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127SketchUp\n\nSketchUp\nSketchUp Model (*.skp)\n.skp\nSketchUp.Document\nSketchUp Model
128Google SketchUp (beta)\n\nGoogle SketchUp (beta)\nGoogle SketchUp Model (*.skp)\n.skp\nGoogleSketchUp.Document\nGoogle SketchUp Model
139Add a geo-location to the model, and gather site information nearby.\nAdd Location...
140Toggle terrain on and off.\nToggle Terrain
145Preview this model in Google Earth.\nPreview Model in Google Earth
211Full Tool Set
355Face Style
362Standard Views
475Construction Tools
476Solid Modeling Tools
477Section Tools
499Edit Tools
1097Adjust the shadow date.\nDate
1098Adjust the shadow time.\nTime
1212Activate the Shadows panel.\nShadow Settings
1213Toggle shadows on/off in the model.\nShow/Hide Shadows
2021Return to previous results\nBack
2024Go forward in history\nForward
2032Refresh current view\nRefresh
10501Move the camera to the top view of the model.\nTop
10502Move the camera to the front view of the model.\nFront
10503Move the camera to the right view of the model.\nRight
10504Move the camera to the left view of the model.\nLeft
10505Move the camera to the back view of the model.\nBack
10506Move the camera to the bottom view of the model.\nBottom
10507Move the camera to the nearest isometric view of the model.\nIso
10508Orbit the camera view about the model.\nOrbit
10509Zoom the camera view in or out.\nZoom
10510Display only edges in the model\nWireframe
10511Hide all back edges and face colors in the model.\nHidden Line
10512Display the model with solid colored faces.\nShaded
10513Display the model with globally transparent faces\nX-Ray
10514Orbit the camera\nOrbit
10515Pan the camera\nPan
10516Zoom the camera\nZoom
10517Walk with the camera\nWalk
10518Turn (pan) the camera\nTurn
10519Toggle perspective viewing on or off\nPerspective
10520Walk with the camera\nWalk
10521View preferences dialog\nPreferences
10522Show or hide the sketch axes\nDisplay axes
10523Pan the camera view vertically or horizontally.\nPan
10524Zoom the camera to show everything inside the selected window.\nZoom Window
10525Pivot camera view about a stationary point.\nLook Around
10526Zoom the camera to show everything inside the selected window.\nZoom Window
10527Zoom the camera view in or out to show the entire model.\nZoom Extents
10528Zoom Window\nZoom Window
10529Undo to the previous camera view.\nPrevious
10530Exit camera operation\nExit Camera
10531Show or hide the standard toolbar\nstandard toolbar
10532Show or hide the camera toolbar\ncamera toolbar
10533Display Shadow Information\nDisplay Shadow Information
10534Show or hide the scene tabs\nToggle Scene Tabs
10535Display the next scene\nNext Scene
10536Display the previous scene\nPrevious Scene
10537Show or hide the standard views toolbar\nstandard views toolbar
10538Activate the Model Info window.\nModel Info
10539Display the model with textured faces\nShaded With Textures
10545Toggle shadows on and off.\nShadows
10546Show or hide the shadow toolbar\nShadow toolbar
10551Toggle between large and small toolbar buttons.\nToggle Button Size
10552Play/pause scene-based animation in the model.\nAnimation
10576Show or hide the display style toolbar\ndisplay style toolbar
10579File Properties\nFile Properties
10580Show or hide the display settings\nToggle display settings
10590Change model location
10593Display the model with only front and back face colors\nMonochrome
10596X-ray Mode\nX-ray Mode
10598Hidden Line\nHidden Line
10600Shaded With Textures\nShaded With Textures
10603Profile Edges\nProfile Edges
10604Extended Edges\nExtended Edges
10605Jitter Edges\nJitter Edges
10619Display the model with back edges dashed\nBack Edges
10625Zoom to Photo
10627Two Point Perspective
10629Redo to the next camera view.\nNext
10630Parallel Projection
10631Image Igloo
19000Importing Layers ...
19001Importing Blocks ...
19002Importing Entities ...
19003Merging Entities ...
19004Import Finished
19005Importing Block %1 ...
19006Merging Entities in Block %1 ...
19007Exporting Extents ...
19008Exporting Named Views ...
19009Exporting Layers ...
19010Exporting Components ...
19011Exporting Entities ...
