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Walk around the Old Castle
The foot is strewn with stones Remnants of the millennial walls.
Greatness defeated centuries
And the kingdom of oblivion and decay.
There are hundreds of years, no one had touched the
It carpet of perennial grasses,
Witnesses of the past - the trees The remains of the ancient oak forests of Grodno.
Cobblestone road
Laid on the bottom of the old ditches.
The noise of the city is heard only a little bit,
But the spirit of the great burden of bygone eras
In the Grodno region is home to 1 173.9 thousand
people, of which:
746.4 million (63.6%) - in the cities, 427.5 (36.4%) - in
the countryside.
In Grodno 552.8 (47.1%) - men and 621.1 (52.9%) women. The population under 19 years of age is 312
thousand people, 20-59 years old - 622.5 thousand,
60 years and older - 239.4 thousand
Population of Grodno
Grodno is not very small town on its territory
there are many forests that give us our gifts
or naprmer fields where every year we
gather harvest all sorts of factory buildings
and shopping area of Grodno region
142,11 км²
The city has two theaters: Grodno oblast drama theater and
Grodno Puppet. There are 8 museums, the main ones being
Grodno Historical and Archaeological Museum and the Grodno
State Museum of History of Religion. Fine art is represented by art
galleries "Tizengauz", "At Maistre", "Raskosha" as well as the oldest in
the exhibition hall on the street Ozheshko.
Boris and Gleb (Kolozhskaya) church of the XII century - a remarkable example of
ancient stone architecture. Located on a high steep bank of the Neman, continued not
entirely: its arches and the head disappeared long ago, and the southern part of the
western wall collapsed into the river by a landslide in 1853 in the XX century has been
partially restored (masonry replaced the destroyed part of the tree, with plans to
complete recovery ) acts. Inside the preserved frescoes of the XII century.
Cathedral (previously - Parish) Church of St. Francis Xavier - an outstanding
architectural monument of Belarusian XVII-XVIII centuries. In the past, the church and
convent of the Jesuits were the richest in the Commonwealth. They occupied an entire
block in the central part of the city. In the decoration of the cathedral were widely used
means of architectural sculpture, sculpture and painting. The special beauty of the
interior a well-developed multi-figure composition of the altar and the supporting pillars,
decorated with ornate columns of the iconostasis, made entirely of wood. These
decorative elements are of high artistic value. Fresco painting (1752 g) is much of a plot
of songs arranged in arched niches, arches and a friend.
Old Castle (XII-XIX cc.).
New Castle (1751).
Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross and Bernardine (rebuilt many times since
Franciscan Church and Monastery, brigitok, bazilianok (baroque) and the Jesuits (now
a prison).
Nativity of the Theotokos Monastery XIX - XX centuries.
Lutheran church, a stone Great Choral Synagogue.
City Park, "Grodno Switzerland."
The first pharmacy in Eastern Europe (opened in 1687, is now a functioning pharmacy
Grodno necropolis (Catholic, Orthodox, and military).
House museums Eliza Ozheshko and Maxim Bogdanovich.
The oldest in Europe, operating clock tower, the mechanism of which is made at the
end of XV century. Initially the clock was installed in the tower of the town hall, where
meetings were held magistrate kept archive, housed office and the city treasury.
Grodno town hall was destroyed during the war and in the XVIII century, the clock was
moved to the tower of the church of St. Francis Xavier (Sovetskaya str.).
The building of the Grodno Oblast Drama Theater (1980).
The first and only once in Belarus zoo. Founded in 1927 by Ian Kokhanovsky professor
of biology as a human angle. In 1941, officially became a zoo. Today, the zoo is home to
over 320 species of animals.
In Grodno work 97 pre-schools, 40 secondary schools,
including two of the Lyceum, 8 high schools, as well as
schools with lyceum classes. There are 9 of specialized
secondary educational institutions.
In Grodno State University are 3:
Grodno State University
Grodno State Medical University
Grodno State Agrarian University
Grodno Higher Theological Seminary.
The city has 14 public libraries, including 6 children, 2
mixed, Polish literature, Grodno regional children's
section. Acts Grodno Historical and Archaeological
Reserve, Grodno Historical and Archaeological Museum
Climate Grodno has a moderate-continental. The weather is
influenced by air masses that brings the Atlantic Ocean. The
summers are humid and warm with an average temperature of
+16 ° C to +23 ° C. Winters are generally mild, the thermometer
usually does not fall below -7 ° C and kept at at -3 ... 0 ° C. Spring in
Grodno usually late, autumn is cool. Weather is moderately in
winter rarely severe frosts and summer heat.
Generally I like to Grodno
and not just because I was
born here and live, but
also because it is a really
beautiful place Belarus
and I am proud of my
Thank you for your attention! Presentation by
Kirill Tsydik
The presentation is made specifically for
English lessons
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