, arrange apartments, excursions etc. • Open 09:30 - 19Ю0. Closed Sat, Sun. Visas & Registration Unfortunately, almost every foreign visitor still needs a visa to enter (and exit) Russia. To apply at a Russian consulate, you need an invitation from an inviting party (your hotel, a travel company, business partner, or Russian friend). A tourist visa is valid for maximum of 30 days. For longer stays, a business (multiple entry) visa is the best option; such visas can be had for 3,6 or 12 months. But don'tforget you need proof of health insurance and a document certifying that you are HIV-negative if you want a visa for longer than three months. Remember that you must be registered within three working days after arriving in Russia. If not you will encounter problems upon departure. If you're staying at a hotel, the hotel is legally obliged to register you within 24 hours of arrival. Many tourist agencies also register you. If you don't get registered on time, you can expect serious problems when leaving, ranging from paying a fee, to missing your flight while officials interrogate you as to where you stayed in Russia. For more information on how to obtain tourist and business visas (including various tricks and registration possibilities) see National holidays Russian prazdniki (holidays or festivals) are important and occurfrequently. On most holidays, you wish people a happy holiday by saying 'c prazdnikom'. January 1 New Year January 7 Orthodox Christmas February 23 Defender of the Fatherland Day (informally known as Men's Day) March 8 International Women's Day May 1 May of Spring and Labour May 9 Victory Day June 12 Russia Day November 4 Day of Popular Unity Note: all government offices and most other official institutions are closed on public holidays. Working days are often shifted. For instance, if it falls on a Tue or a Thu, then the weekend is shifted a day towards the holiday and the Sat or the Sun becomes an official working day. History St. Petersburg In Your Pocket 9th Century Slavic people from Ukraine and Belarus migrate into Russia, founding Veliky Novgorod, converting to Christianity, and adopting the Cyrillic alphabet. 10th - 15th Centuries Golden Age of Kievan Rus continues until the Mongol descendants of Ghenghis Khan invade. 17th Century Time of Troubles 1603- 1613:the Swedes and Poles invade. Russia acquires new Siberian territory. First Romanov is elected Tsar. 1703 Peter the Greatfounds St. Petersburg, which becomes the new Russian capital in 1712. 1725-1825 A princess from Germany marries into the Romanovs, becoming Catherine the Great (1762 -1796). Famous for progressive reform, infamous for her lovers. 1812 Alexander I defeats Napoleon on Russian soil. 1825 Decembrist uprising: soldiers, nobles revolt against Nicho­
las I, who executes and exiles the dissenters. 1905 Bloody Sunday: national uprising against Tsarist rule. Prompts the establishment of a national parliament (Duma) in 1906. 1916 Wild-eyed, womanising Rasputin, a Siberian peasant monk who has the Tsarina Alexandra under his spell, is murdered by Prince Felix Yusupov in St. Petersburg. 1917 -1922 Following the February and October Revolutions of 1917, Lenin's Bolshevik Party takes control of Russia. Tsar Nicholas II and his family are murdered in 1918. Moscow becomes the capital again. 1922-1991 Under Stalin, the Soviet Union (USSR) becomes a world power. The USSR defeats Nazi Germany, but Stalin's regime of camps and purges plunges Russia into terror. When Stalin dies in 1953, some 20 million people have perished. Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space (1961). New leader Gorbachev's reforms of perestroika (restructuring) and glas-
nost (openness) improve western relations (1985). 1991-1999 Yeltsin becomes the first elected president of the newly founded Russian Federation in 1991. Economic crisis and instability ensues and war with Chechnya results in numerous victims. 1999-2007 Native Petersburger, Vladimir Putin becomes President in March 2000. Russia becomes more stable and prosper­
ous, thanks to gas and oil exports and Putin's popularity knows no boundaries. June 2007 LANGUAGE The Cyrillic alphabet has 33 letters. If you can learn all of them, it will make finding your way around St. Petersburg a lot easier. Language Although the official language is Russian, more than 100 minority languages are spoken wi th Tartar being the most popular minority language. There are also people who speak little-known languages like Ket, Rutul, Nivkh and Vepsian. Knowledge of English is not as wi despread as in European countri es, but its on the increase! June's Phrase: Pushkin - Nashe Vsyo This phrase says it all. Pushkin - our everything. To Russians, Pushkin really is their everything. The nation's hero, tragically killed in a duel at the age of 37. There aren't many Russians who can't quote at least a few lines of his poetry. Today Russia's everything is everywhere. Born June 06, Russia cel ebrates the literary one's birthday wi th Pushkin's Day, when admirers bring flowers to his last home, now the Pushkin Museum. See What to See page 47 for more information. Alphabet A A Б В В V Г G Д D Е YE Ё YO Ж ZH 3 Z И 1 Й I К К Л L М М Н N 0 0 П Р С т У ф X Ц р R S т и F кн TS ч ш щ ы э ю я ъ,ь сн SH SHCH Y Е YU YA no sound ABA PUSHKIN LANGUAGE SCHUUL We teach the following courses: 0 Intensive (group & individual) 0 Business (group & individual) 0 Profession specific courses (whether you're a doctor or ski-instructor..) 0 Course "3+3": Russian cuisine & banya, Russian toys & handcraft, Musical & Literary Pushkin & etc. We can also come to you at your office! 196600, St. Petersburg - Pushkin str. Gospytal'naya, house 24 Tel. +7-901-309-05-86, 476-84-06, fax: 466-10-65 Advertisement -
CULTURE & EVENTS « LlDEN & DENZ* ST PETERSBURG • Moscow Transportny per. 11 RUS-191119 St.Petersburg Tel: +7 812 600 75 50 email: Learn Russian Now! • Year round Group and One-to-one Courses •Expatriate Courses at special prices • In company training •Internationally recognised and Swiss managed gSI Anglia represents classic Russian Literature in five Eu­
ropean languages - English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. жНдыя Book review: Night Watch Want your hangover cured by a friendly neighbourhood sorceress? Sounds like a j obfor the Night Watch, a secret band of operatives in modern day Moscow battling were­
wolves, vampires and evil sorcerers. Well that's according to the world of Night Watch, the book of the same name from Russian novelist, Sergei Lukyanenko. If this book was a restaurant, we'd have to call it a fusion restaurant - a cross between science fiction-fantasy and a detec­
tive story, with a dash of Russian romance thrown in as seasoning. The fi l m of Night Watch became one of the most successful Russian blockbusters of 2004, and its sequel, Day Watch, released two years later, added to the popularity. Night Watch introduces us t o the worl d of the life and tri al s of the Moscow Night Watch through one of its members, Anton Gorodetsky. Sitting behind a desk as a program­
mer for the last four years, Anton is called up to act as an untested field operative in the latest tussle between the two watches (Night Watch eternally battles Day Watch for the greater good of mankind.) What makes this book more satisfying than your average paperback thriller is the philosophical agonizing of the quirky characters. The usual suspects that prompt such ponderings; life love and destiny are far funnier and complex when you have to factor in extreme longevity and magical powers. Should vampires be ex­
terminated? Or should they j ust be licensed? Fans of the movie will be happy to find that as well as the story which became Night Watch the fi l m, the book has another two stories that continue the saga. Stay tuned for Day Watch, the second in the series. Night Watch, Sergei Lukyanenko (Hyperion, 2006), 492Rbl Every customer who shows this In Your Pocket book review recieves 15% off all books. Angl i a E-3, Nab. reky Fontanky 38 (Turgenev House), (MjNevsky pr., tel. 579 82 84, www.anglo- • Open 10:00 - 20:00. Summer brings a plethora of interesting happenings. Soak up t he cultural atmsophere at one of the many festivals and concerts around town. For full venue addresses see below. Cinemas Hease note that most cinemas do not show films in English. Occasionally Dom Kino does, but call in advance. Dom Kino E-3, Ul. Karavannaya 12, (MjGostiny Dvor, tel. 314 5614, Pi k Ci nema Cent r e D-3, Sennaya pi. 2, (MJSennaya pi., tel. 050, Churches & Concert halls Church of the Saviour on the Spilt Blood (CSB) D-3, Nab. kan. Griboedova 2b, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 315 16 36, Grand Philharmonic Hall (GPH) D-3, Ul. Mikhailovs-
kaya 2, [MjNevsky pr., tel. 710 40 85, www.phil- Ice Palace (Ledovy Dvorets) (IP) Pr. Pyatiletok 1 (op­
posite the metro), (MJPr. Bolshevikov, tel. 718 66 20 Konstantinovsky Palace (KOP) Berezovaya al. 3, tel. 438 53 60. Mariinsky Concert Hall (MCH) C-4, Ul. Pisareva, Sen­
naya, tel. 326 4141 Mikhailovsky Castle (MZ) D-3, Ul. Sadovaya 2, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 570 5112. Music Hall (MH)D-2, Aleksandrovsky park4. M Gorkovs-
kaya, tel. 233 02 43, Oktyabrsky Grand Concert Hall (BKZ) E-3, Ligovsky pr. 6, (MjPI. Vosstaniya, tel. 27512 73, www.bkz.sp.rn Palace Kantselera Besborodko (PKB) D-3, Ul. Pochtamskaya 4, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 57100 60. Peter and Paul Fortess (PPF) D-2, (MjGorkovskaya. St. Isaac's Cathedral (SIC) D-3, Isaakievskaya pi., (MjNevsky pr., tel. 315 97 32, Small Philharmonic Hall (SPH) D-3, Nevsky pr. 30, [MjNevsky pr., tel. 31115 31, Smolny Cathedral (SMO) F-2, PI. Rastrelli 3, (MJCherny-
shevskaya, tel. 2719182, Sport Concert Complex (SKK), Pr. Gagarina 8, (M) Park Pobedy, tel. 3781710 State Academic Capella (SAC) D-3, Nab. reky Moiky 20, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 312 76 00 Yubileiny Sports Palace (YSP) C-2, Pr. Dobrolyubova 18, (MjSportivnaya. tel. 323 93 22 Theatres Baltic House (BH) D-2, Aleksandrovsky park 4, (MjGorkovskaya, tel. 232 35 39, www.baltichouse.spb. ru Imperial Hermitage Theatre (IHT) D-3, Dvortsovaya nab. 34, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 279 02 26, www.rus-ballet. com И Mariinsky Theatre (MAT) C-4, Teatralnaya pi. 1, (MJSen­
naya pi., tel. 326 4141, foci Mussorgsky Theatre (MUT) E-3, PI. Iskusstv 1, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 595 43 05, St. Petersburg State Musical Theatre Zazerkalie (ZT) E-3, Ul. Rubinsteina 13, (Ml Mayakovskaya St. Petersburg State Theatre of Music Comedy (MCT) E-3, Ul. Italianskaya 13, (MjGostiny Dvor, tel. 313 4316, Advertisement St. Petersburg In Your Pocket June 2007 CULTURE & EVENTS Advertisement 01/06, 03/06 Musical Olympus Festival D-3, Imperial Hermitage Theatre (IHT), Dvortsovaya nab. 34, [MjNevsky pr., tel. 356 50 42, www.musicalolym- Now in it's twelfth year, this festival collects young musicians and conductors of the highest calibre. All are prize winners of inter­
national competitions. Francisco Flores (pictured) won the Marisa Andre Trumpet Prize in Paris last year. 01/06 - 30/07 Sand Sculptures Festival: Living Water D-2, Pet-
ropavloskaya krepost 3, M Gorkovskaya. tel. 230 64 31, Sand sculpture teams from over twenty countries will turn the Peter and Paul Fortress beach into an openair sand gallery. Exploring the theme of Liv­
ing Water, creations draw inspiration from mythology and folklore. How does it all stay togetherfor so long? There will also be live music and performances in the evening on the beach stage and with the Neva as the backdrop, it should be absolutely superb. 01/06 - 08/06 International Arts Festival Sergei Oskolkov and Friends Different locations, for more information, tel. 450 65 91, Petersburg composer, Sergei Oskolkov brings together local and international mu­
sicians, poets and artists. Offering a chance to experience beautiful melodies in beautiful surroundings, Oskolkov's fes­
tival takes punters to the palaces of Peterhof, Oranienbaum as well as around St. Petersburg. Venues AT BKZ BOC CSB DKG DP GPH IHT IP KOP MAT MCT MKK MM MPT MZ MUT PKB PPC PPF SAC SIC SKK SMPH SPCY SPH SMO YSP Alexandrinsky Theatre Oktyabrsky Grand Concert Hall Ballet and Opera Conservatory Church of the Saviour on the Spilt Blood DK Gorkogo Dvortsovaya Ploshchad Grand Philharmonic Hall Imperial Hermitage theatre Ice Palace (Ledovy Dvorets) Konstantinovsky Palace Mariinsky Theatre Musical Comedy Theatre Manege Kadetskogo Korpusa Mikhailovsky Manezh Marionette Puppet Theatre Mikhailovsky Castle Mussorgsky Theatre Palace Kantslera Besborodko Peter and Paul Cathedral Peter and Paul Fortress Atrium State Academic Capella St.lsaac's Cathedral Sport Concert Complex State Museum of Political History State Philharmony for Children and Youngsters Small Philharmonic Hall Smolny Cathedral Yubileiny Sports Palace 1 02/0619:00 Tokio Hotel Ice Palace (Ledovy Dvorets) (IP) Pr. Pyatiletok 1 (oppo­
site the metro), |MJPr. Bolshevikov, tel. 718 66 20, www.newarena. Nothing to do with Japan, Tokio Hotel is a group of four teenag­
ers hailing from German. Playing music professionally since the age of 10 (now they are 17), twin brothers Bill and Tom look like crosses between Marilyn Manson and some angsty young tennis players. • Admission 700 - lOOORbl. Ballet June Time Event 01 02 03 04 04 05 06 08 09 09 10 11 11 12 13 14 14 14 16 17 18 21 21 21 23 23 23 24 25 25 25 25 26 28 28 29 30 30 30 19:00 La Bayadere 19:00 Le Corsaire 21:00 Gala concert 20:00 Giselle 19:00 Don Quixote 20:00 Swan Lake 19:00 Jewels 19:30 Swan Lake 19:00 Moon Princess 22:00 Swan Lake 20:00 Giselle 20:00 Giselle 19:00 La Sylphide 19:00 Sleeping Beauty 20:00 Giselle 20:00 Giselle 20:00 Swan Lake 19:30 Romeo and Juliet 19:00 La Esmeralda 19:00 Nutcracker 19:00 Giselle 20:00 Giselle 20:00 Swan Lake 19:00 Giselle 20:00 Giselle 19:00 Swan Lake 19:00 Nutcracker 20:00 Giselle 19:00 Ballets of William Forsythe 19:00 Swan Lake 20:00 Giselle 20:00 Swan Lake 19:00 Giselle 19:00 Le Corsaire 19:00 Don Quixote 20:00 Giselle 19:30 Swan Lake 19:00 Le Reveil De Flore 19Ю0 Don Quixote Venue MAT MAT IHT К Л MAT MCT MAT MUT MAT IHT IHT MUT MAT IHT KTj fl MCT MUT MUT MAT MAT IHT MCT MUT IHT MAT MUT IHT MAT MUT IHT MCT MAT MUT MAT IHT IHT MAT MUT Tickets for Theatre & Events Tickets for most events can be bought at one of the many ticket offices (teatralnaya kassa). Look for the © sign on our city map (page 62 and 63). Titanik CD shops also sell tickets for most (pop) concerts and dance events, and Zenit's home games. Of course every venue sells its own tickets and some let you reserve tickets on the internet (see E-Tickets, page 17). Titanik E-4 Nevsky pr. 63, Щ Mayakovskaya; E-3 Nevsky pr. 158 Mi PI. Alexander Nevskogo Open 24hrs. 05/06 - 07/06, 20/06 - 22/0619:00 Boris Eifman Ballet E-3, Alexandrinsky Theatre, PI. Ostrovskogo, MGostiny Dvor, tel. 312 15 45, www. The appearance of the Boris Eifman ballet 30 years ago caused quite the stir, clearly performing to the music of Pink Floyd wasnt the norm back then. T he current tour boldly situates Don Quixote as an asylum inmate, while FJf man'sTchaikovsky dwells on the composer's sexual anguish. Red Giselle is the story of the prima ballerina, Olga Spessivtseva, who left Russia in 1918, to work with Diaghilev in the west. • Admission 1000 - 2000Rbl. Mondays, Fridays 19:00 Male Choir of St Petersburg D-2, Peter and Paul Fortress Atrium, Petropavlovskaya krepost 3, (M|Gorkovskaya. tel. 933 30 94. Founded in 1993, this Russian Orthodox male choir performs traditional authentic Russian singing. Under the leader­
ship of maestro vadim Af anasiev, the 16-20 member strong choir will thrill those looking for that real taste of Russian music. As well as composers such as Tchaikovsky and Rakhmaninov, the choir performs a little light music and folk songs. 05/06, 09/06,15/06,16/06 Open Look Dance Festival D-2, Music Hall, Aleksan-
drovsky park 4, (MjGorkovskaya, B-3/4, LenExpo Exhibition Centre, Ul. Nalichnaya [M Primorskaya. tel. 336 63 13, www.kannondance. ru. Opening the ninth Open Look Fes­
tival June 05 will be Yekaterinburg's avante-garde dance troupe, Provincial Dances. Winners of numerous dance competitions, they are acclaimed for their independence of expression. Also appearing will be the Swedish group, Centrifuga on June 09 and Cuban ballerina, Alina Sanches Rodrigues (above) will be at the LenExpo Exhbition Centre June 15 and 16. 07/06 -18/06 20:00,09/0615:00 Slava's Snow Show D-2, Petropavlovskaya krepost 3, MiGorkovskaya. tel. 323 93 40, Slava's Snow Show is a hurly burly of eccentric pantomine with a wintry wondrous weather theme. Acclaimed the world over. The Times' in London, has called him the Greatest Clown in the World'. He wears a huge yellow boilersuit and red fluffy slippers and transgresses both cultural and language boundaries. • Please note: no show 10/06,14/06. Circus Circus on Fontanka E-3, Nab. reky Fontanky 3, (MjGostiny Dvor, tel. 314 84 78, Admission 100 - 6O0Rbl. Children under 3 yrs free. The Moscow Nikulin Circus June Time 23, 24,30 15:00,19:00 25, 26, 27, 28 19:00 Circus at Avtovo Ul. Avtovskaya 1A (MjAvtovo, tel. 783 15 01. Admission 100 - 400Rbl. Safari show: Acrobats and King of the Hunt June Time Wed 19Ю0 Sat, Sun 15:00 Children & Puppets Puppets June Time Event 08 11Ю0,14Ю0 Puppy called Blue 09,1311:00 Puppy called Blue 14 11:00,14:00 Gulliver in Lilliput 15 11:00 Gulliver in Lilliput 18 11:00,14:00 Snow Queen 19, 20 11:00 Snow Queen 21 11Ю0.14:00 The Magic Feather 22 11:00 24 12Ю0 29 11:00 The Magic Feather The Magic Feather Love for Three Oranges Venue MPT MPT MPT MPT MPT MPT MPT MPT MPT MPT Performances 05 11:30 06 11:30 08 11:30 13 11:30 14 11:30 15 11:30 19 11:30 22 11:30 27 11:30 29 11:30 Little Red Indians Fairytales of Pushkin Secrets of the Pyramids The Laughing Hedgehogs Morozko Uttle Muk Prince Tamino and the Magic Flute Zolyushka Snow Queen The Little Hunchbacked Horse SPCY SPCY SPCY SPCY SPCY SPCY SPCY SPCY SPCY SPCY Marionette Puppet Theatre (MPT) E-3, Nevsky pr. 52, Щ Gostiny Dvor, tel. 5712156. Admission 100 - 120Rbl. State Philharmony of St. Petersburg for children and youngsters (SPCY)Bolshoy Sampsonyevsky pr. 79, M Lesnaya, tel: 295 42 67. Admission 80-
300Rbi. St. Petersburg In Your Pocket June 2007 CULTURE & EVENTS CULTURE & EVENTS 09/06 - 09/07 15th Palaces of St. Petersburg Festival Different locations, for more in­
formation see cultural schedules or www. The spellbinding beauty of palaces in and around St. Petersburg play host to an international festival of music and song. Poland's regal Eva Podles premieres Rossini's Jeanne D'Arc and there is also an Italian Movie Music project featuring the music of Nino Rota and Ennio Morricone. 09/06 Tiesto C-2, Yubileiny Sports Palace, Dobrolyubova 18, (MjSportivnaya, tel. 323 93 22. T he first dj to play live at an Olympic Games opening ceremony, Tiesto has been phenomenally popular in his native Netherlands since the early nineties. Now filling venues with more than 25,000 people, his groundbreaking mix of trance and house, will find a welcome audience here. • Admission 900Rbl. 12/0619:00 Cossack Ensemble of Myukenko E-3, Oktyabrsky Grand Concert Hall (BKZ), Ligovsky pr. 6, [M PI. Vosstan-
iya, tel. 27512 73, Cossacks are amazing singing and dancing maestros. The ensemble was created in 1995 and since then they have toured Europe, receiving ac­
claim and awards. Expect an action-packed night as dancing is practically acrobatic, all demonstrating the amazing character of the Cossack people (and their energy!) 20/06 19:00 Sergei Trofimov E-3, Oktyabrsky Grand Concert Hall (BKZ), Ligovsky pr. 6, M] PI. Vosstaniya, tel. 27512 73, This bald Bruce Willis lookalike is a Russian chanson specialist. This lyrical genre glamourising the rough life of prisoners and bandits, loves gone wrong with a bit of romance thrown in, is wildly popular in Russia. • Admission 350 - 2500Rbl. Classical Music June Time Event 01 02 02 03 04 04 04 05 06 08 08 08 09 09 10 10 11 12 12 13 13 14 14 15 15 15 17 17 17 17 18 18 19 20 21 22 22 22 23 24 25 25 25 25 26 26 27 27 28 28 29 29 30 30 Venue 19:00 Chamber Music Evening, Beethoven SPH 19:00 Cello Music Evening, Rachmaninov 20:00 Mariinsky White Nights Festival 19:00 Russian Opera and Folk Music 19:00 Male Choir of St.Petersburg 19:00 Mariinsky White Nights Festival 19:00 Musical Collection Festival 19:00 Piano Recital, Igor Laz'ko (France) 19:00 Terem Quartet 19:00 Male Choir of St.Petersburg 22:00 Mariinsky White Nights Festival 19:00 Piano Duets, Schubert, Prokofiev 19:00 Palaces of St.Petersburg Festival 19:00 Organ Recital, Daniel Zaretsky 19:00 SPb Symphony Orchestra, Berlioz 19:00 Musical Collection Festival 19:00 Male Choir of St.Petersburg 19:00 Musical Collection Festival 19:00 Palaces of St Petersburg, Bach 19:00 Divertissement Ensemble 19:00 Opera Music Evening 19:00 Musical Collection Festival 19:00 Palaces of St Petersburg, Musical 19:00 Male Choir of St.Petersburg 19:00 Piano and Violin Recital 19:00 Musical Collection Festival, Romances and Neopolitan Songs 19:00 Mariinsky White Nights Festival, 125 Years of Stravinsky 18:30 Palaces of St.Petersburg 19:00 Smolny Cathedral Boys Choir 21:00 Mariinsky White Nights Festival 19:00 Male Choir of St.Petersburg 19:00 Palaces of St Petersburg, 150 years of Russian postage stamps 19:00 Hymn of the Russian Empire 19:00 Musica Viva Chamber Orchestra 19:00 Organ Recital, Cauchefer-Choplin 19:00 Male Choir of St.Petersburg 22:00 Mariinsky White Nights Festival 20:00 Charity Concert of Sacred Music 19:00 SPb Philharmonic, Haydn, Schuber 17:00 Mariinsky White Nights Festival 19:00 Male Choir of St.Petersburg SPH CSB SPH PPF MCH GPH SPH SPH PPF MCH SPH SAC GPH GPH SPH PPF SPH IHT SPH GPH SPH MZ PPF SMO SPH MCH KOP GPH MCH PPF PKB GPH GPH GPH PPF MCH SIC tGPH MCH PPF 19:00 Chamber Music Evening with Harps SPH 19:00 Smolny Chamber Music Choir GPH 19:00 Mariinsky White Nights Festival 19:00 Terem Quartet and Yuliya Mahalina 19:00 Musical Collection Festival 19:00 Mariinsky White Nights Festival 19:00 St. Petersburg Palaces Festival 19:00 Mariinsky White Nights Festival 19:00 SPb Academic Symphony 19:00 Male Choir of St.Petersburg 19:00 Smolny Chamber Choir, Mozart 19:00 Speyer Cathedral Choir (Germany) 19:00 Smolny Chamber Choir, Mozart MCH SMO SPH MCH GPH MCH GPH PPF SMO GPH SMO 21/0619:00 Didyulya E-3, Oktyabrsky Grand Concert Hall (BKZ), Ligovsky pr. 6, M PI. Vosstaniya, tel. 27512 73, Belorusian native, Didyulya was presented with his first guitar at the age of five. Growing up close to the borders with Poland and Lithu­
ania, he was always aware of different cultures. Today this multicultural aware­
ness is reflected in his music. The guitar virtuoso specialises in flamenco and latin. • Admission 350 - 2500Rbl. 23/06 - 29/06 International Rim: Festival of Festivals Different loca­
tions, for more information, tel. 237 03 04, www.filmfest. ru. This, the fifteenth annual festival, taking place during the White Nights, showcases prize winning films from other film festivals around the world. Supporting the endeavours of new, emerging cinematographers and directors, the program also includes shortf ilms and three retrospectives of three acclaimed Russian film greats; Rustam Ibragimbekov, Valery Ogorodnikov and Sergey Philipov. 26/06 - 03/07 Three Centuries of Classical Romance Different 0
locations, for more information, tel. 314 88 46. Classical romance remains one of the most popular music genres today. T his festival comprises performers such as the Mariinsky's Irina Bogacheva and Vladimir Gadusin as well as a concert marathon evening, entitled the Night of Romance. In fact the programme also includes an musical evening dedicated to 100 years of famed poet, Arseni Tarkovsky. The world comes to town The list gets longer and the names get bigger. First it was the Rolling Stones, now Eton John too will grace Dvortsovaya Plosh-
schad in July. This month, the dress rehearsal gets underway with the Ameri­
can bands Sonic Youth, Evanescence (above) and Boney M all coming to St. Petersburg. Get ready to rock! Date Time Artist June 05 19:00 Unkin Park June 11 20:00 My Chemical Romance June 18 19:00 Sonic Youth June 19 19:00 Evanescence June 22 19:00 Gary Moore June 28 19:00 Boney M July 06 19:30 Elton John Venue IP IP MKK IP BKZ BKZ DP July 10 20.00 Aerosmith SKK July 28 18:00 Rolling Stones DP Dvortsovaya Ploshchad (DP) D-3, (MjNevsky pr. Ledovy Dvorets (Ice Palace) (IP) Pr. Pyatiletok 1 (opposite the metro), |M|Pr. Bolshevikov, tel. 718 66 20, Manege Kadetskogo Korpusa (MKK) Universitetskaya nab. 13, (MjVasileostrovskaya, Oktyabrsky Grand Concert Hall (BKZ) E-3, Ligovsky pr. 6, M PI. Vostanniya, tel. 27512 73, Sport Concert Complex (SKK) Pr. Gagarina 8, Щ Park Pobedy, tel. 378 17 10 Feel Yourself Russian Feel Yourself Russian C-3, Pi. Truda 4, office 42, (MjSadovaya, tel. 312 55 00, If you want to observe how Russians sang and danced in the days before rock, hip hop and break dance - head to the folk-dance show Feel Yourself Russian in the Nikolayevsky Palace. Authentic Russian dance, songs and instruments. Call in advance to confirm show times. Open 08:30 - 23:00. Show 18:30,21:00. Admission 1200Rbl (incl. drinks and snacks). Ш E-Tickets There are a number of online services that allow you to reserve and/or buy tickets online and most services offer delivery anywhere in the city for an additional fee. Tickets that are reserved need to be purchased within three days or the reservation expires. (703 40 40) - Comprehensive and up-to-date. Payment options include cash (when picking up the tickets or if delivered) or credit card (MC/V). (380 80 50) - Also very comprehen­