19012Export Finished
19013Model too far from the Origin\nTranslating lower left corner to Origin
20134Explode Curves
20780Finish positioning texture.\nFinish positioning
20781Reset texture to default position.\nReset texture position
20782Toggle texture projected state.\nToggle projected
20783Delete texture pin.\nDelete Pin
20784Flip texture left/right.\nFlip left/right
20785Flip texture up/down.\nFlip up/down
20786Toggle whether pins have fixed meaning by default.\nToggle Fixed Pins
20787Rotate texture 90 degrees counter clockwise.\nRotate 90
20788Rotate texture 180 degrees counter clockwise.\nRotate 180
20789Rotate texture 270 degrees counter clockwise.\nRotate 270
20872Make each selected set of like instances reference a new, unique definition.\nMake Unique
21011Orbit the camera view about the model.\nOrbit
21012Test tool\nTest
21013Place Component\nPlace Component
21014Draw edges from point to point.\nLine
21016Zoom the camera view in or out.\nZoom
21019Erase, soften or smooth entities in the model.\nEraser
21020Draw edges from point to point.\nLine
21021Erase the selected entities from the model.\nErase
21022Select entities to modify with other tools or commands.\nSelect
21024Measure distances, create guide lines or points, or scale the entire model.\nTape Measure Tool
21025Convert Curves to Polygons
21030Draw freehand lines by clicking and dragging.\nFreehand
21031Draw freehand lines by clicking and dragging.\nFreehand
21032Show the properties dialog for the selected object\nProperties
21033Align the view with the selected face\nAlign with face
21034Move the selected Sketch context\nMove
21035Align view\nAlign view
21036Reset the sketch axis to its original orientation\nReset axis (World)
21037Hide the sketch axes\nHide axes
21040Dump selected objects to debug window\nDump
21041Push and pull face entities to sculpt 3d models.\nPush/Pull
21042Reverse the orientation of the selected faces\nReverse Faces
21043Erase all guides\nErase Guides
21044Erase all guides\nErase Guides
21045Test DWG\nTest DWG
21046Export in a different format\nExport
21047Dump model\nDump Model
21048Move, stretch, copy and array selected entities.\nMove
21049Connect to a NetMeeting conference\nStart Conference
21050Start or connect to a NetMeeting conference\nStart Conference
21051Exit a conference\nExit Conference
21052Hide selected geometry\nHide
21053Unhide all hidden geometry\nUnhide All
21055Create redlines\nRedline
21056Create a face from the selected edges\nCreate Face
21057Measure angles and create guides.\nProtractor
21058Explode the group or component into its constituent objects.\nExplode/Ungroup
21059Set the location of the project\nSet Location
21060Show or hide the component browser\ncomponent browser
21061Show or hide the drawing toolbar\ndrawing toolbar
21062Set the date and time.\nSet Date and Time
21063Show Bounds\nShow Bounds
21064Move/Rotate Components\nMove/Rotate
21065Draw arcs from point to point with bulge.\nArc
21066Move, stretch, copy and array selected entities.\nMove
21067Add a new scene\nAdd Scene
21068Update the current scene\nUpdate Scene
21072Texture the selected face\nTexture Face
21073Assign Material to this Face\nAssign Material
21074Apply color and material to entities in the model.\nPaint Bucket
21076Display information about the model.\nModel Info
21078Delete the current scene\nDelete Scene
21080Show Scene Info\nScenes
21081Reload the selected component definition.\nReload
21082Test Macros\nTest Macros
21083Make a component from the selected entities.\nMake Component
21086Purge unused components\nPurge Unused
21087Reload all components from original file\nReload All
21088Purge the selected component\nPurge
21089Save Component to a file\nSave As
21090Toggle the display of the conference dialog on or off\nConference Dialog
21092Set Default Font
21094Draw rectangular faces from corner to corner.\nRectangle
21095Draw N-sided polygons from center point to radius.\nPolygon
21096Draw circles from center point to radius.\nCircle
21098Insert a component\nInsert
21099Unhide the last geometry hidden\nUnhide Last
21100Offset selected edges in a plane.\nOffset
21101Select all visible objects\nSelect All
21102Clear the selection set\nDeselect All
21103Dump view\ndump view
21104Align the sketch axes with the selected face\nAlign Axes
21105Hide all guides\nHide Guides
21106Reverse the normal of all selected faces\nReverseFaces
21109Unhide guides
21110Reload bar state
21111Explode/Ungroup selected objects\nExplode Group/Component
21112Import / Insert a DWG or DXF drawing
21113Align the view with the sketch axes\nAlign View
21114Export model as an AutoCAD or 3D Studio File.\nExport Model
