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Разработка урока в 8 классе по теме "Праздники и традиции англоязычных стран"

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?????????? ????? ? 8 ?????? ?? ???? " ????????? ? ???????? ???????????? ?????"
?????: ???????? ?.?.
???? ?????: ????????? ? ?????? ????????? ?????
????: ???????? ??????? ?????? ???? ?? ???? "????????? "
??? ?????: ???? ???????? ?????????????? ??????? ??????
???????: ?????????? ? ?????????? ?????????????????? ??????
???????????: ???????? ??????? ???????? ???????
??????????????: ??????????? ???????? ? ????????, ???????, ?????????, ???????, ?????? ?????? ?????????? ?????, ? ????? ??? ???????? ? ???????????? ????????; ??????????? ?????? ??????? ???????? ? ??????????. ????????????: ??????? "Enjoy English-8"( ????? ?????????? ?.?. ? ??.), ??????? ?? ???? "????????? ? ?????? ?????? ?????????? ?????", ??????????? ???????? (???????? ??? ?????????? ???????), ?????????, ????????, ??????????? ? ????? ?? ???? "????????? ? ?????? ?????? ?????????? ?????", ?????????? " The Royal Wedding" ??? ?????
I. ??????????????? ?????? C???? 1
T.: Good morning, children! I'm glad to see you. Today we have guests at our lesson. Welcome! And we shall speak with you about the most famous holidays and customs of Great Britain, the USA and try to compare them with Russian and Buryat ones. That's why we are going to know more about traditions of holidays in both countries. We also revise lexical and grammar structures. I hope that it will be interesting for you during our lesson.
II. ???????? ?????
???????????? ???????? We'll start from warming-up. We can't say: " we know English", if we don't know English traditions. So we can't say we know own country if we don't keep them up. Well, I'm sure that you like poems. Please, look at the screen and first listen, then repeat after me. Would you guess what holiday is it? We are glad and very gay. We all dance and sing and say:
"Merry, merry, ---------Day!"
Roses are red, Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet
And so are you
I give her flowers White, yellow and red
Who loves ---------best
Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate. The first one said: "It's getting late!" This is the season ????? 6
When children ski,
And old Father Frost
Bring the --------Tree
2. ??????? ???????? T.: A. Now, boys and girls, let's revise numerals. ????????? ?????????? ???????????? ? ???? ? ????. Christmas -The 25th of December
St Valentines Day -The 14th of February Australia Day -The 26th of February Canada Day- The 1st of July Independence Day -The 4th of July Victory Day -The 9th of May Independence Day -The 12th of June Christmas -The 7th of January B. ????-???????. Well, open your books at page 104 exercise 44. Ask each other about the dates and countries (Great Britain, The USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia)
� When and where is ...celebrated?
� Christmas is celebrated on the Britain, The USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
C. ???????? . Look at the screen and read. Where do people celebrate these festivals and have these traditions?
� People cook pancakes and eat them with honey, butter and caviar. � People colour eggs and present as a symbol of endless life.
� People celebrate birthdays and sing "Happy Birthday to You".
� People send cards when they get a new house,
� People organize wedding parties.
� People organize military parades when they celebrate Victory day.
� People say "Good day" when they meet.
� Men usually give flowers to women.
� People say "Happy New Year" when they see the New Year in.
� Children put their stockings near the bed and find presents in the morning.
� People decorate the X-mas tree (New Year Tree).
� People celebrate Mother's Day.
� People eat turkey and a pumpkin pie when they celebrate Thanksgiving day.
Decide where they have these traditions:( use numbers only)
1. In Russia: 2. In G.B:3. In the USA: 4. In all the mentioned countries:
3. ?????????. You know that people like to celebrate holidays all over the world. Nowadays different people celebrate different holidays: public, national, religious and family. a. ???????? ?????????. What about you families? What are the most favourite holidays in your family?
