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 "... they ... the post office when they go out?" - "Yes, I'm sure."will ... be passing
"... you ... your bicycle this evening?"-"No, you can take it"will ... be using
____ a desk in the study.There is
____ any tables in the kitchen?Are there
____ cold outside?Is it
____ these exercises difficult?Are
____ they nice students?Are
____ think it's awful!I
____ two bottles on the table. ______ are the bottles with mineral water.There are, they
____ you _____ at the party tomorrow?Will, be
____ you hungry?Are
_____ a fireplace in the living room.There is
_____ half past nine. Let's go home!It's
_____ some beautiful plants in the bedroom.There are
_____ two cups in the cupboard.There are
______ a cheap restaurant?Is it
______ you from Canada?Are
" a family"families
" a worker"workers
" weather"weather
"a baby":babies
"a leaf":leaves
"a wife"wives
"Where is your daybook, Sam?" - "I left it ... home, sir".at
"Where is your husband?"- "He is out ... the moment"at
"Where was Charlie Chaplin born?" - "He was born ... London".in
... are always open on Friday.Libraries
... children go to school in New York.Their
... company builds ships.His
... flat is on the third floor.our
... husband and I want to go to Australia, too.My
... husband works in Newcastle.Her
... is a boat and ... is a plane.This, that
... stew vegetables are very delicious in comparison with ... ones.These, those
... suits are more suitable for young persons. They don't suit me.these
... they there last time?were
... was a sad story. Everybody kept silence for some time.that
... window is open and ... windows are closed.This, those
... you at the meeting last week?were
... you have any problems with his work?did
... your cat ... (like) fish?Does ... like
... your father ... (drive) a car fast?Does ... drive
.... usually cold here in winter.It is book tickets in advance?will
A motorist was in court for speeding. He told the judge that on the day he ... at ten miles an hour and not at sixty miles an hour.was driving
A small boy ... next to the escalator standing;
All of the ... left at the same time.buses
Ann ... tennis with her father playing Ann ..... the ceiling right painting Ann likes to laugh. ... face is always merry.Her
Anna ____ from Mexico, she ____ from Norway.Isn't, is
Are there any books ... your bag?in
Are those ... from France?men-doctors
Are you a student? Yes, ... am.I
Are you afraid ... spiders?of
Are you satisfied with ... marks, Mark?your
As for me, I like spacious apartments so ... apartment is too small for me.this
At ... moment he is very busy. Phone in twenty minutes, please.this
At 9 o'clock tomorrow she ....will be working
Autumn has come. I like ... beauty.its
beach beaches
Big cars are (comfortable) ... than small ones.more comfortable
Bill and Andy ... films at the moment.are making Bill says he ... going to give up his
Can I help ...? Yes, please I've lost my
Can you tell _____ the time, please?Me
Catherine Wild ..... Christmas cards right making Charles is going to a picnic with ... girlfriend.his
Children always have their holidays ...
Choose the plural form of the word: foot feet Columbus made his first voyage from Europe to America ...
Come out of the water! Swimming is not allowed here! - But I ..., officer! I ...!am not swimming; am drowning;
Could you show me the way ... the airport?to
Dad usually (work) on
David left his luggage ... the station and went to
Diamonds are (expensive) ... precious stones.the most expensive
Did you see Helen yesterday? - No, I last saw her ... Wednesday.on
Do you know that ... are berries?tomatoes
Do you know that lady? Yes. I know ....her
Do you know what river flows ... the North Sea?into
Do you know what time it is? --- Yes, ____ a quarter to six.It is
Do you think English is ... (difficult) than French?more difficult
Don't disturb Willy. He is tired and goes ...
Don't wait outside. Come ... the room.into
Everest is (high) ... mountain in the world.the highest
Excuse me, I have to get ... at the next
Exuse me, young man. ... you ... gum?are ... chewing
George went to the cinema, but he ... the film much.didn't enjoy
Get some books ... the library.from
Give me ... photo and I'll give you mine.your
Harry isn't interested ...
