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A bad compromise is
better than a good
lawsuit .
Проект для учащихся 9 класса по
теме «Conflicts»
Подготовила: Сахнова Валентина Макаровна
Учитель английского языка МБУ лицея №57
Good morning children!
The subject of today’s talk is «conflicts». Conflict
is a natural thing in the life of people. People
want to know why conflicts happen between
states and people. Today we will begin our
researching work and find out the answers for
some important questions.
«A bad compromise is better than a
good lawsuit»
• Do you agree with the statement? Why not?
• What can cause misunderstanding between
• What are the ways to resolve problems?
• What should you do to avoid conflicts?
Basic question.
The main question we should answer during
our work is:
Can we learn to leave in peace?
Planning and assessment.
For the best results of your work you should be
divided into three groups:
1. internationalists;
2. relatives;
3. classmates.
Yours task is to work out the plan of the group
work and decide who, when and in what way you
are going to resolve the problem.
The results of the test.
“Can I listen to somebody?”
70% - 100% - you are a bad interlocutor. You
should learn listening 40% - 70% - you have lack of
listening to somebody.
10% - 40% - you can be called a good interlocutor,
but sometimes you misunderstand your partner.
Less than 10% - you are an excellent listener and
What are the groups going to do?
Group 1: Internationalists.
The problem question:
“Can we avoid international conflicts?”
Possible product – Conference with the
resolutions. A wall newspaper: “What do famous
people say about tolerance?”
Group 2. Relatives.
Problem question:
“How to resolve family conflicts? Possible product
– The code for family members”, leaflet of wise
Group 3. Classmates.
Problem question:
“How to prevent school conflicts”? Possible
product – a special booklet “Rules for friend”, a
leaflet – “Proverbs about friendship”.
Let’s start our project. Enjoy the song
“Ulybka” by V. Shainsky.
You’ll present your works at the last lesson.
Remember to do:
Group 1 – Resolution and wall newspaper.
Group 2 – Family Cod; and leaflet of wise thoughts.
Group 3 – Booklet “Rules for Friends”, leaflet of
Good luck my friends!
If you need, I’m ready to help you in carrying out
your project, and fulfilling your plans.
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1.“Enjoy Proverbs and Sayings” Moscow 1971
by “High School”.
2.“Enjoy English” 9 form. 2006. Titul - publisher.
3.“I’m a teenagers. I’m among other people”
parts 3. 2003. Rech – publisher by A. V.
4. “Thoughts that help us live” Moscow 1992.
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The internet resources: – смайл «Улыбка».
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