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polymer recycling line

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the equipment for manufacture polimersand products (rome tile, pavement tile, ridged element, plate, border, etc).Polymersand is produced by method of the hot pressure with waste plastic materials and sand.The originality of composition of sand a
Equipment for production polymersand tiles and other building materials ( base kit)
Dear Sir, Madam!
We offer the equipment for manufacture polimersand
products (
rome tile, pavement tile, ridged element, plate, border, etc). Polimersand products is made by method of the hot pressure with use polymer cheese (or
granular) and specially sifted and dried sand ~ 75 %, polymer agreeable to sanitary-hygenic rate~-24 % and ~1% dye staff inorganic) are mixed into the bunker of the third unit of the line. It is the building material used for paving streets, park zones, and summer cottages areas. It is consisted of three main components which are sand, polymer and coloring matter. Tiles, pavement and terrace tile made
according to these technology are more practical and durable than other building materials. Polymer-
There are all kinds of polymer and products made of it
and polymer waste used in production. Exception is special aimed
products with high content of rubber or with other touch, however
they are trifling part. So, practically any polymer, you can find at the
dust-heap, can be used. Hard Polymer (ABS, Polystyrene) +Soft
Polymer (LDPE, HDPE, Polypropylene) 30%+70%
The sand used can be of different kinds (river or sand-pit). The
presence of clay admixture is till 10%. Humidity is not dangerous, but it c
influence the productivity. The recommended index of humidity is 10 - 15 %.
The higher content of quartz can improve the form of produced goods.The
presence of stones or any other elements with diameter more than 7 mm can
damage the press form (for tile). For additional drying of sand possible to
drying aggregate Dyeing pigment -
The dye recommended is synthetical ferric
oxide "Bayerferrox" made by company "Bayer". Red colour
one should use Bayerferrox 110 or Bayerferrox 130 C. Black
colour - Bayerferrox 330 C. Brown colour - Bayerferrox 610.
Green colour - chromium oxide GN or chromium oxide .
Plasticizer -
Polyurethane (not essential 1.5% -
recommended recovered from refrigerator insulation) The Crusher Function: polymer crushing,
Capacity El.engine – 7,5 kW /1500, Productivity- 900 kg/h,
Size: 900x1250x1380 mm,
Net weight: 690 kg,
The Extruder Function: polymer regeneration,
Capacity El.engine - 4 kW /1500, Heating elements - 8 kW, Productivity- 50 kg / h, Size: 520 -3300-1030 mm,
Net weight: 750 kg,
Heating Screw Mixer
. Function: polymer regeneration,
Preparing mass ( sand- 75 %, polymer, -24 %, dye staff 0,5-1 %) is loaded in Heating Screw
Mixer, where occurs heat
the mass with simultaneous mixing
On output is got
homogeneous, physico-chemical characteristic and colour composite material.
Capacity El.engine – 7,5 kW /1500, Heating elements -12 kW, Productivity-150 kg / h, Size: 520 -3300-1230 mm,
Net weight: 750 kg,
The Hydraulic Press The hydraulic press vertical type is a frame , welded from standard steel profiles. Four
hydrocylinders are bolted In lower part of frame. The press is completed hydraulic motor
system, and closed by system of the water cooling. The heated mass after HSMixer put into
the moulds for forming final product.
Capacity El.engine – 5,5 kW /1500, Productivity -50 kg / h, Size: 920 -2500-1600мм.
Net weight: 1450 kg
Or used industrial press from 1500 KH
The moulds
for fabrication of the product:
Rome t
ile 405 x 315x 8-12 mm, in 1 M2 - 9,5 psc, weight:
22-24 kg.
Ridged element
325 x 210 x mm, in 1 M2 - 3,3 psc, weight:
6 kg.
Pavement tile 333 х 333 х 25-45 mm, in 1 M2 - 9 psc, weight: 27-45 kg.
name Price The Crusher 2 700 euro
The Extruder 3 300 euro
Heating Screw Mixer. 4 300 euro
The Hydraulic Press 3 800 euro
2 moulds ( Rome tile, Ridged )
4 400 euro
The Cost to Base completing:
18 500 euro
The Sand drying aggregate 3 400 euro
1 Moulds (Pavement tile ) 2 200 euro
Transport and customs 2 500 euro
Total 26 600 euro
Line characteristics Output at the rate of 1300-1500 m 2 of roof tiles per month operating 3 shifts 5-day working week
Electrical supply rating: 40kW 380V 50Hz.
Electricity consumption- 8.4 kWt per 1 m2
Number of staff per shift is 5, 7 if waste requires to be sorted.
Minimum production area required is 100 per 1 m2
Water consumption 0.76 Litres per 1 m2 Reverse water supply closed system of 300 litres capacity is
used for cooling process.
We are ready to make equipment : 1. In base completing (refer to above).
2. Completing with industryal press from 1500 KH Operational reliability of roofs from a tile is high, works on its installation can be executed
own force the Roof from a tile does not require service and, as a rule, is silent at a rain and
storm weather .
Tiles, pavement and terrace tile made according to our technology are more practical and
durable than other building materials and:
The originality of composition of sand and plastics allows to get the variety of products not
only in the sphere of building and decorative materials.
Stability of color by of proof dyes of German firms BAYER or HERMANN
-the low thermal conductivity
-the lightness of the material in comparison with the usual ceramic or concrete tile
-the absolute watertightness
-the stability to the influence of mould
-the high oil-, acid- and alkalistability
products Rome tile
Weight: 2.1 kg
Dimensions: 8x315x405
Number per 1 m2: 9 items
Weight 1 m2: 18.9 kg
Ridged element
Weight: 1.5 kg
Dimensions: 8x330x320
Number per 1 m r: 3.3 items
Weight 1 m r: 4.5 kg
Edge stone Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: 70х150х333
Number per 1 m: 3 items
Weight 1 m: 12 kg
Pavement tile 1 Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 45х333х333
Number per 1 m2: 9 items
Weight 1 rrrr: 63 kg Pavement tile 2
Weight: 2.3 kg
Dimensions: 52.5х155х235
Number per 1 m2: 46 items
Weight 1 m2: 73.5 kg Pavement tile 3
Weight: 1.6 kg
Dimensions: 52.5х155х235
Number per 1 m2: 46 items
Weight 1 m273.5 kg You can do the equipment yourself if buy the full design drawings: The Extruder, The Crusher, Heating Screw Mixer, The Hydraulic Press, The Sand drying aggregate, and 3 moulds (
Rome t
ile, Ridged element
Pavement tile )
. The Drawings are given with detail drawing and is processed on computer. The Cost on paper carrier of the format A2, A3, A4 - 1000 euro. Payment Terms: Adv. Cash , L/C,
Western Union, MoneyGram other, We ready to discussion both prices and different forms cooperation. The Consultation. Best regards Zav Khad 89613494961
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