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1. - global community for ePals.
2. Students can listen to native American English speakers; students can broaden their outlook and learn a lot of interesting things and facts about American life, history, culture; "Article topics" (the classroom) can be used for studying certain topics and expanding the vocabulary on it and , of course , for listening to and the discussion. 3. It's a very good website for students of different levels (the listening is divided on levels- easy, medium, difficult) ; there are on-line before, while and after listening activities , you can also check your answers.
4. Students will be highly motivated in this listening because here you can find what's interesting for them (news they are discussing); It's great site for busy teachers! You can just take what you like and use printouts ; There are exercises for all steps of listening (pre-listening, while-listening and after-listening);Very interesting and useful activities in "Quizzes" -matching, hangman for expanding and checking vocabulary.
5. n there are a lot of amazing video and songs. Students like such things. Students can check their understanding of video or song doing interactive multiple-choice activities. 6. You can use it for preparing lesson plans . There are step-by-step plans. Topics for conversation are interesting for students. There are a wide choice of conversation activities - role plays, debates, etc. 7. There are a lot of articles for listening on various topics. There is a variety of native speakers who has their own speed of speech and speech peculiarities. There are also scripts of the stories here.
8. This is very helpful site for teachers where you can find a lot of recourses for listening. It helps me a lot! 9. There are a lot of listening activities for students on different issues. There are many programs with video on grammar, vocabulary. Students can listen to American English here. And they can learn American English idioms, vocabulary, pronunciation.
10. There are a lot of video which can be taken for lessons. Students may listen to this short video for improving their listening skills. These videos can be used for discussion and for developing creative thinking. 11. There are explanations and video about how to pronounce English sounds. You can find there different articles and activities about linking, sounds, pitches and stress which can help to improve pronunciation skills. There is also very interesting audiobook and you can practice your listening skills with the help of it. 
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