What holidays do you prefer to celebrate? We celebrate New Year, Christmas, Sagaalgan, Easter, Victory Day, Birthdays and Wedding. And how do you mark them? ????? 12
First, we invite friends. Then we clean and decorate our house. Usually Mummy prepare holiday dinner with tasty dishes: different salads, cakes, fruit, pozy and so on. Guests bring a lot of presents. We sing songs, play games, dance and we have a good time together. b. OK. I'm pleased to know holiday traditions in your family. ????? 13
Your home task was to prepare some sentences about holidays and customs. You have some sheets with pictures on your desks. I ask you to fill these sheets with your information. c. Now we are going to have speaking practice. You will tell us about British and American and Russian and national Buryat holidays. You can use the words on the screen. 1 Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25. It is the most important holiday of the year. Christmas is a family holiday. People stay at home and spend the time with their families. The traditional food is turkey and Christmas cake. Christmas pudding is made of fruits. Over the end of the bed people hang stockings. Children believe in Santa Claus and he fills the stockings with presents. 2 Every family tries to have Christmas tree, which is decorated with coloured lights. They also hang little toys, sweets and put presents under the tree. People send and receive Christmas cards, gifts and presents. On Christmas morning grown-ups go to church. But the children play with their new toys, sing carols. People wish each other : " Merry Christmas!" 3 We love holidays in Russia too. We celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January. It is celebrated with all-night services in churches. The first holiday of the year is New Year's Day. There are a lot of New Year traditions in Russia. In every home there is a New Year tree with lights and decorations. Children always wait for Father Frost a Snow Maiden to come and give them a present. Many people think New Year's Day brings happiness to all the year. We believe that the wishes of that day would realize during the year. So we wish a happy new year to each other. 4 In our Republic we also celebrate the main holiday of the year Sagaalgan. Sagaalgan is above a family holiday. It is customary to wish Happy New Year to close and distant relatives, neighbours. People receive guests, give presents and feasting all White Moon. The Buryats have a good tradition of congratulate the old people during Sagaalgan. The ceremony starts with presenting Khadak. They also present a white milk products, headscarves, piece of fabric and a pack of tea. They are the sign of respect and friendship. 3 St. Valentine's Day is celebrated on the 14th of February. It's a day for sweethearts. It's the day that you show your friend or loved person what you feel. You can send candy to someone you think is special. Or you can send roses, the flower of love. Most people send " valentines". 4 ????? 14 People in Russia have many traditions. One of them is Maslenitsa. On this holiday people say good- bye to winter. In some regions people burn the figure of the winter. 5 People in both countries cook pancakes with honey or sour- cream, they sing songs and dance. In England this holiday is celebrated in a different way. 6 ????? 15 The Easter Bunny in England is to Easter what Santa Claus is to Christmas. The Easter Bunny has usually a basket of eggs. The East Bunny colors eggs for young children to find on Easter morning. Another symbol of Easter is the white lily, or Easter lily. 7 The 8th of March is a happy and nice holiday. Each family celebrates this spring holiday. In the morning men go to the shops to but some flowers. They try to clean flats and to cook a holiday dinner. 8 ????? 16 There is almost the same holiday in England. It is called Mother's Day and celebrated also in spring flowers and cakes are the traditional gifts for all women in England. All women try to be nice and happy on this day. 9 The Queen's Birthday is a really national holiday of G.B.
