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YFQ-IV four-color ink printing and slotting machine(Water Base Printing Slotter-Die Cutter)

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YFQ-IV four-color ink printing and slotting machine(Water Base Printing Slotter-Die Cutter)Yong Xiao ---------------------------------------------------- Dongguang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd Address:No.252 Guanzhou Road, Dongguang county Zip:0
YFQ-IV four-color ink printing and slotting machine(Water Base Printing Slotter-Die Cutter)
Printing Slotting Die-Cutter Equipment
International famous brand electric parts and computer software are used
Printing Slotting Die-Cutter Equipment
Printing Slotter Die Cutter,Printing Slotting Die Cutting machine
Functions and Characteristics:
1. Whole machine electric parts was choice the domestic famous brand, good quality and steady.
2. Complete machine baffle and important parts used the temper for decrease the metal internal force; and that parts are made by high precision processing center and grinded by digit controlled grinder.
3. All the transmission axles and rollers are made by high-quality steel, and processed through temper and dynamic balance ; plated with rigid chrome and grinded surface.
4. All the transmission gears was used the 45# alloy steel, which is grinded after heat-treatment, and it was made by rubbing, it still maintains the high topping precision.
5. The whole machine undergoes the spray lubrication, intuitionist show setting, setting the double oil pipe balance system.
6. Option: Presetting adjustment function, feeding, printing, slotting, zero setting, memory reposition automatic.
7. Whole machine working interval adjustment, self-lock worm wheel and worm device, fast and convenient.
8. Option the vacuum adsorption, kick feeding or lead edge feeding to the customer request.
Option: Anilox roller, And stacker Machine.
Function of Feeding Department:
1. Control faceplate function button putting concentrate and simple, operated convenient.
2. Electrically controlled the connecting and separated for the every unit with alarm to ensure the operator's safety during its proceeding.
3. The light alloy aluminum back-kick feeding vacuum adsorption paper feed mechanism with several group of rolling bearing to ensure more steady machinery operation.
4. The left and right baffle, kick feeding, back baffle was adopted electric and computer numerical control adjustment.
5. Brush and the top suction device at the inlet which can clear away the impurity from the paper face to improve the printing quality.
6. Mainframe was controlled by the frequency conversion, start-up and cunning steady, which can save the power about the 30%.
7. Infrared photoelectricity counter can presetting the order paper quantity.
8. One lock function for whole machine, which can avoid the damaged the machine with error operation(The mainframe can not running when the every unit have not connected)
9. Pressure model elasticity feeding rubber roller, which can not to damaged the strength for corrugated cardboard.
10. Outside baffle add the flap function, which made the cardboard orientation more exact, avoid to waste.
function of printing Department
1. All the axle and roller was used the high grade steal , computer dynamic balance; eliminate the centrifugal effect, plated with rigid chrome and grinded surface.
2. Printing phases was adopted the planetary gear structure, the electric digit 360 adjustment , show the digit(stop, running can adjustment).
3. Printing roller landscape orientation was adopted the touch screen control, and electric digit
adjustment, the adjustment scope is 20mm.
4. Pneumatic septum pump supply the ink, the ink cup show the quantity.
* Hanging plate device , total hanging and half hanging slotting notch, foot switch control the clockwise and counter-clockwise, fast to fixing and take down the plate.
* Fixing the oil interval , printing pressure roller, lead roller interval were used the self-lock
worm wheel and worm device adjustment and fix.
* Printing phase fix was used the pneumatic brake structure, the brake structure will stop the mainframe running when the every unit separated, which can keep the origin gear fix position can not move.
8. Option: reposition function, computer memory printing plate position, which can automatic reposition when scrub the plate.
* Steel anilox roller, steel face chrome, pressure the anilox and rigid chrome.
* Pneumatic uplift plate device, the anilox roller break away pneumatic , smooth the oil automatic when the mainframe stop, it can prevent the oil dry.
Function of Die Cutting Department:
* Slotting phases was adopted the planetary gear structure, the electric digit 360�� adjustment, show the digit (stop, running can adjustment).
* Slotting tool rest, pressure wheel , horizontal move by manual mechanic joint adjustment.
* The height of box size was adjustment by synchronous.
* Pressure interval was used the self- lock worm wheel and worm device adjustment and fix.
** The elastic tangential scraper structure could cut off three and five layer cardboard without any adjustment.
** Slotting knife was choice with the high quality alloy steel , which made the rigidity and tenacity was best when heat treatment, it can suitable long-term used,
** It could be equipped with portable punching die holder.
** Option: automatic single slotting adjustment function, (And slotter knife move electric).
YFQ480��18001447��20001447��18000-60 Piece/min3-105.5kwYFQ480��20001447��22001447��20000-60 Piece/min3-105.5kwYFQ480��24001447��26001447��24000-60Piece/min3-105.5kwYFQ480��26001447��28001447��26000-60Piece/min3-105.5kw
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Dongguang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd
Address:No.252 Guanzhou Road, Dongguang county
Country/Region:China (Mainland)
Mob:+86-13230782966(24 hour)
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