21117Record a Journal File\nJournal Record
21118Playback a Journal File\nJournal Playback
21119Save a Journal Configuration File\nSave Configuration
21120Restore a Journal Configuration File\nRestore Configuration
21122Remove any unused materials from the model\nPurge Unused Materials
21123Properties for all components like this one.\nComponent Properties
21124Check the validity of the model and fix it if possible\n"Check Validity
21125Do Merge\nDo Merge
21126Move or reorient the drawing axes.\nAxes
21127Reset Insert Point\nReset Insert Point
21129Rotate, stretch, copy and array selected entities about an axis.\nRotate
21130Activate the Layers panel.\nLayer Manager
21131Set Current layer or change layer of selected geometry\nLayer
21132Show or hide the layer toolbar\nlayer toolbar
21133Display the sketch using color by layer\nColor by Layer
21134Toggle Journal Menu\nJournal
21135Toggle Debug Menu\nDebug
21136Save a copy of the active document\nSave Copy
21137Go to the SketchUp web page\nSketchUp Web Page
21138Select a face and highlight its edges\nShow Face Edges
21139Test the input point finder\nTest IPF
21140Test Picking\nTest Picking
21141Show the window coordinates at the cursor\nShow XY
21142Test the geometry finder\nTest Geometry Finder
21144Do timing tests on the display\nTime Display
21145Time picking performance\nTime picking
21146Time display performance\nTime Display
21147Test picking performance\nTime Picking
21148Explode polyline\nExplode
21149Export Model
21150Customize the keyboard shortcuts\nCustomize Keyboard
21152Unhide selected geometry\nUnhide
21154Toggle the display of hidden geometry on or off\nShowHidden
21155Test Feedback Manager\nTest Feedback
21157Run sample demo scripts\nDemos
21158Hide or unhide selected objects\nHide/Unhide
21162Change North angle\nNorth angle
21163Enable/disable automatic merging of coplanar faces
21164Enable/disable consistent face orientation
21166Merge all coplanar faces in the current model.
21167Orient all faces in the current model so that adjacent faces have the same sense.
21168Orient adjacent faces consistently\nOrient Faces Consistently
21169Position the camera view with a specific location, eye height and direction.\nPosition Camera
21170Show the Animation Settings dialog.\nAnimation Settings
21171Show/Hide nested components\nShow Nested
21172Merge all coplanar faces in this model\nMerge coplanar faces
21174Generate Hidden Line drawing
21176Delete Scene\nDelete Scene
21177Move selected scene right\nMove Scene Right
21178Move selected scene left\nMove Scene Left
21179Update the selected scene\nUpdate Scene
21180Add a new scene after the selected scene\nAdd Scene
21181Play/pause scene-based animation in the model.\nPlay/Pause
21182Create a group from the selected geometry\nGroup
21199Reload the selected image.
21200Insert an image from a file.\nInsert image
21201Edit the selected group.\nEdit Group
21202Stop editing the active group or component.\nClose Group/Component
21207The selected object should cast shadows.
21208The selected object should receive shadows.
21214Intersect selected faces
21215Unite selected faces
21216Remove face 2 from face 1
21219Split (Map Overlay)
21224Show or hide the material browser\nmaterial browser
21225Face body intersection test
21233Compute the area of the selected face(s)\nArea of Face
21234Compute the area of all faces on the same layer\nArea by Layer
21235Compute the area of everything with the same material\nArea by Material
21236Scale and stretch selected entities.\nScale
21237Export 2D Graphic
21243Show/Hide image components\nShow Images
21244Show/Hide group components\nShow Groups
21246Edit Selected Material
21247Insert New Material Into Collection
21248Insert New Material Into Collection
21251Reset the sketch axis to the active component axis.\nReset axis (Component)
21252Unglue the group or component from the object it is attached to.\nUnglue
21254Make the selected component unique before editing it.\nEdit (Just This One)
21256Copy Material\nCopy
21257Delete Material\nDelete
21258Open Collection\nOpen
21259Clear Collection\nRemove all materials from this collection
21260Save Collection\nSave Collection
21261Save Collection As\nSave Collection As
21262Purge Unused Materials\nPurge Unused Materials
21263Merge Collection\nMerge external collection
21267Reset the scale of the selected group or component.\nReset Scale
21268set the skew of the selected group or component.\nReset Skew
21271Add this material to the model
21274Flip along the red direction\nFlip Red
21275Flip along the green direction\nFlip Green
21276Flip along the blue direction\nFlip Blue
21277Change the axes for the selected component.
