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denver mobile marketing agency

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denver mobile marketing specialist
Marketing Specialist Jeff Hopp of Mile High Mobile Marketing answers some frequently asked questions about local businesses and mobile websites.
Jeff Hopp, a Denver mobile marketing specialist
, was recently interviewed about mobile websites and their benefits for local business owners.
When asked why local businesses need mobile websites, Hopp said "Businesses need a mobile website because soon mobile internet traffic is going to exceed desktop internet traffic, and that's actually already the case for local searches. Most local searches are done from a mobile device."
Many business owners may assume that their regular websites will be sufficient for those viewing them on mobile devices. Jeff says that is definitely not the case, and in fact, without a mobile website, they could be losing a large number of potential customers: "Most of the issues come from the smaller screen sizes on mobile devices and the data limitations. So traditional websites typically load very slowly on a mobile device and they're difficult to navigate. They require a lot of scrolling and zooming, and the fact is, if your website is difficult to use, especially from a mobile device, people will give up. They will leave and they will go to one of your competitors."
Hopp s
ays that in order to stay ahead of competitors, they must embrace mobile marketing. Customers aren't just using their phones for social media or calls anymore. "These days one out of four people have their smartphone as their only internet connection. They don't have any other way of accessing the internet, and so it is their primary source for finding local information. People talk about restaurants a lot when it comes to mobile marketing because they convert so well. They convert at nearly a hundred percent. But honestly, every business can benefit from mobile marketing, whether it's a dentist or auto repair shop. The internet has gone mobile and so online marketing is also mobile", says Jeff.
Hopp encounters local business owners daily who are still not sure of the inevitable transition to mobile marketing, but he says that there is a lot money to be made by investing in a mobile website. "Mobile websites are designed to convert. You take away most of the additional information that people don't really need. When people are searching for you on a mobile device they're probably ready to take action, so you simply want to make it easy for them. You want to make it easy for them to call you, easy to get directions to your establishment, and give them a couple of good reasons why to do so. You make it easy for people to take action for a business that converts directly to dollars."
More information about mobile marketing can be found on Mile High Mobile Marketing's website or by calling Jeff at 720-352-0795.
Mile High Mobile Marketing
Denver, CO
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