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 YOKOGAWA • GA500 Refrigerant Gas Analyzer Operating Manual Functional Overview The Yokogawa GA500 Refrigerant Gas Analyzer is a simple to use diagnostic instrument designed to evaluate vapor gas samples taken directly from automotive refrigerant systems. The analyzer identifies and measures the purity of R134a, R12, and R22 refrigerants and indicates the percentage of air in the system. A flashing LED and an audible alarm also alert the user to the presence of any flammable hydrocarbons in the test sample. Additional LED indicators are provided to indicate recoverable concentrations of R134a and R12 refrigerants, and a separate LED indicates contaminated blends. A complete sample analysis is displayed in a LCD window and hard copy test results can be produced by connecting the analyzer to a compatible computer printer. CAUTIONS • Please read and understand this entire manual before attempting to operate or service the analyzer. • Observe common sense safety precautions and use eye protection when working with compressed gasses. • This instrument requires connection to the low side (vapor port) of an automotive refrigeration system. Under any circumstances DO NOT connect to the high side (liquid port) or contamination and damage to the analyzer may occur. • The analyzer has been calibrated for use with the supplied sample hose. Do not substitut e another hose for the one supplied with the unit. Substituting the hose could result in inaccurat e test results and may cause damage to the analyzer. • Use only power cables supplied with the analyzer. • Do not obstruct the air intake port or sample exhaust port. • Inspect the sample hose before each use to insure it is clean, clear of obstructions, and free of defects. • Turn off the automobile engine before connecting the sample hose to the analyzer. • When disconnecting the sample hose a small amount of pressurized gas will be vented. Avoid personal injury by pointing away from face and exposed skin. • Do not expose refrigerant samples to sparks, flames, or other ignition sources. Pictorial Schematic Sampl
e Hose Connector Printer Port LCD Display Window Green - R12 Recoverable Green - R134a Recoverable Yello
w - Contaminated Blend Flammable Hydrocarbon Indicator Sample Exhaust Port - Power Cable Connector Print/Mut
e Button Test Button Air Intake Port Filter Viewing Port Quick Operating Instructions 1. Select power source and connect appropriat e power cable. 2. Connect sample hose to analyzer and low side vapor port of refrigeratio
n system. 3. Fully depress test button to start test cycle. 4. Evaluate sample using LED indicators and LCD display. 5. Connect analyzer to printer and print test results if desired. Connectin g the Analyzer Connectin g Power Cabl e The analyzer operates on 12 volt DC current utilizing the battery clamp cable (YСA part # B9017LA), cigarette lighter adapter (YCA part # M1101VS), or an optional AG adapter (see replacement parts listing). When power is first connected the analyzer will turn on automatically, run through a brief self test procedure, and automatically calibrate the unique infrared sensor for accurate readings. The unit will first prompt the user to connect the sample hose. After a brief delay the unit will then display the prompt "READY TO TEST - DEPRESS BUTTON FULLY". Connectin g Gas Sample Hose The analyzer is supplied with a sample hose designed for direct connection to R12 systems, and an adapter for connection to R134a systems. To connect the sample hose to R12 systems, first push the small quick connect fitting onto the nipple protruding from the top of the analyzer. Then screw the fitting on the opposite end to the low side vapor port of the refrigeration unit. To connect the sample hose to R134a systems, first push the small quick connect fitting onto the nipple protruding from the top of the analyzer. Then screw the quick connect R134a adapter to the opposite end of the sample hose. Turn the knob to the left to retract the valve activating pin. Attach the adapter to the low side vapor port of the refrigeration unit and turn the knob to the full right position to open the port valve. Before disconnecting, return knob to the full left position to close the port valve. CAUTION Inspect the sample hose before each use to insure it is clean, clear of obstructions, and free of defects. If the hose is contaminated, clean