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Re-education of the injured shoulder. R. Bade Brookes. Edinburgh and London E. & S. Livingstone Ltd. 1959. 114 pp. 55 illustrations. 3.50

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Under the sponsorship of the Empire
Rheumatism Council a steroid symposium
was held on October 23, 1959 in London,
England under the joint chairmanship
of Dr. W. S. C. Copeman and Sir Charles
Dodds. This symposium was attended by
some 39 participants, both physicians
and biochemists, from Great Britain and
one observer from the United States.
Discussion was initiated by eight short
formal presentations. The objective of
the symposium was to acquaint these
two groups more adequately with the
inherent difficulties each met in the
adrenocortical steroids. The proceedings
will not be published.
The IV European Rheumatological
Congress of the Euro ean League
-4gainst Rheumatism was eld in Istanbul, Turkey from September 28 to September 30, 1959. A total of 352 active
members and 141 associate members
(wives, etc. ) registered from every
European country except Albania; from
many Middle Eastern countries, Japan,
Australia and the Americas. Approximately 15 .4mericans were present. An
impressive scientific and social program
was arranged by the Ligue Turque
Contre Le Rheumatisme, the host society.
The next meeting of the European
League Against Rheumatism will be held
in Sweden in 1963.Prof. Dr. A. Robecchi
of Turin, Italy was elected President
while Dr.G. Edstrom of Limd, Sweden
became First Vice-president and Prof.
Dr. Lenoch of Prague, Czechoslovakia
became Second Vice-president.
INJUREDSHOULDER. R. B a d e Brookes. Edinburgh and London, E.
?i S. Livingstone, Ltd., 1959. 114 pp. 55 illustrations. $3.50.
This monograph has been written by a physiotherapist who holds the position of
Rehabilitation Officer at the Birmingham Accident Hospital. He has had extensive experience in treating all types of shoulder disabilities, and estimates they s e e each year
more than 700 injured shoulders for physiotherapy treatment. This is prepared primarily
for the physiotherapist as a large portion is devoted to anatomy, normal function, pathology
and clinical findings in traumatic shoulder conditions. This material is presented succinctly
and in an interesting manner.
The portion of the monograph devoted to the actual re-education of the shoulder by
exercise has been presented clearly and is well illustrated. The limitations that should be
cxpected of physiotherapy for the injured shoulder are honestly given, and add to the
over-all value of this publication. There is a great need for this type of information that
goes directly into the detaib of conservative management of shoulder conditions since
much of the literahire available on this area has been drawn from surgical experience.
The greatest space is given to the treatment of rotator cuff lesions, where two concepts
are presented. The first, anatomic derangements may have to be accepted and with
physiotherapy properly directed to the remaining intact structures, near-normal function
can be restored. The second, active shoulder motion is the keystone to success, and
passive motion is of little use unless it is followed by active exercise. Early active motion
in many shoulder lesions is stressed as the best means of preventing the stiffness and
subsequent pain so frequently seen even after a minor injury. It is recommended that
the place of rest in the treatment of shoulder injuries be restricted to those few cases
where injured tissues must be protected against further damage.
This book is well organized, compact and clearly printed. There are numerous illustrations and photographs to complement the description of clinical findings and exercises.
Some of the opinions presented for the medical management of the. various shoulder conditions covered can be challenged, but the exercise programs outlined are outstanding
and well presented. The monograph would be of value to those persons caring for patients
with shoulder disabilities or for therapists assisting in the treatment.-J. George Fur@
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