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Finelli P. F. Diagnostic reference index of clinical neurology. Baltimore The Williams & Wilkins Company 1980 $33

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Brief Reviews
Aminofl, Michael J . (ed), Electrodiagnosis in Clinical
Neurology. New York, ChurchilllLivingstone, 1980, $45 .OO
Dr Aminoff’s book covers a wide range of topics in clinical
neurophysiology, and he has elicited contributions from a
number of distinguished individual authors. These include
Brazier, Tharp, Gevins, Marsan, Daube, Lenman, Shahani
and Young, Armington, Sokal, Stockard and Sharbrough,
Giblin, Matthews, Schindler and Weigel, Weitzman, Pollak
and McGregor, and Chatrian. Topical coverage includes
EEG, depth electrography, EMG, nerve conduction studies, transmission analysis, clinical reflexology, ERG, visual
evoked responses, brainstem auditory evoked responses,
somatosensory evoked responses, ENG, sleep recordings,
and electrophysiological evaluation of brain death. The
volume is comprehensive and can be recommended.
Federoff, S., and Hertz, L . (eds), Advances in Cellular
Neurobiology, Vol 1. New York, Academic Press, 1980,
This is the first volume in a series intended to provide regular reviews of new information on cellular neurobiology.
Each volume will contain three subdivisions, including cell
differentiation, aging and pathology, and methodology.
The contributors to this first volume are generally of high
quality and are well-established investigators in the field.
lirium as a nonspecific psychopathological response that
reflects a diffuse disturbance of cerebral metabolism. One
senses that he objects to classifying it with confusion as a
point along a gradient between full wakefulness and complete unarousability in the metabolic encephalopathies, but
at the moment no satisfactory alternative to this view can
be put forward. The value of the book lies in its extensive
review of the topic and the impartial summarization of its
bibliography. Somewhat disappointing is the absence of a
specific point of view or evidence of personal work on the
problem. General causes and management are dealt with in
the first half of the book, while the last half covers specific
conditions ranging from drugs to endogenous disorders to
epilepsy. There is no other recent English-language monograph on the subject and the book can be recommended
for all neurology libraries, but check your copy first-ours
had no print on pages 56 to 88 inclusive.
Roberts, P . J . (ed), Biochemistry of Dementia. New York,
John Wiley C Sons, 1980, $46.00
The detailed presentation of many of the topics in this volume suggests that this must have been an unusually valuable symposium to attend. In printed form, however, its
original material risks being buried beneath a great deal of
information that is duplicated in other sources. Even libraries will soon come to realize they can’t afford this
much redundancy.
Finelli, P . F., Diagnostic Reference Index of Clinical
Neurology. Baltimore, The Williams G Wilkins Company,
1980, $33.00 (paper)
This paperback volume represents the initial effort of a
new idea, namely, to provide immediately available reference entry points for a large number of neurological diseases, symptoms, mechanisms, and related topics. The substantial number of entry items are alphabetized and cover
342 pages. These are supplemented by 3,252 bibliographic
entries providing detailed information on the indexed
items. It is an interesting idea and should considerably
shorten the time required for both staff members and those
in training to find detailed consideration of a variety of
items whose original source has slipped the memory. Only
time will tell whether this is the best approach to the problem, but it is a good start and an enormous labor of love.
Neurobiology of Chemical Transmission
Edited by Masanori Otsuka and Zuch Hall
John Wiley G Sons, New York, 1979
Lessell, S., and V a n Dalen, J . T . W . (eds), NeuroOphthalmology, Vol 1. Amsterdam, Excerpta Medica,
1980, $78.00
For many years the Archives of Ophthalmology published annual reviews, but these were discontinued after 1974 because of the burden of keeping up with the enormous volume of published material. This book represents the first of
a series which apparently will continue that useful function.
The reviews contained in this issue, which include the visual system, the ocular motor system, the pupil, ocular
manifestations of neurological diseases, the orbit, and diagnostic methods, are by international authorities and are
both comprehensive and detailed.
Lipowski, Z . J., Delirium-Acute Brain Failure in Man.
Sprindeld, IL, Charles C Thomas, 1980, $39.75
Dr Lipowski provides a lengthy and detailed review of
many aspects of this important subject. H e regards de-
This volume reports the proceedings of a symposium on
chemical transmission held in October, 1977, in Kyoto,
Japan. Reports by 22 investigators are divided into three
subtopics of equal length. The first part, on mechanisms
of chemical transmission, includes chapters on neurotransmitter synthesis and release, regulation of acetylcholine receptors, and axoplasmic flow. A section on development of signaling and synaptic contact contains papers
on the formation of neuromuscular synapses in vitro, the
regulation of expression of neurotransmitter synthetic
pathways and receptor sensitivities, and the development
of specific cell connections. The final subtopic, on synaptic
transmission in higher systems, contains articles on
identification of neurons and pathways by transmitter histochemical or electrophysiological techniques, actions of
barbiturates, adenine nucleotides, and acidic amino acids
in the central nervous system, electrical properties of
neurosecreting cells, and synaptogenesis following CNS
lesions. Subject material is equally balanced between
morphological, biochemical, and electrophysiological approaches.
Despite the subheadings, the volume represents a rather
diverse collection of articles which in no way can be considered a systematic o r comprehensive discussion of
neurotransmission. Most of the papers discuss original research and are narrow in scope. Thus, this volume is of
interest mainly to investigators active in the research areas
covered. Several articles are particularly noteworthy. The
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