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Олимпийские игры 2008 в Пекине

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Примечание:от редактора: показан фрагмент текста; презентация работы находится в архивном файле Октябрь/2008г.
Olympic games 2008 in Peking
Ceremony of the opening
As we all remember, with 8 on August 24 2008 passed the year Olympic game of Peking. The Whole world keeped a check on these event. The Tense fight and incandescent situation, probably, was in each house. All anxiously waited more and more victories from athlete of its country.
Except traditional element taking country usually presents the theatrical presentations or dance number, presenting culture to this nations. •
Many traditional elements accompany the ceremony of the opening of the Olympic games. The Ceremonies these usually begin with lifting the flag taking country and performances of the national hymn. The Traditional part действа begins with parade folk, during which majority athlete march on stadium, country for country. One honourable athlete from each country keeps the flag of its folk, leading for itself group athlete its country. •
According to traditions, commenced during Year Olympiad 1928
, the first marches the Greece, because of its history status native lands of the Olympiad, but taking country leaves last. The Exception formed the game of Athens in 2004
, when Greece left last, but flag was even so stood first. Between the first and the last participant of the parade pass all rest athletes order of their output is defined or on english, or on french dictionary, on language sometimes. But also here does not can be without casus, for instance, in Spain is present and spanish, and catalan, but japanese language has united in united whole China and Taypey. •
After will pass all folk, president of the Olympic organizing committee taking country delivers a speech, for he follow the president of the International Olympic committee, which at the end speech presents the chapter a state
organizer, which, in answer, formally opens the Olympic games, dialect: I declare opened plays noting The Olympiad of the modern epoch/Olympic Winter plays . •
Most certainly, we with you not less actively rooted for our athlete, and exactly this they helped to do the enormous jerk toward to the third place in general rating of the countries. Yes, exactly fate russian olympic assembly dared at the last 2 days in турнирной to olympic table.
And here is result. At the last day Russia was firmly confirmed on the one third place on amount of the gold(en) medals. On the first, the absolute leader of these Olympic games, master of the competitions 2008 -
a China. On втором -
an unchangeable persecutor chinese assembly on length of the whole time of the undertaking the year Olympic games 2008
The Russian sportswoman Elena Isinbaeva became today on Olympiad 2008 in Peking double olympic чемпионкой on light athletics in pole vault and has installed the world record 5 metres and 5 centimetres. She has overtaken the american Dzhennifer Stuchinski and its соотечественницу Svetlanu Feofanovu, achieved bronze .
Elena Isinbaeva has perfected the own achievement, installed in Monaco July 29, on 1 centimetre. In total, present
day world record became 24
m in quarry prominent russian легкоатлетки.
The Successes russian athlete at the last two days, including three medals, achieved in feminine tennis, have allowed the Russia to move with eighth on sixth place in общекомандном медальном зачете.
Rossiyanki Dinara Safina and Elena Dementieva left in play
off of the tennis tournament on Olympiad 2008 in Peking.
In the first semifinal match Elena Dementieva has overacted else one россиянку Faith Zvonarevu, but Dinara Safina китаянку On.
Russian meeting in semifinal was terminated with count 6:3, 7:6 in favour of Dementievoy. Safina, which conducted its second match for 14 hours, in the most heavy match has wrested the victory beside китаянки with count 7:6, 7:5.
The Feminine combined team to Russia left in play
off of the qualifications of the olympic tournament on atheletic atheletics with the third result, having taken amount 244
40 баллов. Except россиянок, for medals on August 13 will argue assembly Kitaya, USA, Rumynii, Australia, France, Brasilia and Japan.
Russian sportswoman Catherine Kramarenko
Ceremony of the closing the olympic games
The Ceremony of the closing lasted around three hours and was accompanied the firework from 18 points on the whole Peking. Beside 7 thousand people have took part In solemn действе, but вживую on tribune of the stadium 100 thousand spectators observed for presentation.
Paralimpiyskie plays 2008г
Ceremony of the opening Paralimpiyskih plays
In Peking at saturday were opened Year Paralimpiyskie Plays. The Ceremony of the opening lasted around three hours.
Unlike ceremony of the opening of the Year Olympiad, in the first part of evening passed the parade an athlete. He preceded the short greeting "inoplanetyan"
марафонцев, which since the first minutes have assigned the evening several futuristic moods.
The Commands left on arena during полутора hours. In the general difficulty in Play take part more than 4 thousand athlete from 148 countries. The Russian command appeared on arena of the stadium 97
y. The Russian flag carried the champion of the world and Europe, acting world record holder in shot
puts Aleksey Ashapatov.
The Main by subject colorful and touching ceremony of the opening Paralimpady, which stage manager became the chinese master CHzhan Czigan, became "Dialogue sky, the land and person". Thereby, the stage manager has presented the new entailment to three
colored simple allegory 13
h Paralimpiyskih Plays, where blue band means the sky, green -
a land, red -
a person
6 thousand actor, were winnowed on length nine months. Many performers -
a people with different physical defect of the Rehearsals to ceremonies of the opening Paralimpiady, in which have took part more. One of the the most bright moments to ceremonies became the appearance "chorus" 300 deaf girls, as well as "ballet hand" in performance 11
year девочки, which has lost the leg during earthquake in chinese province Sychuani.
"We all become witness that that China, in spite of severe natural cataclysms, has prepared the inimitable Plays", -
has said the president International Paralimpiyskogo committee (MPK) Philip Kreyven.
He has reminded that athletes will become in liing ahead days of the Plays main hero. "You here to rejoice, wind the new friends, gain memory. We want that you have shown confidence in itself, convictiom", -
has said he, обращаясь to athlete.
As has in turn noted president Orgkomiteta Pekinskoy Olympiads Lyu Ci,
Paralimpiada in Peking is an important event for the whole world. "These plays will promote the further harmonious development of the world, solidarity and friendships", -
has said he.
The Three
hour ceremony of the opening of the Plays was terminated зажжением fire Paralimpiady, which will blaze in Peking before August 17
, day of the closing the Plays. After six факелоносцев have made the circle on stadium, chinese паралимпийский champion Hou Bini, relying on on power of their own hands, rose on invalid's sidercar on rope to the main torchlight Plays to light the flame on stadium.
Pekinskaya Paralimpiada will become the most representative паралимпийского in histories of the motion. In she will take part more than 4 thousand athlete. On Play will are presented 148 countries and region of the world. The most multiple is a command Kitaya -
332 паралимпийца. •
Russia has brought to China 145 athletes, four leaders, which run ahead of unseeing athlete and one spare athlete for participation in academic гребле. The Most number russian athlete -
an athlets (
39 persons) and swimmer (
), 25
% participant assembly have a breaches of the vision, 75
% -
motor device, including 16 колясочников.
Iznachalinyy budget Paralimpiady formed 100 million dollars. As of organizer, for time of preparation this amount increased as by reason of change the economic situation in the world, so and in view of enlarged plan on measure of preparation.
In KNR, on official data, live 83 million invalid. The Authorities of the country certain that undertaking Paralimpiyskih plays will give the pulse to the further adapting the country for life of the people with limited physical possibility.
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