10 Hallowe'en. People celebrate this holiday on the 31st of October. It is very funny and interesting holiday. People wear funny costumes and masks. They do funny pumpkins and like telling strange and horrible stories. 11 In Russia we celebrate Victory Day on the 9th of May. Victory day is a great holiday in our country and in many other countries. On this day millions of people celebrate the victory over the German fascists in 1945. In the big towns people have parades and ceremonies to honor who died in the Great Patriotic War. 12 Surharban is the other national holiday. Usually it takes place in June when it is warm. Surharban in Horinsk usually starts from parade of people. Then there are traditional competitions in archery, wrestling and horse racing. People in national costumes sing songs, dance incendiary ehor. Besides, there is a contest Miss Horinsk Valley. The national dish of the Buryats is buuzy. By the end of the day there is a salute, playing music Well done. We have known almost all main holidays and it's traditions of marking them in both countries. . 4. ??????????? ?? ?????????? ?????? ( ????? ? ???????????????????, ?????? ) ????? 17 Look at the screen . Remember and name the date when English people celebrated Prince William and Kate Middlton's Wedding. It was really exiting ceremony of Royal Wedding translated on TV. It was on the 29th of April. On April 29 2011, Prince William, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, was getting married to Kate Middleton. Some people speak about their thoughts on the royal wedding and monarchy. a. Watch and listen to their views on The Royal Wedding . ?????-????? b. ???????? ???????? ???????? ??? ?????????? ??????????? ??????? ?? ???????????. Listen to the six speakers about wedding ceremony Views on The Royal Wedding .
Jasmine I'm really excited there's gonna be a Royal Wedding. I think we need lots of reasons to celebrate the positive at the moment and I think this a great chance for people to come and see London. I think it's a great chance for us to show off some of the beautiful buildings and the beautiful city and I wish the happy couple a lot of luck Yassar I'm really looking forward to the Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William. The government is, you know, organising a lot of parties in the streets at the moment. Asking people if they, you know, go to the streets, have a street party, street celebration - I'm really looking forward to that Ken As far as the royal wedding goes on April 29th I think it's a complete waste of time and publicity for something in a time and a day and age of global recession - and people in United Kingdom are finding it very difficult to pay off their bills and [they're] getting into debt. Anne Hi everyone. I think the royal wedding is a really good event for this country. I think William and Kate have got a lot of appeal - I think they're very modern, very positive. And it's probably quite a change to what we've seen before so I think it's probably making a lot of people more enthusiastic about the whole event - which I certainly am. I think it's great for the younger generation Ramon About the royal wedding: well I'm not attending. Well I can see, like, everyone, like, you know, talking about it. I like that, like, I'm going to have a day off, but like, you know, I'm not very into monarchy or the royal family. I understand that they are part of Bobby I'm very happy that Catherine and William are getting married, particularly because we are getting a public holiday in the United Kingdom. I'm not a royalist, I won't be watching the wedding or really taking part at all but the fact that we get a day off for it I think is absolutely fantasticThe next task is to fill the task and match them to the statements Jasmine 1 He / She thinks it's a complete waste of time
Yassar 2 He/ she thinks this a great chance for people to come and see London.
Ken 3 He / She thinks William and Kate are very modern, very positive
Anne 4 He / She understand that the Wedding is a part of history
Ramon 5 He/ She is very happy that Catherine and William are getting married
Bobby 6 He / She really excited about the atmosphere c. Now tell me which opinion is close to you?
I agree with them and think...
I also share the opinion that...
But I don't agree with...
5. ??????. Look at the screen. It's time to revise lexical and grammar structures You can see 9 sentences. Your task is adding questions tags to these sentences. 1. There are a lot of holidays in the world, ...?
2. We celebrate New Year in summer, ...?
3. We celebrate Easter in spring, ...?
4. May Day is not a winter holiday, ...?
5. People like holidays, ...?
6. Christmas is a winter holiday, ...?
7. Halloween is not a traditional Russian holiday, ...?
8. Every Englishman doesn't like to miss his afternoon tea, ...?
9. People like to celebrate Christmas, New Year and Easter, ...?
???????? ????????? ????????.
Card 2
1, ....................? 4, .................? 7, .................?
2, ....................? 5, .................? 8, .................?
3, ....................? 6, .................? 9, .................?
III. ????? ????? 6. ???????? ??????? ???. 19 ?. 111 Write a short story about a family tradition. 7. ?????????? ??????. Thank you for you excellent work. Everybody has worked well. You were active. Open your dairies and put your marks down there. Your marks are ...
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