21280Apply the component scale to the definition\nScale Definition
21282Fix Unique ID
21284Edit the selected component (and all its copies).\nEdit Component
21285Make a component from the selected group.\nMake Component
21286Least squares test
21287Divide selected edge into N segments\nDivide Edge
21288Create Material\nCreate
21319Display Large Thumbnails\nDisplay using the large thumbnail size
21321Display Medium Thumbnails\nDisplay using the medium thumbnail size
21322Display Small Thumbnails\nDisplay using the small thumbnail size
21323Toggle Utilities menu\nUtilities
21324Show the coordinates of points in the model\nShow Coordinates
21325Display In Collection Image Size\nOn subsequent material file reads, display using the material collection file size.
21327Hide Rest of Model
21328Hide Similar Components
21329Compute the area of everything with the same material\nArea
21330Export Google SketchUp Preferences\nExport Preferences
21333Import Google SketchUp Preferences\nImport Preferences
21334Reverse the selected section\nReverse Section
21335Activate cutting for the selected section.\nActivate Section Cut
21336Align the view with the selected section\nAlign view with section
21337Draw section planes to expose interior details in the model.\nSection Plane
21344Deactivate all sections.
21345Hide all sections.
21346Show all sections.
21347Toggle section planes on and off.\nDisplay Section Planes
21348Toggle section cuts on and off\nDisplay Section Cuts
21352Create a group from the geometry on the current section\nCreate Group from Section
21355Hide Soft Edges
21357Export Image
21358Replace Material with Another In the Model
21359Export the active section slice.
21360Debug: Purge all materials even if they are being used.
21365Import / Insert a DWG or DXF drawing
21368Average Soft Normals
21382Soften selected edge.\nSoften
21383Soften/Smooth selected edges\nSoften/Smooth Edges
21384Unsoften selected edges\nUnsoften Edges
21386Export the animation as an avi or series of images\nExport Animation
21395Sort Collection By Name\nSort Collection By Name
21405Draw text labels.\nText
21407Change Dimension type to Horizontal
21408Change Dimension type to Vertical
21409Change Dimension type to Aligned
21410Draw dimension lines between any two points.\nDimension
21411Edit Text
21412Change Dimension type to Radius
21413Change Dimension type to Diameter
21414Convert curve to polygon
21415Display Crosshairs
21416Convert Curves to Polygons
21418Change style of leader arrow\nArrow
21419Change style of text leader\nLeader
21426Pushpin positioned Leader\nPushpin
21427View Based Leader\nView Based
21428Leader is hidden\nHidden Leader
21429Extrude along a path\nExtrude
21433Show or hide the edit toolbar\nedit toolbar
21434Choose Font\nChoose Font
21448Place Sketch Axes\nPlace
21450Select all edges that bound a face
21451Select all faces that are connected to the selected entities
21452Select everything that is connected to the selected entities
21453Select everything that is on the same layer as the selected entities.
21454Select everything with the same material as the selected entities.
21459Select everything with this material\nSelect
21461Display license information
21462Authorize a new SketchUp license
21463Unauthorize a SketchUp license
21464Create a network license file
21465Uninstall a network license file or create standalone license
21466Display the Quick Reference Card\nQuick Reference Card
21467Show licenses in use on local network
21468Test software clipping\nSoftware Clipping
21469Zoom the camera view in or out to show the entire model.\nZoom Extents
21477Show all shortcuts\nList shortcuts
21478Show the Ruby console
21480Sort components by name\nSort by Name
21481Sort Components by Creation Date\nSort by Creation Date
21483Reset OpenGL\nReset OpenGL
21485Revert\nRevert to Saved Version
21486Print to Scale\nPrint to Scale
21487Material Editor\nView Material Editor
21488Entity Info\nView Entity Information
21490Soften Edges\nSoften Edges
21491Profile Edges\nDisplay Profile Edges
21492Extended Edges\nDisplay Extended Edges
21493Jitter Edges\nDisplay Jitter Edges
21494Field of View\nField of View
21495Enable BugSplat (TM) crash reporting\nBugSplat
21510Replace this component with another in the model.\nReplace
21511Select all instances in the active context.\nSelect Instances
21512Highlight the component in the browser view.\nReveal in Browser
21515Position texture on the face\nPosition Texture
21516Reset original texture position\nReset Texture
21521Use selected image as a material\nUse As Material
21522Intersect the select set with the model
21523Intersect select set with Model\nIntersect with Model
21524Intersect with Model\nIntersect with Model
21525Follow a path with a selected face.\nFollow Me
21526Intersect with Context\nIntersect with Context
21527Intersect Selected\nIntersect Selected
21528Debug Show Image Materials\nDebug Show Image Materials
21531Edit Items\nEdit Items
21537Delete Layer
21539Purge unused layers
21540Display using color by layer
21542Insert an image from a file as a material.\nInsert image as material
21551Cast Shadows\nCast Shadows
21552Receive Shadows\nReceive Shadows
21581Show Scene Info\nScenes
21875Edge/All Same
21877Edge/By Material
21879Edge/By Axis
21907Show or hide the construction toolbar\nconstruction toolbar
21908Show or hide the sections toolbar\nsections toolbar
21910Corrupt the model to test Check Validity
21914Unlock all geometry\nUnlock
21915Unlock selected geometry\nUnlock
21926Hide dialogs\nHide dialogs
21929Show or hide the principal toolbar\nprincinpal toolbar
21930Show or hide the walkthrough toolbar\nwalkthrough toolbar
21931Check Web for newer SketchUp\nCheck Web for Update
21939Insert clipboard contents at original location.\nPaste In Place
21940Draw 3D text.\n3D Text
21947Display Very Large Thumbnails\nDisplay using the very large thumbnail size
21980Toggle display of Guides on and off
21988Get a model from Google 3D Warehouse.\nGet Models...
