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Сasa Stefan Zweig

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?asa Stefan Zweig (????????)
We started with ambitious aims, but had to adapt to (financial) reality, since it was a almost 100% private initiative.
Our museum opened in July 2012, after we decided to simply maintain the original design of the house and abandoned original sofisticated plans of building an auditorium, a reading room, etc..
Now we open from Fri to Sun, have around 20-25 visitors every weekend and finally got a financial aid from the Secretary of Culture of the state of Rio de Janeiro, which allows us to finally have a 2-year-plan. This allows us - a very tiny team of 6 people - to offer cultural programs (lectures, concertos, films and exhibitions) and to go on producing audiovisula material.
Have a look at our films. Our idea is to go on producing this kind of films. We also plan to transfer our library to the house in a near future.
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