sive but only in Russian. Payment options include cash (for pick-up or delivery) or credit card (MC/V). (326 41 41) - The Mariinsky offers online tickets. Tickets can only be purchased online via a credit card (MC/V). Collect your tickets from the box office during opening hours or before the performance. St. Petersburg In Your Pocket June 2007 CULTURE & EVENTS EXHIBITIONS Throughout the last fifteen years, new and intriguing statues have been appearing around the city. So keep an eye out, while you are wandering the streets and enjoying the White Nights. The unusual bronze sculpture of Peter the Great, with his small head and spidery fingers is found in the grounds of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Created by Russian artist, Mikhail Shemiakin, it was erected in the early nineties attracting some controversy. Why is his head so small? Why does he look like he is sitting as if awaiting execu­
tion? Some see Shemiakin's interpretation as the Tsar Peter's 'alter-ego'. His head was actually recreated from the Tsar's own death mask. It's possible to see just how many admirers Peter has had by his extremely shiny knees and fingers. It seems everyone wants to sit on his knee. The eerie black Sphinxes sit on the Robespierre Embank­
ment, in the north of the city centre. Their faces are divided into two parts, the side turned toward the city is a regular human face, while the other, facing onto Kresty Prison is that of a skull with eye socket. Half human face - Half skull. All over spooky. This monument, also created by Shemiakin, is dedicated to the victims of political repression in the So­
viet Union. Kresty Prison was the place where many victims began their journey to the gulag or to exile following persecution. Shemiakin himself was a victim during these times, forced to undergo compulsory treatment in a mental institution before being asked to emigrate from the Soviet Union in 1971. Chizhik Pizhik is probably the smallest tourist attrac­
tion in St. Petersburg. Little chizhik pizhik comes from the nursery rhyme, "Chizhik Pizhik where have you been? Drinking vodka on the green"), this tiny little bronze bird is installed half way up the embankment of the Fontanka, near the Summer Gardens. Sometimes people love little Chizhik so much they have taken him home with them, After the last theft, the City Sculpture Mu­
seum now has a couple of extra Chizhiks in stor­
age just in case. Although Chizhik Pizhik has only been resident since 1994, a local legend has sprung up that if your coin lands on the shelf, wherever you go in the world, you are destined to return to St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg In Your Pocket 28/06 - 01/07 14th International Jazz Festival: White Nights Swing E-3, Jazz Philharmonic Hall (JPH), Zagorodny pr. 27, (MjVladimirskaya; Mikhailovsky Palace, Ul. Inzhernaya 4/2, (MjGostiny Dvor, tel. 764 85 65, www. Jazz in summer is already one of life's perfect pairings, but add in St. Petersburg's White Nights, and you have something even better. Performing at this years festi­
val are America's Eve Cornelius (pic­
tured), local jazz personality David Goloshchekin and Italian Guilano Di Kapua. Leningrad Dixieland and the Saxophone Orchestra of St. Peters­
burg will also perform a free concert in the front courtyard of Mikhailovsky Palace on June 30 at 13:00. 30/06 17:00 Whi te Nights Marathon D-3, Dvortsovaya PI., (MjNevsky pr., The marathon described as hot, windy but beautiful, will leave from the front of the Hermitage and tour some of the most beautiful streets imaginable. According to participants, last year the marthon was a little short on crowd support, so if you see these determined souls out there, give them some encouragement. Through June Stars of the White Nights Mariinsky Festival C-4, Mariinsky Theatre, Teatralnaya pl.l, Mariinsky Concert Hall, Ul. Pisareva, M Sennaya pi., tel. 326 4141, www. Established by the Mariinsky's artistic direc­
tor, Valery Gergiev in 1993, this annual festival is a must see for any ballet or opera lover. Continuing throughout June, Gergiev conducts Mahler's Symphonies and premieres the Prokofiev opera, The Gambler. Opera & Operetta June Ti me Event 01 03 05 06 07 08 10 10 11 13 13 15 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 22 24 24 24 26 27 29 29 30 19:00 Faust 19:00 Tosca 19:00 Prince Igor 19:00 lolanta 19:00 Viaggio A Reims 19:00 Carmen 19:00 Tosca 19:00 Silva 19:00 Love for Three Oranges 19:00 Eugene Onegin 19:00 1 Pagliacci 19:00 Eugene Onegin 19:00 Tosca 19:00 Madame Butterfly 19:00 Silva 19:00 Don Carlo 19:00 La Traviata 19:00 The Gambler 19:00 Gala Concert 19:00 The Barber of Seville 19:00 Cosi fantutte 19:00 Jenufa 19:00 lolanta 19:00 Tosca 19:00 Three Musketeers 19:00 Elektra 19:00 Three Musketeers 19:00 Faust Venue MUT MAT MAT MUT MAT MUT MAT MUT MAT MUT MAT MAT MUT MAT MUT MAT MUT MAT MAT MUT BOC MAT MUT MAT MUT MAT MUT BOC There is not much in the way of art that you can't see in St. Petersburg this month, no matter what your taste. 09/06 through November *
The Human Body Evrasia Exhibition Center, Lesnoy pr. 65, (MJLesnaya, tel. 325 86 70, Shocking, enlightening, provocative: this is the human body revealed in a way that only anatomy students have previously been blessed. This exhibition, already seen in London and New York, shows the complete inner workings of the human body. To see, the organisers claim, is to understand. 23/06 -14/07 ZIZOU D-3, Nabokov Museum, Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 47, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 315 4713, www.nabokovmuseum. org. Inspired by French footballer, Zinedine Zidane nicknamed Zizou, this exhibition is the response of one, Dmitry Sokolenko. Zidane, one of the successful players of recent times and is es­
pecially notorious due to the infamous headbutting incident. Through 11/06 Sofya Korobkova: Street Photo C-3, Albom Gallery, VO, 5-ya Liniya 36, (MJVIadi­
mirskaya, tel. 323 57 15, We often miss what is right in front of our eyes, especially in our home environment. These works have captured humour­
ous, surreal moments in the lives of St. Peterburg's and Moscow's streets. A slice of everyday human life. Through 12/06 Borders: Varvara Shavrova C-3, St. Petersburg His­
tory Museum, Rumyantsev House, Ul. Galemaya 45, MSadovaya, tel. 57138 93, What is a border? What kind of line is it? What is really differentfram one side to the other? T hese are the questions considered by English artist, Varvara Shavrova in her installation focusing on the relationship between Russia and China. Through 17/06 Captured Moments: PreRevolutionary Russian Postcards D-2, Peter and Paul Fortress, Petropavlovs-
kaya krepost 3, M Gorkovs-
kaya, This revealing collection of post­
cards, collected in the 70's in Amsterdam by the Dutchman De Bock, offer a rarely cap­
tured glimpse into Russia history. Football June Time Match 10 TBA Zenit - Lokomotiv (Moscow) 24 TBA Zenit - Spartak (Nalchik) Venue PS PS Zenit is making a run for the championship, and there is not much in it. Is it too early to say this season they're going all the way...? Phone the stadium to confirm the kick offfind out what time kick off is, usually around 14Ю0. Petrovsky Stadium C-2, (MjSportlvnaya, tel. 328 89 01. Through 17/06 The Plastic Message of Emma de Sigaldi F-3/4, City Sculpture Museum, Nevsky pr. 179/2a, M PI. Al. Nevskogo, tel. 274 25 79, For most of her life, Emma Di Sigaldi was an acclaimed prima ballerina working in German theatres. Now her sculp­
tures are found all over her adopted Monaco. Working mainly in bronze and marble, she aimed to give to her sculptures the forms and music that music gave to her. S Through 20/06 Sadko and Vladimir Gofman E-3, Anna Akhmatova Museum, Liteiny pr.53, (MjMayakovskaya, tel. 272 J
22 11, Sadko and Vladimir Gofman are brothers and sculptors, living in France. Andrey Gofman has taken the psuedonym of Sadko, a legendary Russian folk hero but their ties with Russia extend beyond their names, their Russian grandfather left the Soviet Union in 1922. Both respected artists in France, their styles are different yet complementary. Through 24/06 Tamara Ulanova, Aleksey Isakov E-3, Pushkinskaya-10 Art Centre, Li-
govsky pr 53, M PI. Vosstaniya, tel. 764 53 71, www.plO.nonmuseum. ru. As part of the 18th anniversary of the Pushkinskaya-10 alternative arts centre, the exhibition of indepedent Russian artists, Ulanova and Isakov pays tribute to their continued collobo-
ration. Working together since the 70's, their alternative journey has led to the production of some beautiful and refreshing otherwordly creations. 01/06 - 05/07 When Philip met Isabella D-3, Marble Palace (State ш Russian Museum), Ul. Millionnaya •JT 5/1, M Nevsky pr., tel. 312 91 j Mk. • 96, Former Д t flatmates and students, Phillip Treacy Ж" met Isabella Blow when he was still ^ Ё - - a fashion student. This exhibition ДД j *. follows this collaboration as their _j Шк К| ч - f r i e n d s n i P brought forth a great _^£F\t'^ \| period of inspiration as Treacy made - «;. " | ^\Л surreal, sculptured, stylish hats of all ^^Ш^^^^^^В kinds for his muse. Through Sep 250th Anniversary of the Academy of Arts D-3, Russian Museum, Mikhailovsky Palace, Ul. Inzhenemaya 4/2, (MjGostiny Dvor, tel. 595 42 48, www.rusmuseum. ru. Founded in 1757, the Academy in the 18th century was dedicated to creating a new sort of artistic people. Hence, the Academy responsible for producing artits like Repin and Bryullov, accepted six year old boys in order to create this better kind of perfect man. This exhibition presents Russian historical painting from thefirst fifty years of the Academy and shows life studies of the drawing examinations and portraits of the best teachers and artists of the Academy. June 2007 го WHERE TO STAY We have selected the best places in town for you to choose from. Prices include breakfast and VAT (18%) un­
less otherwise stated. Cream of the crop Ambassador D-4, pr. Rimskogo-Korsakovo 5-7, [M Sen-
naya pi., tel. 33188 44, This sophisticated hotel is in a beautiful and ancient district of the city, near to the bustling old Haymarket (Sennaya pi). The conference facilities are excellent and offer panoramic views, as does Le Vernissage, the bright, eccentric circular restau­
rant on the ninth floor. Rooms are spacious with tall windows, bright red carpets and large flat screen TVs. They also have a tour agency and currency exchange, not to forget the 16m pool and juice bar! Excellent disabled facilities, good security and underground parking. • 255 rooms (248 Doubles 6400 - 9300Rbl, 15 Suites 8700 - 14400Rbl, 1 Apartment 25500 - 31900Rbl, 1 Presidential 52600 - 67000Rbl). Breakfast (600Rbl) and VAT not included. Visa support and registra­
tion free of charge (1500Rbl cancellation fee applies). Extra bed 950Rbl (only for Suites and Apartments). ЩШШЕ fflSuDBS» •••• Angleterre Hotel D-3, Ul. Malaya Morskaya 24, (M) Nevsky pr., tel. 494 56 66, T he view of St. Isaac's cathedral is impressivef rom this central hotel. Deluxe rooms are particularly lovely, with two floors, red and white striped decor. Deluxe suites have four windows offering a stunning panorama of the city. The fitness centre is free for guests and it has a sauna and swimming pool. • 193 rooms (103 Classic 13300 - 14700Rbl, 49 Deluxe 15050 - 16450Rbl, 12 Superior Deluxe 15750 - 17150Rbl, 3 Junior Suite 26250Rbl, 2 Deluxe Suite 52500Rbl, 24 Executive Club 15400 - 16800Rbl). Extra bed on request. Breakfast (910Rbl) and VAT not included. Visa support and registration free of charge. 9 В Ш @ Ё В в Ш Ё в В ••••• Corinthia Nevskij Palace Hotel E-3, Nevsky pr. 57, (MjMayakovskaya, tel. 380 20 01, Friendly staff and a delightful atmosphere here. Refurbished to a high standard in an elegant and seductive style; the junior suites are ample, with sliding partitions, while classic suites offer everything you need. For those who like to unwind, the smart room is recommended as it has a leather massage chair. T here are four restaurants and the Landskrona restaurant may well offer the best roof-top view in town. • 285 rooms (193 Singles €330 - 380,19 Doubles €360 - 410,21 Suites €650 - 750,25 Deluxe €360 - 415,8 Junior Suites €550 - 650,15 Smart Business €350 - 400, 1 Presidential Suite €3000). Breakfast (€27)and VAT not included. Extra bed €35. Visa support and registration free of charge. 9( 9BB@) ( £) ®(D<S>ffl]gi<» * * * * * Grand Hotel Europe D-3, Ul. Mikhailovskaya 1/7, Щ Nevsky pr., tel. 329 60 00, www.grandhoteleurope. com. This already beautiful hotel has undergone major re­
furbishment. New rooms are plush and elaborate. The beds are the best on the market, there are flat screen TV's, DVD libraries and the business centre has new state-of-the-art equipment. The art-deco style of the hotel is exquisite and one of itsf ive restaurants hosts performances from Mariinsky singers and ballet dancers; the Mezzanine Bar oozes elegance with its sky-lit ceiling and harpist. • 301 rooms (89 Classic Standard 18975 - 21000Rbl, 123 Classic Superior 20355 - 21000Rbl, 58 Junior Suites 24150Rbl, 24 Classic Suites 48750 - 49000Rbl, 7 Executive Suites 71250 - 72000Rbl). Breakfast (1200Rbl) and VAT not included. Extra bed 2100Rbl. Visa support 1500Rbl (refundable on arrival) registration free of charge. Ц)й31Шн)®(±)Н®Ш]@Эаэ • • • • * WHERE TO STAY Novotel E-3, Ul. Mayakovskogo ЗА, (MjMayakovskaya, tel. 3351188, Novotel belongs to the Accor chain of hotels and is centrally located in a quiet location just off Nevsky Pr. The exterior is a modern rendition of the tower of Pisa and the Colosseum and the interior is modern and bright. There is a stylish cafe and restaurant adjacent to the lobby. The rooms are new, modern, and comfortable. The hotel is equipped with a number of state-of-
the-art conference rooms and afitness centre. • 233 rooms (Singles €175 - 320, Doubles €195 - 340, Junior Suite €225 -
430). Breakfast not included (576Rbl), extra bed 720Rbl. Visa supportf ree of charge, registration costs lRbl per person per day. Ц®Э[ с с ] ( д[ Э®Е®Ш@а в •••• Eat with the stars Summer is not only about enjoying the tastes of the sea­
son, but about enjoying the long languid days. Where else would you do this but on a summer terrace. Grand Hotel Europe The Grand Hotel's Grand Terrace on Ul. Mikhailovsky of­
fers that peaceful reprieve away from the pace of Nevsky where you enjoy the bliss of outdoor din­
ing. Gorge yourself on delicious summer salads and pizza as well as the exquisitely prepared main courses and caviar that are the trademark of Grand Hotel dining. Novotel June brings the opportunity to enjoy the best summer food around: barbecue! Novotel opens their summer terrace on June 15, when Cote Jardine chef, Serge Fery will be serving up barbeque fish, beef, lamb and Bavarian sausages from the open grill. Try out the summer salads. Don't forget there is also a large selection of icecreams and sorbets and on Fridays, enjoy the added delight of late night jazz from band Solar Project. Radisson SAS The Cannelle Bar is just too good so they couldn't keep щ _^_j • * • it indoors any longer. It's spilled out onto Nevsky to become Cannelle Terrace. Gloriously white, with um­
brellas and chairs imported from Italy and with the same Cannelle Barmenu,the new terrace combines the most refreshing summer drinks with the best people watching location in town. Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic A Terrace with a View: this has to be one of the best roof top terraces in town - with a splendid view onto St. Isaac's Cathedral. All you need to do is take the elevator to the 6th floor where you enjoy succulent specially prepared fish and meat barbeque from their award winning Russian chef, Ruslan Burmistrov. Radisson SAS Royal Hotel E-3, Nevsky pr. 49/2, MjMayakovskaya. tel. 322 50 00, www.stpetersburg. In this central 1730's building the well-
trained staff take a professional yet personal approach and the hotel offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The suites have stylish glass panelling and most rooms have comfortable arm chairs and tall arched windows. There's the lovely renovated Barbazan Restaurant serving 'Nuevo Latino menu with Asian accents'. Breakfast offers a 'grab and run' service (if you leave before brekkie opens) and the lobby bar is a pretty corner room, with windows on all sides. Fitness centre includes standing solarium, Canadian wood sauna and Jacuzzi. There are ample conference and boardroom facilities. • 164 rooms (116 Singles 12250Rbl, 30 Doubles 14700Rbl, 12 Triples 18200Rbl, 4 Junior Suite 23450Rbl, 1 Senior Suite 31500Rbl, 1 Presidential Suite 40250Rbl). Extra bed 1190Rbl. Breakfast (840Rbl) and VAT not included. Visa support and registration free of charge. (1г31Ш1ШШ®1тШав * * * * * Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic Hotel D-3, Ul. Pochtamtskaya 4, (M)Sadovaya. tel. 380 40 00, www. Though smaller than other five-
stars, it is no less grand. T he elegant decor is a feast for the eyes. Highlights include the stunning views, the 24hr business centre, the ballroom and the glorious Canvas Restaurant. All rooms are boutique class, the two-level rooms are especially sumptuous, with entrances on two floors. Floor six has a friendly cafe-bar with a terrace where you can view the domes of St. Isaac's at eye level. The fitness centre is the largest we have seen. Two rooms are available for people with disabilities. • 102 rooms (76 Deluxe 13800Rbl, 6 Bi-Level Suites 28500Rbl, 12 City View Suites 20400Rbl, 8 St Isaac's View Suites 22500Rbl). Suite prices include breakfast. Extra bed, visa support (2000Rbl cancellation fee applies), registration free of charge. ШШШЭ( £) Ш®( ЭШ] @да ••••• Advertisement Upmarket Casa Leto D-3, Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 34, M Nevsky pr., tel. 600 10 96, Casa Leto is a stylish boutique hotel close to the Hermitage and St Isaac's. Owned by an English-Italian couple it provides personalised service, which makes you feel at home. The interior retains many 19th century elements, including original plasterwork and antiques. The rooms, which have ensuite facilities, are large and come with all the facili­
ties you would expect. Good all inclusive price structure (internet, breakfast, international calls and refreshments included)! • 5 rooms (Doubles €180 - 245). Extra bed €35 - 55. Invitation €15, registration free of charge. И§ш@)Е(В®(1)@« * * * * Symbol key |]U Air conditioning (?) Casino (*) Child friendly (Й] Internet Щ Fitness centre ffl] Restaurant g) Sauna Щ Animal friendly feci Credit cards accepted ЙЭ Conference facilities Г£) Facilities for the disabled [p) Guarded parking (§) Non-smoking rooms (M) Nearest metro station § Swimming pool a® Wi-Fi connection Barbecue at the Summer Terrace of Cote Jardin Restaurant Novotel opens the Summer Terrace from June 15th till the end of the summer. Comfortable atmosphere, attentive and friendly service, special summer dishes from French Chef Serge Fery will help to enjoy the warm days. In the BBQ menu you will find German Sausages, Salmon Shashlik with Zucchinis, New-Zealand Lamb Chops, Sirloin Steak, Pork Shashlik, Assorted Fresh Salads, Ratatouille Nocoise, Movenpick Ice-creams. BBQ on the Terrace starts at 18:00. The Terrace is open from 12:00. For information please call: +7 812 3351188. НОВОТЕЛЬ САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ ЦЕНТР Невский пр. / ул. Маяковского За 191025 Санкт-Петербург, Россия Тел.: +7 812 3351188, факс: +7 812 3351180 // St. Petersburg In Your Pocket June 2007 WHERE TO STAY Advertisement 5MDLNIN5KAYA HOTEL Ъ UUELCQMETQ ^^m шЯ/К SMDLNiNSKflYfl HOTEL J • COMPLETELY REFURBI5HEO / • CENTRALLY LOCATED / • SAFE PARKING ^4^^^ •• ^ "МП PI. Uossraniija. ul.Tuerskaga 11. Tel. 576 76 82 Park Inn Pribaltiiskaya A-3, Ul. Korablestroiteley 14, [MlPrimorskaya. tel. 329 26 26, The newest addition to the Park Inn Hotel chain, this 1200 room hotel has a seaside location and great views of the Finnish Gulf. It may be a few metro stops from the centre, but the air is a lot fresher on the Gulf, not to forget the amazing indoor Aquapark located within the hotel complex. • 1200 rooms (Singles 7600Rbl, 114 Doubles 7000 - 7600Rbl, 40 Junior Suites 10200Rbl, 20 Duplex Suites 15900Rbl). Extra bed 1200Rbl. Visa support and registration free of charge (1500Rbl cancellation fee applies). ®ШШ@1(В1В®[1)Йв«в •••• Park Inn Pulkovskaya PI. Pobedy 1, (MjMoskovskaya, tel. 740 39 00, Located ten minutes from the airport, Puklovskaya is very friendly, has diversefacilities, including the ever popular Paulaner brewery restaurant, confer­
ence room for 500 and grand dining halls. Rooms are comfort­
able, with large windows and beds overlooking Victory Square. • 840 rooms (90 Singles 7000 - 8850Rbl, 724 Doubles 8400 - 9900Rbl, 26 Suites 12600 - 14100Rbl). Extra bed 1020Rbl. Visa support and registrationf ree of charge (1700Rbl cancellation fee applies). И Э ^ Р Е ШЕ ФО О Й Э а ® * * * * Smolninskaya Hotel Ul.Tverskaya 22, M Chernyshevs-
kaya, tel. 576 72 62. A perfect meld of modern European style and Russian traditions, a marvellous renovation. From the bonsai trees to the silk wall-paper, the new-look Smolninskaya is comfortable yet modern and funky. Exquisite dining and function rooms show the same attention to detail evident throughout the rest of the hotel. • 53 rooms (Singles 2500 - 4000Rbl, Doubles 3000 - 4500Rbl, Suite 4100 - 5600Rbl, Luxe 5000 - 6400Rbl, Executives 8200 - 10200Rbl). Extra bed 1500Rbl. Registation free of charge. Ц)®[ШЭ(В Mid-range Matisov Domik C-4, Nab. reky Priazhky 3/1, (MjSennaya pi., tel. 495 14 39, This friendly little charmer has rooms overlooking the canal, andfeatures its own museum of Russian antiques, called the 'Old Russian Way of Life'. You can organise meetings in the conference hall, or book excursion tickets at the travel agency. • 46 rooms (18 Singles 3000Rbl, 15 Doubles 4050 - 4350Rbl, 2 Suites 9000Rbl, 7 Apartments 6600Rbl, 2 Luxe 4950Rbl, 2 Studio 4650Rbl, 33 Standard 2100 - 2700Rbl, King 4350Rbl). Extra bed 1050Rbl. Visa support 420Rbl. ЭЬЩЗ[@<§>0(1)*** Nevsky Forum E-3, Nevsky pr. 69, [MjMayakovskaya, tel. 333 02 22, Right in the middle of Nevsky prospekt, this modern business hotel has striking black marble and chrome; it's urban chic. Decent sized rooms are comprised mainly of dark wood, leather and beige. There is a 24hr Lobby Bar and the restaurant 'La Presse' which serves French and Italian food in a trendy environment. • 20 rooms (8 Deluxe 7800 - 8400Rbl, 4 Designer Room 8700 - 9300Rbl. 5 Standard 6900 - 7500Rbl, 2 Suite 11900 - 18000Rbl). Extra bed lOOORbl. Visa support 300Rbl, registration free of charge. ШЭЬЩШ] ® [ I D l § e Advertisement 1200 rooms with sea or city view Best congress hotel in St Petersburg Wellness & Spa centre with 100 treatments 15 types of massage Water amusement park with real ocean waves 15 min to city centre. Fantastic venue for conferences, seminars, celebrations and fun. 3 restaurants with various cuisines and 2 bars open 24 hours. Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya 14 Korablestroiteley str. St. Petersburg 199226 Russia T: +7 (812) 329 26 26 F: +7 (812) 356 60 94 pariunn WHERE TO STAY Advertisement Comfortable hotels & luxury k apartments in the center of Saint-Petersburg (812) 703 38 60 Nevsky Hotels E-3, Nevsky pr. 90, (MjMayakovskaya. tel. 703 38 60. With a collective total of 202 rooms, Nevsky Hotels offers a choice of comfort in six locations in the heart of the city. Nevsky Hotels 90 and 91 are located right on Nevsky Prospect itself, while the other four are in a cluster around Bolshaya Konyushennaya. Hotel Moika 5 is the most lavish, featuring spacious rooms and an art exhibition by the company director himself. Nevsky Hotels also offer a selection of apartments in the centre of St. Petersburg. • 203 rooms (5 Singles €135 -150,71 Doubles €160 -170, Presidential Suite €220 - 240). Extra bed €20, Visa support €30, registration free of charge. Our Hotel (NasHOTEL) C-3, VO, 11-ya Liniya 50, (MJVasileostrovskaya, tel. 323 22 31, In a courtyard on the lovely Vasilievsky Island, this eight floor hotel is one of the largest business hotels in the historic area. Designed and built with the modern guest in mind, rooms are fully equipped with large windows or French doors. The open plan Studio room gives panoramic views. • 58 rooms (9 Singles 7500Rbl, 39 Doubles 7900Rbl. 4 Studio 9600Rbl, 6 Family 9200Rbl). Extra bed 1085Rbl. Visa support and registration free of charge. Щ^ ШН О О З ^ и П ^ Pushka Inn Hotel D-3, Nab. reky Moiky 14, M Nevsky pr., tel. 312 0913, With dark wooden floors and high-ceilings, this place retains its old riverside atmosphere, with the original stone staircase from 1810 and antique wall lanterns. The family apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, liv­