Have you ever been ... Japan?to
Have you read ... letter? - Not yet.this
He a student of the University.will
He came home late ...
He eats much
He has a bad memory. He can't remember even ... own name.his
He turned ... the radio because he didn't want to listen to
He was (experienced) ... engineer at our factory.the most experienced
He's a very dangerous criminal. He is (dangerous) ... criminal of the country.the most dangerous
He's a very rich man. He's one of (rich) ... people of the world.the richest
Her brother is as (intelligent) ... as his wife.intelligent
Her sister ... to the seaside next July.goes
Here is a postcard from ... friend
His ... was the smallest among the ... living here.mouse / mice
His advice ... forgotten.was
His first book ... not very interesting.was
His homework was (bad) ... than mine.worse
How ___ he today? - I think he ___ all, is How did you get to London? - ...
How long ... he wait for them last time at the station?did
How many ... does your baby have?teeth
How many guests ______ at the party yesterday?Were there
How often ... she ... (go) swimming?does ... go
I ____ always happy when you come to visit me.Am
I ____ in London two years ago.Was
I ... friends to the party.invite
I ... not very well at the moment. Please, call me feeling
I ... several foreign languages.know
I ... to do two things at once - preparing for my final exams in June, and ... for a trying; looking;
I ... to the shop. Can I get you anything?am going
I ... to this story many years ago.listened
I ....have an interesting job.shall
I ....spend my weekend in the country.shall
I you with your English next year.shall
I am fond ... reading novels.of
I couldn't answer (difficult) ...question the teacher asked me at the exam.the most difficult
I decided not to go by car. I went ...train
I don't think that he ____ a policeman.Is
I don't think that she_____ a good manager in future.Will be
I don't want ... or help.advice
I hear he ... go abroad next summer.will
I held up my ... to the fire to warm them. feet
I hope Ann will not be busy ... the weekend. I'd like to see
I learnt to speak ... French in 3 months.-
I met some interesting ... at the meeting last night .men
I need you, you need me, we need _______.Each other
I never eat much ... with soup.bread
I think I _____ a journalist in future.Will be
I think she's (good) ... singer in this group.the best
I think that the weather ....change tomorrow.will
I tried ... the dress before I bought it.on
I walked quickly because I ... cold.felt
I wanted to talk to John so I invited ____ to _____ house.Him, my
I wonder what I ... at six o'clock tomorrow.will be doing
I'll take that book, I don't like ... one. Give it to me.this
I'm sorry ... not listening to you.for
I've been invited to Kate's birthday party ...the 7th of March.on
I've got relatives in England. ... aunt lives in
In future doctors ... illnesses differently, but we may not need to use doctors at all.will be diagnosing
In summer we eat a lot of ....fruit
In the fall, the ... begin to change colour.leaves
In the farmyard we could see some ... and ....oxen / geese
Is he a doctor? - No, ... is not.he
Is Henry at home? Can I speak to ...?him
Is there a sofa in the bathroom? ---- No, ______.There isn't
Is this bike _____?Yours
Is this pen mine or _____?Yours
It is (bad) ... mistake I've ever made.the worst
It is (cheap) ... restaurant in our town.the cheapest
It is a very happy day. It was (happy) ... day in my life.the happiest
It is very nice ... you to help us. Thank you very much.of
It isn't so (cold) ... today as it was yesterday.cold
It takes me about half an hour to get ... home .-
It was (beautiful) ... music I had ever heard.the most beautiful
It was a long voyage. We ____ at sea for four weeks.Were
It was a very bad experience. It was the (bad) ... experience in my life.the worst
It's (bad) ... film I've ever seen.the worst
It's nearly lunchtime. My friend in the USA ... getting up
It's quicker to go ... foot than to go by car there.on
Jack ... to remember what he had done last April.tried
Jim ... tennis playing John, what were you doing out there in the rain? - I ... wet, mum!was getting
Johnny isn't as (rich) ... as Don but he is younger and much (happy).rich, happier
Julia's clothes ... in her wardrobe.are
June 21st is (long) ... day in the northern hemisphere.the longest
Kate is waiting ... her sister.for
Knowledge ...
