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Recent advances in epilepsy Vol 3. Edited by T. A. Pedley and B. S. Meldrum New York Livingstone 1986 315 pp illustrated $62

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Williams and Haughton present a well-produced compendium of CT findings in a variety of disorders. Written mostly
by the senior author, the text is comprehensive and the illustrations achieve a high quality.
Fred Plum, MD
We have commented in an earlier review that Pedley and
Meldrum’s “Recent Advances” series represents the best
comprehensive information for the neurologist interested in
epilepsy. The present volume maintains the tradition with 14
up-to-date chapters, and again, earns our shortest review:
buy it.
New York, NY
Somewhat in the same format as Pedley, Drs Porter and
Morselli have put together 17 informative chapters on various topics with a strong basis in mechanistic explanation. The
material here is perhaps somewhat less “state of the art,” but
is thoughtful and well presented.
Recent Volumes
on Seizure Disorders
Epilepsy in Children (International Review of Child
Neurology Series)
By J . Aicardi
New York, Raven, 1986
425 pp, illustrated, $67.50
Seizure Disorders in Children
Edited by P . C. Ferry, W . Banner,Jr, and R. A . Wo,f
Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1985
270 pp, illustrated, $29.50
Recent Advances in Epilepsy, Vol 3
Edited by 7.A . Pedlty and B. S. Meldrum
New York, Livingstone, 1986
31 5 pp, illustrated, $62.00
The Epilepsies-BIMR Neurology, Vol 5
Edited by R. J . Porter and P . L. Morselli
Stoneham, Butterworth, I985
3 96 pp, illustrated, $3 9.95
These four books approach their subject in different ways.
The monographs by Aicardi and Ferry et al are primarily
clinically oriented, comprehensive from the standpoint of
their subject, and written for the clinician, whether pediatrician, generalist, or neurologist. Pedley and Porter, on the
other hand, are more concerned with the recent advances in
basic science as they apply to the clinical problem.
Aicardi’s book, as one might expect, is a masterpiece that
provides a clearly expressed, thoughtful, comprehensive,
well-referenced, and informative overview of a subject in
which he stands at the top of world authorities. The bibliography of 1,573 titles alone is worth the price of purchase.
The volume should be on the shelf of every physician and
neurologist caring for epileptic patients, and we predict that
it will be often consulted.
The Ferry book is shorter, simpler, and more directly addressed to the family practitioner. Helpful items include
color pictures of the various available anticonvulsant drugs,
tables of the locations of American Poison Control Centers,
patient information sheets, and practical guides that suggest
how to discuss things with the patients and their parents,
including audiovisual aids to help parents understand the
problem. The book should find its greatest use among general practitioners and pediatricians, but will be valuable for
anyone engaged in the treatment of epileptic children.
Basic Mechanisms of the Epilepsies: Molecular and
Cellular Approaches (Advances in Neurology, Vol44)
Edited bj A. V . Delgado-Escueta, A . A . Ward,
D. M. Woodbury,and R. J . Porter
New York, Raven, 1986
1,000 pp, illustrated, $98.50
In 1969, a volume entitled “Basic Mechanisms of the Epilepsies’’ appeared, and has since served as the benchmark for
scientific research in the field. This tome brings together
material presented at two conferences in 1982 and 1783, and
reflects the leading edge in fundamental neuroscience as it
applies to seizure disorders (at least as expressed at that
time). Chapters include a thoughtful and detailed introductory “New Wave of Research” chapter by the editors, followed by sections entitled: Biochemical Genetics, Epileptogenesis, Spread and Arrest of Seizures, Neurocellular
Anatomy and Cell Damage, and Basic Mechanisms in Man.
The publisher has done an outstanding job in both printing
and illustration, and the volume deserves high praise in every
dimension. For those interested in the neuroscience of
neuronal excitability; the central balance between excitation,
inhibition, and potentials for treatment; and, above all, where
the field is going, Basic Mechanisms of the Epilepsies provides
an outstanding source book.
Fred Plum, M D
New York, NY
Proceedings Received
Acute Brain Ischemia: Medical and Surgical Therapy
Serono Symposia Publications from Raven PressVol 32
Edited by N . Battistine, P . Fiorani, R. Courdier, F. Plum,
and C. Fieschi
New York, Raven, I986
384 pp, illustrated, $46.50
Advance in Pain Research and Therapy, Vol9
Edited bj H . L. Field, R. Dubner, and F . Cewero
New York, Raven Press, 1985
923 pp, illustrated
Annals of Neurology Vol 22
No 5
November 1787 671
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