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Implantation of ova. Edited by P. Eckstein. vii + 97 pages illustrated. $6.00. Cambridge University Press New York. 1959

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Rauch. xii
507 pages, 227 figures.
DM 79. - - ($18.80). Georg Thieme
Verlag, Stuttgart. 1959.
According to the author, no one previously has published a monograph on the
salivary glands. The purpose of this book
is to fill this gap and bring together the information available from many sources.
Of the three sections the first, anatomy,
embryology, and histology is much the
shortest, covering only 40 pages. The
parotid gland is described in some detail,
giving its gross anatomical features, innervation, blood and lymphatic vessels. The
innervation includes a brief outline of the
central connections. The submandibular,
sublingual and small palatine glands are
briefly mentioned. Two pages cover the
embryology. The histology includes finer
details of blood, lymphatic, and nerve supply; cytochemistry and electron microscopy are reviewed and the part ends with
a few pages on involution and regeneration. There is an extensive list of references, both classical and recent, with authors listed alphabetically but without
The second section is on physiology.
The first portion deals with the procurement and study of normal secretion, that
is, without artificial stimulation. The data
are quantitative. The next part deals
with stimulated function and experimental
study of nervous and humoral regulation.
The third part takes up function. In addition to digestive function, mention is made
of trophic and anti-infective activity.
The third section, clinical pathology, is
the longest and gives an elaborate coverage of pathology, clinical diagnosis, and
All sections, parts, and subdivisions
have exhaustive lists of references.
Although the book leans heavily toward
pathological and clinical interests, the experimental physiology is extensive and
contains interesting theoretical conclusions, The anatomical portion is more useful as a source of references than a storehouse of information.
P. Eckstein. vii
97 pages, illustrated.
$6.00. Cambridge University Press, New
York. 1959.
The special theme of this thin volume is
suggested by its sponsoring organization;
it is Memoir No. 6 of the Society of Endocrinology. Of the 18 participants in this
conference, held at the Ciba Foundation in
London on 27 November 1957, 15 are
British, two French and one Israeli. They
represent an active, interested group, all
report on their own research, outlining the
more important trends, maximal areas of
ignorance, and opportunities for everybody’s future research.
In a survey of implantation, the opinion
is expressed that morphological studies,
even including histo- and cytochemistry,
have served their purpose and that future
advance rests with the physiology and biochemistry. One can only reassure one’s
self with the thought that Anatomists are
still blazing trials in and for both these
disciplines. Short chapters go on to present experimental induction of pseudopregnancy and deciduomata in rats by A.
Psychoyos; delayed implantation in the
badger by R. J. Harrison and E. G. Neal;
glycogen in early implantation sites by J.
D. Boyd; biochemical approach to the study
of ovum implantation in rabbits by C. Lutwak-Mann; the attachment cone of the
guinea pig blastocyst observed with time
lapse phase contrast cinematography by
E. C. Amoroso; substances which inhibit
pregnancy and the action of steroid hormones by J. S. Robson; the spacing of implantations in the mouse uterus by Ann
McLaren and D. Michie; recent studies on
hormonal control of delayed implantation
and superimplantation in rats by G. Mayer;
histamine and the nidation of the ovum by
M. C. Shelesnyak.
An entertaining feature of the book is
the inclusion of lively discussion after each
presentation and a general discussion at
the end. Bibliographic references are
rather skimpy and one has a little the impression that this was a scientific mutual
admiration gathering, but that this kept it
from being stuffy.
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