ing room, bedroom and bathroom. • 35 rooms (3 Apartments 8200 - 9200Rbl, 5 Single 3600 - 4000Rbl, 25 Double 6200 - 7500Rbl, 1 Superior 8000Rbl). Extra bed 1300Rbl. Breakfast not included (320Rbl). Visa support 425Rbl. registrationf ree of charge. Ц Ш Ц Ц р Щ о е Vesta Hotel E-3, Nevsky pr. 90-92, (MjMayakovskaya, tel. 272 13 22, Expect a warm welcome here - this hotel has a calm, intimate atmosphere. All rooms have been renovated to Western standards. Only the staircase, with its nice but fading mosaics, reveals something of the family that once built it. Centrally located in one of the prettiest courtyards along Nevsky Prospekt, it is well protected from the notorious Nevsky traffic jams. • 16 rooms (3 Singles 3100Rbl, 9 Doubles 4450Rbl, 4 Apartments 3600 - 5100Rbl). Extra bed 740Rbl. Breakfast not included (200Rbl). Visa support and registration free of charge. Ц)Й)[сс](Д)Ш] Hotel Vesta www. vestahotel. spb. ru - historical city center - comfortable rooms - visa support and registration - transfers - additional travel services phone + 7 812 272 13 22 Your Home during your stay in St. Petersburg Advertisement Advertisement CAJA LETO P R I V A T E H O T E L As recommended by The Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, Marie Claire, Elle Magazine, C6te d'Est, Lonely Planet Large luxurious rooms, personal service, complimentary refreshments, free internet & telephone. Just some of the reasons why many travel agents and clients think we are the best small hotel in St Petersburg H OXEL • 58 rooms • «La Botanique» restaurant • Conference facilities St. Petersburg In Your Pocket June 2007 WHERE TO STAY WHERE TO STAY Mini hotels Antique Hotel Rachmaninov D-3, Kazanskaya ul. 5, (M|Nevsky pr., tel. 327 74 66, www.hotelrachmaninov. com.T he former-home of the composer Rachmaninov is now a charming hotel which prides itself on its interesting heritage. All bedrooms have antique furnishings or paintings so the establishment is reminiscent of the nineteenth century; the spacious, parquet-floored 'Lux Room' being particularly au-
thentic since it was the composer's own room. • 27 rooms (5 Singles 3960Rbl, 21 Doubles 4500Rbl, Studio 6600Rbl, Luxe Rachmaninov room 9980Rbl). Extra bed HOORbl. Visa support €10, registration free of charge. (*) ®Цс](ы] (§)as) Art-Hotel Trezzini C-3, VO, Bolshoy pr. 21, (MjVasileo-
strovskaya, tel. 332 10 35, Charming and intimate, the Trezzini combines an artistic atmosphere with friendly welcoming service. T he hotel has 17 spacious well-lit rooms, with carnival masks and photograph exhibitions also on display. Located behind the pink Andreevsky cathedral, it's only a short walkf rom the main pedestrian street and metro. • 17 rooms (2 Singles €85,10 Classic €100 -120, 5 Suite €135). Extra bed €20. Visa support €20, registration free of charge. §§ Э ^ Р ^ И B&B Randhouse D-3, Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 25, flat 17/Per. Grivtsova 11, flat 83, M Nevsky pr./Sennaya pi., tel. 314 63 33, Named after the St. Pe-
tersburg born American writer Ayn Rand, B&B Randhouse has a network of three mini-hotels in the centre of the city. Rooms are modern and comfortable, and a fully equipped kitchen is available for guests. Hot tasty breakfasts are served - always a good thing! • 16 rooms (1 Single €60-95,10 Doubles €55 - 95,1 Triple €105 -120,1 suite €120,3 Twins €95). Extra bed €15. Visa support €25, registration included. ®[1Ш чный прием в центре Санкт-Петербурга Bed & Breakfast RandhousE (812)314-6333 (812)959-0285 Advertisement Comfort Hotel D-3, Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 25, (M) Nevsky pr., tel. 570 67 00, www.comfort-hotel.spb. ru. Wonderfully situated at the Hermitage-end of Nevsky Prospekt, but friendly enough to feel like home, the hotel is ideal for business people and tourists. The standard rooms are well-decorated in neutral, calming tones and the suites are spacious and well-equipped. The newly installed elevator eases the journey to the top floor. • 14 rooms (6 Doubles 3900 - 4400Rbl, 6 Twin 5000 - 5600Rbl, 2 Suite 6600Rbl). Extra bed 750Rbl. Visa support $US10, registration free of charge. Ш Э Ш Э Е В ® » Tourist Angels are back! О I If you've lost your wallet, lost your way or need to know where the nearest toilet is, just ask one of the friendly tourist angels with the words, 'Can I help?' on their white t-shirts. Find them on Nevsky pr. and other areas popular with tourists. Ermitage Hotel D-3, Ul. Millionnaya 11, JyTNevsky pr., tel. 571 54 97, This little pearl is located only a five minute walk from the world famous museum and feels like a private home. When entering you'll find yourself in the intimate living room which leads to the upstairs bedrooms. It is possible to book the whole hotel for your private company. Great personal attention. • 4 rooms (2 Singles 5000Rbl, 2 Doubles 7000Rbl, 1 Presidential Suite 24000Rbl). Extra bed 900Rbl. Visa support $US20, registra­
tion free of charge. (*)[ЦЩ)Н<§)аЕ1 Advertisement L info@grandma rkho Comfortable Mini Hotel dose to the Bronze Horseman Ul. (ialemava 12 tel./fai: 57W»-*., 570-05-34. +7-921-426-13-96 www. Grand Mark Hotel C-3, Galemaya ul. 12, M Nevsky pr., tel. 570 05 36, A basic and pleasant hotel with charming staff. The Grand Mark Hotel has corridors with exposed brickwork, and simply planned but fully equipped rooms. It is centrally located, near to St. Isaac's Square, but on a quiet street with parking possible. There is a useful communal kitchen and also a sauna for rent and the hotel can assist with arranging tickets and excursions. • 5 rooms (2 Standard 2900Rbl, 2 Semi-luxe 3500Rbl, 1 Luxe 4400Rbl). Extra bed HOORbl. Visa, registration free. §§( §Щ@) ®( Зв Herzen House D-3, Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 25, M Nevsky pr., tel. 57150 98, Herzen House is at the top of four floors on the lovely Bolshaya Morskaya. Simple and convenient with 20 rooms across one floor, the twin superior is airy and spacious with a choice of views onto the courtyard or the street. Single rooms have very large single beds. T here are tiled terracotta floors and good buffet area for a hot breakfast of porridge, sausages and omlettes. • 20 rooms (6 Double 3600 - 4000Rbl, 4 Triple 3600 - 4600Rbl, 10 Superior Twin 4000 - 4600Rbl). Extra bed 750Rbl. Visa support 300Rbl. registration free of charge. Щ ЕШЩ) (@ ( D» Kristoff Hotel E-3, Zagorodny pr. 9, M Vladimirskaya. tel. 57166 43, This comfortable hotel is perfectly located just five minutes away from Dos-
toyevskaya metro station. Easy to find, Kristoff hotel offers a bright, cheery welcome. Rooms are all spotlessly clean and inviting, each with a generous amount of space to relax. The hotel has its own cafe next door to which all guests and members of the public are welcome. • 15 rooms (Singles 3240Rbl, Doubles 3960Rbl, Deluxe 3600 - 4320Rbl). Extra bed 720Rbl. Visa support 720Rbl, registration free of charge. Kristoff Hotel Advertisement Advertisement (sRI.F Saint-Petersburg Mini Hotel Na Bukharestskoy, 59 Only 20 minutes from the airport Registration Underground Parking Cosy Cafe Sauna UL Bukharestskaya 59 Tel. 974 87 35, 578 19 08, Fax 578 18 t www.grif.spb.r NEVSKY INN f 3 E E D A r v I D B R E A K F A S T CITY CENTRE B+B A 2 MINUTE WALK FROM THE HERMITAGE KI RPI CHNI Y PT.RE.ULOK NO.2. APARTMENT 1 9 ST. PETERSBURG ' Na Bucharestskoy Ul. Bucharestskaya, 59, M Kupchi no, tel. 974 87 35, This hotel is situated in a quiet neighborhood just south of the city centre. Close to Pulkovo airport, it consists of several rather new but elegant buildings around a courtyard. The lobby and corridors look quite chic in white and black colours. All rooms are different and spacious. Furniture is basic but new, clean and perfectly in order. The hotel is easily reachable by public transport and taxi. • 18 rooms (Singles 1800 - 3000Rbl, Doubles 2500 - 3800Rbl). Extra bed 600Rbl. Visa support and registration free of charge. [ с с ] ( Р ] о ё? Nevsky Inn D-3, Kirpichny per.2. apt.19. code 19B, M Nevsky pr., tel. 972 68 73, This hotel has an ideal location -just off Nevsky Prospekt, between St. Isaac's Square and Palace Square - making it great valuefor money, con­
sidering its standards. It occupies one floor of a mid-19th century building, but its interior is new. Turn left onto Bolshaya Morskaya, then take your first right - the door is no.2, next to an arch. Dial code 19B and go to the fourth floor. • 12 rooms (Singles €75, Doubles €85, Triples €105,1 Apartment €90). Extra bed €20. Visa support and registration €25. (#)[cc](g)a§ Northern Lights C-3, Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 50, (M Nevsky pr., tel. 571 91 99, This one-floor hotel is just off St. Isaac's Square and sits at the top of an antique staircase in a 150 year old building. The hotel sparkles with cleanliness, the staff are warm and friendly. The dining room is intimate and there are four lovely bedrooms, the deluxe room comes with a Jacuzzi. • 5 rooms (2 Single €70,2 Double €85 -115,1 Deluxe Suite €140 -150). Extra bed €15. Visa support €10, registration free of charge. PolikoffE-3, Ul. Karavannaya 11/64, Apt. 26, M Gostiny Dvor, tel ./fax 314 79 25, It's a bit hard to find, but this mini-hotel has a good, central location. Go through the big, brown door with the Eurobalt sign out front, then, from the hallway, go to the door straight in front. Punch in code 26, and reception will open the door for you. T he rooms are clean, modern and basic, and there is a shared kitchen. • 15 rooms (1 Single 3000Rbl, 12 Doubles 3850Rbl, 2 Luxe 7200Rbl). Extra bed lOOORbl. Visa support €35, registration free of charge. d ИНИНЕ)®» Advertisement Adding colour to life Perfectly located just 5 km from Pulkovo International Airport, our hotel has 840 comfortable rooms as well as a wide variety of restaurants serving Bavarian, Mediterranean and traditional Russian cuisines. A free shuttle bus transports guests into the heart of the city. Our conferencing facilities can cater for up to 600 delegates and are equi pped with the latest facilities as well as a WiFi zone. Park Inn Pulkovskaya 196240 Russia Saint Petersburg Pobedy sq. 1 T: +7(812) 740 3900 F: +7 (812) 740 3913 parkjnn St. Petersburg In Your Pocket June 2007 WHERE TO STAY Adverti sement NORTHERN LIGHTS A great home-like atmosp Li qi Ub jspnere right on St Isaac s Square Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 50, St Petersburg, +7 (812) 571 9199, +7 (812) 570 0334 info@nlightsrussia com Shelfort C-3, VO, 3-ya Liniya 26, MVasileostrovskaya. tel. 323 36 26, The rooms here are very comfortable, with dark green wooden interiors and the lobby is large and pretty. Two luxury suites have original log fire places which still work! Located in a unique old building and the whole area is particularly reminiscent of Venice. • 15 rooms (4 Singles 2600 - 2950Rbl, 9 Doubles 4200Rbl, 2 Deluxe 5400 - 5650Rbl). Extra bed 750Rbl. Breakfast not included (150Rbl). Visa support 340Rbl, registration free of charge. [ссЩ)<§) HPo?e,Nk0ff Ш In the centre of St. Petersburg. И * ь ^ .Ж 15 comfortable (Double and Twin) rooms available: Deluxe Rooms come equipped with Jacuzzi, DVD, DBLand TWIN; the organization of business meetings, breakfast is included 64/11, Nevsky pr., ap. 24-26 Tel.: +7 (812) 314-79-25 E-mail: 1 —• li Apartments Central Real Estate Agency F-3, Nevsky pr. 107, IMlPI- Vosstaniya, tel. 324 99 22, enrent.php. Established for over 12 years, this is a profes­
sional group well versed in all aspects of renting across the city. They have an extensive database of properties, short and long term rentals and prices to suit any budget. Reflect­
ing their commitment to all customers, a number of their consultants speak English and other languages. • Open Mon - Fri 10:00 - 21:00, Sat - Sun 10:00 -19:00 City Realty D-3, Muchnoi per. 2,1st floor, M Sennaya. tel. 570 63 42/570 47 09, T his American owned company will be able to assist you with whatever range of accommodation you are looking for. City Realty, not only has a good selection of apartments, but can also find you a place to stay in one of the numerous miniho-
tels and bed and breakfasts. • Open 09:30 -18:30. Closed Sat, Sun. Visa support US$29, registration €30. Ш Practicalities No Нет Hello Здравствуйте Bye Пока Good Bye До свидания How are you? Как дела? Welcome! Добро пожаловать Thank you Спасибо Excuse me Простите Please Пожалуйста nyet zdrastvuite рака dasvidanya как dyela? dabro pazhalovat spasibo prastitye pazhalusta Adverti sement A Western owned and managed company Daily to long term rentals Historical city center locations Bed and breakfast options Visa support VACATION APARTMENTS Tel: (+7 812) 570 63 42, 570 47 09, 315 91 51 Email:, Master's Apartment C-2, Ul. Krasnogo Kursanta 8/1, (jyJSportivnaya, tel. 972 45 10, Ideal for those who prefer to stay away from the city centre. Situated on the ground floor of a residential apartment build­
ing, it is a five minute walk from Sportivnaya metro. Sleeping up to eleven people, the apartment has four bedrooms. Two bedrooms lead off the central hallway and two come off the en­
closed kitchen and dining area. It also boasts two bathrooms. • 1 Apartment (€120), discount negotiable for longer stays. COSY FOUR ROOM APARTMENT CLOSE TO THE METRO Ul. Krasnogo Kursanta 8/1 972- 45- 10 553- 18- 88 +7- 921- 903- 45- 10 e-mail: I I Advertisement Advertisement H O S t G l S Cubahostel D-3, Ul. Kazanskaya 5/43, M Nevsky pr., tel. 921 7115, With a new location and fully renovated dormitories, the Cuba Hostel is now even more idealfor budget travel. Located a mere minutefrom Kazan Cathedral, visitors will find themselves smack in the middle of all the bars, restaurants and shops they could hope for. T he nine dormitories can sleep up to forty people, there's a 'pink' room for girls only and a communal kitchen area. Enter to the right of the old fashioned red British phone box. • 9 Dormitories 500 - 650Rbl. Prices are per person per night. Visa support and registration €30. Щ (©ЭГЖЩ)» Nord Hostel D-3, Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 10, M Nevsky pr., tel. 571 03 42, Nord hostel is what we call value for money. You will find yourself only a stone's throw away from all the major tourist sights and you get to spend the night near the Hermitage. T he many services are included like internet access, international phone calls, and umbrella rentals. • 38 rooms (2 doubles €33, 24 dorm beds €24). Prices are per person per night. Visa support and registration €35. ®(B)(B® youth hostel A CUBAHOSTEL In the heart of St. Petersburg I nformal fun and cool at mospher e Backpackers hostel in Saint-Petersburg Kazanskaya str. 5 +7(812)9217115 Diverse and mouth-watering restaurants are cropping up all over the city. Prices indicate average price of a main course. Menus in English available unless otherwise stated. Russian Korchma D-3, Nab. kan. Griboedova 69, (MJSadovaya, tel. 312 05 18. This restaurant-pub is a real find. It is designed like an old tavern of the tsarist period and it has a warm atmosphere and unique interior. A wonderful Russian menu with superb prices. There is a choice of many blini, about ten different fish dishes and a huge amount of meat dishes. • 24 hours. (350Rbl). Ц Ш Е Ш В Na Zdorovie! C-2, PS, Bolshoy pr. 13/4, M Sportivnaya. Petrogradskaya, tel. 232 40 39. T his cheerful, cosy restau­
rant serves excellent Russian and Soviet cuisine - something you are not supposed to miss when visiting St. Petersburg. Take our word for it, everything we tried here tasted really fresh - as if a Russian babushka (grandmother) prepared it herself. Try typical Russian drinks kvas and mors, they are delicious. • Open 12Ю0 - 23:00. (350Rbl). ®®Ё ЩВ ( Е Й | Ohotnichya Izba D-4, Lermontovsky pr. 30, (M)Techno-
logichesky Inst., tel. 714 60 88. This is a fun place filled with all sorts of hunting trophies where you are greeted by a stuffed Russian bear. Ohotnichnya Izba means Hunting Hut, so expect lots of meat including different kinds of game, deer, boar and bear. The meat is grilled in the middle of the restaurant, which only increases the anticipation. Luckily, the portions are large! The restaurant is within walking distance of the Mariinsky Theatre, St. Nicolas Cathedral and the Hotel Azimut. • Open 12:00 -24:00, Fri, Sat 12Ю0 - 02O0. (250Rbl). ( Ш Ь Н Е Ш Й ) » Advertisement (ШТШС1Ш \m Exquisite hunting menu Sussian barbecue Blunting & Russian style decor [l i ve music Lermontovsky pr. 30. Tel. Fan.: 714 00 00 Soviet Chic NEP D-3, Nab. reky Moiky 37, M Nevsky pr., tel. 312 37 22. Nep Cafe is dripping with 1920's style, complete with cabaret. Delicious fish and meat dishes are all exqui-
flTvi sitely presented; the kitchen ч, k.ik ^ is a good supporting player to Nep's main cabaret event. If you're sitting close to the * 9 • * '-.'BPfUTfc- performers, you'll probably find yourself part of the entertainment! • Open Tue, Sun 12:00 - 23:00, Wed - Sat 12:00 - 01:00. Closed Mon. (350Rbl) Admission for shows 230Rbl. Щ®[Щр)П)й)Пг? Zov llyicha D-3, Ul. Kazanskaya 34 (Enter from Grivtsova per.) (MJSadovaya, tel. 570 40 50. This little cafe, with the name 'llyich's (Lenin's) mating-call.' has busts of Lenin hangingf rom the ceiling and serves Russian style food. Lenin would probably turn in his mausoleum! • Open 12:00 - 23:00. (70Rbl). ffiSIflBGEHI] RESTAURANTS 27 Adverti sement Cabaret sh6*w in the style of 20's of the last century Russian & European cuisine 37. Moyka emb., ST.Petersburg (Comer of Dvortsovaya sg.} Tel.: (812)571-7591 12)312-3722 WWW.NEPRESTORAN.RU fUvatlsairanl St. Petersburg In Your Pocket June 2007 w~ RESTAURANTS RESTAURANTS Advertisement Here comes the sun! Who wants to sit inside? Enjoy the White nights at one of these terraces around town. Terraces on the Neva Aquarei C-2, PS, Pr. Dobrolyubova 14a, (MjSport-
ivnaya, tel. 320 86 00. > Open daily 12:00 until last guest. (700Rbi). UBiffiKEGBQS) Flying Dutchman D-2, Mytnenskaya nab. 6, (MjGorkovskaya, tel. 336 37 37. • 1st floor 10.00 06:00, 2nd floor 12:00 until last guest. (700Rbl). (КМШЕьВЕКШа® Street Terraces Dickens D-4, Nab. reky Fontanky 108, M Sennaya pi., tel. 380 78 88. • Open 08:00 - 02:00. (400Rbl). Mollie's Irish Pub E-3, Ul. Rubinshteina 36, (MJVIadimirskaya, tel. 570 37 68. • Open 12:00 - 02:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 03:00, Sun 12:00 - 01:00. Щ[Щр) (25)0® NEP D-3, Nab. reky Moiky 37, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 312 37 22. • Open Tue - Sun 12:00 - 23:00. Closed Mon. (350Rbl). 1)®[м](0(ЕЩа® Tres Amigos E-3, Ul. Rubinshteina 25, M Dos toyevskaya, tel. 340 26 85. > Open 12:00 - 01:00. (200Rbi>. ш и ш а Yolki-Palki D-3, Nevsky pr. 88, (MjMayakovskaya, tel. 273 15 94. You can already smell the offerings when you enter this restaurant: this has to be a good place. There is a happy man working the shashylik grill and pleasant staff swanning around in traditional costumes. Sit under the plastic trees and you certainly won't feel that you are upstairs on Nevsky, the main street of the city! Order from the menu or from the all you can eat buffet agons. • Open 07:00-05:00. (150Rbl). seraSd Russian & European Cafe Art Deco 0-4, Ul. Sadovaya 47, (MJSennaya, tel. 310 64 54. Not as expensive as you might think, this is an elegant place where it isn't difficult to spend your free time. The furniture and interior is sleek and streamlined. Art Deco serves tasty food too, and don't forget to try one of the beautifully presented deserts. It has a great view on the Griboedov canal and they also or­
ganise art exhibitions and other performances. • Open 12:00 - 02:00. (180Rbl). Ш®[м]Е)[Е® fflo® Canvas restaurant (1st floor Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic Hotel) D-3, Ul. Pochtamtskaya 4, (MjSadovaya, tel. 380 40 00. What isn't splendid here? Canvas serves tempting food as real art in a warm atmosphere, one verification extra that one of Russia's best cooking artists is working here (yes, the chef is award-winning). Next to the surprising menu the restau­
rant has a set menu with good optional choices. If you like culinary masterpieces, go for it! • Daily 06:30-11:00, weekends 07:00-11:00 (750 Rbl). (I)[w](6](E(7|0Gt) Cafe Jam E-3, Ul. Ryleeva 12, (MjChernyshevskaya, tel. 719 69 33. It's Russian, it's Scandinavian, it's Korean - in fact Cafe Jam has it all! Danish hosts Alexander and Berit do their utmost to serve you good food for a good price. It has a funky, stylish interior; with a seasonal art exhibition and live music on Friday and Saturday. An ideal place for intimate talks or to invite your (business) partner to get acquainted on a higher level. • Open 12:00 - 23:00. (200Rbl). ЩШВ Makarov Restaurant E-3, Manezhny per. 2, (MjCherny­
shevskaya, tel. 327 00 53. Such a lovely place, with wonderful atmosphere. As soon as you walk in, you feel at home immedi­
ately. Our waiter, a very tall, absolutely endearing man brought us pencils to draw with as we relaxed watching the hustle and bustle from the kitchen. Russian cuisine is on offer as well as a breakfast selection and a well thought out childrens menu - all tastefully prepared and presented. • Open 08:00 - 23:00, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 23:00. (300Rbl). $ { g B Q] Marius Pub E-3, Ul. Marata 11, (MjMayakovskaya, tel. 315 48 80. Experienced travellers around Russia will get a cultural shock if they visit Marius Pub. Why? Because of the good service and the quality food is worth all the money you spend here. It's a cosy place with a dark brown interior thatfeels more like a restaurant than a pub, although they brew their own (Marius) beer! The extensive menu offers a tempting selection of European and Russian dishes. • Open 24hrs. (300Rbl). (DS^EJffl cE Moskva D-2, Petrogradskaya nab. 18, (MjGorkovskaya, tel. 332 02 00. The panorama from this trendy restaurant def inetely falls into the category of 'a view to die for'. From the top floor of a sports and business centre, the restaurant offers an (at least for tourists) unusual view over the city. A must for people who like modern design and a relaxed atmosphere. If you have just visited the nearby cruiser Avrora (the one that started the October Revolution), expect a severe case of culture shock. Enjoy! • Open 10:00 - 01.00, Fri, Sat 10Ю0 - 02O0. (600Rbl). SSEBKHS Russian Empire D-3, Nevsky pr. 17, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 57124 09. T his restaurant has been called the most exquisite in Russia for good reason. The three luxurious dining rooms each have their own individual atmosphere and all are decorated genu­
inely in the finest style. Diners eat from Gianni Versace porcelain plates and drink wine out of Bohemian crystal glasses whilst surrounded by 24-carat gold ornaments, in what once was part of Stroganoff Palace. T he wine and cognac list is extensive and rather exclusive: an armagnacf rom 1812 can be ordered just by the spoonful! • 13Ю0 - 2400. (€36). d)[cc](pj (TjCE Symbol key (sg) Air conditioning (Л Live music [Mj Child friendly <§) Non-smoking areas (•] Casino (fi) Internet Q Outside seating feci Credit cards accepted Щ Take away О Facilities for the disabled (p) Guarded parking (M) Nearest station ® Animal friendly DICKENS Great View ofFontanka River Open Fireplace European Cuisine Good Choice of Beef Stakes & Wines 108 Fontanka River Embankment, 2nd floor Tel.: 380 78 88 Skolko stoit? = How much? St. Petersburg In Your Pocket June 2007 «
RESTAURANTS • RESTAURANTS Advertisement AQIAAKOUM Restaurant iese & European Cuisine Business Lunch Home Delivery Free Banquets Open: 12.00-00.00 Tel: +7(812) 326 8286 / 326 8295 10 Kamennoostrovskiy pr.. St. Petersburg Editor's pick: Sakartvelo A trip to the land of Simple Pleasures... By Jennifer Fell Sakartvelo is a charming Georgian cafe on Vasilevsky Island. Headed up by friendlier than humanly possible staff, this new incarnation of the previous Kvareli is larger but it already has a feeling of unpretentious comraderie. Sa­
kartvelo is the Georgians word for their country, Georgia, and as we pushed open the door, the gusty tunes of two throaty Georgian singers swept us into this little piece of Sa­
kartvelo. We plonked down and flipped open the menu, although we found up to 12 different types of khachipuri, we couldn't find the homemade wine. Our waiter, a young guy with a ready smile, informed us that they had wine, of course they did. And so a nice dry red arrivedf rom out the back in a long necked earthenware jug to be poured into two deep bowls. Knowing we just had to sample the khachipuri, and there being only two of us, we went for the smallest option, in the open style in the shape of a boat with a raw egg on top. Our hostess Maya served it herself, stirring the egg and cheese together, ensuring the egg was perfectly mixed in. Gorgeous. Their eggplant with walnut sauce was also absolutely delicious, creamy and smooth, and the red beet salad with nuts, prunes and garlic was also a hit. It all went together perfectly. Before long, our pork and lamb shashliks arrived, perfectly seasoned and succu­
lent, they were also a decent size. Removing the shaslik from its sword is definitely an acquired dining skill. No one wants to injure their dining companion when a piece of shashlik flies off, and that long sword goes flying. Luckily, our waiter was ready to do it for us. We were even begin­
