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Тестовые задания к текущему контролю
1. Write the styles you know.
2.Use the most appropriate tenseand voice forms. Define the substyle.
Teeth (singular tooth) 1 ( be) small whitish structures found in the jaws (or
mouths) of many vertebrates that 2 (use) to tear, scrape, and chew food. The
bottom teeth are used more for the grinding of food and the top front teeth are
mainly used for biting. The roots of teeth 3 (cover) by gums. Teeth 4 (not make) of
bone, but of tissues of varying density and hardness.
1) Что изучает стилистика? 2) Какие различают виды стилистики? 3) Чем
отличаются друг от друга стилистика языка и стилистика речи? 4) Какие
стили текста выделяются? 5) Какие существуют наиболее важные признаки,
которые отличают каждый стиль? 6) Какие признаки научного текста? 7)
Какие различают подстили научного текста?
1. Complete.
1)Научный стиль характерен для текстов, предназначенных для ___.
2) Глаголы с предлогом в страдательном залоге ___.
3) Сослагательное наклонение переводится ___.
1) A cutaneous condition characterized by multiple papillary or sessile areas of the
oral mucosa and white to pinkish papules that occur diffusely in the oral cavity. It
is caused by the human papilloma virus types 13 and 32.
2)Gingival Cyst is a small superficial cyst which is found in the alveolar mucosa,
and as the name suggests it does not involve the alveolar bone. Gingival cysts are
of 2 types: Gingival (Alveolar) Cyst of Newborn and Gingival cyst of the Adult
3)Stick to a soft or liquid diet (milk, ice cream, mashed potatoes, pudding) the day
of and the day after a tooth extraction, gradually progressing to eating other easyto-chew foods. Chew with teeth that are far from the extraction site.
3. Choose the correct verb form.
1. Betty wrote/has written her test yesterday.
2. She was/has been to London four times.
3. I don't know this man. I never met/have met him.
4. We travel/have traveled to lots of countries.
5. Mrs. Green worked/has worked in the office for 25 years. And she is still
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