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Cover Picture Hydrocarbon Uptake in the Alkylated Micropores of a Columnar Supramolecular Solid (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 422006)

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Cover Picture
Thomas J. Taylor, Vladimir I. Bakhmutov, and Franois P. Gabba*
Alkane storage is generally problematic. Therefore, gases such as ethane, propane,
and butane are often burned off in the flares of oil wells and petrochemical plants
(cover picture background). A new solid consisting of a hexagonal array of columns
and channels (cover picture foreground) reversibly adsorbs short-chain alkanes in its
alkylated micropores. In their Communication on page 7030 ff., F. P. Gabba' and coworkers report its preparation from (HgC6F4)3 and 1,3,5-(Me3SiCC)3C6H3, and
describe its sorption properties.
Hydrogen Peroxide Synthesis
The industrially established anthraquinone method for the synthesis of hydrogen
peroxide suffers from high energy requirements and waste accumulation. The state of
the art of alternative methods (e.g. direct synthesis) is discussed by J. L. G. Fierro and
co-workers in their Review on page 6962 ff.
Molecular Recognition
In their Communication on page 6986 ff., F. W. Scheller et al. report that, on a
bifunctional molecularly imprinted polymer, enzyme-like catalysis and antibodyanalogue binding occur simultaneously and yet can be distinguished.
C–C Coupling
An intermolecular oxidative heterocoupling of imides and oxindoles to esters,
ketones, and lactones which does not require a prefunctionalization step is described
by P. S. Baran and M. P. DeMartino in their Communication on page 7083 ff.
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