ning to wonder if we kept eating, we would need to walk home. In the end though, it wasn't so hard a choice, as we couldn't bear to leave even a mouthful. Sakartvelo C-3, VO, 12-ya Liniya 13, (M)Vasileo-
strovskaya, tel. 947 78 78. • Open 12:00 - 23:00. (260Rbl). d ®B f f l Marks Interior: 7 Food: 8.5 Service: 8.5 Atmosphere: 8 Cost: 1300Р.Ы Caucasian & Central Asian Cuisine An unquestionable plus of St. Petersburg's Soviet past is the restaurants serving cuisine from the former Soviet republics, providing more than a dash of spice and colour. Azerbaijani Baku E-3, Ul. Sadovaya 12/23, (M)Gostiny Dvor, tel. 941 37 56. The rooms here are embellished with bright mosaics, mirrors, long stain glass windows and very high ceilings, reminiscent of a mosque. There are lots of baked vegetable options for vegetarians, and nearly everything here is traditionally Azerbaijani. Saj is a national dish where meat or fish is cooked in a special pan and served on hot coals. They have a variety of Plov, a gorgeous rice dish. Baku also has restaurant dining upstairs, with a relaxing decor. • Open 12:00 - 02:00. (300ЯЫ). ®®Ш( В( В®( В Caucasian Cat Cafe E-3, Ul. Stremyannaya 22, (M)Mayakovskaya, tel. 571 33 77. Cat (Ket in Russian) is an atmospheric little Georgian cafe behind the Corinthia Nevskij Palace Hotel. It's a favourite spot with locals, tourists and notable pop celebrities as well. T he food is great and promptly and prettily served which is probably why it's almost impossible to get a seat in the evening without booking ahead. • Open 12:00 - 24:00. (500Rbl). §§@ИГ£® Chinese Aquarium D-2, Kamenoostrovsky pr. 10, M Gorkovs-
kaya, tel. 326 82 86. A long time favourite among Petersburg's experienced diners, Aquarium delivers tasty Chinese food and sushi in an authentic Asiatic environment (the interior is a replica of a Chinese city during the time of the Emperor). Our advice: make a real Chinese rice table. Order as much as possible, put everything on the table, attack it together and share your feast! • Open 12:00 - 24:00 (400Rbl). 9(§BB№)SI Tan Zhen C-3, VO, Bolshoy pr. 19, (M]Vasileostrovs-
kaya, tel. 325 61 09. An authentic Chinese restaurant where the Chinese of the city eat. Gorgeous handmade dumplings, sizzling spicy chicken with peanuts and stir fried ribbons of beef with chilli are just some examples. Tan Zhen is easy tofind.and prices are affordable, so if you are feeling adventurous, try a couple of dishes to share. Ask for advice if you have trouble choosing. • Open 12:00 - 23:00. (250Rbl). ШВЕЙ) St. Petersburg In Your Pocket Fine dining Dickens D-4, Nab. reky Fontanky 108, (MjSennaya pi., tel. 380 78 88. The popular Dickens pub has a sophisti­
cated restaurant upstairs. An open fire place greets you, along with giant imperial oil paintings, tall windows and candle lit tables - it looks like a posh pub and a stately home. There's a warm atmosphere and diverse menu, all food is of a high standard and luckily they serve large por­
tions. We loved the 'Chicken Livers braised with Apples'. • Open 08:00 - 02:00. (400Rbl). [Щ® Щ (*) Gouache E-3, Vladimirsky pr. 12, (MJVIadimirskaya, tel. 575 88 52, Sporting slick dishes with real taste, trendy environs replete with lobster tank, Gouache is a little jewel. It would be hard to be disappointed here, in fact it could even be difficult to choose just which tantalising dish to have. The winning menu combines the flavours of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia. Downstairs, the chic raw bar concept is employed, while the upstairs is devoted to fine dining. • Open 12:00 -
23:00.12:00 until last guest (1st floor 300Rbl, 2nd floor $us2o.) (шша® Teatro D-4, Ul. Glinki 2, (MjSennaya. tel. 310 11 02. Teatro is spacious and calming with highly domed ceilings and gentle lighting. Choose between broad upright sofas, intimate tables or the raised lounging area where a plasma screen shows Japanese animation. The menu is divided between a broad European selection and a sushi menu. It is a perfect venue for high calibre post-theatre cuisine. • Open 11:00 - 23:00. (300Rbl). French Bistrot Garcon E-3, Nevsky pr. 95, (M)PI. Vosstaniya, tel. 717 24 67. An atmospheric restaurant which regu­
larly imports produce from France, Garcon offers a little soupcon of French reality. The menu changes seasonally every three months. The fresh-from-the-oven croissants and continental breakfast are not to be missed! • Open 09:00 - 01:00. (400Rbl). dSDMEGB Jean Jacques Rousseau D-2, PS, Bolshoy pr. 54, (MjPetrogradskaya, tel. 325 65 00. Jean Jacque Rous­
seau offer traditional French cafe style food in a gorgeous red and mirror clad interior. Try the Croque Monsieur or Madam for a real French food fix, they also do wonderful desserts and have an extensive wine and whisky list to cater for all tastes. Each table comes with pencils to draw on the tablecloth with, so you might see your artwork pinned up in the entranceway. • Open 10:00 - 24:00, Fri - Sat 10:00 - 06:00. (300Rbl). (ЮТНЕЕ) Le Paris D-3, Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 63, M Nevsky pr., tel. 571 95 45. Quiet Le Paris has three beautifully deco­
rated rooms and six varieties of duck-liver pate. If you want something other than duck, there are a number of vegetarian and fish dishes, and the service is excellent. • Open 12:00 - 24:00. (700Rbl). EHd ® Fusion Aquarel C-2, PS, Pr. Dobrolyubova 14a, (MJSportivnaya, tel. 320 86 00. In this innovative restaurant boat, your surroundings are as luxurious and modern as the cuisine. It has retro leather chairs.funky circular sofas, designer bar and lobster tank. T here is also an upper deck with Klimt paintings and stainless steel bar. The coolest aspect of the architecture is that the walls are windows - so wherever you sit you can see the River Neva stretching out beyond. • Open daily 12:00 until last guest. (70ORbl). [ ЦЙЩЕ( DBS Advertisement rastronomic Italian and refined French cuisine Classic Russian recipes and Japanese sets Open 11.00 am- midnight 2 Ul. Glinki (opposite theMariinsky Theatre). Tei,(812) 9004488 June 2007 RESTAURANTS RESTAURANTS ^/T A L I A NP^ AUTHENTIC ITALIAN CUISINE FROM REAL ITALIAN CHEFS 23 Millionnaya Ul., St. Petersburg (near the Hermitage) Tel: (812) 315 8673 e-mail: Pizza Pasta Sandwiches Salads St Petersburg's finest pizza ЯКп^мХ 3354864 1 1:3 0 - 2 3:3 0 Free defivery in the center Mr. Pizza trill deliver the pizza to your home and do a little dance for you! Greek Greek Taverne Oliva D-3, Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 31, (MiNevsky pr., tel. 314 65 63. The typically Greek interior of Oliva will take you away from St. Petersburg and make you feel as though you are in Athens. The fresh and very tasty salads at the help-yourself salad bar will only add to the good vibe you get on entering. The main courses and the traditional Greek live music provide the feeling of a summer evening-even when it is winter in Petersburg. • Open 12:00 - 24Ю0. (600Rbl). ЦЙШЩ) (g)(1) Indian Tandoori Nights D-3, Voznesensky pr. 4, (M)Sadovaya, tel. 312 87 72. Not to be confused with Tandoor which is almost next door, for fine-dining Indian style, Tanoori Nights is the place to go. The menu is mouth-watering, especially the clay-oven Tandoori-specialities. When cooked here, the meat acquires a delicious flavour and unique tenderness. As a side dish we enjoyed the 'peshwari naan'; soft, flat bread stuffed with sweet fruit and nuts, warm from the oven. The decor is deep red and in the entrance you can see some real Indian marriage chairs; which are beautiful and elaborate. • Open 11:00 - 24:00. (400 Rbl). ЩЦЭДВЗ) Indonesian Sukawati D-3, Ul. Kazanskaya 8, |M]Nevsky pr., tel. 312 05 40. Of course you shouldn't mix an Indonesian menu with Japanese food as Sukawati does (if you know your history!), but this restaurant - the first Indonesian in St. Petersburg - is a fantastic diversion from the usual Asian standards. The Indonesian lumpia (spring rolls), rice platters (nasi goreng) are good choices. Ask for some spicy sambal if you like it hot. Nice interior. • Open 12:00 - 05:00. (300Rbl). SSBffiGBeSI International Fl yi ng Dut chman D-2, Mytnenskaya nab. 6, (MjGorkovskaya, tel. 336 37 37. Having dinner, lounging AND working out on a boat?! It's all possible at the Flying Dutchman on the Neva River. The sailing ship, a model of the 18th-century barque Amsterdam, has a very good restaurant on the top deck and a stylish bar-cum-discotheque and fully equipped fitness centre in the hold. To complete its on-board services they also have a beauty salon. And if you eventually get bored of all the food, drink and sports you can always just look outside, where you will have a wonderful view of the St. Petersburg skyline. • 1st floor 10:00-06:00,2nd floor 12:00 - 24:00. (700Rbl). ©@Ш® (BfflOQD® Home delivery Mr. Pizza E-3, Ul. Lomonosova 16, M Vladimir-
skaya, tel. 335 48 64, Mr. Pizza has come all the way from Brooklyn, New York and offers a range of pizzas (thick or thin crust and 15 varieties in three sizes; regular, large and family size. They also have online ordering. • Open 11:30 - 23:30. Open 11:30 - 23:30 (300Rbl). Papa John's E-2, Ul. Furstatskaya 3., (MjCherny-
shevsky, tel. 272 51 05. Friendly English-speaking staff in this Italian-American restaurant, this place also offers home delivery of their large menu. • Open 11:00 - 23:00. (300Rbl). ( Ц® ® Gfc) I 11.Ш St. Petersburg In Your Pocket Ryba Ul. Akademika Pavlova 5, [M Lesnaya. tel. 234 50 60. We dont know why Ryba (which means fish') has chosen this name, however, the place is great, a stylish grand cafe; restaurant in top of a business centre with a sublime view over the city (Petrograd Side). A mix of international cuisine; russian, italian and asian woks at work. Popular among rich and middle class Russians, but the prices are pretty reasonable. • Open 12O0 - 24Ю0. (400Rbl). (Ufj£)[«fflGi)aBi Tiffany's Cafe E-3, Ul. Sadovaya 12, (M]Gostiny Dvor, tel. 925 4000. T iffany's is glamour ville. Boasting a deluxe interior, with clientele to match, this place has strict face control. The food and service are both high standard european style, so settle back and let the atmosphere of the hip and cool wash over you. • Open 09:00 - 01:00, Fri - Sat 09:00 - 03:00. (800Rbl). ЩВЕДОв Italian Da Albertone D-3, Ul. Millionnaya 23, (M]Gostiny Dvor, tel. 315 86 73. For good pizzas and other Italian food head to Da Albertone, which is tucked away at walking distance from the Hermitage. T he restaurant definitely offers more than your aver­
age pizzeria and the service is also worth mentioning. T here are various choicesfor all kinds of budgets, small or large. • Open 11.O0 - 23:00, (200Rbl). [ S l Q U S ® О La Strada D-3, Ul. Bolshaya Konyushennaya 27, M Nevsky pr., tel. 312 47 00. La Strada is a well-established restaurant with quick and friendly staff - a rare combination in this city. La Strada's pizzas are a favourite with the In Your Pocket team. If you likef ish try the Pizza La Strada, which is thick with seafood. There is also a children's nursery and a 20% discount on take­
away orders. • Open 12:00 - 23:00. (500Rbl). g U f f l o g VOX E-2, Solyanoy per. 16, (MjChemyshevskaya, tel. 273 14 69. One of the hits among the Russian upper classes although you would not tell from the restaurant's exterior (but note the expensive cars!). Very stylish, and tasty food - the menu has a good choice of antipastos, and a nice risotto with seafood. It's so popular the cook must get dizzy at times. We'll definitely go back. • Open 13:00 - 24:00. (800Rbl). ©ЙЖВшШв Japanese Anis Cafe E-3, Ul. Marata 23, (MjVladimirskaya, tel. 764 18 28. Not your regular Japanese, Anis Cafe is nothing short of glamorous. It's very fashionable, with glittery beaded curtains like waterfalls, and two levels of sophistication. High backed soft sofa seats run down one side, where you can recline and peruse the scene of lovely young Russian couples picking over their cocktails and sushi. If you're feeling peckish and dontfancy sushi, they also do a range of oriental inspired noodles and meat dishes. • 11:00 until last guest (250Rbl). ЩЕЭВ <S> ffl Dve Palochki E-3, Ul. Italianskaya 6, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 570 62 62. T his is a chain of superior Japanese restaurants in five locations around the city, with the same high service stan­
dard across the board. All their restaurants are more than com­
fortable, with traditional sushi rolls, soups and teas. They also do a wonderful range of baked rolls: we recommend the crab rolls with hot shitake mushroom sauce. These are absolutely delicious. • Open 11O0 - 06.00. (180Rbl). H)®[cc](g Spasiba = Thank you Pazhalusta = Please 27 Bolshaya Konyushennaya Restaurant Pizzeria Under the crystal cupola . Salad bar and Pasta Pizzas prepared for you right under your eyes tel./fax: +7( 812) 312 4700 Daily from 12.00 p.m. Genuine Italian pizza Advertisement June 2007 away &cA utM at боте ET ERS BURGS BEST HOTELS 5% diucowtt Herzen House Hotel Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 25, 190000 St. Petersburg tel.:+7(812) 315 5550 fax.: +7(812) 314 6406 www. herzenhotel. spb. ru Shelfort Hotel VO, 3-ya Liniya 26, 199004 St. Petersburg tel.:+7 (812) 323 3626 fax.:+7 (812) 327 0984 Matisov Domik Nab.reky Priazhky 3/1, 190121 St. Petersburg tel.:+7 (812) 495 1439 fax.:+7 (812) 495 2419 Pushka Inn Hotel Nab. reky Moiky 14, 191186 St. Petersburg tel.:+7(812) 312 0913 fax.:+7 (812) 314 1055 Antique Hotel Rachmanincv Ul. Kazanskaya 5 tel.:+ 7 (812) 327 7466 Fax.:+7 (812) 571 7618 off ice@ kazansky5. com www.hotelrachmaninov.ccm HOTEL NEVSKY FORUM TRE INI ( э Х 9 @Х е ) ART-HOTEL ( э Хб ) @Хе ) QytmMaae Jtctei ПРИЮТ (^ОТШЕЛЬНИКА Comfort Hotel Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 25, 190000 St. Petersburg tel.:+7 (812) 570 6700 fax.:+7 (812) 314 6523 Nevsky Forum Business Hotel Nevsky pr.69, 191025 St. Petersburg tel./fax.: +7 (812) 333 0222 Art-hotel Trezzini Bolshoy pr. 21, Vasilevsky Ostrov 199004 St. Petersburg tel.:+7 (812) 332 1035 fax:+7 (812) 332 1036 sale@trezzin i - hotel. com www. trezzini- hotel. com Ermitage Hotel Ul. Millionnaya 11. 191187 St. Petersburg tel.:+7 (812) 571 5497 fax.:+7 (812) 312 9628 IB RESTAURANTS RESTAURANTS Sunday Brunch Corinthia Nevskij Palace Hotel, Imperial restaurant E-3, Nevsky pr. 57, (MjMayakovskaya, tel. 380 20 01. Restaurant Imperial resumes Sunday brunch with a dazzling array of seafood, adorned with handcrafted ice sculptures. Add to this, the absolute decadence of black caviar pancakes and you have quite a treatforfood lovers. • Open Sun 12:30 -17:00. (€65). Grand Europe Hotel, Europe restaurant D-3, Ul. Mikhailovskaya 1/7, (MjGostiny Dvor, tel. 329 60 00. The Grand offers an amazing Jazz brunch on Sundays. Tables are laden with crawfish, salmon, shrimp, rows and rows of decadent petit fours, roast beef, hot and cold soups. Settle back and let the strains of the jazz band wash over you. • Sun 12:30 -16:00. (2900Rbl). Latin-American Barbazan (Radisson SAS Royal Hotel) E-3, Nevsky pr.49/2, (MjMayakovskaya, tel. 322 50 00. This res taurant has a really stylish, bright design, with modern art adorning the walls and the funkiest wine storage system in town. There's an active, sophisticated atmosphere and the menu is something quite extraordinary for the city - Latin American food. Wine is reasonably priced and the dishes are unique. The food here is divine. Large portions too. • Open 07:00 - 23:30. (lOOORbl). i ® @0 B Mexican Tres Amigos E-3, Ul. Rubinshteina 25, (MjDostoyevs-
kaya, tel. 340 26 85. With a wide selection of tequila and cocktails, a supervised kid's room and a Latin dance show (Friday and Sunday nights), this is a great place to wind-down after a hard week at work. The staff are cheerful and friendly, and the food is delicious, particularly the fresh guacamole with corn chips. • Open 12:00 - 01:00. (200Rbl). ®Щр)ГЛЙ] Spanish Madridsky Dvor F-3, Corner Suvorovsky pr. 26 and 8th Sovetskaya 14, (M)PI. Vosstaniya, tel. 27120 94. This is the most luxurious Spanish restaurant in town with a stunning interior. 'Madrid Courtyard' has different sections, ranging from relaxed sitting places to fine dining tables. It's fun just to look around, but it's the great authentic food you're here for, amongst other delights, classic, black and vegetarian Paella. • Open 12:00 until last guest. (400Rbl). (!____[_][£ Steak Korova Bar E-3, Ul. Karavannaya 8, MjGostiny Dvor, tel. 314 73 48. With cattle skins covering the walls, the Ko-
rova (cow) Bar is a classy and comfortable restaurant where carnivores can enjoy their thing: meat! The menu offers many options of how yourflesh will be served. Vegetarians don't have to worry, Korova has many salads, fish dishes and desserts too, like pineapple carpacchio with sorbet. That's if you don't mind being surrounded by cow skins. • Open 12:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 03:00. (400Rbl). fjg®____a5) Advertisement » Mi •-J' ™*-Г-"" К' The most luxurious Spanish Restaurant in town! N ^/ The interior is divided into different sections, ranging from relaxed sitting places to more comfortable dining tables. Spanish music in the evening. Open 12.00 - last guest Tavern Madridsky Dvor - Corner Suvorovsky pr. 26 and 8t h Sovetskaya 14 S PI.Vosstaniya Reservations: 271 2094. Corporate Events: 710 3369. Tourist Companies: 710 3369 E-maii: St. Petersburg In Your Pocket Thai Mops E-3, Ul. Rubinshteyna 12, (MjMayakovskaya, tel. 572 38 34.The first Thai restaurant in St Petersburg is truly exquisite. Designed with a clear concept, tigers hold light fit­
tings in their mouths and miniature elephants stand in neat rows. The menufocuses on dumplings, salads, spring rolls and soups to start and noodles and rice, wok and curry for mains. The lavatories are akin to a spa retreat. • Open 13:00 - 01:00. <5ooRbi). ® ® ш е | щ ё ш Ukrainian Khytor Vodograi E-3, Ul. Karavannaya 2, (MjNevsky pr, tel. 570 57 37. An exquisitely presented restaurant sporting an enormous tree inside, lovely whitewashed walls, dark beams recreating a Ukrainian village house. They offer an extensive menu to tempt any palate. Try the home-made sausages and the black bread with 'salo' the traditional Ukrainian delicacy made from salt-cured pig fat. This style of cuisine is perfect for a wintery St. Petersburg night, warming both body and soul. • Open 11:00 - 01:00. (350Rbl). Ш®Г__|@(@ [_](_) Wine Restaurants Probka (Cork) E-3, Ul. Belinskogo 5, (MjGostiny Dvor, tel. 273 49 04. T his absorbing wine restaurant with a modern interior is worth making the effort. The bar, located on the second floor, is striking and has wine from 10 countries to choose from, in quarter, half or whole bottles. Excellent Italian and European food. If you can't get enough, there is a shop on the first floor where you can buy fresh Italian products and ingredients for cooking at home. • Open 13:00 -16:00, 19:00-24.00. (350Rbl). ЦЩрКЗ Beer restaurants Bier Konig D-3, UI.Gorokhovaya 40, MSennaya. tel. 310 95 85. This beer bistro is going for the look of an ancient beer hall; wooden tables and archways spanning the ceilings. With a range of 20 different beers on tap, they do some decent German sausages with mashed potatoes and tasty cabbage and settle back and listen to their blend of pop folk music. • Open 11.00 - 01.00, Sat 11:00 - 05:00, Sun 11,00 - 05:00. (300Rbl). (j§(j_r__|__B® Grad PetrovD-3, Universitetskaya nab. 5, __ Vasileo-
strovskaya, tel. 326 0137. This trendy beer restaurant serves a lighter version of classic German food, and pos­
sibly the best beer in town. Brewed in-house to the highest standards and with classic methods. • Open 12.00 until last guest. (300Rbl). ®®ЙВО0 ®( ЭШв Paulaner (Park Inn Pulkovskaya hotel, 1st floor) PI. Pobedy 1, (MJMoskovskaya, tel. 740 39 32. Sit down round the shiny brass brew-kettle and enjoy your fresh beer at the Paulaner microbrewery. The dark and light homebrewed beers taste... urn... incredibly moreish (i.e. you'll want more). Paulaner also has greatfood! • Open 12:00 - 01Ю0. (ЗООЯЫ). Щ ®__1__ fj_ Щ Tinkoff C-3, Ul. Kazanskaya 7, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 718 55 66. Bght types of beer are brewed here at fashionable T inkoff. You can get anythingf rom Russian borshch to Italian pizza or even sushi. They also have live music and games on the big-screen. • Open 12:00 - 02:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 03Ю0. (400Rbl). f j j j ® ____( _] Crabttional (Sermatt Шпх 3&e#taurant ter Жошд 20 different styles of draught beer German and European Cuisine Televised Sporting Events Business Lunch 12:00 -16:30 Wi-fi Gorokhovaya Ulitsa 40 Tel 310 95 85, Sun-Thu: 11-01, Fri-Sat: 11-05 June 2007 •___•______• RESTAURANTS NIGHTLIFE 139 Vegetarian Idiot D-3, Nab. reky Moiky 82, (M Sadovaya. tel. 31516 75. With numerous rooms filled with comfortable antique furniture, eclectic tid bits and second-hand books, Idiot is worth visiting just for a look. The Russian vegetarian cuisine is OK, but most people come to Idiot to absorb the atmo­
sphere, and to drink. As soon as you sit down, you're given a complimentary mini-shot of vodka; then, during happy hour (18:30 -19:30), you get two drinks for the price of one, plus your complimentary vodka. We think this is a very good deal. • Open 11:00 - 01:00. (200Rbl). Ш® Morkovka C-2, (PS) Bolshoy pr. 32, (MjChkalovskaya, tel. 233 96 35, Hip and groovy vegetarian style - the little carrot is swanky. Sit down in an orange bucket chair, surrounded by green timber walls, and enjoy a complimentary carrot juice. It'll put you in the mood for perusing the very healthy menu which is littered with gems, from carrot patties (of course!) to red beet salad with prunes and cheese sticks in raspberry sauce. If the vegetarian menu seems too much, they also have six different fish dishes and mouthwatering desserts. • Open 12:00 -12:00. (200Rbl). Troitsky Most C-2, VO, 6-ya Liniya 27, |M)Vasileostrovs-
kaya, tel. 327 46 22. For a tasty and cheap vegetarian meal this successful chain of vegetarian cafes is your best option. Troitsky Most has Indian, Italian, Georgian and Russian dishes and the salads and desserts are great. Instead of smoking and drinking - both of which aren't allowed - you can gaze at the portraits of guru Sai Baba, who is on the walls of all of the cafes, and listen to chill-out music, complete with whale-
sounds. • Open 09:00 - 23:00. (lOORbl). Advertisement Best breakfasts After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day... Dickens D-4, Nab. reky Fontanky 108, ДО Sennaya pi., tel. 380 78 88.A big mug of coffee and a good choice of brekkies to start the day heartily. Eggs and bacon come with three eggs sunny side up in a sizzling dish. For those needing their early morning (hangover) fill, there's a huge English breakfast available including the bacon, sausages and baked beans! • Open 08:00 - 02Ю0. Bfast 08.00 -17:00 (250Rbl). ЭЖЕН Russkie Bliny E-2, Ul. Gagarinskaya 13, (MjChemi-
shevskaya, tel. 279 05 59. We wanted to keep this place a secret, but it's just too good. Quite frankly the best bliny (pancakes) and blinchiky (stuffed pancakes) in town. • Open 11O0 - 18Ю0. Closed Sat, Sun. Shamrock C-3/4, Ul. Dekabristov 27, ДО Sadovaya. tel. 318 46 25. We were impressed with the range of dif­
ferent breakfasts on offer. T he Irish breakfast was quite good (unlimited coffee is a great idea). • Open 09.00 - 02O0. Bfast 09Ю0-14О0 (250Rbl). ЦЩ] St. Petersburg In Your Pocket Advertisement The nightlife in St. Petersburg is brilliant. You can eat, drink and dance around the clock. The city has dimly lit jazz halls, groovy strip-clubs and a vibrant underground music scene. On a night out in this wild town, you'll find unique performances and eccentric people everywhere! Bars & pubs City Bar E-2, Ul. Furshtatskaya 20, iMjChernyshevs-
kaya, tel. 448 58 37. For the past few years, City Bar has been known as the Russian version of 'Cheers' to ex-pats in St. Petersburg, and in its funky new venue the bar is fast becoming a local hub. It has a modern cavemousfeel, open­
ing out into different rooms with sofas and tables. Relaxed and friendly, it's been designed with the independent traveller and ex-pat in mind, so there's internet access with internet telephone and TV, there's all day breakfasts to soak up the night before, and hand ground burgers to prepare you for the night to come. • Open 08:00 until last guest. 250Rbl. Dickens D-4, Nab. reky Fontanky 108, M Sennaya pi., tel. 310 63 88. Named after the intellectual father of David Copperfield and Oliver Twist, this British 'island' near the Fontanka canal has beerfrom all around the world, including more than ten on tap, and a lot of superior whiskeys (so says our Whisky Specialist). The snacks and food are good too. Don't forget to try the breakfast here if you are in town. Dickens has an authentic pub atmosphere and you will be impressed by the bar. It features a restaurant on the second floor, so first fill up your stomach and afterwards head down for a good drinking party. • Open 08:00 - 02:00, Mon, Sun 08:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 08:00 - 03:00. 450Rbl. SBXSSHS Elvis E-3, Ul. Mayakovskaya 56/13, (MJChernyshevs-
