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Symposium on pulmonary ventilation. Edited by R. P. Harbord and R. Woolmer. 109 pages 28 figure. $4.00. John Sherratt and Son Altrincham; Williams and Wilkins Company Baltimore. 1959

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The reader is soon impressed by the tend to be diagrammatic and leave somevigor, originality, and independence of the thing to be desired in technical skill but
author. His constant philosophy is that the are clear and carefully labeled. An inunderstanding of anatomy is a necessary stance of the author’s vigorous methods of
part of the study if it is to be retained and making his points appears in views of the
made useful. To this end, structures of mediastinum from the right and left sides
small clinical importance are occasionally on facing pages. On the right the venous
introduced because they illustrate a prin- structures are exaggerated so that the page
ciple or make a clear example.
seems bright with blue color but the left
The first contact the reader has with the side flashes a brilliant red from the left
author’s refreshing personality is in the ventricle and aorta. Simple diagrams of
preface to the first edition. “British anat- persons with limbs in different positions
omy has been enriched (or bedevilled) by show a correlation between segmental inno less than three terminologies, and an nervation and muscle action in a manner
international committee is now engaged that is unforgettably lucid. One is peron the preparation of a fourth, which may plexed, however, at a background figure
soon be upon us.” In the present edition: labeled “A copy of Leonardo’s Leda” the
“Many names in current use will be altered only purpose of which is to supply a foreat an International Congress of Anatomists arm for the drawing of bulky muscles.
to be held in New York, U.S.A., in 1960.
At the end of the book is an alphabetical
Thus will a fourth nomenclature come into list of eponyms covering 16 pages. The
existence. The list contains many names person is named, his dates, his specialty
(B.N.A. and others) which the Birming- and place of sojourn, and a bibliographic
ham Revision banished. Some of these reference to his contribution are given.
make a welcome return from their exile,
It is difficult to suggest how this book
and will be familiar to most readers. might fit into the armamentarium of the
Others have a suspect appearance, and medical student, but as a regional anattime alone will see whether they survive.” omy, now a popular item with teachers, it
The parallel columns of “present names” has clarity and readability to recommend
and “new names” are illuminating for it.
their lack of uniformity and conformity,
Latin and English being blithely intermingled. In the text this attitude shows up
sometimes with good points, such as the SYMPOSIUM ON PULMONARY VENTIuse of hilum instead of the pseudolatin
LATION. Edited by R. P, Harbord and
hilus, but at other times such preferences
R. Woolmer. 109 pages, 28 figures.
as that for lymph gland rather than lymph
$4.00. John Sherratt and Son, Altrinnode are less desirable.
Williams and Wilkins Company,
The subject is surprisingly well covered
€or the size of the book. Many of the concepts are original and arise from an atThe :primary interest is in clinical obtempt to show why the structures are ar- servations on a limited number of patients
ranged as they are for functional or phylo- related to problems in anesthesia. Discusgenetic reasons.
sion is extensive.
The meat maioritv of the illustrations
are drawings by ?he author himself. They
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