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Recent advances in rheumatology. Parts 1 and 2. Edited by W. W. Buchanan and W. C. Dick. New York Churchill Livingston 1976. Price24.50 for each part

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Recent Advances in Rheumatology. Parts 1 and
2. Edited by W. W. Buchanan and W. C . Dick.
New York, Churchill Livingston, 1976. Price:
$24.50 for each part.
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Marian W.
Ropes. Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard
University Press, 1976. Price: $12.50.
In this small book Dr. Ropes presents her long
and rich experience with systemic lupus erythematosus.
The series of 142 patients spanning more than three
decades is analyzed in detail with respect to clinical
manifestations, course, and therapy, and with frequent
comparisons between the 60 patients initially presenting
before 1949 and the 82 seen in that year and afterwards.
Diagnostic criteria and an elaborate system of grading
disease activity are defined. Illustrative case reports are
few and well chosen. The bibliography is selective and
primarily clinical.
To this reviewer, all the ingredients are here and
yet several particularly interesting questions are left
somewhat dangling. The most outstanding of these is
the minimal application of the gradation of SLE activity
to the therapeutic regimens discussed. The therapeutic
conservatism probably represents the most problematic
feature of this experience, and more than comparative
survival data would be greatly interesting.
Be that as it may, this is an interesting monograph in which the author does not pretend to answer all
the unanswered in SLE, but rather to present another
significant and longitudinal experience with the disease.
In addition, that which is opinion and personal philosophy, controversial or not, is clearly represented as such.
All of us with particular interest in SLE can find much
to ponder and gain from Dr. Ropes’s observations over
the years.
Baltimore, Maryland
Arthritis and Rheumatism, Vol. 19, No. 6 (November-December 1976)
This two-part publication, under the able editorship of Professor Buchanan and Dr. Carson Dick of the
University Department of Medicine, Royal Infirmary,
Glasgow, brings together opinions of recognized authorities in several important areas of rheumatology.
Wisely, they have elected to limit the discussions to a
relatively small number of topics, but have allowed each
section’ author to pursue his subject in considerable
depth. For example, the discussion on amyloidosis by
Dr. Allen Cohen is comprehensive in scope as well as
perceptive in interpretation of experimental data and
consideration of current knowledge of pathogenesis.
Part 1 deals with underlying mechanisms of disease, and covers topics of osteoarthrosis, amyloidosis,
dermatomyositis, systemic lupus erythematosus, imm unosuppressive drugs, pathogenesis of autoimmune
diseases, and inflammatory mediators. Each article provides an authoritative concept of underlying molecular
mechanisms and helps the reader to identify general
principles of pathogenesis.
Part 2, which is a separate volume, deals with
clinical manifestations and treatment. An excellent article by Drs. Lee and Dick on “Assessment of Disease
Activity and Drug Evaluation” provides a succinct outline for the planning of clinical studies, especially drug
evaluations. The management of rheumatoid arthritis,
surgery of joints, ocular hazards, and the interesting
topic of seronegative spondarthritides are covered.
The value of these two volumes lies mainly in the
skillful way in which Drs. Buchanan and Dick have
selected their topics and authors so as to provide exciting discussion of topics that always need updating
within a conceptual framework for those engaged in
both the practical and experimental study of the rheumatic diseases.
Birmingham, Alabama
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