following the instructions outlined in the maintenance section of this manual. The analyzer has been calibrated for use with the supplied sample hose. Substituting the hose will result in inaccurate test results and may cause damage to the analyzer. If the hose must be replaced use only (YСA part # M1107NC). Testing Procedur e Sampl e Testing Procedur e To begin the test procedure, fully depress the test button. It is important to depress the button fully because doing so mechanically draws fresh air into the analyzer, purges any residual gasses, and automatically calibrates the unit for accurate readings. A series of prompts will then appear in the display window indicating the test status. After approximately 15 seconds the analyzer will beep signaling the completion of the test. At this point the appropriate LEDs will illuminate and the actual test data will be displayed in the LCD window. See the following page for typical examples. If the sample hose has not been properly connected the user will be prompted to "CONNECT HOSE OR PRESS PRINT BUTTON". If the unit displays this prompt connect the sample hose as described in the previous section. Once the hose Has been connected the unit will display the prompt "READY TO TEST -
DEPRESS BUTTON FULLY". Press the button to resume the test. Insufficien t Pressur e Alert The analyzer is designed to operate with a system pressure of at least 9 psig. If the analyzer detects insufficient system pressure, the unit will beep and display the prompt "HOSE NOT CONNECTED - PRESS PRINT TO CONTINUE TEST". If you receive this prompt, check the hose connections. After a brief pause the analyzer will reset and again display the prompt "READY TO TEST - DEPRESS BUTTON FULLY". Press the test button again to start the test. If the unit displays the prompt "HOSE NOT CONNECTED - PRESS PRINT TO CONTINUE TEST" a second time, the system may be out of refrigerant or restricted in some manner. Press the PRINT/MUTE button to override the alert and continue the test. CAUTION Overriding the alert and continuing the test may produce inaccurate readings. Repeatin g Test Procedur e The test procedure can be repeated easily without disconnecting the sample hose. Simply depress the test button again if you wish to repeat the test. Typical Test Results Effects of Air on Test Readings The analyzer measures and displays the i percent purity of the refrigerant being tested, RECOVERABLE as well as the percent of air in the sample R134a = 100.0% HC = 0.0% being tested. Because air is not considered a R22 = 0.0% contaminant, the GA500 ignores its presence AIR = 1.0% in calculating gas concentrations. I Consequently, the total of all the displays may be greater than 100%. For example, the analyzer may display 98% refrigerant purity and 10% air. This means that there is 10% air in the system being tested. When processing the refrigerant in SAE certified recycling equipment, the air should be removed. Example 1 - Recoverable Concentrations of R12 or R134a If the percentage purity of R12 or R134a is 98% or greater, the corresponding LED will illuminate and the LCD display will indicate the sample percentages. Example 2 - Recoverable Concentrations with Excessive Air If the percentage purity of R12 or R134a is 98% or greater, but the percentage of air in the system exceeds 5%, the corresponding LED will blink and the LCD display will indicate the presence of excessive air. Example 3 - Contaminated Samples If the analyzer detects concentrations of R12 or R134a below the 98%, the "Contaminated" LED will illuminate and the LCD display will display the sample percentages. Example 4 - Flammable Hydrocarbons If the analyzer detects hydrocarbon concentrations greater than 2%, the "HC Hazard" LED will illuminate and the analyzer will alert the user with an intermittent beep. To turn off the alarm, press the Print/Mute button. Response to Blends This product was designed to comply to SAE J1771 which does not require the identification and analysis of the "SNAP" approved blends. It will, however, correctly identify new FR-12 (Frige) by displaying the percent purity of its constituents: R124, R134a and R600 (HC) with a ± 2% accuracy. As a new product this blend contains 39% R124, 59% R134a and 2% R600. During system use the percentage purity readings may change due to the blend's characteristics. The 2% R600 typically disappears. The manufacturer claims this does not affect