kaya, tel. 273 67 97. The King of Rock n' Roll is alive and kicking in this bar. You will find yourself completely sur­
rounded by pictures, records and old newspaper clippings with Elvis Presley in every one of them. The bar serves the King's Elvis's breakfast (toast with chicken and bacon). • Open 10:00 - 06:00. Admission concerts Thurs - Sun looRbi. d[ J) James Cook D-3, Shvedsky per. 2, (MJNevsky pr., tel. 312 32 00. This popular tavern in a vintage basement features one of the longest bars in town. T he cellar is divided into two halves, one for the consumption of coffee and cakes, the other reserved for the harder stuff. Not only are the draft beers good, the food is pretty classy too, with a wide range of tempting steaks. • Open 09:00 -02:00, Fri 09:00 -04:00, Sat 10:00 - 04:00. ЩШ{Е СЕ О GE« Liverpool E-3, Ul. Mayakovskogo 16, M PI. Vosstaniya, tel. 579 20 54. More than just the Beatles, the Liverpool has plays blues, jazz and regular English rock with live music every night from 21:00. Owner, Geiri.from Iceland has also overhauled the bar and restaurant to include new dishes with more innovation on the way. The comfortable surroundings inside the bar, however, remain the same. • Open 12:00 - 02:00, Fri - Sat 12:00 - 05:00. (ЦЩЦое Mollies Irish Pub E-3, Ul. Rubinshteina 36, (MjVladi-
mirskaya, tel. 570 37 68. St. Petersburg's first Irish pub, located just off Nevsky, offers just what you would expect from a bar like this. Mollie's serves up a wide range of beers, good food and music (although it might be a bit loud for an intimate conversation). Russians hang out here, mixed with expats and the occasional tourist. • Open 12:00 - 02:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 03:00, Sun 12:00 - 01:00. ЦЩ] ( 0( 2( 3 OB BREAKFAST from 8 a.m. • D I C K E N S 1 LPUB^ ESTD. V—*S 1999 TRADITIONAL BRITISH PUB & RESTAURANT CASK ALE & GOOD FOOD SKY SPORTS TV & BEER GARDEN 108 Fontanka River Embankment tel. 380 78 88 LIVE BANDS every evening from 20-00 P L E A S A NT A T MO S P H E R E GR I L L ME NU LI VE F O O T B A L L E X C E L L E NT V A RI E T Y OF B E E RS WI - F I, P OOL FREE ENTRANCE 100m FROM NEVSKIY PR. ORE_ _ Л6 leV- Г„0о\'и 549 ** ... Г11 follow the sun June 2007 Г 1 NIC NIGHTLIFE Divas l/IP-BSCDRT M^l NIGHTLIFE www. Oliver Twist E-3, Ul. Belinskogo 3, (MjMayakovskaya, tel. 272 33 61. Comfortable and ideal for that afternoon pint, this place is replete with leather booths, mahogany furniture, red flocked wallpaper, and those old knick-knacks that people associate with the establishment of an English pub abroad. Along with the standard English tipples and a big screen tv for watching the premiership, if you've been pining for fish and chips, you might want to try their version; lightly battered cod, with thinly sliced, spiced potatoes slivers. • Open 11:00 - 01:00. Oxford F-3, Nevsky pr. 105, (MjPI. Vosstaniya, tel./fax 61111 01. More like an upmarket New Orleans bar than anything to do with Oxford in England. Relaxed atmosphere, cocktail juggling barmen, comfy leather sofas and live music from T hursday to Saturday. T he Oxford does good light meals, in comfortable surroundings. Settle in... • Open 11:00 until last guest. @g[ o] f l § SevenSkyBarE-3, Ul. Italyanskaya 15, (MjGostiny Dvor, tel. 449 94 62. As the name suggests, this trendy 5th floor cafe is on top of the extremely luxurious shopping centre Grand Palace. Surprisingly it is not too expensive and the food tastes rather good. We tried the Gourmet and Fusion platters, both consisting of three different courses on one plate. Enjoy the view and the DJ! Enter Grand Palace from Italianskaya ul. and take the elevator on your left to the 5th floor. • Open Sun-
Thurs 12:00-02:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-06:00. d)[«][p)aiB Dobri utro = Good morning Dobri dyen = Good day Dobri vecher = Good night Shamrock C-3/4, Ul. Dekabristov 27 (Teatralnaya pi.), (MjSadovaya, tel. 570 46 25. This Irish pub opposite the Mariinsky Theatre has a buzzing atmosphere, 13 types of beer and very decent food. Otherwise the pleasant com­
panionship of Russians and expats creates an enjoyable and unpredictable evening. There is live music every day except Tuesday and Friday. Sunday night various folk musicians meet upfor a jam session. Sometimes you'll even see an Irish jig! We visited this pub for the first time in 1995 and still do - doesn't say that enough? • Open 09:00 - 02:00. (Ц[с£](р](2 Telegraph E-3, Ul. Rubinsteina 3, (MjMayakovskaya, tel. 327 74 79. This stylish British pub, situated in a cosy cellar not far from Nevsky Prospekt, is an easy meeting place for beer lovers, which is why it can be enjoyably crowded here. Another plus is the big screen for live football and other sports matches. On Friday and Saturday nights, the second room is transformed into Telegraph2Nite, a music and dance club. It features live music Wed - Sat. • Open 12:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 06:00. З Щ В Terra Cotta E-2, Gagarinskaya ul. 6/1, M С hern y-
shevskaya, tel. 336 3014, Inspired by the Dine, Drink and Dance concept, here you'll find here a winning combination of these three things. Terra Cotta has an extensive, expansive bar, and has a marvellous menu. Original delicious and extensive, you probably won't want to leave. The New Zealand lamb with fresh rosemary is a must, as is the new Indonesian style chicken satay. • Open 12:00 - 01:00, Thu - Sat 12:00 - 03:00. ( 1( *) Щ£ Although the scene is smaller than you'd expect for a city of 5 million, a handful of clubs cater for the gay community. Cabaret Nab. Obvodnogo Kanala 181, M Baltiis-
kaya, tel. 575 45 12. Famous and fun, this gay club is housed in a suitably eccentric old Soviet Culture Palace, notfarfrom Baltiisky station or Sovetskaya Hotel. Colourful transvestite shows always start at 02:30, so dance with the drag queens! Girlfriendly, lesbian or not (we saw many). > Open 23:00 - 06:00. Closed Mon -Thu. Admission Fri, Sat(200Rbl). giOBCBQ Central Stati on D-3, Ul. Lomonosova 1/28, (MjGostiny Dvor, tel. 312 36 00. Downstairs the Japanese-European restaurant is reminiscent of a French boudoir. A grand staircase connects to the seven upstairs bars and dance floors, with lots of video monitors, drag queens, comfy sofas and dark rooms. • Open 18:00 - 06:00. Admission women (1500Rbl), men (300Rbl). BttBQDS GreshnikyD-3, Nab. kan. Griboedova 28a, (MjGosti-
ny Dvor, tel. 570 42 91. Fun, but tacky! Greshniky (sin-
ners) is a large club with a medieval theme and dungeon decor. Shows, DJs and an internet and video bar. • Open 18:00 - 06:00 Admission men (40 - lOORbl), women (200 - 350Rbl). Tri El F-3, ul 5-aya Sovetskaya ul. 45, MjPI. Voss-
taniya, tel. 710 2016. The city's only lesbian club with a stylish bar area, large dance floor and pool tables. Tri El is women only, except Thursdays and Fridays. • Open 22:00 - 05:30, Tues 18Ю0 - 23:30. Thu 19:00 - 23:30. Closed Mon. Admission free, Fri-Sat for women (200Rbl), for men (300Rbl). (DSD The Other Side D-3, Ul. Bolshaya Konyushennaya 1, (M) Nevsky pr., tel. 312 95 54. Combines those foods we've been missing (ah the divine smell of Thai spices) with a great atmosphere we can't stay away from. It's cosy and relaxing with a more than healthy dose of good old fashioned hospitality. The decor of this self styled 'refuge' has been done out in the personal styles of the two American part­
ners, and the menu blends together a mix of Thai, Chinese and Mexican which works marvellously. • Open 12:00- last guest fflfJJH Tribunal Bar D-3, Ul Karavannaya 26, (MjGostiny dvor, tel. 314 24 23. Reopening at its new location, the Tribunal is a hit with Russians and foreigners alike. It still has a few adjustments to make to recapture their old magic, although the karaoke bar is already a big success. Of course the new Tribunal also offers the same scantily clad ladies dancing about on podiums. • Open 21:00 - 06:00. Admission Fri - Sat 250Rbl. i)[w](p)(§) Tsinik D-3, Per. Antonenko 4, (MjSadovaya, tel. 312 87 79, Tsinik's interesting and, at times, lively crowd come here for the company, cheap drinks and good pubfood. T he music covers a diverse range and is largely dependent on who is running the bar that night. There are sometimes surprise performances, musical or otherwise. Try the house specialty: grenky (fried bread with garlic), which is responsibleforthatspecialTsiniksmell. • Open Fri, Sat 12:00 - 06Ю0. Sun - Thu 12:00 - 03:00. (#)[Еав St. Petersburg In Your Pocket Clubs Che F-3, Ul. Poltavskaya 3, (MjPI. Vosstaniya, tel. 717 76 00. An amalgamation of a sleek restaurant, funky cafe and stylish bar, Che is pleasing in every way. Arty nude pictures adorn the walls, mellow live jazz wafts from the small stage and the staff are helpful and enthusiastic. The clientele is agreeably mixed, in age and nationality. Its expansive list of cocktails come highly recommended, and are wonderful enjoyed with the tasty fruit plate. Reservations recommended. • 0pen24hrs. ШШВ ЩЭ и Й » Led Lemon D-3, Nab. kanala Griboedova 6, M Nevsky pr., tel. 43814 50. A pity there isnt a webcam here. Because Led Lemon (Lemon Ice) is a club you want to watch and be watched every night. Next to the dance floor it has a rotating bar! The music is a variation of popular house and dance music. Entrance with a club card only. Admission 150 - 250Rbl with membership card (get for free from the club at 20:00 - 22:00). Admission free with VIP card (get for 3000Rbl from the club after 22:00). • Open Wed - San 22:00 - 06:00. (Ц[@ Magrib E-3, Nevsky pr. 84, (MjMayakovskaya, tel. 275 12 55. If you're not bothered by the prospect of being sur­
rounded by new Russians in designer clothes, then you may like Magrib. This Moroccan themed club on Nevsky prospekt has an attractive interior and is full of glamorous types strut­
ting their stuff. DJs play house and trance. • Open Mon-Wed 18:00-06:00. Thurs-Sun 12:00-06:00. Admission Fri-Sun (200-500Rbl). DI M]® Marstall (Konyushenny Dvor) D-3, Nab. kan.Griboe­
dova 5, (Mj Nevsky pr., tel. 315 76 07. A big bronze horse at the entrance reminds you that in tsarist times this building was a stable. Entertaining erotic acts and competitions run continuously after 23:00. Beware of women's attention as your night could turn expensive real quick! Admission is free for foreigners, however you'll need to show your passport for free entrance. • Open 13:00-06:00, weekend 16:00-06:00 Admission 50 - 200Rbl. (Ц[сс](р]ш ГН€ TRIBUNAL BAR 5Г. P£r«S8UR6 t\\» \\V».1 £|The Legend Continues the shomrzock iuish ban June 2007 NIGHTLIFE NIGHTLIFE ТЛТ1 тшш Restaurant Many Pretty Girls Dance Show VIP-Rooms Close to Nevsky prospect Karavannaya str., 9 _ +7( 812) 740 10 32 Open 01 pm-06 am Adult entertainment Golden DollsE-3, Nevsky pr. 60, ЩGostiny Dvor, tel. 57133 43. Beautiful Russian women show their best sides on an erotic cat walk. The club has a special menu featur­
ing all the 'dishes' the girls can offer: table dances, soapy peep shows, showers... • Open 20:00 - 06:00. Admission SOORbl before 24:00,750Rbl after 24:00. (5)[м](Ш Maximus D-3, Kirpichny per. 8, Щ Nevsky pr., tel. 57147 56. If the Roman interior doesn't impress you then the catwalk with dancers flying around iron bars certainly will. Aside from great shows, Maximus has a wide range of cuisine and an extensive wine list. • Open 19:00 - 06:00. Admission 700Rbl. ЦШЩЩ] Playgirls E-3, III. Karavannaya 9, (M Gostiny Dvor, tel. 74010 32. Located in a basement, the bar is pleasant, with a Japanese influence. They have strip shows through­
out the night, and also a restaurant offering a selection of erotically themed dishes. You can order a selectionf rom the 'crazy' menu, including dancing with the waitresses, table and private dancing. • Open 14:00 - 06:00. Admission 400Rbl (21:00 - 02:00), 300Rbl (02:00-06:00). ЩШ Zabava Bar D-2, Mytnenskaya nab. (boat), tel. 325 29 54. Zabava means 'pleasure' in Russian, and you're sure to enjoy this place (at least, we did). Beautiful Russian (and Ukrainian) girls get completely naked, but spouses don't have to worry, as the pleasure is harmless - although there are some secret private rooms in the ship's hull... Good service! • Open 21Ю0 - 06:00. Admission 800Rbl (ticket for 2 visits). (1)ЕШ(Р)<§)№! Metro E-4, Ligovsky pr. 174, (MjLigovsky pr., tel. 766 02 04. This ultra clean multilevel dance complex (where chewing gum is banned!) is extremely popular with teenag­
ers. Choose from techno, Eurodance and Russian pop. If you tire of dancing, there's also karaoke, a dance show and soft porn in the chill-out room. Metro has strict face-
control. • Open 22:00-06:00. Admission Sun-Thurs 180 -360Rbl. ^ ^ Money Honey D-3, III. Sadovaya 28-30, Apraksin Dvor 13, [M]Sennaya pi., tel. 310 05 49. Located in the wilds of Apraksin dvor (an inner-city market), this wild west bar and dance club has cheap beer and a young crowd. There's live rockabilly music every evening, and the patrons - some of them dressed as cowboys - are known to get rough at times. Upstairs is the City Club. • Open 10:00 - 05:00. Admission daily after 19:00 (lOORbl), Fri-Sat women (150Rbl), men (200Rbl). (UHffi Object D-3, Nab. reky Moiky 82, M Sadovaya. tel. 312 1134. Object is able to walk the difficult tightrope between a relaxed bar and happening night venue. With a smoky bar, a lounge area with low sofas, a small dance floor and a quiet hidden dining room the tiny club manages to cater for all moods. The drum n bass ranges herefrom retro to jungle; and come eleven in the evening, the bass shakes the cave­
like walls. Attracts a young and very friendly Russian crowd. • Open 12:00 - 06:00, Sat, Sun 17:00 - 06:00. Admission varies from lOORbl to 200Rbl. ggBSf f l e Red Club F-3, Ul. Poltavskaya 7, M PI. Vosstaniya, tel. 717 13 66. Red club is the venue for some of the better music acts that come to town. It has two main floors and a third balcony level. The ground floor has a stage with UV lights, dance-floor and sofas. When a decent band is playing, itfillsupandgetsagroovin'. • Call in advance about weekly program 717 00 00 Admission 150 - 600Rbl. g)(BQE)(H Artsy / underground J t Vokzal C-4, Nab. Obvodnogo Kanala 138, M Baltiskaya. tel. 495 90 04, Lo­
cated in the wilds of the Red Triangle factory complex, this place mixes the red industrial brick of the interior with slick groovy music. It seems a little far out of the centre but some would say it is part of the charm. They have the who's who of the St. Petersburg jazz and cabaret scene onboard so it is worth checking out their website for what's coming up. • Open 11:00 - 06:00. Sport bars Football Bar E-3, Ul. Karavannaya 28. M Gostiny Dvor, tel. 314 84 68. Conveniently located just off Nevsky prospekt, Football bar is where die-hard fans come to watch international soccer. If there's a big game on, you'll be charged an admission fee, which, at least, assures you a seat. At other times, this is a regular restaurant and bar. • Open 11:00 - 23:00. Admission free. ( j D^ ® Vegas E-3, Manezhnaya pi. 6, (Ml Gostiny Dvor, tel. 710 50 00, Vegas is a large sports bar and casino complex with three big screens and numerous smaller ones (check out the fear and loath­
ing carpets!) • Open 24hrs. Addmision 0 - 250Rbl. (EHBHllBQD Dacha D-3, III. Dumskaya 9, (MjGostiny Dvor. This place gets really crowded during the weekend, but it also tends to be more fun. T he later the hour, the crazier the atmosphere, with people dancing and singing to the music spun by the DJs - music you're unlikely to hear anywhere else. The fact that it's small (and can get very hot) explains the crowd of people outside. The friendly, energetic atmosphere of Dacha is addictive. • Open 18:00 - 06Ю0. Admission Fri -Sat lOORbl. Fish Fabrique E-3, Ligovsky pr. 53 (Pushkinskaya 10 Arts Centre), M PI. Vosstaniya, tel. 764 48 57. A diverse and interesting crowd congregates at this dark, single-room club. On a busy night, it has a positively bubbling atmosphere, although you'll be pressed for a place to sit. On quieter nights, it's a relaxed place to listen to music, or try the table soccer. • Open 17:00 - 0600. Fri-Sat closed (break) 20:30 - 21Ю0. Admission for concerts 150Rbl. Щ0 Griboedov E-4, Ul. Voronezhskaya 2a, (MjLigovsky pr., tel. 764 43 55. T his literally 'underground' club is located in a bomb shelter and is definitely worth a look. The vodka is cheap, the crowd cool and the atmosphere intimate, but laid-back. Griboe­
dov has a good habit of booking alternative bands and a diverse range of DJs. On Wednesdays the ever-popular DJ ReDisco spins Soviet retro tunes for the fun loving crowd. • Open 21:00 - 06Ю0. Admission 150 - 400Rbl. (KEQBQa© Tunnel C/D-2, Comer of Lyubansky Per. and Zverinskaya UL, (MjSportivnaya, tel. 57215 51. The club started in 1993 simply as a gathering of techno music-lovers in a bomb-shelter at the Petrograd Side. It immediately caught the attention of the Petersburg youth, who still go there to dance as well as to discuss politics - or just to drink beer. • Open 23:00 - 06:00. Admission 0 - 400Rbl. ( DO Jazz & Blues JFC Jazz Club E-2, ul. Shpalemaya 33, (MjCherny-
shevskaya, tel. 272 98 50. It's hard to believe that this intimate, little club can hold more than 100 people. It has a stage, a handful of tables and standing space around the bar, for the people who forget to book a table. It's popular with the city's artsy scene and with people who know their jazz. It has original performance by top-notch musicians playing just about anything from experimental jazz, to acid jazz to blues. • Open 19:00 - 23:00. Admission 100 -200Rbl. [ В В Ц Jimi Hendrix Blues Club E-3, Liteiny pr. 33, (MjMaya-
kovskaya, tel. 279 8813. Russian blues stars play songs with their soul and other instruments on a small stage in this intimate cellar. Here itfeels as though Jimmy Hendrix is still alive - if he is, he's probably a frequent visitor! T he kitchen serves excellent Russian and Georgian food. If you wonder why it takes so long before you get your order: it's all made fresh. We reccomend booking a table in advance, the joint is always packed. • Open 11:00 - 24:00. Admission 100 -150Rbl. [ ЩЕ( Е(! Sunduk E-2, Ul. Furshtatskaya 42, (MjChernyshevs-
kaya, tel. 272 31 00. Sunduk is ecccentric. Three little rooms are packed with antiques and strange bits and pieces, they have lamps burning inside samovars. T he toilet is worth checking out. The interior is complimented by a refreshingly original menu. Thefood is very good, and it has fantastic Russian salads. There is live music (usually jazz, blues or Latin)from 20:00 to 23:00. • Open 10:00 until last guest. On weekends 11:00 until last guest Admission free, admission for concerts lOORbl. ( Ц [ > Щ р ) [ Е ® St. Petersburg In Your Pocket June 2007 ••••^^^^нмвнн^н -
441 WHAT TO SEE If time is of the essence... WHAT TO SEE Don't miss these must-see St. Petersburg sights. The unsurpassed Hermitage Museum should be a priority. From the Winter Palace, cross the Neva River to the Peter and Paul Fortress with its assorted museums, parks and the cathedral where most Tsars are buried. Experience the vibrant (and violent) colours of Russian history and culture in the Russian Museum. Climb to the top of St. Isaac's colonnade for the city's best view. Spoiled for choice, museum-lovers can choose from the quirky and downright weird Kunstkamera to the warheads of the Artillery Museum. With St. Petersburg's preeminence in the annals of world literature, a visit to one of the me­
morial museums of Dostoevsky, Akhmatova or Pushkin completes any whirlwind visit. Whether enjoying the long days of summer sun or the blissful winter snow, unwind with a beer in the Summer Gardens or stroll around the city's beautiful parks and canals. Churches (orthodox) Aleksander Nevsky Monastery F-4, Nab. reky Mo-
nastirky 1, (MjAleksandra Nevskogo, tel. 274 16 12, Founded by Peter the Great, in 1710, this orthodox monastery is the most important in St. Petersburg. T he St. Trinity cathedral is worth a visit and so is the cemetery, where you can visit the graves of Russia's greatest compos­
ers and writers, including Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Glinka and Dostoevsky. • Open 10:00 - 19:00. Daily services at the Trinity Cathedral 07:00,10:00 and 17:00. Cathedral of St. Nicholas D-4, Nikolskaya pi. 1/3, (M)Sennaya pi., tel. 714 69 26. Built between 1753 ^ and 1762, this blue ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ and white cathedral is . § I K J ^ H one of St. Petersburg's most beautiful. In the 18th century, this part ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ of town was the sail-
/I -'l l Kf*""I ors'quarter, which is Иг-"» -гШп • I why the cathedral was named after Nicholas - the patron saint of sailors, hence the rea­
son locals call it the sailor's church.' The two-storey Baroque building has low ceilings and a warm and inviting interior. At the church gates on the Kryukov canal, there is an impressive four-story bell tower. • Open 07:00 - 20:00. Daily service 07:00,10:00,18:00. Chesma Church Ul. Lensoveta 12, (MJMoskovskaya. tel. 373 6114. When a messenger told Empress Catherine ШШШЯЯятттяшшт the Great about the Russian vic­
tory over the Turkish Fleet at the Bay of Chesma, she immediately decided to have a church built on the spot she was standing. Ten years later, in 1780, the foreign looking building was finished. It served as a stopping ground for Catherine on her way to Tsarskoye Selo. It was also where Rasputin was laid in state after his murder. The church served as a museum during Soviet times but was re­
vived as a place of worship in 1999. The palace currently houses an elderly person's home. • Open 09:00 -19:00. Daily services 10:00 (except Mon), Sat also 18:00. Church of the Saviour on the Spilt Blood D-3, Nab. kan. Griboedova 2b, (M)Nevsky Pr., tel. 315 16 36,­ This Moscow-style church looks a bit out of place in the European centre of St. Pe­
tersburg, but it's still one of the city's most beautiful landmarks. It got its awkward name because it was built on the spot where Tsar Alexander II was murdered in 1881. During Soviet times, it ••И was used to store potatoes. It was renovated in the early 1990s and was reopened as a museum in 1997. • Open 11:00 - 18:00. Closed Wed. Admission foreigners 170 - 300Rbl, Russians 50 - lOORbl. Kazan cathedral D-3, Kazanskaya pi. 2, M Nevsky pr., tel. 570 45 28. This cathedral, which was modelled on St. Peter's in Rome, is one of the city's most majestic. It was built from 1801 to 1811 to house the miracle-working Icon Our Lady of Kazan. The dome is 80-metres high and the colonnade facing Nevsky has 96 columns. • Open daily services 10:00 and 18:00, Sun 07:00,10:00,18:00. Admission to the church is free. There are excursions daily for lOORbl for foreigners and 30 - 50Rbl for Russians. Smolny Cathedral F-2, PI. Rastrelli 3, (MjChernyshevs-
kaya, tel. 271 91 82, The view over the city from this blue baroque cathedral is worth the climb, to the top of one of the bell-towers. Smolny, once the centre-piece of a convent founded to educate young noblemen, is nowadays a concert and exhibition hall with an exhibition on Smolny's history on display. From the nearby neo-classical Smolny Institute, Lenin orchestrated the October Revolution in 1917. • Open 10:00 - 17:30. Closed Wed. Admission concerts for foreigners 150 - 300Rbl, for Russians 50 -200Rbl; exhibitions for foreigners 100 - 200Rbl, for Russians 20 - 50Rbl. St. I saac's Cathedral D-3, Isaakievskaya pi., M Nevsky pr., tel. 315 97 32, Fully restored inside and out, St. Isaac's is one of the world's largest cathedrals. The interior is adorned with gold trim, mosaics and paintings. Designed in 1818 the church was named in tribute to Peter the Great who was born on the St. Isaac of Dalmatia's Saint day. If it is a clear day climb to the dome's top; the view is absolutely worth the effort. • Museum open 11:00 - 19:00. Closed Wed. Colonnade daily 11:00 - 23:00. Tickets for the cathedral and the colonnade are sold separately, and taking photos requires paying an additional fee. Cathedral admission foreigners 150 - 300Rbl (English, French, German guide extra 270Rbl/ group), Russians 50 - lOORbl (museum, included Russian guide); Colonnade admission foreigners 100-150Rbl, Rus­
sians 25 - 50Rbl. St. Petersburg In Your Pocket Synagogue Great Choir Synagogue C-4. Lermontovsky pr. 2, M Sennaya pi., tel. 74019 52, www.jewishpetersburg. ru. The Great Choir Synagogue in St. Petersburg is the second largest in Europe. It's about 3,200 square metres in area, and its domed tower 47m high. The majestic Grand Hall can accommodate 1,200 worshippers. The synagogue's complex also consists of the Small Synagogue (Mikvah), Lechaim, a kosher restaurant, and a gift shop called Kosher, where you can buy rabbi matryoshkas! • Open 09:30 -
18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. daily services 09:00, Sat 10:00. Museums Artillery museum D-2, PS, Alexandrovsky park 7 (en­
trance Kronverskaya nab.), (MjGorkovskaya, tel. 232 02 96. If weapons are your thing, then you'll enjoy having a look around this stockpile of old military vehicles and more than 600 pieces of artillery. Outside, big tanks and rocket-launch­
ers are reminders of the military might of the former Soviet Union. • Open 11.00 -17.00. Closed Mon, Tue. Admission foreigners 150 - 300Rbl, Russians 50 - lOORbl. Avrora E-2, PS, Petrogradska-
