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4 Dormitory of Kemerovo State Medical Academy Bulvar Stroiteley 37

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4 Dormitory of Kemerovo State Medical Academy 37 Bulvar Stroiteley st. Kemerovo Russia tel/fax: (879) 676 835
Subscription Department British Medical Newspaper 53 Downs Road London LR5 1 2ST England
February 18, 2012
Dear Sir/Madam,
Re: Subscription to the Newspaper
I am a student attending the course of training in the Kemerovo State Medical Academy. I believe your Newspaper will help me much today and in my future work.
I am enclosing a money order for $310 for an 16 months subscription to the "British Medical Newspaper" beginning with the February issue. Could you send me the Newspaper, please? Sincerely yours,
Rozagul Kukanova Hotel Hilton Garden Inn Blacksburg
2 Blacksburg, Virginia United State of America, VA 24060 tel/fax (540) 555 4523
Ref: 23/09/05YD304D (Ref:23/09/05YD304D
March 25, 2011) Mr. John Wilson Personnel Director Anderson Construction Company 3507 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20895
March 25, 2011
Dear Mr. Wilson,
Re: Annual meeting of Anderson Construction Company Hotel Hilton Garden Inn Blacksburg
On April 25, we will be holding our annual meeting. It is of the utmost importance that you plan to attend this meeting. If there is any possibility at all that you may not be able to attend, it is very important that we have an indication of your thinking on some of the important matters that will be considered in addition to your proxy that will enable us to cast your vote at the meeting. You may visit the Hotel's Website at: http://www/
We will be looking forward to seeing you at the meeting. Yours Sincerely,
Mr. G. Shevel Director. Hotel Hilton Garden Inn Blacksburg Encl. 4 pages
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