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«Відомі місця нашого міста»
Ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to our wonderful town. Slovyansk
is a famous health resort and industrial centre
, it has a great scientific potential. Harmonious combination of natural picturesque landscape and climatic factors, good for health, create nice conditions for rest and improving from a medical point of view.
If you decided to our town you‟ll obligatory come to the railway station or to the bus station. These buildings don‟t have rare architectural design, but they welcome tourists from everywhere. Every time when you come to Slovyansk
by bus or by train it seems that the sun shines and says: “Welcome to Slovyansk
is full of historical landmarks, architectural monuments and exciting attractions.
Свято –
Вознесенська церква
Our town is rich in churches. Their architectural design is splendor and magnificent. This wonderful building is called St. Oleksandr
Cathedral. It is situated near the railway station. Many people visit this cathedral every day. Собор Олександра Невського
This church is called St. Serafim
Temple. It is full of light. It gives people belief, calmness, hope and life energy. It is situated near Slovyansk
health resort, and many people visiting our town have wonderful opportunity to go there and pray, and enjoy its marvellous
beauty and greatness. Церква «Добра звістка»
This unusual for our town building is a church too. But it is not traditional for people who confess Christianity. It is called “good news”. Many people found there their sense of life, they gave up drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs; they managed to create their happy families and gained friends who always support them. Нова церква
People who visit Slovyansk
for the first time usually start their trip from the central square. You can see the new church situated in the central square.
Площа Слов
This is Slovyansk
central square. We celebrate there all our holidays. There is a big stage in the centre
of the square. Many famous singers visited our town and performed on this stage.
Фонтан Слов
Виконавчий комітет Слов
міської ради
This is our main administrative building. Many serious people work there. They help people to solve their life problems and try to plan the future development of Slovyansk
. Слов
The geographical position of our town is very favourable
. The climate of Slovyansk
is moderately continental. Winters are mild with snowfalls, but the frosts and winds are not severe. Місто літом
Summers in Slovyansk
are warm or even hot, dry and cloudless. There are many sunny days, but residents of our town and its guests can swim in the famous salt lakes of Slovyansk
Річка Донець
The air is clean, fresh and full of herb aroma. Slovyansk
and Svyatogorsk
are the only places in Ukraine where you can find and pick up rare medicinal herbs. Our climatic conditions coincide with those of the sea zones. My town is very beautiful. You can come here in any time and find its beauty in all the seasons. Looking at these pictures you can enjoy the beauty of our region in summer, autumn, spring and winter. It has different faces, but it is like a little marvel in all its splendor and greatness.
The nature of Slovyansk
is very rich. There are many birds and animals there. There are many trees and we can say that Slovyansk
is green in summer and golden in autumn. Слов
health resort is the leader in Ukrainian health industry. It is situated in a picturesque place. The inimitable in its beauty landscape park, salt lakes create unique microclimate and favour
the improving from a health point of view for body and soul and fine emotional balance.
health resort is almost 180 years old. It is called “
pearl” for its clear full of converour
aroma air, for its plenty of blossoming bushes and herbs, and its salt lakes make Slovyansk
a real precious pearl of Donbass
region. Mineral resources of Slovyansk
health resort, especially its muds, are recognized as one of the best in Europe. In 1907 in Belgium the mineral resources of Slovyansk
got the main award at the international exhibition in Spa. Слов
Today Slovyansk
health resort is a medical and recreational unit with well developed infrastructure, modern diagnostic basis. 4 sanatoriums treat the diseases of bones and muscular structure, heart and vascular system, respiration problems, gastric
intestinal diseases and metabolism problems such as obesity and diabetes, genito
urinary diseases, skin problems. Санаторії
There are as many sanatoriums and holiday homes in Slovyansk
as in the Crimea. Slovyansk
is proud of its health resort. It is one of the oldest and richest balneological
health resorts in Ukraine. It uses unique muds which help people to recover. Слов
health resort is one of the oldest in Ukraine balneological
health centre
. For treatment and reabilitation
a great quantity of different factors are used. They include sulphide
silt muds, brine and a great set of mineral waters, among which there is a real treasure –
unique mineral water containing chalybeate for treatment of anemia. Озеро на Славкурорті
is unique with its natural climatic conditions. Its well developed sanatoria and health resorts infrastructure attracts thousands of visitors from Ukraine and other regions every year.
The combination of medical factors with the facilities of recreation and cultural resources make our region one of the most prospective for developing touristic structure.
Озеро Ріпне
salt lakes, unique muds and mineral water treat bodies and souls of people who come to our town.
national historical and architectural reserve is a wonderful museum which contains unique and rare exhibits and archeological finds and godsends. The most part of them refers to the history of Svyatogorsk
monastery. It dates back to the ancient times and has many puzzles and enigmas.Svyatogorsk
is situated at about 30 kilometers from Slovyansk
. It is like a precious stone surrounded with natural picturesque landscapes, which are fine and marvelous in any time of the year. Святогірськ
is full of cultural and historical landmarks, which can show and tell us a lot about its origin and life. Svyatogorsk
and Slovyansk
are the only towns in Donetskaya
region which are included into the list of important historical landmarks of Ukraine. About 90% monuments of Donbass
which have national significance and about 50% of archeological monuments and memorials and relicts of the past are situated there. The National historic
architectural reserve of Svyatogorsk
includes 26 architectural monuments, 12 monuments of national significance and 1 memorial of monumental art of national significance. ПАМ
Палац культури им.Леніна
These are Slovyansk
palaces of culture. Their names are the palace of culture named after Lenin, the palace of culture named after Artyom
, the palace of culture “Progress”, and the palace of culture named after railway men. Many people come there to go in for dancing, singing and so on. „
This is Slovyansk
aircraft college. Slovyansk
is proud of this college, because many students of foreign countries study there and become good and efficient specialists in their specific sphere of knowledge.
державний педагогічний університет
This is Slovyansk
Pedagogical University. Many students from all over Ukraine come and get their education there. They represent very useful profession, because they become teachers. There are many faculties there, but the oldest one is the faculty of physics and mathematics.
Лікарня им.Леніна
This building is our hospital named after Lenin. It helps many people to stay healthy, treats critically ill patients, performs surgical operations and so on. Many qualified and efficient doctors work there and do their best to save our lives.
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