ya nab., (MjGorkovskaya, tel. 230 84 40, ru. The battle ship, anchored off the banks of Petrograd, has become a Soviet shrine. Blank shots fired from the Avrora are said to have triggered the 1917 revolution. The ship was sunk during WWII, to protect it from German bombing, and, in 1958, it was made into a museum. Rumous emerged in the 1990's that it's a replica. • Open 10:30 -16:00. Closed Mon, Fri. Admission free. Excursion foreigners 50 - 200Rbl, Russian 30 - 80Rbl. State Hermitage Museum State Hermitage Museum D-3, Dvortsovaya nab. 34 (entrance from Dvortsovaya pi.), Щ Nevsky pr., tel. 710 90 79, The director of the Hermitage once said, "I can't say that the Hermit­
age is the number one museum in the world, but it's certainly not the second." If three million works of art, including those by Picasso. Van Gogh or Rembrandt don't ^ _ a _ k. make you gasp, then ^ a i J | the interiors of the Winter Palace will. Give yourself plenty of time and try to go on a weekday to avoid the crowds. • Open 10:30- 18:00, Sun 10:30 -17:00. Closed Mon. Admission for­
eigners 0 - 350Rbl, Russians 0 - lOORbl. Free admission international and Russian students. First Thurs of the month FREE admission for ALL visitors. EB(I)(@(S The Primary Facts The interiors: 1,786 doors; 1,945 windows; 117 stair­
cases and 1,057 halls and rooms. Three million works of art: 15,000 paintings; 12,000 sculptures; 600,000 drawings; 600,000 archaeological artifacts; 224,000 objects of applied art; one million coins and medals. Stand in front of each piece for one minute and it would take you nearly five years to leave. Impressed? Hermitage online! No more queues! Order your ticket voucher online one to three days before. The cost includes camera and video camera use in the some museum halls. Ticket options include the One Day Simple Entrance Ticket for US$16 and Two Day Combined Entrance Ticket which gives you increased access for US$24. Bread Museum E-3, Ligovsky pr. 73, (M]Pl. Vosstaniya, tel. 7641110, De voted to bread, the mainstay of Russian life, this museum presents the origins of bread baking from ancient Egypt to the cultivation of bread throughout Russian history. Of special note, are the displays showing the tea shops of the nineteenth century, the massive Soviet era bread machines and the blockade section showing the bread ration of just 250gms. • Open 10:00 -17:00. Closed Mon, Sun. Foreign­
ers 50 - lOORbl, Russians 25 - 40Rbl, excursions (only in russian) 350Rbl. Freud's Dream Museum C-2, PS Bolshoy pr., 18A, (MjSportivnaya, tel. 380 76 50, The museum is located in the Psychoanalytic Institute on the Petrograd Side. Follow the corridor to the left to find the museum. The first rooms contains a history of Freud and his life (English translation available on handout) while the second features a dream-like art installation with suspended floating images, contemporary and classical art and multi­
lingual texts. • Open Tue, Sun 12:00 -17:00. Admission 20 - 30Rbl. Call in advance for tour bookings. House of Peter the Great D-2, Petrovskaya nab. 6, MjGorkovskaya, tel. 232 45 76. When Peter the Great arrived to supervise the construction of the Peter and Paul Fortress and his new city, he needed a place to stay. So, in three days (reputedly) they built him this modest little cabin where he lived for the next six years. There are some exhibits of Peter's things inside, and the stone house around it was build by Catherine II. • Open 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Tue. Admission foreigners 200Rbl, Russians 20 - 70Rbl. Peter and Paul Fortress Peter and Paul Fortress D-2, Petropavlovskaya krepost 3, [MjGorkovskaya, tel. 230 64 31, www. The Fortress is the cradle of the city; St Petersburg's first settlement. Now a tourist complex, it houses the Cathedral of the Saint Apostles Peter and Paul, along with numerous museums, galleries and spectacular river-side views. The Commandant's House museum examines the history of the city. The modern Neva Curtain Wall museum studies the his­
tory of the Fortress. The Engineer's House architec­
ture exhibition and Museum of Space Exploration are very quirky. The Mint dis­
plays coins and the Printing Workshop contains printing and ceramic relics. The Neva Curtain Wall has the best view, and you can take a dip in the bracing waters... at your own risk. • Open 06:00 - 22:00. Museums are open 11:00 - 18:00, closed Wed. Ca­
thedral open daily 10:00 -19:00. Roof walk Nevskaya panorama open 10:00 - 22:00. Entrance fortress is free. Admission cathedral and museums: foreigners 60 - 120Rbl, Russians 30 - 60Rbl (ticket valid for all museums and re-entrance valid for 10 days). Admission roof walk 50Rbl. J June 2007 I V WHAT TO SEE LYRICAL CITY Kunstkamera D-3, Universitetskaya nab. 3, (MjVasileo-
strovskaya, tel. 328 14 12, St. Petersburg's oldest and strangest museum. Kunstkamera ('art house') was founded by Peter the Great in 1714. It's an eclectic mix of historic household items that Peter and Russian explorers collected on their worldly travels. Peter's Anatomical Collection with its severed hands and malformed babies in jars still draws the crowds. • Open 11:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Admission foreigners 100-200Rbl, Photography 50Rbl, Rus­
sians 50-100Rbl. Museum of the History of Religion D-3, Ul. Pochtamts-
kaya 14, 1/И] Nevsky pr., tel. 5710495, www.relig-museum. ru. T his exhibition describes the history of various religionsfrom around the world. There are exhibits about Greek and Egyptian religions, as well as an exhibit outlining the history of the Russian Orthodox Church. • Open 11:00 -18:00. Closed Wed. Admis­
sion foreigners 45 - 90Rbl, Russians 20 - 50Rbl. Museum of Micro-miniatures D-4, Ul. Marata 64, (M) Ligovsky pr. This tiny museum showcases the ingenious work of artist Vladimir Aniskin. Only ten people in the world work in this manner, creating designs, texts and models in micro-miniature form. A fairy tale of 2027 words is scribed on a grain of rice, visible to us only through a strong microscope. Aniskin scrawls (using specs of dust) on a piece of thread, the purpose of the artist is to excite the heart'. • Open Mon - Sun 10:00 - 18O0. Admission foreigners lOORbl, Russian 80Rbl. Naval Museum D-3, Birzhevaya pi. 4, [MjVasileostro-
vskaya, tel. 328 25 02, Located in the former stock-exchange building, this museum shows the history of the Russian and Soviet Navy, from the time of Peter the Great. Its exhibits include uniforms, flags and even a submarine complete with loaded torpedoes. • Open 11:00 -
17:15. Closed Mon, Tue. Admission foreigners 110 - 320Rbl, Russians 50 - 90Rbl. Excursion foreigners 500 -700Rbl, Russians 300 - 500Rbl. St. Petersburg Museum of the Avant-garde D-l, Ul. Professora Popova 10, (MjPetrogradskaya, tel. 23442 89. This museum is primarily dedicated to the activities and impact of two protagonists, husband and wife, Mikhail Matyushin and Elena Guro. Located in Matyushin's home, a beautifully restored timber 19th century house which alone is worth seeing, there is a really wonderful non-stiflling atmosphere here. • Open Mon - Sun 11.00 -17:00. Closed Wed. Foreigners 70Rbl, Russians 50Rbl. Students 20Rbl. Photography ticket 50Rbl. Russian Museum Russian Museum D-3, Ul. Inzhenernaya 4/2, M1 Nevsky pr.. tel. 5954248, A dazzling journey from thirteenth century icons to the cream •• ' of Russian avant-garde, the Russian Museum is housed in various buildings. With a maze of beautifully decorated rooms, the main Mikhailovsky Palace is a de­
light whatever yourfavoured genre. The Benois Wing has an especially strong display of work from the turn of the twentieth century. Tickets can include entrance to the Stroganov Palace, Marble Palace and Mikhailovsky Castle which host temporary exhibitions. • Open 10:00 -18:00, Mon 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Tue. Admission foreigners 150 - 300Rbl, Russians 30 - lOORbl. т®Ш! Tours around St. Petersburg Whether you want to see St. Petersburg from the water, the walkways, or on two wheels, these tour operators can show you the city through another pair of eyes. Anglotourismo English Guided Boat Tours E-3, Nab. reky Fontanky 64, (M)Dostoevskaya, anglotour- Hooray! Boat tours in English, and at the same prices you'd pay for a regular Russian one. Throw in a friendly guide, cool boat with covered deck to protect you from gusty winds, and you're off! Take the 00:30 tour to seethe bridges going up in all their glory. • 12:00,20:30 tours 400Rbl Adults, 300Rbl Students, 00:30 tour 450Rbl Adults, 350Rbl Students. Astra Marine C-2, Admiralteyskaya nab. 2. (Lion's Bridge) M Nevsky pr., reservations tel. 320 77 86, Get a different perspective of the city from the water and the reflections of the coloured sky and palaces are enchanting. Astra Marine offers several daily water trips along the Neva River, the Gulf of Finland, city's canals and to Peterhof. • Cost 250 - 390Rbl. Peter's Walking Tours F-3, Daily walks leave from the International Hostel, 3-ya Sovetskaya 28 at 10:30, tel. 909 5148, With a diverse choice of tours and also personalised routes the guides are extremely informative; about architecture and history, as well as modern Russian society. 'Alternative' routes, escape tourist traps and show you the real city. For the timetable of themed walks, go to www.peterswalk. com • Cost 400Rbl. Sunday Morning Bike Tour E/F-3, Ul. Goncharnaya 7, M PI. Vosstaniya, tel. 8 9013010547, Every Sunday at 10:30 the bike tour leaves from Skatprokat for a 3.5hr tour around the city. Tours are in Russian and English and take in the panorama of St. Petersburg in all its glory. The tour avoids main roads and traffic (hence the Sunday morning start time), the route is flexible according to the wishes of the group. • Price 800Rbl (including bike rental, discount if you bring your own bike). VB Excursions, tel. 928 07 39, www.vb-excursions. com. VB Excursions is an innovative walking tour company that takes you off the beaten track to glimpse social and political history. They offer four tours, including the sites of the Revolution and the intriguing 'Kresty Prison' tour, which takes you into the actual working prison. • Prices from €14-27. St. Petersburg In Your Pocket State Museum of Political History of Russia D-2, Ul. Kuibysheva 2-4, M Gorkovskaya. tel. 233 70 52, www. Lenin's office has been recreated in thisformer ballerina's house, today it is one of the city's most informative museums. It is really worth seeing their exhibitions, informative and evocative. • Open 10:00 -18:00. Closed T hu. Admission foreigners 70 - 150Rbl, Russians 15 - 40Rbl. Suvorov Memorial Museum F-2, Kirochnaya ul. 43, M Chernishevskayn. tel. 579 39 14, www.suvorovmu- Did you know that it was only after the news that that Suvorov had died that Napoleon decided to invade Russia? Not only dedicated to the great war general of the seventeenth century, this musuem covers the whole myriad of war craft in Russia and Europe. • Open 10.00 -18:00. Closed Tue, Wed. Foreigners 200Rbl, Russians 30Rbl. students free of charge. With so many wonderful writers who were born in and inspired by St. Petersburg, you cannot leave the city without visiting at least one of the museums honouring them. Anna Akhmatova Museum E-3, Liteiny pr. 53, (MjMaya-
kovskaya, tel. 272 2211, In this former palace you can visit the flat where Akhmatova lived for almost 30 years. Ten rooms chronologically represent ten eras. Photographs and artefactsf rom Akhmatova's hard and fascinating life are on display; books of her poetry that never left the print-
ing house and letters. Audio-guides in English, German and French (lOORbl); free texts in English in the rooms. • Open 09:30-18:00. Closed Sun. Admission foreigners 50 Rbl, Russians 15-20Rbl. Dostoevsky House E-3, Kuzhnechny per.5/2, (M)V-
ladimirskaya, tel. 57140 31, will find Dostoevsky's weathered corner-apartment two minutes walk from the metro. Divided in two sections: literary and memorial (his apartment and belongings). Get an audio guide to lessen confusion. If you are a fan, this museum is the premium place to go. • Open 11:00-1700. Closed Mon. Admissionforeigners 60 - 120Rbl, Russians 20 - 50Rbl Literature Museum D-3, Nab. Makarova 4, м Sport-
ivnaya, tel. 328 05 02, Known as the Pushkin House, this museum preserves some real literary treasures such as the desk of Blok, the great symbolist. The museum holds an astounding 12,000 amazing manuscripts by poet Pushkin. T he museum is on the secondf loor of the Russian Literature Institute. • Open 11:00-17:00. Closed Sat, Sun. No private visitors, only booked excursions: Russians 220 - 240Rbl . foreigners 375 - 450Rbl (tour bookings). Nabokov Museum D-3, Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 47, (M) Nevsky pr., tel. 3154713, World-famous novelist Nabokov (born in 1889) lived here with hisfamily until he emigrated, via Europe, to the U.S. This quaint museum describes the life, family and work of the man behind Lolita. • Open daily 11:00 -18:00, weekend 1200 - 17O0. Closed Mon. Admission: foreigners 20 - lOORbl, Russians 20 - 40Rbl. Last Thurs of the month admission free. Nekrasov Memorial Museum E-3, Liteiny pr. 36, M Mayakovskaya. tel. 272 0165, Both the last abode of Nekrasov and the headquarters of the eighteenth century jour­
nal, Sovremennik T he Contemporary', this museum is charming. Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Turgenev used to hang out here! T here are many stuffed animals, illustrating Nekrasov's great love of hunting. Information in Russian, however, you can buy a booklet with English (15Rbl). • Open 1100-1700. Closed Tue. Admis­
sion: foreigners 30 - lOORbl, Russians 10 - 30Rbl. Pushkin Museum D-3, Nab. reky Moiky 12, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 57135 31, Through the old oak doors you enter a tranquil courtyard, surrounded by 18th century buildings to find a statue of Alexander Pushkin, strewn with fresh flowers. This is the place where he lived and where he died in his tragic duel. Pushkin's legacy is well captured; learn about his inspirations, life and character. His death-mask displayed in a glass case is certainly something to see, as is his beautiful library of over 2000 books. • Open 10:30 - 17O0. Closed Tue and last Fri of the month. Admission foreigners 60 - 200Rbl, Russians 30 - 60Rbl. Poem of the month Blossom white bird cherries scatter On the dewy grass like snow. Hungry rooks in ploughland gather, Picked and warm, up they go. Low the silk smooth grass is bending, Pitch scents to the pine-trees cling. Groves in leaf, and luscious meadows -
How the senses reel in spring! Secret things give me pleasure, Heart-ease and delight they bring. There's a girl whose love I treasure And of her alone I think. Shed your blossom-snow, bird cherries! Sing, birds, in the shady groves. Weaving up and down the meadow I'll go scattering flower foam. Sergei Esenin 1910 Marrying five times in his young life, before hanging himself in a St. Petersburg hotel room at the age of 30, Sergei Es­
enin was Russia's rock-and-roll poet of the early twentieth century. Born into a peasantfamily in 1895, the poet'sf irst collection was published at the age of twenty. Ever the romantic, Esenin wrote of love, the simple life, with a dose of cheeky blasphemy, leading him to be proclaimed as the 'last poet of the villages'. His third marriage was a notable, short-lived affair to the American ballerina, Isadora Duncan. He spoke no English and she no Rus­
sian, and she was 18 years his senior. He went on tour with her to America, but said the only thing that really impressed him had been the foxtrot. There were some reports of his many encounters with bootleg liquor. His last poem was written in his own blood, in the hotel room of the Angleterre Hotel, two days after his release from the clinic where he was being treated after a nervous breakdown. Bridges on the Rise! Much to the delight of postcard sellers across the city, St. Petersburg's bridges remain one of the more curious events of city life. Be careful not to get caught on the wrong side of the river! Drawing 02:00 - 03:45 04:15 - 05:45 02:20 - 05:30 02:20 - 05:10 02O0 - 05:00 01:40 • 01:40 • Bridges Voladarsky Finlyandksy Aleksandra Nevskogo B. Okhtinsky Liteiny Troitsky Dvortsovy (Palace Bridge) 01:25 Leintenanta Schmidta 01:25 - 02:45 03:10 - 05O0 Birzhevoy 02O0 - 04:55 Tuchkov 02O0 - 04:55 03:35 - 04:55 Sampsonievsky 02:10 - 02:45 03:20 - 04:25 Grenadersky 02:45 - 03:45 04:20 - 04:50 Kantemirovsky 02:45 - 03:45 04:20 - 04:50 June 2007 WHAT TO SEE Summer is here and while it may still be cold, a trip to the sub­
urbs to wander around the parks of one of these wonderful palaces is definitely recommended. Pavlovsk, tel. 45215 36, Pavlovsk is a wonderful place to get away from it all. While more humble and less touristy than the palaces at Peterhof or Pushkin, the recon-
H B B O H M i * 1 1" structed palace at Pavlovsk is still very interesting, and the park is a great place to walk around the ro­
mantic ruins, statues, forests and streams. • Palace open 10:00 -17:00. Closed Fri and last Mon of the month. Admission foreigners 370Rbl, Russians 50 - 170Rbl. Park open 24hrs (main gate 10.00 -1800), admission foreigners 100, Russians 15 - 30Rbl (after 18O0 - free). Getting there : From Zvezdnaya metro station, take marshrutka 479; or from Vitebsky station, take a train to Pavlovsk station (40min). Peterhof tel. 427 95 27, Russia's answer to Versailles. Hundreds of fountains and golden statues surround Peter's Palace. Built between 1709 and 1724, Peterhof was devastated during WWII, and was reconstructed in the 1950s. Take some time to see the surrounding gardens and Peter's villa Monplaisir. Fountains reopen this month, see News, page 6 for details. • Palace open 10:30-17.00. Closed Mon and last Tue of the month. Park open 1000 - 20.O0. Admission park foreigners 150 - 300Rbl, Russians 50 - lOORbl. Admission park free after 17.00. Admission palaces foreigners 215 - 430Rbl, Russians 30 - 200Rbl. Getting there: From Baltiisky station, take a train, bus 350,351,352,356, or marshrutka 404. From metro Avtovo, take marshrutka 224 or 424 and from metro Leninsky pr. take marshrutka 103. Pushkin Palace (Tsarskoe selo) Ul. Sadovaya 7, tel. 465 20 24, Catherine's Palace and the surround­
ing parks were created by Empress Elizabeth and Catherine the Great, which is why Pushkin was formerly known as Village of the tsar's' (Tsarskoe Selo). The palace, with its famous Amber Room, is an impressive post-WWII reconstruction. • Palace open 10.00 - 17O0 (for individuals 1200-1400,16.00 -17.00). ——и и и шn i • ч Closed Tue, and last Mon of the month. Park open 09O0 - 22O0. Palace admission foreigners 250 - 520Rbl, Russians 70 - 220Rbl (includes Amber room). Park admission foreigners 70- 140Rbl, Russians 30 - 70Rbl. Getting there: From Vitebsky station, take — a train to Detskoe selo station, from where you can walk to the palace or take bus N371 or N382. From Moskovskaya metro, take bus N287 or marshrutka 286,299,342,545. (g Konstantinovsky Palace Strelna, Berezovaya al. 3, tel. 438 53 60. Better known as the 'Palace of Putin,' this presidential residence was renovated at great cost, with the help of 5,000 workers, in just 12 months. Originally built in the 18th century for the Romanov family, it was never quite finished. After WWII, locals used the dilapidated estate for walks and barbeques. These days, the palace and gardens are open to the crowds. • Open 10O0 -17:00. Closed Wed. Call before you visit the palace, to make sure it's not closed for an official function. Admission is only possible in groups, each group costs 2500Rbl for foreigners, 1500 for Russians. All visitors also pay Palace admission of 170-280Rbl. Park admission lOORbl. Get­
ting there: from Avtovo metro, take tram N36 or marshrutka 224; or from Baltiiskaya metro, take marshrutka 404; or from Leninsky pr. metro, take marshrutka 420. B( B St. Petersburg In Your Pocket GETTING AROUND 49 A taste of Novgorod Russia's oldest town, Novgorod,founded in 859, is a great place to experience the real Russia. 'Great' Novgorod was one of the major trading towns in Northern Europe. 1 The Kremlin - Russia's *~ oldest Kremlin dates from 1044 and includes St. Sophia's Cathedral, the Russian Millennium mon­
ument, and the eternal ———— ^ — flame. The Bell Tower - A must-see - and a must-hear. Recently restored, the largest of the four huge bells weighs 26.5 tons. The beach - Believe it or not, the stretch of land un­
der the Kremlin walls is an ideal place to catch the sun. There's a more secluded spot on the beach behind the Yuriev Monastery (turn right from the monastery, then left between the old huts, past the cafe and on to the beach). What some people wear here leaves nothing to the monks' imagination! The monastery - Dating from 1030, the Yuriev Mon­
astery, with its 20 monks, is located just 10 minutes by bus from Novgorod. Its gold-
starred cupola is visible from miles away. The monastery — is free to enter with a small fee to take photos. The open-air museum - The Vitoslavlitsky Park 1 is home to a collection of ancient wooden houses (izby) where local artisans can demonstrate how birch-
bark was traditionally used to make shoes, hats and other objects. To get to the monastery and museum (lo­
cated behind the monastery) buses 7 and 7a leave every half hour. The 10 minute journey takes 10 minutes. Useful information Telephones - Dialling from within Russia: you have to dial (8) 816-2 to get six-figure numbers, and (8) 816-22 for five-figure numbers. Taxis - Journeys within the town centre should be no more than 70Rbl. Transport - Trains go from Moscow and Vitebsky sta­
tions daily (4-5hrs) and buses leave hourly from the City Bus Station. The first bus leaves from St. Petersburg 07:30, from Novgorod the last bus leaves 20:05. See Getting Around page 51. Tourist Information Next to the Kremlin, Novgorod's tourist information centre, the 'Red Izba' is in a wooden hut-like building. Sennaya PI. 5, tel. (816 2) 77 30 74, Where to Stay Beresta Palace Ul. Studencheskaya 2A, tel. (816 2) 18 6910, Where to Eat Restaurant Detinets Kremlin, Pokrovskaya Tower, tel: (816 2) 77 46 24 Open daily 11:00 - 23:00 Public transport Most Petersburg residents get around the city by various kinds of public transport. The most efficient and fastest are the metro and marshrutka (mini bus). On above-ground transportation you can buy tickets on boardf rom the conductor or the driver (14Rbl for bus, tram, trolley). It all works from around 06:00 to just after midnight. Bus - Usually overcrowded, especially during rush hours and this is when you meet Russians at their best. Most buses are from the Stone Age, but are slowly being replaced by modern ones. There are normal and commercial buses, of which the latter are more expensive (tickets up to 17Rbl). Elektrichka (local train) - The cheapest way to visit one of the suburbs or villages outside Petersburg. This is real Russian life and during your trip sellers badger you with whatever they're selling: ice cream, maps, shoestrings and so on. No toilets! Marshrutka - These are those mini-vans you see with the numbers on the front. See the boxed text 'Marshrutkas' for more information. Tram - According to the Guinness Book of World Records, St. Petersburg has the most extensive tram system in the world. A total of 2,402 cars run on 64 different routes over 690.6km of track. Think of that with some respect when your old, rusty tram is rocking and shaking you all over! Trolley bus -The trolley network is 525km long and has more than 45 trolleybus routes. Lenin's slogan that 'Communism is the Soviets plus Electrification' is put into practice here. Metro - The world's deepest metro is over 100km long. Fast and efficient, during peak time you won't wait more than two minutes for a train. Rush hour is between 08:00-10:00 and 17:00-19:30. Petersburg has four colour-coded, numbered metro lines. Buy tokens (zhetoni) from the windows labelled *>1*.Ш Marshrutkas Don't be afraid. It's really just like a taxi. When you want to get out, yell 'ostanavites pazhaluista' and slam the door! A ride costs 10 - 30Rbl. Check the route on the side of the van, for eg. К 3 (below) runs from the airport to Sennaya pi. metro. 'Vyess Nevsky' means it travels the length of Nevsky pr. № Route К3 (M)Sennaya pi - Moskovsky pr.-
(M]Tekhnologichesky In.- ЩMoskovskaya - Hotel Rossiya - Park Pobedy - Hotel Pulkovskaya - International airport Pulkovo-2 К 187 |M|Vasileostrovskaya - State University - The Hermitage - (M) Nevsky pr./Gostiny Dvor -
Moscow station - ЩР\. Aleksandra Nevskogo/ Hotel Moskva - |M)Novocherkasskaya -
