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Recollections of my life By S. Ramon y Cajal; translated By E. Horne Craigie with Juan Cano Cambridge MA MIT Press 1989 630 pp illustrated $16

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Neurological Complications of Renal Disease
By Charles F . Bolton, MD, and G. Bryan Young, M D
Boston, Butterworth’s, 2990
256 pp, illustrated, $64.95
In this era of hyperpublication, it is a pleasure to review a
book that fills a void. Drs Bolton and Young have put together an in-depth scholarly examination of the neurological
complications of renal disease. The book is divided into 3
major sections. Part I, “Scientific Background,” includes an
examination of uremic neurotoxins and the biochemical basis
of neurologic dysfunction. Part 11, ‘The Neurological Effects
of Renal Disease,” includes a careful examination of the clinical expression and the biochemical bases of encephalopathy
and neuropathy. Part 111, “The Neurological Complications
of Treatment,’’ includes complications of dialysis, transplantation, and drugs. This book is a marvelous reference source
and will be of great value to all those who encounter patients
with renal disease.
Neil H . Rashin, M D
Merritt’s Textbook of Neurology, ed 8
Edited by Lewis P. Rowland, M D
Philadelphia, Lea G Febiger, 1989
964 pp, illustrated, $67.50
The eighth edition of Mewitt’s Textbook of Neurology, like the
seventh edition, is a multiauthored work. Many of the authors are among the leaders in their field and coverage of the
subject matter is comprehensive for a single-volume work.
The writing retains the direct, unadorned style and liberal
use of tables that characterized the original work.
The book is organized into 3 sections, 22 chapters, and
162 subchapters. The first section is a 58-page review of
signs and symptoms of neurological disorders. The second
section concerns disorders of known etiology, and the third
section deals with disorders of unknown etiology. Subchapters are individually authored and describe specific diseases
or disorders. The figures are all in black and white but very
clear. New in this eighth edition are photographs of magnetic
resonance images, a section on neurovascular imaging, a section on the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, material
on Lyme disease, leptospirosis, Whipple’s disease, hyperosmolar coma, respiratory failure, transient global amnesia, and
the neurological complications of pregnancy. Other sections
have been revised to reflect relevant scientific and clinical
The index is extensive and well organized. A list of references is given at the end of each subchapter but they are not
cited within the text. This design enhances readability and
succinctness at the expense of utility as a reference source.
The organization of the book, its size, and its writing style
will make it useful as a reference for medical students, residents, and clinicians who need a convenient way to learn the
fundamentals as well as the most important scientific details
concerning clinical neurological entities. Overall, this book
remains one of the best standard textbooks of neurology
available in a single volume.
Michael E. Selzer, MD, PhD
The Science of Mind
By Kenneth Klivington, PhD
Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, 1990
239 pp, illustrated, $39.95
This book is rather unique, falling somewhere between a
scientific American compendium of neuroscience and a
cocktail table picture book. It is definitely not a reference
book, but the illustrations and text are surprisingly informative. Interspersed throughout are sections written by wellknown neuroscientists. The illustrations are mostly in color,
many of them gorgeous photographs. Were it to be set out
on a reception table in a neurologist’s office or in a neuroscience administrator’s office, it would be fascinating not only
to the patients and visitors but to professionals as well. It is
hard to keep from browsing through it.
Michael E. Selzer, MD, PhD
Recollections of My Life
By S. Ramon y Cajal; translated by E. Horne Craigie
with Juan Cano
Cambridge, MA, M l T Press, 1989
630 pp, illustrated, $1 6.95
There was only one S. Ramon y Cajal in the history of
neuroscience and this is his autobiography. The book was
first published in Spanish in 1901 and translated into English
by E. H. Craigie in 1936. It was reprinted in 1966 by MIT
Press and had been out of print until its reintroduction by
MIT with a foreword by W. Maxwell Cowan in 1989. The
writing is lively, filled with dramatic exclamations, and
reflects the strong personality and opinions of Cajal. The
translation is excellent and very readable.
The book is organized into 2 parts. The first is a description of Cajal’s childhood and youth. The second and longer
part is the story of his scientific work, complete with anatomical drawings. The book also contains numerous photographs
of Cajal, his family, and contemporaries. This is a wonderful
volume for anyone interested in the history of neuroscience.
Michael E . Selzer. MD, PhD
Annals of Neurology Vol 28 No 3 September 1990 399
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