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By Lewis Carroll and Nastya Ovsyannikova

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 By Lewis Carroll and Nastya Ovsyannikova
Alice, the little beauty, decides to go on a trip to a beautiful valley. There she plays the whole day. When she is tired, she falls asleep. All of a sudden, Alice sees a rabbit running. He is carrying a big watch in his hand.
"He is smartly dressed. I think he is going to a party. Let me follow him," says Alice to herself. Alice follows the rabbit. Then, they reach a tree with a big hole in it. The rabbit enters into that hole. Alice follows him into the hole. As soon as she steps in, she begins falling down deep. Suddenly Alice stops falling down and she sees there are many very little boys and girls. It is a very strange place where there are a lot of flying cars and animals.
"Where am I and who are you?" asks Alice. "We are gnomes and we live here. It is our planet "Arbuzik", say small creatures. "You are so tall," they cry. "Where are you from?" "I am from the Earth." answers Alice. At this moment she notices a very nice girl. This girl arrives in the flying car. Her skin is white and hair is black. This girl is tall as Alice but her green dress is very beautiful.
"Good Day!" says the girl. "I am Snow White, I live here with my friends."
"What are you doing here?" asks Snow White.
"I travel alone and want to make new friends," says Alice.
"We invite you to live with us," says Snow White. Snow White and Alice spend all days together. They fly by cars in the different places of the planet "Arbuzik". Alice thinks that it is the really water-melon with many small green houses, strange red forests and animals. Alice notices that the gnomes are very hardworking, they work in the gardens the whole day and grow tasty water-melon.
One day they visit a café. It is like the water-melon too. Here there are a lot of gnomes. They gather after their working day. They sing songs, eat strange food. Alice and Snow White want to eat an ice-cream. Alice is surprised that this ice-cream has a form as the water-melon. It is very tasty. Once Alice walks and sees a grey castle. "Who lives there?" asks Alice. Snow White tells that in this castle lives a very bad gnome. He doesn`t play and walk with us, he doesn`t help us in the gardens. He always was angry.
Alice decides to visit him. She comes into the castle, looks around and sees very comfortable rooms.
"Welcome, my dear"! Explains the gnome. "He is not so angry", thinks Alice. The gnome begins to tell the story about his life. "It was so long when I was a child. I dreamt about visiting other planets but my friends laughed at me. They stopped to come to me, to play with me and I stayed alone. I built this castle for myself."
Alice feels that she was very tired and begins to sleep, thinking about her new friends.
At this moment she is falling down. She sees the running rabbit again. Alice cries "Wait me, please"! She opens her глаза and finds herself in the place where she plays every day. She is happy because she has a dream only.
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