Last Monday at 7 o'clock, Mr. Goldsmith ... in an expensive shop in London store.was shopping
Last week our uncle ... by the river.was fishing
Last year I went to Thailand. _____ a big swimming pool in the hotel.There was
Linda is from Canada. Now she ... around the traveling
Look at him! He ... a rowing Look at them. ... are playing like kids.They
Lucky you! This time next week you ... on a beach in Thailand.will be lying
Mario always ... everything on time.did
Mary and Jane are sisters, aren't ...?they
Mary washed ... hands and face.her
Mathematics ... his favorite
Mike has many friends. He likes ....them
Moira ... for a meal this evening.will be coming
Mr Simons ... by train traveling Mr. and Mrs. Brown have got three daughters. The (old) ... is 14 years old.eldest
My ... are not white, I'm afraid.teeth
My best friends are ....Englishmen
My brother's friend ... there yesterday.was
My favourite football team ... a lot of matches last season.won
My friend has three ....children
My friends _____ far away when I was sick.Were
My key is in my pocket. ____ is in a safe place.It
My mother fell asleep because ... was tired.she
Nancy is good ...
Nick is (old) ... of them all.the oldest
No news ...good
Now he ... the football game on watching
Now I ... the tenth short article for the local newspaper am writing Now we ... in a perfect weather and we ... excellent time.are flying; are having
On Saturday we went fishing, but we didn't catch many
On the ferry to France the green-faced passenger ... over the side of the board leaning
Our dinner will be prepared ... about 20 minutes. Wait,
Our tour begins ...the 13th of December and ends in January.on
Paul likes Jane. He likes _____ very much.Her
People say that ... are gentle and kind animals.deer
Please try and understand how I feel. Put _____ in my position.Yourself
Put these ... on the table.knives
Right now I ... back to live with my going
Right now the police ... a man with one eye called Smith.are looking for
Rose ..... at computer yesterday at four by her grandma.was working Sally and I like Mathematics. It's ... favorite subject.our
Sam stayed in London because he liked ____ clubs.Its
She ... Painkillers right taking She ... receive his letter next week.will
She came home ... six o'clock .at
She is (intelligent) ... of all students.the most intelligent
She is (patient) ... person I've ever met.the most patient
She is (strange) ... person I've ever met.the strangest
She is a very good player. She is (good) ... player of our team.the best
She isn't so (busy) ... as I am.busy
She lives in Australia now with ... family.her
She usually ... (come) home early.comes
She was dressed ...
