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Days of military glory of Russia

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Days of military glory
of Russia
Salodkina Evgenia
January 27 Day of destruction of the blockade of Leningrad (1944)
900 days and nights continued battle for Leningrad -
141 from July 10 till August 9, 1944 In January 1943, the blockade was lifted on a narrow section, and January 27, 1944 -
eliminated completely.
December 22, 1942 was established a medal "For the Defense of Leningrad".
February 2nd Day of defeat Soviet troops Nazi forces at Stalingrad (1943)
Lasted 200 days and nights. Defensive operations were conducted from July 17 to November 18, 1942 Offensive -
from 19 November 1942 to 2 February 1943 the fascist bloc has lost more than 1.5 million people.
December 22, 1942 was established a medal "For the defense of Stalingrad."
February 23 Day of Red Army's victory over the troops of the Kaiser of Germany (1918) -
Day of Defenders of the Motherland
Many pages of the long history of Russia is connected with the victories of the Russian army. Defenders of the Motherland always insurmountable wall stood on the path of enemies of our land. That is why the soldiers at all times enjoyed special honor among Russians. The modern tradition of honoring the armed defenders of the motherland February 23 back to a February day in 1918 when a young Red Army troops stubbornly resisted Imperial Germany at Pskov and Narva.
April 18th Victory Day of Russian soldiers of Alexander Nevsky over the German knights on Lake Peipus (Battle on the Ice, 1242)
The battle took place on 5 (11) April 1242 ended with the complete defeat of the Crusaders. Killed more than 500 knights and "countless" other troops, captured 50 "deliberately governor," ie, noble knights. July 29, 1942 was established by the Order of Alexander Nevsky.
May 9 Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 -
1945 (1945)
1418 days and nights went on the Great Patriotic War. May 8, 1945 in Karlhorst signed unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany.
May 9 was Victory Day, the great festival of all mankind.
The day of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War (1941)
July 10th Victory of the Russian army under the command of Peter I of the Swedes in the Battle of Poltava (1709)
On 27 June (
July 8
1709 Peter I had 42 thousand people at 102 guns, Karl XII -
35 thousand at 32 guns. Swedish king has lost more than 9 thousand people killed and 19 thousand prisoners. Loss of the Russian army amounted to 4635 people.
The glory of the victory at Poltava was established Medal "Battle of Poltava".
August 9th day of the first in the history of the Russian naval victory of the Russian fleet, under the command of Peter I of the Swedes at Cape Gangut (1714)
Held July 26 -
27 (6 -
7 August) 1714 Swedes lost 10 ships armed with 116 guns, 711 men killed and wounded. All the survivors were captured. Russian casualties -
456 people.
All the participants of the battle were awarded medals in honor of the Battle of Gangut.
August 23rd Day of defeat Soviet troops German troops in the Battle of Kursk (1943)
Lasted 50 days, from July 5 to August 23 1943, the Wehrmacht had lost over 500 thousand, 1.5 thousand tanks, more than 3.7 thousand aircraft, three thousand guns
In Prokhorovka field erected Victory Monument.
September 8 -
Day of the Battle of Borodino the Russian army under the command of M. Kutuzov with the French army (1812).
Began at dawn on August 26 (September 7), 1812, the French Army had reached 130 -
135 thousand people and 587 guns, Russian -
120 thousand people and 640 guns. The French lost more than
58 thousand people, the Russian army -
44 thousand.
July 29, 1942 was established the Order of Kutuzov I and II levels, and February 8, 1943 –
Order of Kutuzov III degree.
September 11 -
Victory of the Russian squadron under the command of
Ushakov over the Turkish fleet at Cape Tendra (1790).
Was held on 28 -
29 (8 -
9 September) 1790
Loss Turks were more than 2 thousand people, including more than 700 prisoners, and the admiral's ship "Captain", 2 battleships and several small boats. Russian lost 21 men killed and 25 wounded.
March 3, 1944 was established the Order of Ushakov of two degrees.
September 21 Victory of the Russian regiments led by Grand Prince Dmitry Donskoy over the Mongol
Tatar forces in the Battle of Kulikovo (1380)
On 8 (16) September 1380
Army Mamai had 150 thousand people. Russian Army lost about half of the soldiers, but the Horde losses were much higher.
In place of the battle in the middle of the XIX century was installed a memorial pillar.
November 4 -
National Unity Day.
Unity Day is set to commemorate the liberation of Moscow militia forces under the leadership of Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky from Polish invaders in 1612.
November 7 -
The day of the military parade on the Red Square in Moscow to mark the 24th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution (1941).
Some of the troops from the parade headed straight to the front, which was held from 70 -
100 km from the capital. Unprecedented in the history of the military parade had a great moral effect on the defenders of Moscow and the Soviet people.
May 1, 1944 was established a medal "For the defense of Moscow."
December 1st Victory of the Russian squadron under the command of PS Nakhimov over the Turkish fleet at Cape Sinop (1853)
It was a 18 (30) November 1853. Turkish squadron of 16 ships with 476 guns. Nakhimov squadron had 8 ships with 720 guns. The enemy lost 15 ships and more than three thousand people. Russian the loss amounted to 37 killed and 235 wounded. Russian fleet did not lose a single ship.
March 3, 1944 was established the Order of Nakhimov two degrees.
December 5 -
Day start counter
offensive against the German -
Nazi troops in the Battle of Moscow (1941).
Lasted from September 30, 1941 to April 20, 1942. The enemy lost over 500 thousand soldiers, 1.3 thousand tanks, 2.5 thousand guns and a lot of other military equipment.
In the battle of Moscow clearly manifested leadership talent Georgy Zhukov, in honor of which established the Order of Zhukov.
December 24 -
Day of taking the Turkish fortress of Izmail Russian troops under the command of Alexander Suvorov (1790).
The assault took place on 11 (22) December 1790. Garrison consisted of 35 thousand people and 265 guns. Russian Army had 31 thousand people and 500 guns. The Turks lost 26 thousand people were killed and nine thousand prisoners. The loss of the Russian army were killed 1815 and wounded -
July 29, 1942 was established the Order of Suvorov of three degrees.
In all ages, heroism, courage, soldiers of Russia, the power and glory of Russian arms have been an integral part of the greatness of the Russian state. Days of military glory of Russia are the days of glorious victories, which played a decisive role in the history of Russia. Russian troops have earned themselves the honor and respect of contemporaries and grateful
memory of posterity.
We remember -
we are proud!
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