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McAlpine's multiple sclerosis second edition. Edited by W. B. Matthews III E. D. Arheson J. R. Batchelor and R. D. Weller New York Churchill-Livingstone 1990 401 pages Illustrated $89

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Book Reviews
McAlpine’s Multiple Sclerosis, Second Edition
Edzted by W . B . Matthews I l l , E. 0.Arheson, J . R. Batchelor,
and R. 0. Weller
Neu York. Churchill-Livingstone. 1990
401 pages. Iiltlstrated, $89.95
This book is, in part, a fifth edition of the original book
Multiple Sclerosis, by McAlpine, Compston, and Lumsden
(1955).The original was succeeded by two more editions,
entitled Multiple Sclerosis: A Reappraisal, by the same authors.
The second edition of McAlpine’s Multiple Sclerosis-in which
contributors include Ingrid Allen (Pathology and Its Implications), Alistair Compston, son of the late Nigel Compston,
a contributor to the original 1955 edition (Genetics and
Immunology), and Christopher Martyn (Epidemiology)carries forward much of the spirit of the original works, although little of the original text. Of the 379 text pages, 255
are devoted to clinical aspects (by Matthews) and represent
the continuum. This book represents one of the most extensive and well-written treatments of various aspects of this
very complex disorder to be found in the English language.
The contributors of his co-authors are excellent, briefer updated reviews circa 1990, and together represent a good basis
for those seeking to understand how MS might arise and
produce the tissue changes that are its hallmark. A slight
drawback is the relatively poor definition provided by electron micrograph and other histopathology illustrations.
This new edition of McA&zne’J-Multiple Sclerosis represents
an excellent next step for those who wish to go beyond general textbook descriptions in their attempt to understand this
enigmatic disorder.
Donald H . Silberberg, M D
Philadelphia, PA
Walsh and Hoyt’s Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology, ed 4
By Neil R. Miller, M D
Baltimore, Williams G Wiikins, 1991
950 pp, illustrated, $150.00
Walsh and Hoyt’s clinical textbook of neuro-ophthalmology
is one of the classic works in medicine. In 1982, D r Neil
Miller began the Herculean task of revising this masterpiece
by publishing the first volume of the fourth edition. This
section was devoted to the afferent visual system and was
followed by volumes covering the efferent system including
the pupils (second volume) and the neuro-ophthalmology of
tumors (third volume). The fourth volume is dedicated to
the neuro-ophthalmology of vascular disorders and is the subject of this review.
Volume four is the product of an extraordinary effort,
especially when one considers how well D r Miller has synthesized the explosion of information published on cerebrovascular disease in the past 20 years. The first chapter is a superb
review of the anatomy and physiology of the cerebrovascular
system. This section is replete with the wonderful anatomical
illustrations of Hayreh and Rhoton. This summary of vascular
anatomy should serve as an invaluable reference guide for
the clinician. Subsequent authoritative chapters review aneurysms, carotid sinus fistulas, cerebrovascular disease, migraine, vasculitic syndromes, and venous occlusive disease.
N o detail is spared and the scope of material extends beyond
neuro-ophthalmology into related issues of neurological practice, including the indications for carotid endarterectomy and
anticoagulation. The reader will be pleased with the complete
and current literature review, which is supplemented with
well-balanced comments by Dr Miller, whose personal views
on controversial topics are usually found under the guise of
“we and others.” Illustrations are plentiful and include external photographs, visual fields, pathological specimens, and
neuroimaging studies. A minor criticism is that some photographs are faded and magnetic resonance imaging studies are
In conclusion, this is a fantastic volume, encyclopedic in
its coverage of vascular disorders and a must for those who
take care of patients with ophthalmological and neurological
Steven L. Gaietta, M D
MR and CT Imaging of the Head, Neck & Spine, ed 2
By Richard E. Latshaw
St Louis, Mosby-Year Book, 1991
13 71 p p (2 volsi, illustrated
Since the first edition published in 1985, the name of the
book has changed from “Computed Tomography of the
Head, Neck & Spine” to “MR & CT Imaging of the Head,
Neck & Spine.” The number of pages has almost doubled
while the number of chapters has only increased from 34 to
44. The new book has been divided into volume 1 and volume 2: volume 1 covering principles, anatomy, physiology,
infarction, trauma, hemorrhage, inflammatory disease, degenerative disease, and primary neoplasms of the brain; and volume 2 covering the sella and parasellar regions, congenital
anomalies, the orbit, otolaryngology, the spine, and therapeutic techniques. The volumes are well organized and the text
is readable. The authors of the individual chapters are well
known and are authoritative in the areas that they have
The chapters for the most part are relatively short and
succinct. They give the meat and have the basic references.
However, there are chapters that are disproportionately long
relative to content, such as Chapter 6 on Xenon CT. The
text is written for the resident and the practicing clinician.
Those seeking an in-depth knowledge of a particular subject
would not find it in this book.
Deficiencies are few. References are from 1989 and earlier
and suggest that there may have been a lag in publication.
While the chapters appear to have been rewritten and new
material added, in some chapters there has been a carryover
of older and less optimal CT images. While the overall image
quality is satisfactory, there are many images in which the
reproduced figure appears to have a flat gray scale that detracts from the picture quality.
Copyright 0 1992 by the American Neurological Association
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