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Sensory processing perception and behavior by R. B. Livingston 106 pp $8

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Books Received
and Brief Reviews
Propranolol and Schizophrenia, edited by E. Roberts and
P. Amacher, 147pp, Alan R. Liss, New York, 1978
The author is head of the Department of Neuromuscular
Physiology and Deputy Director of the Institute of
Physiology in the Czechoslovakian Academy of Neurosciences. This volume provides a survey of knowledge about
basic cellular aspects of the synthesis of acetylcholine in
choliiiergic neurons of vertebrates. The review is comprehensive and ends with useful identification of problem
areas where knowledge gaps exist o r where present conclusions may rest on evidence that is less than strong.
Two Israeli internists, Atsmon and Blum, made the chance
observation in 1969 that a schizophrenic patient had improvements and relapses in the course of her disease which
coincided with the taking and stopping of propranolol. The
agent was tested further in Great Britain in 1974, and because of apparent improvement in several patients, a conference was conducted to discuss the potentialities for
treatment of additional patients. That goal was admirable,
but in light of the limited material available and published
in the present volume, any conclusions would appear to be
premature. A controlled study by Yorkston conducted
after the end of the conference and included in the proceedings tends to support the usefulness of the beta
blocker as an adjunctive agent.
Neurotransmitter Receptor Binding, edited by H . 1.
Yamamuva. S. J . Enna, and M . J . Kuhar, 195 pp, $17.00,
Raven Press. Neic York, 1978
Abnormal Neuronal Discharges, edited by N .
Chalazonitis and M . Boisson. 430 pp, $32.00, Raven Press,
New York, 1978
This is a textbook with chapters by Snyder, Hollenberg,
Burt, Bennett, Lindstrom, Kuhar, Enna, Creese, and
Yamamura. Receptor binding procedures are valuable for
eliciting information about a variety of neurobiological
problems, including the regional distribution of transmitter
receptors, the characteristics of those receptors, their
functional interrelationships, and even the identity of new
transmitter candidates. The volume accurately provides a
baseline of information about ligand binding techniques
which will be helpful t o all interested in this burgeoning
The volume presents the proceedings of a symposium held
in Monaco in 1977. Those invited are outstanding figures
in the field, and the book serves the considerable advantage
of bringing together in a single place diverse essays on its
central subject. Cellular and membrane excitability is central to the problem of trying to understand epilepsy, and
much in this volume will interest workers in that field.
Acetylcholine Synthesis i n Neurons, by S. Tucek, 2 5 9 p p ,
237.50, Chapman and Hill, London. 1978
Manual for t h e A d u l t Neuropsychological Evaluation,
by D. S u t e n i n s k y , 191 p p , $16.75, Charles C Thomas,
Springfield, IL. 1978
The manual provides a guide t o neuropsychological evaluation using a standardized test battery.
Preoperative and Postoperative Care in Neurological
Surgery, Second Edition, by Burton Wise, 187 pp, $13.75,
CharLeJ C Thomas. Sprzn&rld, IL, 1978
A straightforward approach to the management of the
neurosurgical patient is presented.
The Pathophysiology of Spinal C o r d T r a u m a , by
Jeuell L OJterhnlm. 212 pp, $19.50. Charles C Thomas,
Sprtngfifield,1L. 1978
The monograph reviews D r Osterholm's imaginative and
sometimes controversial hypothesis that catecholamine
release is causally related to the subsequent degree of injury in the traumatized spinal cord.
The Pursuit of H o p e , by Miriam Ottenberg, 229pp, $9.95,
Raiilson. Wade. Nezi Yovk. 1978
This is a gifted journalist's report of her experience with
multiple sclerosis.
94 Annals of Neurology Vol 7 No 1 January 1980
Peripheral Neuropathies, edited by N. Canal and G.
Pozza, 51 5 pp, $64.50, Elsevier, Amsterdam. 1978
The volume contains the proceedings of a symposium held
in Milan, Italy, in June, 1078. The contents appear not to
have been subjected to critical review o r editing.
Explorations i n the Biology of Language, edited by E.
Walker, 247 pp, $19.95, Bradford Books, 1978
This series of essays was put together by the MIT Work
Group in the Biology of Language for the purposes of defining the present scope of the field and especially indicating the scope and nature of their research problems. The
methodological approach is linguistic and psychological
rather than physiological, chemical, or anatomical, and the
content lies outside the scope of interest of most workers
in neuroscience.
Sensory Processing, Perception and Behavior, by R. B.
Livingston, 106 pp, $8.50, Raven Press, Neu York, 1978
This relatively short essay "presents the main biological
foundations for reception judgment and behavior in an
evolutionary and developmental context" within the short
space of 83 text pages. As D r Livingston admits, "conceptual liberties are taken freely," but even so, the abundance
of material-which ranges from quotations of Aristotle to
fairly contemporary neurophysiology-runs
the risk of becoming overwhelming. The volume appears to be directed
mainly toward psychiatrists but assumes an extensive previous familiarity with the content if one is to handle the
wide range of material that is included, often without extensive explanation.
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