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Материалы исследовательского проекта о герое-земляке.
Project "Glazkov was out that overcoat, the hero never dies..."
Glazkov has become a legend, Who died and was born for eternal life.
Authors: Glazkov A, 11v form
Sevostyanov D, 11b form
Koryakina K, 9a form
Vereshchagin D, 11v form
Kirukhin M, 10b form
Teachers: Bryxina I. A, Petrova E. A.
Object of research: front week-days of General Glazkov.
Subject of research: General Glazkov's feat of arms in Stalingrad battle.
Methods: work with documents in a local museum, interview with V. A. Glazkov's relatives.
The aim of research: realizing of generation's succession through General's feat of arms.
Tasks: * To visit Glazkov's relatives and a local museum;
* To write Glazkov's relatives memories about a great General; * To organize a meeting with fellow villagers and relatives of V. A. Glazkov;
* To describe General's overcoat;
* To publish the results in a local newspaper "Narodnaya Tribuna".
Hypothesis: If we learn course of General Glazkov's life we can pass on it to the young generation.
The year 2010 is an important event in a social life of our country. It's the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the World War II. It's a symbol of a national pride, glory and folk's feat of arm. It consolidates and joins everybody today. About 450000 men went to the front from our Tambov oblast. 190000 men were killed.
8466 men went to the front from Bondary rayon. 5465 of our fellow-villagers were killed. Among them was Vasily Andreyevich Glazkov.
The problem of memory's keeping and realizing of generation's succession increases with the 65th anniversary of the Victory. General information
Vasily Andreyevich Glazkov (1901 - 1942)
Date of birth: 15 January 1901
Place of birth: Verderevshchino, Bondary rayon, Tambov oblast
Education: primary school, military college
Occupation: professional soldier
Awards: Lenin Order
Date of death: 8 September 1942
Place of death: Stalingrad
Childhood of V. Glazkov
V. A. Glazkov is one of the best known heroes of the Great Patriotic War in Russia. He was born in the village of Verderevshchino on the 15th of January, 1901 in the peasant's family. His father died when Vasily was a child. That's why the further education became impossible for him. He was the oldest son among four children, that's why he helped his mother. His childhood was hungry and heavy.
Glazkov's family and career
Vasily Glazkov fell in love with Evgenia, who was his wife later. He was a happy person in his family life. Glazkov's career as a professional soldier was going extremely well. Glazkov entered the military college. He served in the ranks of the army in different places of our Motherland.
Stalingrad remembered
Stalingrad was one of the proudest episodes of the best military operations of the war. Glazkov became a general at the age of 40. He wrote: "It was a great responsibility for me, but it's important for Motherland". He was sent to Stalingrad to serve to Motherland.
Major-General V. Glazkov (killed in action) was the commander of the 35th Guards Rifle Division. The 35th division was raised in August 1942 from the 8th Airborne Corps. Cold autumn of 1942
The Stalingrad battle became a matter of survival. Losses on both sides were huge. Russian troops began to "squeeze" the German pocket. The 35th Guards Rifle Division took counter-attack in the village of Verkhnaya Elshanka. Soviet soldiers fought for every street, for every house, for every stone. Major-General V. Glazkov timed blows to perfection. He was an example of endurance, determination and courage. Glazkov's division had out fought the German "super-men". The battle on the 8th of September 1942 was the last Glazkov's day. The soldiers of his division held out. V. Glazkov showed courage, even when he was wounded.
Last day of General Glazkov (performance)
SoldierLyuba, Lyuba. Come here. Our commander needs your help.Lyuba, the nurseWhat happened? SoldierIt's a matter of survival. Vasily Andreyevich is badly injured.GlazkovDon't give up! Hold out1 I want to call upon my soldiers.Lyuba Comrade General, I'll make you medical aid.GlazkovDon't worry, nurse. I must fight. We have to make the Germans pay for every yard of our ground. It's a matter.SoldierOur General! The Nazies will be trapped. We trace ourselves to duty.GlazkovWe owe to our Motherland. We'll defeat Nazies in any way. Forward! Fire!SoldierLyuba, let him live dogging every fate. Serve him. We need our commander.LyubaWe'll send him to a hospital. He is wounded.SoldierAll right! Hurry up!LyubaGerman planes! Shelling! Oh, no! Our general is dying. So many wounds...
His overcoat was riddled with 160 bullets. General Glazkov had no chance to survive. The blood-drenched Glazkov's overcoat
The visitors of the museum "The Stalingrad Battle" can see portrait gallery of the Soviet commanders.
Among the exhibits is the blood-drenched overcoat of General Glazkov, with 168 holes from bullets and shell fragments. Glazkov's overcoat
There is Glazkov's overcoat in the museum of defence in Volgograd. It was found in May 1943 in depot near railway station of Voroponovo. This overcoat has 2 breasts with a turn-down collar. The left breast of the overcoat was stained with blood. It has only one fold on a back. The colour of this overcoat was steel-grey with a blue mount. It was a result of that fact the division was founded on a base of air-force. Glazkov's overcoat has a careful darn, which had been done by General Glazkov's wife Evgenia Tarasovna. The overcoat was cut and has only one button with a dent. Glazkov's soldier Grigory Mukhalchenko said it was a real General's Glazkov overcoat. General was worn it near Elshanka in his last battle. The overcoat has 168 bullets.
From a diary of a German soldier
"Russian general is a fanatic ... some kind of iron creature. He never gets tired and is not afraid of fire".
Vasily Andreyevich Glazkov perished during Stalingrad battle in 1942. In 1943 he was awarded with the Order of Lenin. The 35th Guards Rifle Division was awarded with the Order of the Red Banner.
Many battles on the Eastern front in World War II are remembered by people. But Stalingrad titanic battle was extraordinary. And V. Glazkov became its hero.
Spring, Summer and Autumn lasted for Glazkov more than 40 years. As for his winter, it will be eternal.
Everybody, not only Glazkov's relatives, revere his memory. Practical significance
There is a searching group in Bondary secondary school which named
the Glazkovs.
* We have organized 2 lecture groups, * We have visited Glazkov's relatives and a local museum; * We have organized a meeting with fellow villagers and relatives of V. A. Glazkov; * We have written Glazkov's relatives memories about V. A. Glazkov; * We have participated in 10 actions devoted to Glazkov's memory in schools of Bondary rayon;
* We have described General's overcoat and placed the results of research at our school's site; * We have held 14 excursions for pupils;
* We visited the hero-city of Volgograd last year, took part in some excavations, wrote an article to a local newspaper "Narodnaya Tribuna";
* Every month we organize meetings with our veterans. Decades of years will pass,
Shallow waters will float,
Plenty of heroic deeds will be done,
Honour and respect will be our code.
We remember our heroes!
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