system performance. As a result, however, readings of "used" refrigerant may not be consistent with the original blend mix percentages. In addition, other type blends also contain R124. If R124, which is a constituent of FR12 (Fridge) is detected, its percentage will be displayed in place of the R22 value. All blends cause the yellow "contaminated" LED to light. Only new R-12 ( Frige) blend can be correctly identified and the percent purity of its constituent s measured accurately, when it is in the original percentage breakdown state. Printing and Shutdown Instructions Printing Hard Copy Test Results If hard copy test results are required, the current test data can be printed using computer compatibl e parallel printers. Make sure the power cable is properly connected to the analyzer. Next connect the analyzer to the printer using a standard 25 pin Centronics printer cable. To begin printing press the PRINT/MUTE button. The "PRINTING" prompt will appear in the display window and the analyzer will beep when printing is completed. The following is a sample printout: Yokogawa GA5 00 Refrigerant Analysis R134a 98.4% R12 1.6% R22 0.0% Hydrocarbons 0.0% Air 5.0% Conclusion: RECOVERABLE Date: / / Technician: Car Year/Model: VIN: Comments: If power is disconnected to the analyzer, the test results from the last test are retained in memory and can be displayed or printed at a later time. After the start-up sequence the unit will display the prompt "READY TO TEST -
DEPRESS BUTTON FULLY". Press the PRINT/MUTE button to review the previous test data in the display window. Press the PRINT/MUTE button a second time to print the test data. Shutdown Procedur e To shut down the analyzer first disconnect the power cable from the power source. Next disconnect the sample hose from the vapor port of the refrigeration system. Fully depress the test button to purge any residual gas. Disconnect the power cable and sample hose from the analyzer. Coil the sample hose neatly and store all components in the carrying case or a clean, dry location. CAUTION When disconnecting the sample hose, a small amount of pressurized gas will be vented. Avoid personal injury by pointing away from the face and any exposed skin. Maintenanc e and Troubleshootin g Inspectin g and Replacin g the Disposabl e Filter Elemen t The analyzer incorporates a replaceable coalescing type filter with a red dye indicator for the presence of oil. The filter may be inspected through the opening located on the bottom panel of the analyzer. The filter should be replaced when it turns red or when any liquids or particulates are visible. The analyzer will also prompt the user to check the filter and clean the hose after every 25 test cycles. To replace the filter (YСA part # M1107PG) first remove the bottom panel by unscrewing the two retaining screws. Gently pull the filter assembly out of the recess and slide the tubes off the fittings on the filter. Slide the tubes onto the new filter making sure the arrow on the filter housing is pointing in the same direction as the arrow on the inside of the casing. Gently push the filter assembly back into the recess and reattach the bottom panel using the two M4x0.7x6mm flat head screws. CAUTION Use only Yokogawa replacement filters (YСA part # M1107PC). Please dispose of used filters appropriately. Sampl e Hose Cleanin g and Inspectio n The sample hose and R134a adapter should be inspected before each use to insure they are clean, clear of obstructions, and free of defects. The hose should be replaced whenever any cracks, cuts, kinks, or permanent blockages are apparent. Use only Yokogawa replacement Sample Hose (YСA part # M1107NC) and R134a Adapter (YСA part # M1107NA). If oil is detected, disconnect the hose assembly from the analyzer and unscrew the check valve/quick disconnect fitting from the instrument end of the hose. Flush the hose clean using isopropyl alcohol or methanol. Follow up with clean low pressure compressed air, or nitrogen. Screw the check valve/quick disconnect fitting back onto the sample hose and allow to dry completely before use. If oil is detected be sure to also check the filter for contamination. CAUTION Сlean hoses in a well ventilated area away from sparks, flames or other ignition sources. Technica l Specification s GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Refrigerant Identifier/Analyzer Infrared sensor based, 4-channel, universal design for