(M]Ladozhskaya/Ladozhsky station kassa (14Rbl). You can also buy plastic cards for more rides (10,20, or more) which you can use for a fixed period (7 days, 15 days, or more). To change lines, you usually need to change stations using the underground passageways linking adjacent stations like Nevsky Pr./Gostiny Dvor. When you arrive at a station, it can be difficult to see where you are. You will hear the arrival station announced,followed by the name of the next stop. This can be confusing, so it's best to count your stops. The metro works from 06:00 to 00:30, but if you want to be sure you catch your train, be sure to arrive by 00:00. •jt. ?Vj *Sji Туи *Sj» Г>2» *%; BERESTA PALACE Dear Ladies and Gentl emen ! A warm welcome awaits you at "Beresta Palace" Hotel, the largest and best hotel in Veliky Novgorod. Located on the Volkhov River, not far away from the historical center of the city, the hotel's exquisite atmosphere provides a multitude of relaxation possibilities. It features 225 spacious, comfortable guestrooms and two restaurants, including an all-night restaurant The hotel also features a cosy lobby-bar, comfortable armchairs, barbeque area, sun terrace and a Wellness centre with a large swimming pool fe I7SO! \, Velikv Novgorod Sludencheskava «tr, 4 For reservation!.: +7 8162 186-910, 186-014 June 2007 GETTING AROUND Metro decoder Вход Выход Выход в город Переход Следующая станция Осторожно Двери закрываются Entrance Exit Exit to the city Interchange stations Next station Caution the doors are closing Vkhod Vykhod Vykhod v gorod Perekhod Sleduyushaya stantsia Ostorozhno dvery zakryvayutsya Airlines Air Baltic Air Berlin Air France D-3, Malaya Morskaya ul. 23, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 336 29 00, Air Malta Alitalia D-3, Pulkovo-2 (Main Building), 2nd floor, office 74, (MjMoskovskaya, tel. 336 91 31, www. Austrian Airlines D-3, Nevsky pr. 32, 4th floor, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 33120 05, Bluel British Airways D-3, Malaya Konyushennaya ul. 1/3A, office 23B, {MjNevsky pr., tel. 380 06 26, www. Czech Airlines D-3, Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 36, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 315 52 59, Easyjet Estonian Air Finnair Oyj D-3, Ul. Malaya Konushennaya l/3a, office B33, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 303 98 98, German Wings GTK Rossiya D-4, Ul. 1st Krasnoarmeiskaya 4, (MjTekhnologichesky In., tel. 303 92 68, www.pulkovo- KLM D-3, Malaya Morskaya ul. 23, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 346 68 68, Domestic Flights From St.Petersburg Days Dep. 5 - - 11:00 7 13:30 1 2 - - 5 - - 17:40 — 3 23:50 - 2 - 4 - 6 7 23:15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 23:50 — 3 23:50 12 3 4 5 6 7 08:00 1 2 - 4 - 6 - 16:10 6 - 08:00 - 2 15:00 1 2 3 4 5 6 721:00 1 5 - - 02:40 1 - 3 4 5 - - 02:20 1 6 - 01:25 5 - - 15Ю0 6 - 11:35 1 2 3 09:20 1 22:20 - - 3 23:50 Korean Air Lines LOT E-3, Manezhnaya pi. 6, (MjGostiny Dvor, tel. 272 29 82, Lufthansa D-3, Nevsky pr. 32, M Nevsky pr., tel. 320 10 00, Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA Ryanair SAS D-3, Nevsky pr. 25, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 326 26 00, SN Brussels Airlines tel. 723 86 91, www.flysn. com Wind Jet Ticket Agencies Central Ticket Agency D-3, Nevsky pr. 7/9, (MjNevsky pr. tel. 315 00 72, You can buy international plane tickets here. • Open 08:00 - 20:00, Sat, Sun 08:00 -
18:00. St. Petersburg Railway Agency D-3, Nab. kanala Griboedova 24, (MjNevsky pr. Both plane and train tickets are sold here. For information regarding plane tickets only, tel. 710 66 16 • Open 08:00 - 20:00, Sun 08:00 -16:00. BUS Schedul e all buses leave from the City Bus Station, unless otherwise stated From St.Petersburg Dep. Arr. 22:00 6:00 07:25 05:40 13:10 18:10 20:20 23Ю5В 23:20' 06:40 14:40 22:15 18:30 22:30 06:45 10:30 13:15 16:45 18:00 23:15 City Dep. HELSINKI 9.00 HELSINKI 23:00 RIGA 18:00 TALLINN 6:00 TALLINN 07:00 TALLINN 10:15 TALLINN 11Ю0 TALLINN 14:30 TALLINN 22:00 TALLINN 23:59 To St.Petersburg • - Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri В - from/to Baltiisky Station Arr. 18:30 7:10 8:45 13.006' 15:30B 19:15 20:40 23:30 7:30 8:50 All flights leave from Pulkovo-l * • one stop Arr. 14:00 15:05 19:15 06:55 04.00 04:25 12:30 08:30 16:35 10:45 23:25 22:45 08:00 10:00 08:25 21:30 14:05 12:55 03:15 19:40 -two stops City ADLER/SOCHI ARKHANGELSK ARCHANGELSK BARNAUL CHELYABINSK EKATERINBURG IRKUTSK* KALININGRAD KALININGRAD KRASNODAR KRASNOYARSK MURMANSK NIZHNEVARTOVSK NORILSK NOVOSIBIRSK NOVOSIBIRSK ROSTOV SAMARA TYUMEN VLADIVOSTOK** To St.Petersburg Days Dep. 5 - - 15:55 6 7 16:20 1 2 3 20:20 5 - - 14:55 1 - 3 - 5 - 7 05:20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 05:50 1 5 - - 13:10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 09:50 - 2 - 4 - 6 7 17:55 6 - 12:10 - 2 11:20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 07:30 1 5 - - 09:20 1- 3 4 5 - - 12Ю0 1 6 - 09:55 - 2 03:10 6 - 16.05 1 2 3 14:15 7 05:40 5 - - 09:40 Arr. 18:55 17:50 21:55 16:25 06:30 06:40 16:25 12:15 20:40 14:55 12:20 09:25 11.00 11:55 11:25 04:40 18:35 16:00 06:50 16:25 Ferry Terminal Morskoy Vokzal B-4, VO Pr. Morskoy Slavy 1, (MJVas-
ileostrovskaya, Primorskaya, tel. 322 60 52. If you arrive by ferry your ship will probably stop at the Morskoi Vokzal, the sea terminal for passengers in St. Petersburg. The terminal, located on Vasilevsky Ostrov (island), has a cash machine, a cafe, and a business centre. City Bus Station City Bus Station E-4, Nab. Obvodnogo kan. 36, (MJLigovsky pr., tel. 766 57 77. Not only can you buy tickets for domestic and international bus lines (daily to Tallinn, Helsinki, Riga), you can also purchase international train and ferry tickets. To reach the city centre from here you can take a short taxi ride (do not pay more than lOORbl) or walk for 15mins up to Ligovsky pr. metro (14Rbl). • Open 06:30 - 23:30 Taxis Taxi tel. 6 000 000 City centre to airport circa 580Rbl. Taxi tel. 7 000 000 City centre to airport circa 550Rbl. Train Stations Baltiisky station (BS) Nab. Obvodnogo kan. 120, (MjBaltiiskaya Finlyandsky station (FS) E-2, pi. Lenina 6, (MjPI. Lenina. Ladozhsky station (LS) Zhanevsky pr. 73, (MjLado-
zhskaya Moskovsky Station (MS) E-3, Nevsky pr. 85, (MjPI. Vosstaniya, tel. 768 45 97. Vitebsky station (VS) D4, Zagorodny pr. 52, (MjPush-
kinskaya, tel. 768 58 07. Domestic Train Schedule aiitr leave daily unless otherwise stated Froi Stn MS LS LS VS MS LS LS VS MS VS MS LS л St.Pe Dep. 19:28 10:03 17:04 18:16' 18:49-
17:20 22:02 17:20 17:18 07:57 20:09 20:40 tersburg Arr. • 12:33-: 10:51-1 06:22-2 2026+1 20:39*1 21:27-1 06:50-1 22:35 20:23 13:11 24:05 09:10 To St.Petersburg Destination Dep. ADLER 16:32' ARKHANGELSK 20:53 SVERDLOVSK 21:27 KALININGRAD 09:49 KAZAN 09:13* MURMANSK 08:40 PETROZAVODSK 23O0 PSKOV 02:51 VELIKY 08:00 NOVGOROD VELIKY 05:00 NOVGOROD VELIKY 04:30 NOVGOROD VOLOGDA 19:07 Arr. • 08:54-:; 22:11 08:46- 2 i 11:10-1 • 13:18-1 12:11-1 07:15-
08:08 11:16 09:56 08:23 7:46 +1 - Arrival on the next day +2 - Arrival on the second day after departure and so on • - odd dates * • - even dates I - not 1,3, 5 June II - not 2,4 June Note that Ekaterinburg retains its pre-1991 name Sverdlovsk on train schedules. St. Petersburg In Your Pocket GETTING AROUND MOSCOW F l i gh t s all flights are daily and leave from Pulkovo-1 (FV-Pulkovo) From St.Petersburg Dep. Arr. 08:00 08:50 09:35 15:10 17:55 19:15 19:40 21:30 09:15 10:00 10:45 16:20 19:05 20:30 20:50 22:50 To St.Petersburg Airline Dep. Arr. FV FV FV FV FV FV FV FV 7:10 10:45 11:15 17:35 19:15 21:45 22:05 23:00 8:30 12:10 12:35 18:55 20:35 23:10 23:25 0:25 1 International Train Schedule an trains leave daily unless otherwise stated From St.Petersburg Stn. Dep. Arr. VS 23:40A 09:12-2 VS 19:08 09:11+1 LS 06:10 11:33 FS 07:57 12:33 FS 16:00 20:48 VS 21:20 20:02-2 VS 16:18 07:48-2 VS 12:42' 15:29-2 VS 19:08 09:17-1 VS 23:40D 10:19-2 VS 15:00 05:32-2 VS 22:08 09:40-1 VS 07:05 13:05 VS 20:02* 08:52-1 VS 23:40 06:40-1 Destination BERLIN BREST HELSINKI HELSINKI HELSINKI KIEV KISHENEV LIVOV MINSK ODESSA PRAGUE С RIGA TALINN VILNIUS WARSAW To St.P Dep. 15:16 14:10 18:27 15:27 07:27 09:35 19:20 23:07" 17:40 18:25B 15:44 19:30 15:25 18:10 20:20B etersburg Arr. 06:18+2 09:38-2 01:40 21:58 13:55 10:44+1 12:07 05:32+2 09:03+1 06:18+2 09:38 08:50+1 23:25 08:20 06:18+1 +1 - Arrival on the next day +2 - Arrival on the second day after departure, and so on A - not Thu -Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun С - Wed, Thu; (after 9 June) also Mon, Sat D -Mon,Tues,Thu, Fri • - odd dates " * - even da tes _ J 1 Trai ns tO MOSCOW all trains leave from 1 Moskovsky station From J №Tra 167 23 159 165G 51 29 27 37 25 63 5 53 1 3 19 55 St.Peters n Dep. 06:45 13:05 16:00 18:30 21:20 22:00 22:30 22:20 23:00 23:15 23:30 23:40 23:55 23:59 00:20 00:40 burg Arr. 11:15 20:55 21:30 23:00 05:00 05:50 05:56 06:02 07:00 06:48 07:10 08:35 07:55 08:00 09:07 09:53 To St.F Dep. 19:00 12:30 16:30 18:30 22:20 01:05 21:30 00:30 23:00 22:10 23:30 23:40 23:55 23:59 00:45 20:18 'etersburg Arr. № Train 23:30 19:51 22:00 23:00 06:47 09:37 05:30 08:18 06:41 06:06 07:40 08:35 07:55 08:00 09.00 05:00 168F 24 160 166G 52 30 28* 38 26 64 6 54 2 4 20 56 F - Mon, Fri • - odd dates G - excep ж* -even Saturday dates Train Information: tel. 055 June 2007 GETTING AROUND International Flight Schedule From St.Petersburg Days Dep. Arr. 1 6 - 19:30 04:45 - - 3 7 08:40 09:15 1 - - 4 - 6 - 18:30 19:25 1 5 - - 09:00 13:30 — 3 19:50 07:45 4 07:45 08:05 1 2 3 4 5 - 7 15:50 19:35 - - 3 - 5 - - 15:10 15:35 - 2 6 - 19:50 02:30 - 2 - 4 - 6 - 12:05 12:50 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 14:25 14:30 7 10:30 10:30 1 - - 4 6 -
6 -
1 2 - 4 5 6 -
4 — 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 - 2 3 4 - 6 -
4 - 6 -
7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 4 5 - 7 - - 3 - 5 - 7 6 -
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 - - 3 1 - 3 - 5 - -
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 - 2 - 4 5 - 7 1- 3 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 4 7 - - 3 - - 6 -
1 234567 7 1 1 - - 4 5 — 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 - 2 - 4 21:00 07:30 15:50 06:05 13:50 14:30 19:25 08:40 09:10 12:35 19:10 06:50 16:30 14:35 09:35 17:35 11:05 08:10 17:10 16:20 12:00 14:45 09:50 15:55 16:40 07:25 08:00 13:30 07:05 08:30 19:50 15:00 18:25 20:00 10:40 15:50 17:20 15:30 09:10 02:40 08:25 17:10 07:00 14:40 15:25 20:20 09:05 09:45 12:30 19:10 09:15 17:20 15:00 10:00 18:05 12:20 09:35 18:45 07:05 12:45 14:45 10:55 17:25 17:15 07:50 08:30 14:55 08:50 10:00 01:25 14:30 17:55 01:45 14:00 16:35 18:00 15:30 13:40 City ALMATY(FV) AMSTERDAM (FV) AMSTERDAM (KLM) BAKU (FV) BEIJING (FV)* BERLIN (FV) BERLIN (AB) BERLIN (GW) BISHKEK (FV) COLOGNE - BONN (GW) COPENHAGEN(SAS) COPENHAGEN(FV) DUSHANBE(FV) DUSSELDORF(FV) FORLI (WJ) FRANKFURT(LH) FRANKFURT(FV) FRANKFURT(LH) FRANKFURT(LH) HAMBURG (FV) HANOVER(FV) HELSINKI (AY) HELSINKI (FV) ISTANBUL (FV) KIEV (FV) LONDON (FV) LONDON (FV) LONDON(BA) MILAN (FV) MILAN (FV) MILAN (AZ) MUNICH (FV) MUNICH (FV) OSLO (NO) PARIS (FV) PARIS (AF) PRAGUE(CSA) PRAGUE (FV) PRAGUE (FV) RIGA(LVL) ROME (FV) ROME(FV) SAMARKAND (FV) STOCKHOLM (SAS) STOCKHOLM (FV) TASHKENT(FV) TEL AVIV (FV) VIENNA (OS) VIENNA (FV) WARSAW (LOT) YEREVAN(FV) Flight schedule is subject to change To St.Petersburg Days -2 7 - - 3 7 1 — 4 - 6 -
1 4 4 1 2 3 4 5 - 7 - - 3 - 5 - -
- - 3 7 - 2 - 4 - 6 -
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 - 2 — 5 — 6 -
6 -
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 4—7 1 2 - - 5 - 7 1 2 3 4 4 - 6 -
7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 4 5 - 7 - - 3 - 5 - 7 6 -
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 - _ 3 1 - 3 - 5 - -
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 - 2 - 4 5 - 7 1- 3 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 4 7 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 - 2 1 - - 4 5 - -
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Dep. Arr. 03:45 06:55 10:40 1525 12:35 17:25 14:50 1730 09:10 13:50 09:05 1320 08:05 14:55 10:10 14:30 04:00 07:05 06:45 11:25 09:35 13:40 11:30 15:30 04:40 08:50 09:20 14:10 09:25 14:45 08:40 13:20 16:00 20:40 13:30 18:10 18:30 23:10 10:15 14:30 10:45 15:10 09:50 11:50 19:55 21:50 10:15 14:25 18:20 21:10 16:00 22:10 11:10 17:20 09:55 16:10 13:20 18:30 11:20 16:25 10:50 16:20 18:05 22:50 13:45 18:30 10ЮО 14:00 12:15 17:30 09:50 15:05 11:30 15:55 08:50 13:10 09:30 13:50 11:35 13:00 09:50 15:25 11:00 16:25 02:55 06:55 10:55 14:20 18:55 22:20 03:15 07:40 15:30 20:55 10:15 15:00 19:00 23:25 10:50 14:45 - 2 15:10 17:45 1 - Monday, 2 - Tuesday, 3 - Wednesday, 4 -Thursday, 5 - Friday, 6 - Saturday, 7 - Sunday * - one stop П0ЧТП W РОССИИ Post Central Post Office D-3, Ul. Pochtamtskaya 9, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 312 83 02, The main post office (Glavpochtamt), Russia's first, opened in 1714 and is a couple of blocks from St. Isaac's Square. Buy stamps in any of the city's 400 sub post offices -just lookfor the blue post sign. Letters can be posted in the light-blue post boxes around the city. • Open 09Ю0 -19:45, Sun 10O0 -17:45. Stamps need to be dated after 1998. Sending a letter home will cost you around 20Rbl (and will take about three weeks!) Express mail There are various private courier services which are reliable. If you want a letter to arrive the next day in a European country, you could pay between US$30 and US$50. DHL D-3, Nevsky pr. 10, [M Nevsky pr., tel. 326 64 00, TNT Express Woriwide tel. 718 34 93, Westpost E-3, Nevsky pr. 86, (MJMayakovskaya, tel. 327 30 92, Mobile phones Thinking about getting a Russian number? If you are staying for a short time, the best way to get a number is to purchase a starter kit which gives you a pre-paid card account. For purchas­
ing a Russian number you need to show your passport, visa and registration. On average a Russian SIM card costs 150Rbl and includes about $5 of free calls. Bee Line (GSM) tel. 740 60 00, Megaton (GSM) tel. 329 47 47, MTS (GSM) tel. 324 24 24, Sky Link (CDMA-450) tel. 71505 05, Tele2 (GSM) tel. 329 00 22, IP phone cards Using IP phone cards you can place international callsfor pennies a minute. There are numerous pre-paid cards available from kiosks around town. Dial a local access number, enter the card number and PIN, followed by the number you wish to call. Public internet access Cafemax E-3, Nevsky pr. 90/92, (MJMayakovskaya. tel. 273 66 55, • Open 24hrs. <§) Quo Vadis E-3, Nevsky pr. 76, (MJMayakovskaya. tel. 333 07 08 • Open 09Ю0 - 23:00 [ ЩВ® Telephone codes Making a call Calling within St. Petersburg - To call any number within St. Petersburg from a private fixed line, just dial the local seven-digit number as it is, without any codes. Normally, all calls from fixed lines to other fixed lines in St. Petersburg are free. Calling within Russia - For a call to Moscow or any other city in Russia, simply dial 8, wait for the tone (not necessary if you have a digital line), then dial the Russian city code (see Telephone codes) and the number. Calling internationally - To phone home from St. Pe­
tersburg, dial 8, wait for the tone (not necessary if you have a digital line), then dial 10 and the country code, city code and the number as usual. Mobile phones - You can use your mobile phone if your provider has an international roaming agreement with one of the four Russian mobile GSM phone providers in St. Petersburg. Normally, if you are abroad you have to pay roaming charges on all incoming and outgoing calls. Petersburg has direct-dial mobile numbers (7—digit) and federal mobile numbers (10—digit). If you call to another Russian mobile phone, for a direct-dial number dial seven digits and for a federal number dial 8 and then the 10—digit number. If you call from your mobile to a fixed line just dial the seven-digit. Depending on how much you expect to use your phone, it's well worth considering buying a local SIM card that you simply use in your own phone. Laptop login Dial up - You can buy internet cards at computer shops, CD shops and kiosks. You can buy time-limited cards, which have credit for anything from l-100hrs, or you can get cards that charge by the megabyte. On the back, there will be a dial-up number (nomer telefona), login (imya polzovetelya) and password (parol). Some brands (such as Lanck and Zebra) require that you register on their website before you can get your password. When setting up your connection, don't forget to change your dial-up connection setting to pulse rather than tone dialling (if you don't have a digital line). If you work with Windows XP: pulse dialling can be achieved by preceding the internet access number with a capital 'P\ Wireless Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) - You can find the usual Wi-Fi 'hot spots' at the airport, train stations and the sea passenger terminal, as well as hotels, cinemas, restaurants, stores and coffee shops. Quantum (www. and Comset ( have hot spots in Petersburg. St. Petersburg In Your Pocket Russian city codes Archangelsk 8182/818 Novgorod Irkutsk 3952 Novosibirsk Kazan 8432 Petrozavodsk Moscow 495 Pskov Murmansk 8152/81522 St.Petersburg Leningrad 813 Vladivostok Oblast 8162/81622 3832 8142 8112/8112? 812 4232 The above Russian city codes should be prefixed with 8 if dialling from inside Russia Austria 43 Belgium 32 Canada/USA 1 China 86 Cuba 53 Czech Rep. 420 International country codes Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany India 45 Italy 39 Russia 7 372 Japan 81 Spain 34 358 Latvia 371 Sweden 46 33 Lithuania 370 Turkey 90 49 Netherlands 31 Ukraine 380 91 Norway 47 UK 44 Codes should be prefixed with 8-10 if dialling inside Russia. After dailing 8, wait for the second tone - this is only if you do NOT have a digital line. June 2007 54 SHOPPING Hereditary beautyl Whether you are after designer labels, souvenirs or cheap DVDs, you can find them all in St. Petersburg. Al­
ways carry cash as credit cards are not always accepted. Bookshops Anglia E-3, Nab. reky Fbntanky 38, (MJNevsky pr.. tel. 579 82 84, The best English translations of Russian classics, and a wide selection of material on Russian culture, history and politics, with the nicest staff around. As well as english, they also have books in five european languages. »• Open 10O0-20.00. fw] Dom Knigi D-3, Nevsky pr. 28, (MJNevsky pr, tel. 448 23 55. The city's favourite big bookshop boasts three spacious floors of books, with an astonishing range. Dom Knigi offers a good range of classic and modem non-Russian and translated Russian literature. • Open 09:00 - 22:00, Sun 10O0 - 21:00. Ш CDs & DVDs The Open World r>3, Ul. Malaya Morskaya 13, (MJNevsky pr., tel. 715 89 39. Brilliant collection of classical music. • Open 10:00-22:00. [Ml Furs Mekhlandia E-3, Nevsky pr. 53/54, (MjGostiny Dvor, tel. 57137 00. Mekhlandia (World of Fur) is a huge chain of stores which has good experience in selling furs, leathers and other accessories. This shop is in the centre of the city and provides you with a high quality service and an individual approach. There's great variety of coats, hats, bags, gloves, etc. You can also find furs at Moskovsky pr. 19 (shop Dublenki). • Open] Fashion Gallery De Luxe 'Vanity Opera' D-3, Kazanskaya pi. 3, [MJNevsky pr., tel. 438 55 48. The spacious, four floored gallery is quite the darling of Russia's fashionistas. The garments, both eveningwear and casual, shoes, hand­
bags by designers such as Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana and Pravda are presented as art. Elegant shop assistants glide around the marble floors effortlessly offering assistance. • Open 11:00 - 21O0. Valentino D-3, Nab. Reky Moiky 59, (Mj Nevsky pr., tel. 324 4171, Valentino is the home of glorious Italian glamour, and this is their first store in St. Pe­
tersburg. You can find here the elegance and effortless style that is the Valentino trademark. The store itself enhances the beauty of the designs, simplistic and comfortable shopping all round. • Open 10O0 - 21O0. Ziili D-3, Grand Hotel Europe, Ul. Mikhailovsky 1/7, (MJNevsky pr., tel. 329 65 90. French label Zilli specialises in creating a complete range of luxury menswear and hand­
crafted accessories. They pay immense detail to all facets of design, only ever selecting the best materials, which includes French lamb leather, ostrich, crocodile. • Open 11:00 - 21:00 Gifts & souvenirs Art & Craft D-3, Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 12, (MJNevsky pr, tel. 312 7615. This place also has an astonishing range of goodies. From your standard Matryoshka dolls to some kitschy Russian soldier hats to childrens toys and tons of little nick-nacks to fill those gaps in your suitcase. • Open 10O0 -10:00. Heritage Souvenir Boutiques D-3, Nab. reky Moiky 37, (M)Nevsky Pr., tel. 312 6212. Belonging to the same group of retail outlets that includes the Onegin Gallery, this shop has been described as being even more exclusive. Expect the same quality and attention to service as well as the huge range of souvenirs; from paintings and sculptures in wood and traditional dolls and music. * Open 08:00 -22:00. Kailas E-3, Ul. Pushkinskaya 10, (MjMayakovskaya, tel. 320 9147, The smell of incense permeates this Eastern themed shop inviting patrons to spend lots of time shopping. They have good presents at low prices, like the incense, jewellery, clothes and decora­
tive items from India, Pakistan and Tibet. Most impressive is the big collection of CDs with Russian and world music, whether it is hip hop, rock, or jazz. They are really good at tracking down obscure music. • Open 11:00 - 21:00, Sun 11.00 -18:00. Nevsky Souvenir D-3, Nevsky pr. 18, (MJNevsky pr., tel. 312 66 76, Soviet style hipflasks, hand painted lighters, hand painted chess boards and boxes representing different schools of painting - the icon tradition and the realist tradition. Faberge style eggs and natural amber necklaces in some stunning designs are con­
trasted by quirkier items like scarves, puppets, magnets, key rings and oven gloves. Beautiful boxes made from birch bark. Helpful English speaking staff. • Open 10:00 - 21:00. Skolko stoit? = How much? Onegin Souvenirs & Gallery D-2, Ul. Italyanskaya 11, (MJNevsky pr., tel. 315 6339, Opposite the Russian museum, Onegin has a wide range of superior souvenirs including a fantastic range of amber, jewellry, crystal, china as well as traditional St. Petesrburg themed paraphrenalia. They also have modern Russian paintings for sale, etchings and water-colours. • Open 0800 - 21O0. щт Souvenir Shop Nevsky, 20 D-3, Nevsky pr. 20, Щ Nevsky pr, tel. 571 41 49. Sporting a large range of souvenirs with helpful and not overbearing English speaking staff, this shop is packed with all the usual goodies. They stock amber, enamel boxes, Russian recipe books for those who have fallen in love with Russian cuisine, hats and СССР t-shirts. They also have jewellery and toy soldiers. > Open 10.00 - 22O0. Markets Kuznechny market E-3, Kuznechny per. 3, (M Vladimir skaya, tel. 312 4161. Kuznechny is one of the finest markets in town. Just walking down the aisles is an experience in itself, as different vendors do their best to attract your attention by yelling things out and waving knives with bits of fruit stuck on the end for you to try. You can taste fresh honey, Korean salads and even caviar. »• Open 08O0 - 20O0, Sun 08O0 - 19O0. Painting market D-3, between Nevsky pr. 32-34, |M] Nevsky pr. Rain or snow, every day in front of Petersburg's first Catholic church you can buy paintings from Russian artists or let them draw your portrait or caricature. Artists sell their original work, although some also do good copies of Picasso and Repin, the Russian Rembrandt. Souvenirs Fair D-3, Nab. kan. Griboedova 1, (MJNevsky pr., tel. 962 26 13. If you need gifts to cart back to your friends and family, make sure to stop by this outdoor souvenir market on canal Griboedov. Most of the vendors speak good English, and bargaining is normal practice; infact, it's expected! *- Open 11O0 - 19O0. Shopping centres Bolshoy Gostiny Dvor E-3, Nevsky pr. 35, (MjGostiny Dvor, tel. 710 54 08, Since the 18th century, this large yellow building has been one of St. Petersburg's biggest shopping centres. One circuit of Gostiny Dvor, past the dozens of shops is a kilometre. » Open 10O0 - 22O0. Wed, Thurs 10O0- 22:30. ЩЩ] Passazh (Passage) E-3, Nevsky pr. 48, (MJNevsky pr., tel. 312 2210, Impressive, with 180metre long glass roof, there is a top view from the second floor coffee bar. You can buy clothing, jewellery, cosmetics and souvenirs here. » Open 10O0 - 21O0, Sun. 11O0 - 21O0. [ ЩЩ) Vladimirsky Passage E-3, Vladimirsky pr. 19, [Mjviadi-
mirskaya, tel. 331 32 32. Offers all you would expect from a top goods plaza. The first floor features one of Petersburg's finest bakeries, where you can drink a coffee and eat daily-baked sweet Russian cakes. In the basement there is a great 24 hour supermarket. > Open 11.00 - 21O0. ШШ (E Ш Supermarkets Land (basement of Vladimirsky Passage) E-3, Vladi­
mirsky pr. 19, (MJDostoevskaya, tel. 33132 33, Open 24hrs. Ш St. Petersburg In Your Pocket June 2007 I •nyourpocket Make In Your Pocket Even Better Take part in our readership survey and help us to make our products more relevant to you, and win some exclusive In Your Pocket merchandise. Completing our online survey will take no more than five minutes. Just point your browser to All those taking part will be entered into a draw for a full set of exclusive In Your Pocket goodies. BUSINESS DIRECTORY 57 Accountants & consultants Baker & McKenzie D-3, Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 57, :M Nevsky pr.. tel. 325 83 08. • Орел 09.00 - 21O0. Closed Sat, Sun. EMG D-2, Ul. Malaya Monetnaya 5, office 22, M Gorkovs-