21989Share this model to Google 3D Warehouse.\nShare Model...
21992Getting Started
21996Show or hide the Solid Tools toolbar\nSolid Tools toolbar
23006Match Photo
23051Send to LayOut
23056Show or hide the large tool set toolbar\nlarge tool set toolbar
24129Locate Photo...
24159Geo Location
24167Enable/Disable SceneGraph
24183Save as Template
24188Share the selected component to Google 3D Warehouse.\nShare Component...
24191Share the selected component to Google 3D Warehouse.\nShare Component...
24192Insert an image as an image object\nInsert image
24197Clear the model's geo-location\nClear Location
24198Combine all selected solids into a single solid and remove all interior entities.\nOuter Shell
24200Intersect all selected solids but keep only their intersection in the model.\nIntersect
24201Combine all selected solids into a single solid and keep interior voids.\nUnion
24202Subtract first solid from second and keep only the result in the model.\nSubtract
24203Trim first solid against second and keep both in the model.\nTrim
24204Intersect all selected solids and keep all results in the model.\nSplit
24209Add a new building model using Google Building Maker.\nAdd New Building...
24210Add photographic textures to the selected face.\nPhoto Textures
57346Select an object on which to get Help
57600Create a new model.\nNew
57601Open an existing model.\nOpen
57602Close the active model.\nClose
57603Save the active model.\nSave
57604Save the active model with a new name.\nSave As
57605Change the printing options.\nPage Setup
57606Change the printer and printing options.\nPrint Setup
57607Print the active model.\nPrint
57609Display full pages\nPrint Preview
57616Open this document
57617Open this document
57618Open this document
57619Open this document
57620Open this document
57621Open this document
57622Open this document
57623Open this document
57624Open this document
57625Open this document
57626Open this document
57627Open this document
57628Open this document
57629Open this document
57630Open this document
57631Open this document
57632Erase the selection\nErase
57633Erase everything\nErase All
57634Copy the selected entities to the system clipboard.\nCopy
57635Cut the selected entities to the system clipboard.\nCut
57636Find the specified text\nFind
57637Paste the contents of the system clipboard into the model.\nPaste
57640Repeat the last action\nRepeat
57641Replace specific text with different text\nReplace
57642Select the entire document\nSelect All
57643Undo the last action\nUndo
57644Redo the previously undone action\nRedo
57653Split the active window into panes\nSplit
57664Display program information, version number and copyright\nAbout
57665Quit the application; prompts to save documents\nExit
57666Opens Help\nHelp Topics
57667List Help topics\nHelp Topics
57668Display instructions about how to use help\nHelp
57669Display help for clicked on buttons, menus and windows\nContext Help
57670Display help for current task or command\nHelp
57680Switch to the next window pane\nNext Pane
57681Switch back to the previous window pane\nPrevious Pane
59392Show or hide the toolbar\nToggle ToolBar
59393Show or hide the status bar\nToggle StatusBar
59394Transparent Materials\nTransparent Materials
59395Use Sun for Shading\nUse Sun for Shading
61184Change the window size
61185Change the window position
61186Reduce the window to an icon
61187Enlarge the window to full size
61188Switch to the next document window
61189Switch to the previous document window
61190Close the active window and prompts to save the documents
61202Restore the window to normal size
61203Activate Task List
61445Close print preview mode\nCancel Preview
61699Save changes to %1?
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