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Закрепление и систематизация лексического материала по теме Home

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Учитель английского языка Кулакова Анастасия Александровна
Цель урока: Закрепление и систематизация лексического материала по теме "Home".
Образовательные задачи:
1. Активизировать употребление лексики по теме.
2. Развивать навыки учащихся в таких видах речевой деятельности, как в говорении, аудировании.
3. Развивающие задачи:
1. Развивать мышление, память, логику учащихся.
Воспитательные задачи:
1. Развивать культуру общения на языке.
2. Развивать творческие способности учащихся.
* учебник;
* раздаточный материал;
* компьютер
Ход урока
1. Начало урока. Организационный момент. Teacher: Good morning, children! I'm glad to see you. 2. Фонетическая зарядка
Teacher: I want you to begin our lesson with tongue twister:
If you understand, say "understand".
If you don't understand, say "don't understand".
But if you understand and say "don't understand".
How do I understand that you understand? Understand!
Look at the blackboard, please. There are some proverbs in it. Let's read it.
There is no place like home. My home is my castle. East or West, home is best. Home, sweet home. "Men make houses, women make
What are these proverbs about? How do you think what we'll speak about, today?
You are right we'll speak about your home and about your favourite place at your home and you'll tell us about the room of your dream. But first let's play the game "Translator"
Translate me from Russian into English. You can use this table.
I like my home because-it is the place where I live-only at home I can relax and rest-it is a pleasant place to be-I can invite guests there-only at home I feel myself in safety-our home is our castle-I can do whatever I want there(учащиеся составляют ответы по таблице)
3.Развитие навыков аудирования.
Now let's listen a boy who wants to tell us about his bedroom.
Текст к видео уроку на английском языке на тему: "Моя комната" (My bedroom)
Hi, this is my bedroom. There is a rug on the floor. It is grey and I like it very much. There is a large bed in the room too. It is very comfortable.
There is a nightstand on the left of the bed and there's a lamp on it. I often use it, because I like to read before I fall asleep.
On the left of the nightstand there is a chest of drawers, where I keep my clothes. There are some pictures on my chest of drawers. They are some photos of me and my friends.
On the right of the chest of drawers and on the left of the nightstand there's a picture on the wall. There are several colourful flowers in a vase. I painted this picture myself at an art class, and that's why I keep it in my room.
There's a beige lamp on the ceiling of my bedroom. But I don't use it very often, because I like the lamp on the nightstand more.
I love my room, because it's a place where I can relax and stay in privacy for some time. In addition, it's very comfortable and I designed its interior myself. It's my favourite place in the house!
Let's check the text. Read please.
4 Минута отдыха на уроке. And now let us relax rest and sing all together an English song.
5. Основная часть урока. Teacher: Well, boy's favourite place is his bedroom. At home you had to prepare the description of your own room or room of your dream. (3-4 человека)
Pupils' possible answers:
Sure I have a favourite place in my flat. It is my room. etc.
- Do you have any questions? Teacher: Great. Other pupils will tell us about their room next lesson. 6.Подведение итогов урока.
Everybody was very active today, so I think I should give you only good and excellent marks. And I want you to work this way at every lesson. Now I teach you to write a poem. And you'll write the poem about our lesson. Look at the screen.
Big, light
Eating, clearing, playing
Children, cat, pupils, teacher
Writing, talking, reading
Friendly, beautiful
School Noun
2 adjectives
3 V ing
4 nouns (2+2)
3V ing
2 adjectives
Noun (opposite 1 noun)Our lesson is over, good - bye. You home task: ex. 12 p.141
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