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Number GB401896A
EN Title Improvements in or relating to musical instruments
[Class 88 (ii).] In an electrical musical instrument such as a relay
pianoforte, wherein the mechanical vibrations of strings, plates,
rods, or the like are electro-magnetically or electro-statically
converted into oscillating currents, the receiving element, for
instance the electromagnet 5, Fig.
1, which cooperates with the vibrating members such as the string 3,
is resiliently mounted on a non-magnetic plate 6 adjustable by a nut
13 against a spring 11 surrounding a pin 10.
In Fig.
3 (not shown), an electrostatic plate is revoluble on a bearing and
adjusted similarly by a nut against spring action.
Specification 393,612 is referred to.
' 7: r J
Convention Date (Germany): Dec 7, 1931.
401,896 Application Date (in Unted Kingdom): Dec 7, 1932 No 34,621/32.
ii Complete Accepted: Nov23, 1933.
Improvements in or relating to 1 husical Instruments.
APH Ii LIB b, a xelman Com 1 pany, of i LZ, i Laliescne S U ter,
Berlin, S a 11, Germany, uo herelby declare the nature of tais
invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, to be
particularly described and ascertained in and by the following
relates to musical instruments and is
particularly applicable to relay instruments such as relay pianofortes
in which the mechanical vibrations of strings, plates, rods or the
like control electrostatically or magnetically an electric circuit
transmitting the sound vibrations The arrangement is more particularly
applicable to electric musical instruments, in which vibrating strings
are arranged in front of magnets in the coils of which electrical
impulses are produced corresponding to the vibrations of the strings
as in Patent No 393,612.
In such musical instruments it has now been found that it is extremely
difficult when employing fixed receiving devices such as magnets to
select the tension and thickness of the string so that the musical
pitch has the correct value, and so that with a touch of the same
strength, an equal volume of sound is obtained.
Trifling variations in the tension of the strings cause both a
variation in the musical pitch as well as in the volume of sound, so
that in the dynamic adaptation of the instrument Iby variation of the
which entails an alteration of the amplitude of the
vibrations with a constant energy of touch and thus a variation of the
volume of sound, the pitch is simultaneously also varied, whereby, if
necessary, an alteration in the gauge of the wire or a covering or
coating of the strings with additional masses is necessary in order to
obtain a desired volume of sound and musical pitch.
In addition to the variation obtained by varying the tension and the
material of the strings or the percussion means, a variation in the
volume of sound whilst the Pitch remains the same is obtained in a
manner according to this invention in electric musical
instruments of rplice 11-3 rc' 4 S 4 i the kind mentioned, by varying
the distance or spacing of the receiving 55 devices (for example
magnets) from the vi Drating elements, the arrangement being such that
a receiving element, adjustable inl its position so that the spacing
between a receiving element and its 60 vibrating element can be
varied, is resiliently mounted.
In relay pianofortes with magnetic control, the adjustment is effected
preferalbly by arranging the magnets on a 65 plate of hard paper,
wood, non-magnetic metal or the like This plate can be screwed up or
down, so that in this way the distance between the vibrating element
and the magnet system, and thus the 70 sound volume or strength, can
be adjusted in a simple manner.
example of construction of the invention is shown in the
accompanying drawings 75 Figure 1 shows in principle the arrangement
of the magnet system above the strings On the cast frame 1 is
stretched the string 3, the tension of which can be varied 80 The
magnet system 5 is secured by means of angles 9 to the plate 6 which
consists of non-magnetic material such as brass, hard paper, wood, or
the like The pole-shoes are denoted by 7 and the coils 85 by 8 The
securing of the system is effected in the manner shown in Fig 1 by
means of the arrangement shown more clearly in Fig 2.
Two or three pins 10 screwed into the 90 cast frame 1 each pass
through a helical spring 11, which presses by means of a guide bush 12
against the disc 6 carrying the magnet system The nut 13 permits exact
adjustment of the distance of the 95 magnet poles from the strings At
the fbottom of the threaded pin 10 a guide collar 14 is provided for
the helical spring 11, which collar, like the guide bush 12, prevents
of the system 100 Figure 3 shows another example of
construction of the invention in which the arrangement of a musical
instrument working on the electrostatic principle is shown Opposite
the plate 15 the vibrat 105 ing elements (strings, tongues or the like
w am 1 h i 1 1 1 3) are arranged, by the movement of which electrical
impulses are produced similarly as in an electrostatic microphone In
order to be able to adjust the desired sound volume in a simple
manner, the plate 15 is arranged so as to be -revoluble about the
bearing 16, and adjustable against a spring by means of a nut 17
similar to the construction shown in Fig 2.
Having now particularly described a-nd ascertained the nature of our
said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, we
declare that what we
j 5 claim is:1 A musical instrument wherein mechanically vibrating elements control
magnetically or electrostatically an electric circuit transmitting the
sound vibrations and wherein the spacing of a vibrating element from a
electrostatically is variable, characterized by the feature that the
receiving element is resiliently mounted and is 25 adjustable in its
position against resilient action.
2 A musical instrument as claimed in claim 1, in which the resilient
mounting is effected by means of one or more helical 30 springs which
surround a guide pin or pins for the receiving element.
3 A musical instrument as claimed in claim 1, in which the receiving
element is arranged on a revolubly mounted lever 35 whose position is
wherein mechanically vibrating elements are
adapted to control or operate magnetic or electrostatic receiving
elements con 40 structed and arranged substantially as described with
reference to the accompanying drawings. Dated this 6th day of
December, 1932. W P THOMPSON and Co, 12, Church Street, Liverpool, 1,
Chartered and Registered Patent Agents. Redhill: Printed for s IS
Majesty's Stationery Office, by Love and Malcomson, Ltd -1938. 401,896
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