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Cover Picture A Template-Based Electrochemical Method for the Synthesis of Multisegmented Metallic Nanotubes (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 372005)

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Cover Picture
Woo Lee,* Roland Scholz, Kornelius Nielsch, and Ulrich Gsele
Uniform arrays of metallic nanotubes can be prepared with a newly developed
electrochemical method. In their Communication on page 6050 ff., W. Lee et al.
report the preparation of multisegmented metallic nanotubes with a bimetallic
stacking configuration along the nanotube axis. The approach is based on the
preferential electrodeposition of metal along the pore walls of anodic alumina
membranes in the presence of metallic nanoparticles on the nanochannel surfaces.
Nobel Lectures
Ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation is the focus of this year%s Nobel Lectures by
Irwin Rose, Avram Hershko, and Aaron Ciechanover. The prizewinners report firsthand in three Reviews on page 5926 ff.
Lithium Hydride
A Li4H4 cube coordinated by three bis(amino)alane units is reported by M. Veith
et al. in their Communication on page 5968 ff. The compound was isolated and
characterized by X-ray crystallographic analysis.
Triple Bonds with Ge
The first compounds with the structural unit {MGe GeM}, in which a Ge2 unit is
bound between two transition-metal centers through triple bonds, is described by
A. C. Filippou et al. on page 5979 ff. The MGe bonds are weakly conjugated within
the linear chain.
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