Sheep ... grass-eating animals.are
Since I broke my leg I have to travel ... bus because I can't
Some workers live far ... the factory.from
Spend more time with your son. ... is so lonely.he
Stephanie and Luke _____ good friends, but they always argue with each other.Are
Tell ... your name,
That computer ____ very slow. I can't work on it anymore.Is
That house is ____.Mine
That is (boring) ... lecture I've ever heard.the most boring
That is his book. Give ... to
That's (funny) ... joke I've ever heard.the funniest
The ... comes every morning.postman
The made of
The 5th Beethoven's symphony is (popular) ....the most popular
The bag is heavy. What is there in ...?it
The Black Sea ... in the South of
The girl's hair ... golden - brown.was
The hotel wasn't as (cheap) ... as we had
The journey was (long) ... than I thought.longer
The kids ..... football in the park at the moment.are playing
The Mississippi's (long) ... than the Thames.longer
The most attractive places of interest in ... town are in the west.this
The new cinema in our district is much (big) ... than the old one.bigger
The Pacific is (deep) ... ocean in the world.the deepest
The question ... very simple, but nobody could answer it.was
The restaurant is (expensive) ... than the cafe.more expensive
The shop- assistances of ... store are always attentive to customers.that
The students are very tired. ____ study too hard.They
The sun goes down ... the
The traffic ... be very heavy today.will
The train ___ late again! We ____ late for the conference!Is, will be
The Volga flows ... the Caspian Sea, doesn't it?into
The weather here is (cold) ... than at home.colder
The weather this summer is even (bad) ... than last summer.worse
There ____ seven books in my bag.Are
There ... a text-book, some pens and pencils on the
There ... little light in the
There ... not much furniture in this
There ... three students and a teacher in the room.are
There ... two desks, a sofa and a mirror in the room.are
There a lot of work to do about the house.will
There are many ... in the classroom.students
There are many ... at our school and many of them are ...teachers/women
There are usually a lot of parties ... New Year's Eve.on
There is a big shopping center in my town. _____ is very popular.It
There is a computer ... the
There is a mouse under the table. I can see ... tail.its
There were a lot of ... in the street.passers- by
There's a strange smell in here. ... you ... something?Are ... cooking
There's a cat in the kitchen. ____ is black and white.It
These ... are teachers.women
These flowers are mine. ...are his.those
These... are
They in the garden next Sunday.will
They are getting married ... six month's
They have a new flat. ... flat is not very big.Their
This boy is not my brother, but ... boy is mine.that
This film is (interesting) ... than that one you wanted to see.more interesting
This hotel is (comfortable) ... than the other one.more comfortable
This is (big) ... building in the world.the biggest
This is (good) ... coffee I've ever tested.the best
This is (poor) ... country in the world.the poorest
This is my book, ... is yours. Take it.that
This lesson is (difficult) ... than the last one.more difficult
This new car is much (comfortable) ... than the old one.more comfortable
This ring is made ... silver.of
Tom (not to play) football with his friends.doesn't play
Tom ... around Europe traveling Tom ... his new book yesterday at 7.was reading Tom's hands are very dirty. He ... the car at the fixing Two friends ... along the road when they saw a new monument at a bus stop.were walking
Two little boys were on holiday. They ... in the sea.were paddling Two nice ... live in my house.puppies
Two sisters are in bed together. Are you asleep? I ... you!am not telling
Two very tired men ... to find their way home, but they were lost.were trying
We ____ interested in shopping. We don't like it at all.Aren't
We ____ unhappy today.Are
We ... at the dinner table.are chattering We ... have a class in English tomorrow.shall
We ... holidays in Spain at the moment.are having We .... going to write a letter to our friends in the evening.are
We always ... (go) to the country on Saturdays.go
We asked Jim to stay with ... in our
We know ... well. They are our friends.them
We often ... letters to our parents.write
We rarely watch television, but last week we ... a lot of interesting programmes.watched
We want to see Ann and ... family next winter.her
Welcome ... our town! We hope you'll enjoy your stay
What are _____ ? --- ______ are flowers.These, these
What _____ their names?Are
What ... you ... (think) of me?do ... think
What is (long) ... river in the world?the longest
What is (popular) ... sport in your country?the most popular
What is (short) ... way from here to the station?the shortest
What time ... he ... (get up)?does ... get up
What time ... your sister ... (come) back home?does ... come
What time does the plane arrive ... New York?in
What's ... phone number? May I phone you?your
When ... you meet him for the first time?did
When come here?will
Where ... the money? - I put the money in my
Where are ... friends now?your
Who is (old) ... student in your group?the oldest
Will you be in London ... Christmas or at Easter?at
Women ... always right.are
Yesterday at 10 o'clock he ....was working
Yesterday at 6 o'clock I ... to the dentist.was going
You ... at cards last night.were cheating
You can eat as (many) ... as you like.much
You can't speak and write ...the same
You look tired. ... you ... now?Are ..... working You should go ... Paul and ask him to help
You should go out and walk ... the
Your children usually ... many questions.ask
Your friend ... for you waiting
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