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Wilson C. and Hoff J. T. (eds) current surgical management of neurologic disease. New York Churchill Livingstone 1980 illustrated $39

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Spiegel, R., Sleep and Sleeplessness i n Advanced A g e
(Advances i n Sleep Research, Vol 5). New York, SP Medical and Scientrfic Books, 1981, 2 7 2 pp, illustrated, $35.00
This is a Swiss study of 113 unselected medically healthy
men and women averaging 64 years of age. Among other
findings, the results demonstrate that in the elderly, as in
other age groups, there is little relationship between insomnia and either medical or blatant psychiatric illness. Insomniacs tend to underestimate the duration of sleep as
polygraphically recorded, while “good” sleepers tend to
overestimate it. Subjects routinely using hypnotics were
few but showed no distinctive differences from the rest of
the sample.
Spillane, J . D., The Doctrine of the Nerves. Nezu York,
Oxford University Press, 1981, 467 pp, illustrated, $50.00
As the author says, “This book is primarily intended to
show the newcomer to neurology the lie of the land, historically speaking: to set him on course, as it were, and
show him where we neurologists came from.” D r Spillane
ably fulfills his goal with sections covering the foundations
of neurology, the eighteenth century, the nineteenth century, and the second half of the nineteenth century. Spillane has written an interesting and informative book, but
his bibliography does seem to give rather less attention to
non-English-speaking neurologists and neuroscientists than
they deserve.
Thomas, D . G., and Graham, D . 1. (edsi, Brain Tumours.
Scientific Basis, Clinical Investigation, and C u r r e n t
Therapy. Woburn, M A , Butterworth, 1980, 382 pp, illustrated, $74.95
A selection of essays covering the scientific basis of tumor
biology, clinical investigation, and current therapy. Authors are mainly from the United Kingdom with a lesser
representation from the United States and France.
Thompson, R. F., Hicks, L . H . , and Shvyrkov, V . B . (eds),
N e u r a l Mechanisms of Goal-directed Behavior and
Learning. Neu’ York, Academic Press, 1980, $49.50
The volume contains the proceedings of a joint seminar
in psychology and neurosciences between the National
Academy of Sciences USA and the Academy of Sciences of
the USSR held in 1978 in Irvine, California. Summary
chapters written especially for the volume add value to its
Valk. J . , Computed T o m o g r a p h y a n d Cerebral Infarctions. New York, Raven Pres.r, 1981, 190 pp, illustrated,
An elementary introduction to the topic.
Valzelli, L., Psychobiology of Aggression a n d Violence.
New York, Raven Press, 1981, 2 6 2 pp. illustrated, $26.00
The author, an Italian neuropsychopharmacologist, attempts in this monograph to integrate available data from
a wide variety of scientific fields in an effort to improve
understanding and perhaps suggest some treatment for this
increasingly destructive force of modern society.
Vinken, P. J., and Bruyn, G. W. (eds), Diseases of Muscle,
Part I (Handbook of Clinical Neurology, Vol 40).
Amsterdam, ElsevierlNorth-Holland Biomedical Press, 1979,
585 pp, illustrated, $122.00
190 Annals of Neurology
Vol 12 No 2
August 1982
Vinken, P. J . , and Bruyn, G. W . ieds), Diseases of Muscle,
Part I1 (Handbook of Clinical Neurology, Vol 41).
Amsterdam, ElsevierlNorth-Holland Biomedicul Press, 1979,
5 12 pp, illustrated
These two volumes comprehensively cover the muscle diseases in 27 chapters. References in most chapters go as
late as 1977. Topics include fundamental considerations
of anatomy, pathology and physiology, experimental
myopathies, the use of tissue culture, and classification
and clinical manifestations of the myopathies, with individual chapters on the various separately identified dystrophies and inflammatory myopathies and a series of
chapters on myasthenia gravis, periodic paralysis, metabolic myopathies, endocrine myopathies, myoglobin, acute
muscle weakness, motor unit hyperactivity, oncological
neuromuscular disorders, the genetics of neuromuscular
diseases, and rehabilitation. T h e vofumes are an excellent
addition to the high quality of the Handbook series.
Weiner, H., Hofer, M., and Stunkard, A. (eds), Brain, Behavior, & Bodily Disease (Research Publications, Association for Research i n Nervous a n d Mental Disease,
Vol 59). New York, Raven Press, 1981, 275 pp. illustrated,
The volume contains the proceedings of the 1979 meeting
of the Association for Research in Nervous and Mental
Wilson, C., and Hoff;J . T . ieds), C u r r e n t Surgical Mana g e m e n t of Neurologic Disease. New York, Churchilll
Livingstone, 1980, illustrated, $39.50
In their introduction, the editors describe this as a book
written for non-neurosurgeons that deals exclusively with
the changing pattern of neurosurgery. Multiple authors are
involved, with sections including congenital disorders,
neoplastic disease, vascular disorders, trauma, infections of
the central nervous system, and acquired disorders.
Windle, W . F . led), The Spinal Cord a n d Its Reaction to
T r a u m a t i c I n j u r y (Modern Pharmacology-Toxicology
Series, Vol 19). New York, Marcel Dekker, 1980, 3 6 8 pp,
illustrated, 345 .00
This is a multiauthored volume covering aspects of spinal
cord biology ranging from historical concepts through
morphology, physiology, and pharmacology to clinical concerns and therapeutic potentials.
Wood,J . H . (ed), Neurobiology of Cerebrospinal Fluid.
New York, Plenum Press, 1980, 768 pp, illustrated, $69.50
This is a multiauthored volume containing 49 chapters
mainly dealing with various neurochemical and pharmacological changes in the cerebrospinal fluid in health and
Youdim, M . B. H., and Paykel, E . S. iedsi, Monoamine
Oxidase Inhibitors. The State of the Art. New York,John
Wiley 6 Sons, 1981, 214 pp, illustrated
The volume includes proceedings of a symposium held in
Germany in June, 1980, with international participation.
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