R12 and R134a systems POWER: Power Requirements Power Consumption ENVIRONMENTAL: Operating Temperature Storage Temperature PHYSICAL Dimensions: Weight Contaminate Filter Connectors 11.5 to 16 VDC - 1.5 amp current 20 watts 10° to 49° C (50° to 120°F) -20° to 70° C (-40° to 158°F) 7.5"w x ll"h x 3"d (19cm x 28cm x 8cm) 41b. 6.5oz. (2 kg) Replaceable color-indicating filter 12 VDC power jack, quick-connect hose port, 25 pin printer port (Centronics type) COMPOUNDS MEASURED R12, R134a, R22, HC (hydrocarbons) PERFORMANCE: Purity Accuracy of R12, R134a, R22 and hydrocarbons Purity Accuracy with Presence of R124 or R142a Resolution Repeatability Measurement Time DATA DISPLAY REFRIGERANT BLENDS SAE J1171 CERTIFICATION ± 1% from 90 to 100% by weight over the operating temperature range ± 98% for R12 and R134a, with system presence of R124 or 142b commonly found in refrigerant blends Frige FR-12, Freezone, Freez-12, GHG-12, GHG-X4, GHG-HP, and ICOR Hot Shot, etc., as tested by Underwriters Laboratories in compliance with SAEJ1171 ±0.1% by weight ±0.25% by weight Complete test cycle: <60 seconds LCD display shows simultaneously % purity of R134a, R12, R22, Hydrocarbons and % of air by weight per SAE J1771 R12 green LED lights if purity is 98% or greater R134a green LED lights if purity is 98% or greater Contaminated yellow LED lights if: -Purity of R12 or R134a is <98% -System contains >2% R22 -System contains >2% hydrocarbons -System contains >2% SNAP approved blends or refrigerants other than R12, R134a, R22, and hydrocarbons Flammable red LED flashes if system contains >2% of hydrocarbons (in addition, horn alarms) Commercial blends of refrigerant may be manually identifiable when the specific compound percentages displayed correlate to one unique commercial blend ratio familiar to the user. "Refrigerant diagnostic tool design certified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet SAE J1771 to identify R12 or R134a to 98% purity. Also, this equipment will detect 2% or greater of air in R12 or R134a systems." Produc t and Replacemen t Part s NOTE: Product is shi pped in a carrying case along with a qui ck connect to t he unit R12 hose assembly, R134a quick connect adapter, battery cl amp adapt er and cigarette lighter adapt er for 12VDC operati on, repl acement in-line filter and operator's manual. An opti onal AG power adapt er is available. Product Model s Model # Descri pti on GA500 A St andard Automoti ve Product GA500 H St andard Gommeri cal Product 0 No AG Adapter 1 110VAC Adapter 2 120VAG Adapter 3 220/230VAG Adapter 4 240VAG Adapter E English Operator's Manual Replacement Parts M1107ND R12 hose assembly and R134 adapt er M1107NC R12 hose assembly wi thout R134A adapt er M1107NA R134A qui ck connect adapt er M1107PC In-line filter M1101VS Ci garette lighter adapt er B9017LA Battery cl amp adapt er M1107PB Сarry/storage case M1107TD Operator's manual Optional Adapter s M1101AL A/C adapt er 120VAC, 50/60hz (Std. North Ameri ca) M1101AV A/C adapt er 220/230VAC, 50/60hz M1101AW A/C adapt er 240VAC, 50/60hz M1101UY A/C adapt er 110VAC, 50/60hz Limited Warranty Yokogawa Corporation of America warrants to the purchaser that this GA500 Gas Analyzer will be free of defects in material and workmanshi p for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover the in-line filter, or any damage caused by the user. If during the warranty period, any covered defects are discovered, Yokogawa Corporation of America will repair or replace this GA500 at its discretion. Service If repairs are ever required (in or out of warranty), the unit should be carefully packed to prevent shipping damage and sent to the factory: Yokogawa Corporation of America Attention: Service Department 2 Dart Road Newnan, Georgia 30265 1-800-447-9656 extension 131 A Return Authorization Number (RA#) must be issued by the factory prior to shipment. Also include your return address, contact name, and phone number. Companion Products For unmatched performance in locating refrigerant leaks, the Yokogawa Corporation of America offers a line of service leak detectors featuring the field-proven heated diode sensor technology. For more information on these products, contact the factory (1-800-889-0871), your local authorized Yokogawa Environmental Products Distributor, or our website at
. YOKOGAWA • GA500 Refrigerant Gas Analyzer Operating Manual 
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