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 Many people of Ukraine remember the 26
th of April, 1986. On that day a terrible accident happened at the Chernobyl nuclear station/ There was a nuclear reactor explosion which had far reaching consequences. The radiation levels of Kyiv a few days after the accident exceeded the maximum allowable levels by a hundredfold. The results of it were obvious: in the affected areas people suffered from stillbirth, birth defects and highly elevated rates of childhood leukemia.
Recent detailed field studies indicate that significant areas of agricultural and forest lands of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia will remain unsafe for human occupancy and food production for upwards of eight thousand years. Nevertheless, thousands of people who were evacuated after the accident have returned to live and farm in these highly contaminated regions. There is no doubt that the accidents like that in Chernobyl must never be repeated again, because the very existence of millions of people may be under a threat.
Fortunately, it is not too late to solve these problems. We have the time, the money and even the technology to make our planet a better, cleaner and safer place. We can plant trees and create parks for endangered species. We can recycle litter. We can support green parties and put pressure on those in power. Together we can save the planet and all of us with it. 
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