kaya, tel. 325 41 55, • Open 10:00 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Ernst and Young D-3, Ul. Malaya Morskaya 23,3rd floor, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 703 78 00, • Open 08:30 - 19O0. Closed Sat, Sun. KPMG D4, Moskovsky pr. 19, (MjTekhnologichesky In., tel. 325 83 48, • Open 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. PricewaterhouseCoopers C-3, VO, Sredny pr. 36/40, 4thfloor, M Vasileostrovsakaya. tel. 326 6969, com. • Open 09:00 -18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Banks ABN AMRO Bank D-3, Ul. Malaya Konyushennaya 1/3, office 14-B, iM'Nevsky pr., tel. 718 3712, www.abnamro. com. • Open 09:30 - 15O0. Closed Sat, Sun. Dresdner Bank D-3, Ul. Malaya Morskaya 23, Ml Nevsky pr. tel. 718 5151. • Open 09:30 16:30. Break 13:30 -15:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Щ Raiffeisen Bank D-3, Nab. reky Moiky 36, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 718 68 00, • Open 09:00 20O0, Sat 10:00 -17:00. Closed Sun. EKffl Business associations American Chamber of Commerce D-3, Ul. Malaya Morskaya 23, 5th floor, M Nevsky pr., tel. 326 25 90, • Open 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. SPIBA-St. Petersburg International Business Asso­
ciation for North-Westem Russia E-2, Ul. Shpalernaya 36, office 323, (MjChernyshevskaya, tel. 325 90 91, www. • Open 09:30 - 18Ю0. Closed Sat, Sun. Car Rental Platinum Cars E-3, Zagorodny 11, (MjDostoyevksya, tel. 973 28 82 Lawyers & notaries Castren & Snellman D-3, Nevsky pr. 22/24, office 18, M Nevsky pr., tel. 325 80 85, • Open 09:00 - 18O0. Closed Sat, Sun. Juralink C-3, Birzhevaya liniya 16, office 316, (MjVas-
ileostrovskaya, tel. 331 75 69, • Open 10O0 - 18O0. Closed Sat, Sun. Money transfer Western Uni on, Office rental RegUS D-3, Nevsky pr. 25, 2nd floor, [MlNevsky pr., tel. 346 78 78, • Open 08:30 -18:00.Closed Sat, Sun. EBB Real estate Central Real Estate Agency F-3, Nevsky pr. 107, (M]PI. Vosstaniya, tel. 324 99 22, • Open Mon - Fri 10O0 - 21.00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 19:00. ШИШ C E N T R A L R E A L E S T A T E A G E N C Y Attractive apartments for rent From inexpensive to luxury furnished Long Term Short Term Your Term Nevskv pr. 107 (812)324-99-22 •7(901)304-87-04 City Realty D-3, Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 35,1st floor, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 312 78 42, www.cityrealtyrussia. com. • Open 09:30 -18:30. Closed Sat, Sun. Ш Jensen Group D-3, Nab. Kan. Griboedova 10, office 2, [MjNevsky pr., tel. 32513 06, • Open 09:00 -18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. ШШ St. Petersburg Realty E-3, Nevsky pr. 41, (MjMaya-
kovskaya, tel. 335 44 01, Recruitment Ancor E-2, Pr.Chernyshevskogo 1, (MJChernyshevs-
kaya, tel. 329 57 70, • Open 09:00 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Kelly Servi ces D/E-3, Nevsky pr. 32/34, office 41, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 325 73 00, Student organisations AIESEC D-3, Ul. Sadovaya 21, office 17, (MjGostiny Dvor, tel. 710 56 40, Laundrette Cafe Sti rka D-3, Ul. Kazanskaya 26, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 314 53 71. A small, alternative and unique hang-out; Stirka has a good sound system, old sofas and small bar serving cold and hot drinks and snacks. Water-smoking pipes available. You can wash your clothes in the back room laundry machines and sup a beer while you watch them spin... • Open 10:00 - 23:00. (5kg - 130Rbl) June 2007 USEFUL ADDRESSES engl i nglish Do you say "sidewalk" or "pavement"? Do you go to the "chemi st" or the "drug store"? This month, we have a UK vs. US Cool English special! Who has the best National Anthem? Who speaks properly? And why do Americans call footbal l "soccer"? As well as this, we take a tour around New York, and tel l you how you can study at an American col l ege! Local, domestic and international movmq services LET OUR SOLUTIONS, A MOVERS Q GIVE YOU PEACE OF MIND Ut. Pilotov 32, Aviagorodok 196210, Saint-Petersburg. Russia Tel: +7 812 449 11 02, e-mail: info@aaa-russia com Today in St. Petersburg you can find all the services you would expect in a European city. Bike renlal Skat pr okat Rent a Bi ke E/F-3, Ul. Gonchamaya 7, (MjPI. Vostanniya, tel. 717 68 3 8/8 921 895 29 46 www.skatprokat Bottled water Mi r Napi t kov A-l, Uzhnaya dor. 25, Kirov Stadium, korpus 4, (MjKrestovsky ostrov, tel. 325 7 1 7 1. • Open 10:00 -18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Rosi nka-Pol yustrovo Ul. Tukhachevskogo 4, (MjLado-
zhskaya, tel. 320 20 40, • Open 08:00 - 21:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 -14:00. Dry cleaners Russky Ostrov D-3, Nab. kan. Griboedova 55, (MjNevky pr., tel. 571 78 77. • Open 10:00 - 20:00, Sat 1000 -
19:00. Closed Sun. Language schools ABA Pushki n Language School Pushkin, Ul. Gospi-
talnaya 24, tel. 476 84 06, Cref Language School D-4, Malodetskoselsky pr. 24, (MjTeknologichesky In., tel. 712 63 27, www.cref. ru. Russian, English and French lessons in a relaxed, calm environment. They focus on communication, rather than grammar and structure, you won't feel like you've stepped into a Russian high school! Li den&Denz E-4, Transportny per. 1 1, (MjLigovsky Pr, tel. 572 10 40, Launderettes May D-3, Nab. reky Moiky 42, (MJNevsky pr., tel. 312 32 33. • Open 11:00 -19:00. Щ Libraries Bri ti sh Counci l, D-3, Nevsky pr. 32,5fl oor, [MjGostiny Dvor, tel. 718 50 60, Open Thurs 12:00 - 20:00, Fri 09:00 -17:00, Sat 10:00 -19:00. Forei gn Li t erat ure Li brary E-3, Nab. reky Fontanky 46, (MJNevsky pr., tel. 315 75 65, • Daily 12:00 - 19:00. Sun and last Thurs of the month closed. Moving & storage AAA-MOVERS Ul. Pilotov 32, tel. 4 4 9 1 1 0 2, www. • Open 09:00 -18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Mast er's Warehouses, tel. 972 4510, www.allo-ga- Offering different-sized storage for rent city-wide. - -
The expat community is expanding. We (as expats ourselves) want to let you know about some interesting places for you to join and enjoy. If you would like your group to feature in our listings, please send your contacts to Expat Contacts Chai ne des Roti sseurs, tel. 7 812 329 66 02, www. The oldest gastronomic society in the world, with over 100 active members in St. Petersburg and 65,000 members worldwide. Dutch Drinking Commi t t ee, borrel@nlv-stpetersburg. com, Dutch expatriates gather together to share beer and experiences every last Friday of the month in different bars. T hey play football every Sunday. Belgian citizens welcome too! Hash House Harriers, tel. 937 64 66, mushroomspend-, The drinking club with a running problem. • Runs on Sundays. Internati onal Women's Cl ub ( I WC), www.stpeters- English speaking network of over 100 women residing in St. Petersburg. T here are many special interest groups and a general meeting is held once a month. Pet ersburg Cal edoni a, tel. 972 44 95, caledonia®, A charity organisation that also introduces Russians to the culture of Scotland and develops Russian-Scottish business connections. Rotary Club - Sai nt Petersburg Internati onal, tel. 313 56 66,, Rotary is a worldwide organisation of business and professional leaders that provides humanitarian service and encourages high ethical standards in all vocations. St. Petersburg Women Entrepreneurs, womenswork. A newly-formed networking group of English-
speaking international and Russian women who gather monthly to share ideas, organize professional development trainings and socialise. The Swi ss Club tel. 781 30 87, martinjschmidt@hot- To encourage business relations with the Swiss community. Open to all nationalities. Russian, German, English, French and Italian languages spoken. • Weekly meetings in Cat Restaurant at 3/21 Stremyannaya at 2000. Health Clinics & hospitals St. Pet er sbur g In Your Pocket Ameri can Medi cal Clinic & Hospi tal D-3, Nab. Reky Moiky 78, (MjSadovaya, tel. 740 20 90, www. • 0pen24hrs. ШШ MEDEM I nternati onal Clinic & Hospi tal E-3, Ul. Marata 6, M Mayakovskaya, tel. 336 33 33, www. • Open 24hrs. ШШ Russian-Finnish clinic Scandi navi a E-3, Liteiny pr. 55A, M Gostiny Dvor, tel. 336 77 77, www.avaclinic. ru. • Open 08:00 - 22:00, Sun 10;00 -18:00. Ш Dentists Me dp a l a c e E-2, Ul. Chaikovskogo 6, (MjCher-
nyshevskaya, tel. 272 52 9 1, www.medpal ace. ru. • Open 09:00 - 2 1:0 0.1 Ш Pharmacies Natur Produkt E-3, Ul. Vosstaniya 19, (MjPI. Voss-
taniya, tel. 279 08 30. • Open 24hrs. Petrofarm D-3, Nevsky pr. 22-24, Щ Nevsky pr., tel. 314 54 0 1. • Open 24hrs. EXPAT 59 A meri can Medi c al С linic &Hospital 24 HOURS A DAY 365 DAYS A YEAR LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY CENTER ^ ^ ^ AMBULANCE & MEDICAL - * — TRANSPORTATION CHEST PAIN CENTER DIAGNOSTICS & LABORATORY INTENSIVE CARE UNIT PAIN MANAGEMENT CENTER 740 20! )
MULTILINGUAL STAFF INSURANCE BILLING In the heart of the city at I 78 Moika Embankment Religious services Angl i can Chaplaincy, St. Catheri na Church D-3, Ul. Malaya Konyushennaya 1-3, Щ Nevsky pr., tel. 57120 81, Sunday services, at HOO (English). Roman Cathol i c Parish, Church of St. Catheri ne of Alexandria D-3, Nevsky pr. 32-34, (MJNevsky pr., tel. 571 66 19, Daily services 08:30,19:00 (Russian); Sat 20O0 (Spanish); Sun 09:30 (English). St. Mi chael's Lutheran Church C-3, vo, Sredny pr. 11, (MjVasileostrovskaya, tel. 323 3317, St. Petri Congregat i on ( Ger man Lutheran Prot­
est ant ), St. Peter's Church D-3, Nevsky pr. 22-24, (MJNevsky pr., tel. 312 07 98. Services Thurs, Fri 17O0, Sun 10:30. The Sha'arei Shal om Progressive Jewish Commu­
nity C-2,7-aya Liniya 34, office 19N, (MjVasileostrovskaya, tel. 3252432, Shab-
bat Services Friday 19O0. YESOD Jewish Communi ty Home Bolshaya Raznoch-
innaya 25a, (MJChkalovskaya, tel. 449 58 85, esod.spb. ru. Shabbat services Friday 19:30. • Open 10:00 - 21:00. Closed Sat. Schools Ameri can Montessori Preschool tel. 356 34 46. Anglo-American School Ul. Penkovaya 5, tel. 325 62 47. Anglo-Russian Preschool (for ages 4 - 6) E-3, Ul. Zhukovskogo 39, M PI. Vosstaniya. P'ti t Cref Pre-school D-4, Malodetskoselsky pr. 24, (MjTeknologichesky In., tel. 712 63 27, Unique three-language (English, French and Russian) pre-school for ages 2-6. June 2 0 0 7 1^^^ШШШШШШвШШШВ^ во INTERVIEW METRO MAP 61 Jean-Luc Hildebrand is the Swiss half of the Swiss-Austrian partnership responsible for one of St. Petersburg's first European style restaurants, La Strada. How did it all get started? In Your Pocket stopped by the pizzeria under the atriumforachat. When did you move to St. Petersburg? I came to live permanently in January 1995. I'd visited a few times in the year before, I came with my brother to visit the first time in July 94. From morning to evening we just had fun for ten days and we had a look at what was going on. What had you been doing before you came here? I had been a teacher in Switzerland, and I had also studied hotel management in Lucerne and studiedfor a Swiss diploma in Marketing. And what really brought you here? Girls and money. For sure. And 90 percent of people staying here are here for the girls or the money. And if they don't, they're either lying or... they've lost themselves somewhere. Really, it's all my partner's fault. He moved here in 1991 and he kept saying to me that I had to come. He said, you have to see these people, they're all crazy. They eat ice-cream in minus 30! They keep their money in plastic bags, sure they all have guns but it's nice. And you will meet a Russian girl. But I said, Forget about it, I will not freeze my arse off in Russia! And now you have been here for how long? Twelve years! When did you have the idea to start a restaurant here? I was already looking for somewhere to start something. My partner said we could build anything in Russia. We looked around. There was less than ten restaurants, ten European style restaurants, you had the five star hotels, and afew others but that was all. But they were all full. Full of businessmen, well more bandits than businessmen with their plastic bags filled with money. It was always a particular kind of plastic bag, so you knew what was in it. It was a wild world. So on the plane backfrom Russia, I said to my brother that I will sell everything and move to Russia and start a restaurant. And when did La Strada open? In March we had our ten year anniversary, so we opened March 1997. At that stage you couldn't have 100 percent foreign owned company, so we started with 78 percent Swiss and 22 Russian. We found this spot, really it was a yard. Just a yard. We were sitting here, there was a guy selling beer and chips, it was raining and we thought, naturally, it would perfect to put a roof over this. Why can't we close this roof and have a summer cafe. And that's how it really started. Sweet Swiss Style Describe yourself in three words Humourous, honest and optimistic What are your favourite foods? Pasta and meat. All sorts but not sausage. What's your favourite place in St. Petersburg? My favourite place here is on my dacha, 150kms out of the city, on the bank of the river Luga. If you weren't living here, where would you live? The South. Where there's sun. Somewhere in a higher place, I'd like to have some sun. Why La Strada? Why a pizzeria? Well I love pasta, and actually it has the biggest profit margin of all restaurants, pizzerias and Chinese restaurants. They make the most profit. Can you tell us about what other ventures you are involved with? I have another company with my other partner, Swiss Construction. We make Swiss style houses in our own factory here, 80kms from the city. We sell twenty percent to the Russian market and eighty percent we export to Ireland. France and San Salvador, Switzerland. They're typical Swiss chalet houses. Would you describe yourself as a typical Swiss? No! I wouldn't be here if I was. The Swiss are famous for their efficient service, that's why our company is called Swiss Construction. I am starting another company, Swiss Facade that will be completely Swiss. We will make all kinds of facades and coatings, for houses, shops, outside and inside. What's your advice for people starting a business now? Don't start a business now. Only if you know your business so well, that it is a niche market but don't start. You might start a consultancy because you do still have the potential here in St. Petersburg but you would need serious backing. Now in Russia, you have the same costs as you have in Europe but you have higher risks. And you have to look after your connections, that's what Russia is about. What do you like to do in your free time? Free time? I have no free time! No, seriously, I like to spend time on my dacha. What do you think has kept you here for so long? Obviously, my family. I married a Russian and we have two children, a daughter who is 8 and a son, 7. And we have invested so much here that it is difficult to walk away. Also you can do anything here and no one worries about it. If I see Russians behaving badly, I might not like it but no one will pull you up on your behaviour here or hold it against you. And lastly but definitely not least, what's your favourite type of Swiss cheese? Gruyere and Appenzeller. You can get good gruyere here but Appenzeller, unfortunately, you can't buy here. St. Petersburg In Your Pocket Metallostroy 621 NEVSKY PROSPEKT MAP VExciting tours of the Neva and Finish Gulf M , ^ ^ 1 Services: Bar, restaurant, barbeque "' > Music and entertainment _ Щ VIP lounge ;.' Admiralteyskaya nab. 2. (Palace bridge, next to Lion stairs} For information and reservations, call 320 77 86 What's in a name It was only in the 1760's that Nevsky Prospekt got it's current name. With Peter the Great still alive it was known as the Big Prospekt, after his death it became Neva Prospekt. The communists on their part, knownfortheir stunning renaming of many historical addresses and buildings, decided to name the famous thoroughfare after the revolution: the 25th of October Avenue. This last name luckily never came through. Advertise on this map! Call: (+7 812)326 4617 NEVSKY PROSPEKT MAP oneeun 'Шг&т& Г'оШ ll.lskusstvsqr., ЙйШ1 Phone:+7(812) 570 00 58 "Foff Fax:+7(812)3156339 •тИИ E-mail: iti Some of its landmarks: the Admiralty, Stroganov Palace, Dutch Church, Kazan Cathedral, Philarmony, Gostiny Dvor, National Library, Yeliseyev Grocery shop, Aleksandrinsky Theatre, Anichkov Palace and Bridge, the Beloselski-
Belozerksi Palace, Moscow Station and the Vosstaniya Square. ^4 Pi Nevsky pr. 54 Nevsky pr. 108 Moskovskiy pr. Hereditary Seautyl ^ FURS & Щ LEATHER tel. (812) 571-37-00 tel.(812) 273 48 48 19 tel. (812) 323-96-85 MAYAKOVSKAYA Cars, boats and wolves The most famous street of Russia was not always a thoroughfare for buses, taxis and automobiles. After it was laid down through forest lands and swamps in the beginning of the 18th century, many years wolves used to wander here. Boats were able to float right on Nevsky twice during its history, when the city floods occurred in 1721 and 1777. St. Petersburg In Your Pocket Offering an entire range of music on compact disc and exotic Oriental goods. ЕЯ Is IICA1LASI |M| Ploshchad Vosstania. 10. Pushkinskaya ul 150m from Moscow station tel 320 9147 Open 11:00-21:00, sun. 11:00- 18:00 June 2007 >\&ф^] ?-Mar#ES*K"':45*BulWtot V, О ) * СА ?Э 2'J SAKHARNY РЕВ *»#"' Ф VQENtfYKHT » fill-
T^MEDIKOV в? + hi]", Згвд&О ** ™><^ i « -v.,^$L. FINTrSlb.PR.- д Jl_^Ur^Jr 3-mSMOLSKYM г й Й Й * \& ^ SampsoniBIsM ММА+ ^. /ЯКУШЮСУ STATIC»' tf.fiw» Ji i MMA ' "*" .«? # A> ^ M fi SUVOR^ VSKAY A^ „ ^—°§ ^» J ^ S l? "»"Ti ^ Л v Sumnkr g S Wf ^FURSttTATSISAYA l i - S -,, m. i fff fS ^ t A —%G"^ 111 я * ™ S;^ « V ^ - f U ^ ^ R e i o n a l '5 u i > <S1° ""' 1-
«.. LENINA 'J .... ARSENALH^ NEVA musf NAB. :°ROBE < i amjft, tfe) V /*% 4, «%. PI KALININA A/.Jtaiww 4 v3 % *'*, <4 Ы OH.HNAYA ^ F fc4 ^AKHARYEVSKAYA №. Ш F SAPORNf > «| 4 S s К В 'l Ej ^NSKY „BASKOVSPEREULOK*^. UL. „gj NEKRASOVAs., IF'ORNY PERT ; до S F gi oVENSKY. PER. в*" -° т£ a -
" UL. ZHUKOVSKOGO, ... » S. . ШУАШЯШАa; C)( » ^//т ш' AntchRbv О ,<§y VLADIMIR _4 a"to № г ¥ №« j£uifl DOBTOYEVSKAYA' !l%; P^ULC Wmfljp, yfff * -яГ IP'S a "SHPALERNAYAgUUTSA Tavncfwsky "^ f i 5 D 3 fttiir ! ® S oalWCTSKAVA^ 3RASTHELLI PLU Institute TAR&"""" 5 SMOLNYY PR. ~^ Ukraine 4 W UUTSA x ^ S ••• %f l t r ^ Ukraine Цо^ District Hospital v • Sain^r Nicholas И Oufntal - 2 ^ 4%S , -« ULITSA Щ\ i: flu ^ ^ t ^ •£ ^ •^5- % §im. (VMi f Anul oj o VCeSTANIYA-;^ J f t O ^ *"^ f a. ^ А2егВа1)ап^ а/ я 2 8 - 1;', •4IYA •"s. :•'=£ »*** '%, Ъ Most ©A •^ д gi'"""1"^ PL08CHA0 ALEXANDRA NEVSKOOO^ % + * '« « А Д' ... gBot ki n HohfrimtiCathedrar" \ДЦ*в)г У "*~ AlexanderNevsicy ""' FOREIGN REPRESENTATIONS Armenia C/D-3, I I I. Dekabristov 22, ap. 13, (MjSennaya pi., tel. 717 72 36. Australia E-3, Italyanskaya ul. 1, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 325 73 33. Austria E-2, Furshtatskaya ul. 4 3, (Mj Cherni shevskaya, t el. 275 05 02. Azerbai j an E-4, Ligovsky pr., 49, 'M Ligovsky prospect, t el. 717 29 44. Bangladesh C-3, VO, 3rd Line 8, (Mj Vasi l eostrovskaya, t el. 328 55 38. Belarus F-2, Bonch-Bruevicha ul. ЗА, [MChernyshevskaya. tel. 273 4164. Brazi l 6t h Verkhny Pereul ok 3, M Pr. Prosveshcheniya, tel. 703 74 58. Bulgaria E-3, Ul. Ryleeva 27, (MjChernishevskaya, t el. 273 4018. Cuba A-3, Ul. Nakhi mova 7, building 2, office 67, [MjPrimor-
skaya, tel. 356 37 27. Cyprus E-2, Furshtatskaya ul. 27, Mj Cherni shevskaya. t el. 380 78 00. Czech Republic F-2, Tverskaya ul. 5, (MjChernishevskaya, tel. 2714612. Denmar k Bol shaya al. 1 3, (MjChernaya Rechka, tel. 703 39 00. Estonia D-2, Bolshaya Monet-
naya ul. 14, (MjGorkovskaya, tel. 702 09 20. Finland E-2, Preobrazhenskaya pi. 4, (MjChernishevskaya, tel. 331 76 00. France D-3, Nab. reky Moiky 15, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 332 22 70. Georgi a E-3, Nevsky pr. 65, 7t h fl oor, (MjNevsky pr., t el. 318 47 32. Germany E-2, Furshtatskaya ul. 39, (Mj Cherni shevskaya, t el. 320 24 00. Greece E-2, Pr. Chernyshevsk-
ogo 17, (MiChernyshevskaya, tel. 334 35 86. Hungary E-3, Ul. Mar at a 15, (MJMayakovskaya, tel. 312 64 58. China C-4, Nab. кап. Griboedova 134, (MjSennaya pi., tel. 714 76 70. STREET REGISTER Aleksandra Nevskogo Aleksandra Nevskogo Aleksandra Bloka ul. Angliskaya nab. Antonenko per. Arsenalnaya nab. Baskov per. Batareinaya dor. Blokhina ul. (PS) Bol.Konyushennaya ul Bol. Zelenina ul. Bolshaya Morskaya ul Bolshoy Kazachy per. Bolshoy pr. (PS) Bolshoy pr. (VO) Boytsova per. Bronnitskaya ul. Chaykovskogo ul. Dekabristov pi. Dekabristov ul. Dobrolyubova pr. (PS) Dostoevskogo ul. Dumskaya ul. Dvortsovaya nab. Dvortsovaya pi. Efimova ul. pi. F-3 ul. F-3 C-4 C-3 C-3 E-2 E-3 A/B-l C/D-2 D-3 C-l/2 D-3 D-4 C/D-2 B/C-3 D-4 D-4 E-2 D-3 C-4/D-3 C/D-2 D-3 D-3 D-2/3 D-3 D-3/4 Fontanki reki nab. D-4/E-2/3 Furshtatskaya ul. Gagarinskaya ul. Galernaya ul. Glinki ul. Gorokhovaya ul. Grafsky per. Griboedova kan. nab. Inzhenernaya ul. Isaakievskaya pi. Iskusstv pi. E-2 E-2 C/D-3 D-4 D-3 E-3 D-3/4 E/D-3 D-3 E-3 Italyanskaya ul. Izmaylovsky pr. Kaluzhsky per. E/D-3 D-4 F-2 Kanal Griboedova D-3/E-3/4 Kamennoostrovsky pr. Karavannaya ul. Karpovky nab. reky Kazanskaya pi. Kirochnaya ul. Kirpichny per. Konnogvardeysky bul. Korablestroitely ul. D-l/2 E-3 D-l D-3 E/F-2 D-3 C/D-3 A-2/3 Krasnoarmeyskaya 1-ya ul.D-4 Krasnogo Tekstilshchika F-3 Krestovsky pr. Kronverksky pr. (PS) Krykova kanala nab. Kutuzova nab. E Kuybysheva ul. (PS) Kuznechny per. Lenina pi. Lermontovsky pr. B/C-2 D-2 C/D-4 -2/D-l D-2 E-3 E-2 C-4 Leytenanta Shmidta nab. C-3 Ligovsky pr. Liteiny pr. Lomonosova ul. Lva Tostogo pi. Makarova nab. Mai. Konyushennaya ul. Mai. Morskaya ul. E-3/4 E-2/3 E-3 D-l C-2 D-3 D-3 Mai. Posadskaya ul. (PS) D-2 Malaya Sadovaya ul. Malodetskoselsky pr. C-3 D-4 Maly pr. (VO) B-3/C-2/3 Manezhnaya pi. Marata ul. Marsovo Pole E-3 E-3/4 D-2/3 Iceland Ul. Telmana 24, (MjLo-
monosovkaya, tel. 326 85 80. India E-3, Ul. Ryleeva 35, (MjCher­
nishevskaya, tel. 2 7 2 1 9 88. Israel F-2, Ul. Tverskaya 8b, MiChernyshevskaya. t el. 2 7 2 78 87. Italy D-4, Teatral naya pi. 10, (MjSennaya pi., tel. 312 3 2 1 7. Japan D-3, Nab. reky Moiky 29, (MjNevsky pr., tel. 3 1 4 1 4 34. Latvia C-3, VO, 10t h Liny 1 1, (MjVasileostrovskaya, tel. 327 60 54. Lithuania E-3, Ul. Ryleeva 37, (MjChernishevskaya, t el. 3 2 7 3 1 6 7. Luxemburg E-3, Nevsky pr. 58, (MJGostiny Dvor, t el. 718 34 50. Mal ta D-4, UI.8 Krasnoarmeis-
kay, 6A /5, (MjTekhnologiches-
kiy inst., tel. 449 47 80. Monako C-3, Angliiskaya nab. 42, M Nevsky pr., tel. 312 53 96. Net herl ands D-3, Nab. reky Moi ky 1 1, (MjNevsky pr., t el. 334 02 00. Mayakovskogo ul. Medikov pr. Mikhaylova ul. Millionnaya ul. Moskovsky pr. Mokhovaya ul. Morskoy pr. Moyki reki nab. Mytninskaya nab. (PS) Nakhimova ul. Nalichnaya ul. Nekrasova ul. E-3 D-l E-2 D-3 D-4 E-2/3 B/C-l C/D-3 D-2 A/B-3 A/B-3 E-3 Nevsky pr. D/E/F-3 Novosmolenskaya nab A-2 Obvodnogo D/E/F-4 Odoyevskogo ul. Ostrovskogo pi. Perekupnoy per Pestelya ul. Petrovskaya nab. (PS) Pirogovskaya nab. Podezdnoy per. Pochtamtskaya ul. Potemkinskaya ul. Pravdy ul. Professora Popova ul. B-2 E-3 F-3 E-3 D-2 D-l E-4 D-2 F-2 E-4 C-l/2 Proletarskoy Diktatury pi. F-2 Pskovskaya ul. Pushkinskaya ul. Razezzhaya ul. C-4 E-3 E-3/4 Rimskogo-Korsakova pr. C/D-4 Rizhsky pr. Rubinshteina ul. Ryleeva ul. C-4 E-3 E-3 Sadovaya ul. D-3/4.E-4, C-4 Sennaya pi. Shpalernaya ul. D-3 F-2 Norway D-3, Nevsky pr. 25, MjNevsky pr., tel. 336 64 20. Philippines C-3, VO, Bolshoy pr. 9/6, (MjVasileostrovskaya, tel. 3 2 6 1 3 55. Poland F-3, 5th Sovetskaya ul. 1 2/1 4, (MjPI. Vosstaniya, t el. 336 3 1 4 1. Republic Korea E-3, ul Nekra­
sova, (MjChernishevskaya. tel. 4 4 8 1 9 09. Slovakia Ul. Orobely 21/2, (M)Pi-
onerskaya. tel. 294 36 66. Sweden D-3, Malaya Konyushen­
naya ul. 1-3. (MjNevsky pr., tel. 3 2 9 1 4 30. Switzerland E-3, UL Marata 1 1, (MJMayakovskaya, tel. 327 08 17. Thailand C-3, VO, Bolshoy pr. 9/6, MjVasileostrovskaya. tel. 3 2 5 6 2 71. Ukraine F-2, Ul. Bonch-Brunevicha 1 V, (MjChernishevskaya, tel. 2 7 1 1 4 02. United Kingdom F-2, PI. Proletar­
skoy Diktatury 5, (MjChernishevs-
kaya, tel. 320 32 00. USA E-2, Ul. Furshtatskaya 15, (MjChernishevskaya, t el. 3 3 1 26 00. Sovetskaya 3-ya ul. Sovetskaya 5-ya ul. Sredny prosp. Suvorovsky pr. Tavricheskaya ul. Teatralnaya pi. Transportny per. Truda pi. Tsentralnaya pi. Tuchkov per. Tverskaya ul. Uralskaya ul. Vitebskaya ul. Vladimirsky pr. Vosstanya pi. Voznesensky pr. Yuzhnaya dor. F-3 F-3 B/C-3 F-2/3 F-2/3 C/D-3 E-4 C-3 B-l C-2/3 F-2 B-2 C-4 E-3 E-3 D-3/4 A-l Zagorodny pr. E-3/E/D-4 Zhdanovskaya ul. Zverisnksya ul. Zhukovskogo ul. 2-3 linii (VO) 4-5 linii (VO) 6-7 linii (VO) PS-Pet rogradSde VO-Vasilevsky Island Ul. - Ul i t sa- Street Per. - Pereutok - Lane Pr. - Prospekt - Prospect Sq. - Ptoschad - Square Li - Liniya - Line Dor. - Doroga - Road Bd. -Bulvar - Boulevard Al.-Al l eya-Al ey Rek.-Reka/i -Ri ver C-2 C-2 E-3 C-2/3 C-2/3 C-2/3 Nab. - Naberezhnava - Embankment hours JAGE: relaxing erotic Swedish Thai-massag SAUNA: j soap-massag peeling-massl massage wit? honev or 5 Nevsky st. 98, 3 floor tel. (812) 273-98-18 tel. (812) 273-98-38 St. Petersburg In Your Pocket 
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