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Management of male impotence (International Perspective in Urology Vol 5) Edited by Alan H. Bennett Baltimore The Williams & Wilkins Company 1982 264 pp illustruted $536

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Clinical Management of Intracranial Aneurysms
(Seminars in Neurological Surgery)
Edited by L. H . Hopkins and D. M . Long
Neu’ York. Railen Press. I982
344 ppg illustrated. 535.50
This volume is a good review of various facets of subarachnoid hemorrhage. Because this is a multiauthored book,
some of the material is repetitious. The chapter “Partial
Carotid Artery Ligation in the Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms” is brief, well written, and filled with important data.
A chapter on angiography deals directly with the issues of
timing, projections, compression studies, and negative studies. All neurologists and neurosurgeons will find it especially
helpful. The chapter on the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of vasospasm summarizes a difficult topic and ends with a
comprehensive bibliography. The chapter is so good that the
subsequent two chapters on preoperative vasospasm and
rehemorrhage become redundant. The chapters “Normal
Perfusion Pressure Breakthrough,” “Metabolism in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage,” and “Subarachnoid Hemorrhage in
Children” are thorough and succinct. Readers will anxiously
look forward to more information from the PET scan. The
summary and conclusions at the end of the pediatric chapter
are most welcome.
On the other hand, treatment of aneurysms in geriatric
patients might best be handled by simply reviewing some of
the large series noted by the author, namely, Drake’s. The
chapter on multiple aneurysms associated with AVMs is
well written, packed with data, and discusses basic issues. I t
is a pleasure to encounter such chapters. “Microsurgical
Anatomy” by Rhoton and colleagues contains beautiful anatomical figures like those in most neurosurgeons’ libraries,
but is probably of limited interest to neurologists. Similar
things may be said about the discussion of the pterional approach in aneurysm surgery, which follows the chapter on
microsurgical anatomy. These chapters would be of primary
interest to neurosurgeons rather than neurologists.
“Neuroanesthesia in Aneurysm Surgery” would have particular importance to anesthetists. The chapter by Debrun
and Fox entitled “Interventional Neuroradiology” is a classic
work to be read by all neurology and neurosurgery residents
in training. The role of bypass in treatment of aneurysms is
brief but to the point, and contributes basic information for
neurologists and neurosurgeons alike. The final chapter is
well written and should be basic reading for all neurology and
neurosurgery residents, since i t contains issues pertinent to
postoperative evaluation of adequate treatment of an aneurysm, an issue of importance to physicians and patients
In summary, the volume provides a good review of pertinent issues of the management of aneurysms for neurologists,
neurosurgeons, and radiologists. Although there are some
areas of repetition, the volume is inclusive and provides enjoyable reading.
Francis W . Gamache. M D
New York, N Y
Alzheimer’s Disease: A Report of Progress in Research
(Aging, Vol 19)
Edited by Suzanne Corktn, Kenneth L Daivr,John H Groudon,
Earl Usdzn, and Richard J Wurtman
New York, Raven Press, I982
525 pp, zllustruted, $44 00
This volume consists of reports presented in Zurich at an
undated meeting of the International Study Group on the
Pharmacology of Memory Disorders. It contains sections on
the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease by biochemical, computed tomographic, positron emission tomographic, clinical, and psychological means; analysis of behavior in aging;
the cholinergic hypothesis of Alzheimer pathogenesis as
exemplified by a variety of biochemical and anatomical studies in both humans and animals; neurochemical effects on
animals of choline and lecithin; cholinergic agents in clinical
trials; and noncholinergic agents such as vasopressin, L-dopa,
and piracetam in clinical trials. Most of these conrributions
are quite brief, and while some are very preliminary, most arc‘
of considerable interest. Many papers are by investigators
who have not previously presented their work in Alzheimer
compendiums, and the diversity makes this volume quite
useful even to one who tries hard to keep up with the rapidly
expanding literature on Alzheimer’s disease. The meeting
was certainly among the earliest to make apparent that substrate therapy does not work, despite the exciting animal
studies, while the antiesterase treatment produces measurable benefit.
Robert D. Tervy. MD
New York, N Y
Management of Male Impotence (International
Perspective i n Urology, Vol 5)
Edited by Alan H . Bennett
Baltimore, The Williams C Wilkins Company, 1982
264 pp$ illustruted, 536.00
This book is the only comprehensive treatise available on an
important field that is little understood by the average clinician. The evaluation and treatment of male impotence is discussed, but few data concerning the results of treatment are
John J , Caronna, M D
Neui York. NY
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