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How I met Russian woman

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How I met Russian woman
My name is John. I was married the 1st time in 1996. Separaed in 1997, divorced in 1998. Many years I was alone. I have met many women, but many of them disappointed me. I wanted to meet kind and responsive girl, who love me with all her heart. One day I decided to read my daily Pisces horoscope in the tabloids. I missed reading Katy's Aquarius one also -
one of many things that changed after divorce. One day I met my old friend at a party who suggested I try internet online dating. Really online dating? Where you may post your good photo and interesting life story on the Internet for the cyber world to see?
My friend told me about site
. There are many girls, who want to meet foreign man. I made own account and looked up photos. Some of them I liked. I began to write letters. I liked Olga’s answers. We talk about one year, and then I come to Russia. We meet on real. She turned more beautiful, then on photo. She introduced me to her friends. Russian woman so interesting! But Olga is the most kind and beautiful woman in the world! I have been in Russia about 2 weeks. Then I came back home. We continue our internet conversation. But we want more… That’s why I decided to marry her and took up to USA. 
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