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Feb, 7, 1950
G. w. coNçKLIN
Filed Nov. s, 194e
W. £0
Patented Feb. 7, 195o
l George W. Concklin, Suffern, N. Y., assigner to
John Chatillon-«die> Sons, New York, N. Y., a cor
poration of New York
Application November 8, 1946, Serial No. 708,487
2- Claims. (Cl. 220.--6)
market carriers or wheeled carts such as are
each end, as by the rivets I2, to a longitudinally
extending element associated with the end mem
can be folded so as to occupy- a minimum space
tant feature of the construction resides in form
The invention relates to folding baskets for
bers. In the construction specifically illus
commonly employed nowadays in chain Agrocery
trated in Figs. 1 to 3 inclusive this longitudinally
stores, so-called super-markets and other self
service stores. It is particularly applicable for 5 extending element comprises the inwardly ex
use in conjunction with market carriers which
tending vertical marginal flanges II. An impor
when not in use.
ing each of the side members I0 with inwardly
In stores which provide carrier carts for the
offset fiattened ends I3 adjacent its pivots I2 so
convenience of customers in assembling and l0 that when the end members 8 are folded down
carrying their purchases to the wrapping counter
into the collapsed position, as shown in Fig. 3,
or cashier’s station, it is customary to keep the
the inwardly offset ends can be brought into
carriers with empty baskets near the store enoverlapping relationship with the adjacent side
trance where the customer takes one upon armembers. Another important feature of this
rival and wheels it around like a baby buggy. 15 construction resides in arranging the points I2
The empty carriers and baskets take up conof pivotal attachment in a line which makes an
siderable space, frequently getting in the way of
acute angle with the adjacent end of the basket
customers as they'arrive and hampering trade
(angle «1_-Figs. 1 and 3). When the basket is
at nearby counters through obstruction of the
collapsed by folding its ends down in the direc
aisles. It is an object of the present invention 20 tion of the arrow b (Fig. 1), this arrangement
to alleviate this difficulty by providing an imof the pivots in combination with the flattened
proved form of folding basket which is especially
ends I3 of the side rods II) makes it possible to_
adapted for use in conjunction with folding carts
bring these rods into the closely nested position
and which, in its collapsed condition, will occupy _v shown in Fig. Bin which they occupy no more
a minimum space.
M’ space than the width of the flanges I I of the end
It is also a particular object of my invention
members or than the thickness of the ñanges
to provide a collapsible basket, the several secI4 associated with the bottom of the basket.
tions of the sides of which can be brought into
If desired, the bottom ‘I may be perforate
partially overlapping relationship when the 30 as indicated in the drawings, or it can be made
basket is collapsed so that it will occupy only a
of expanded metal or of a solid metal sheet. In
small fraction of the space required for the open
the construction illustrated, the bottom ‘I is
basket. I am aware that collapsible baskets
carried by a frame having the vertical flanges
have been made heretofore, but it has been an
I4 around its periphery with an inwardly and
object of my invention to provide an improved 35 downwardly extending portion I5 terminating
construction which will fold flatter and which
in the inwardly projecting ñanges IS on which
is generally more simple and compact than any
the bottom ‘I rests or is secured. Brackets I1
basket which has been devised before.
and I8 fixed to the flanges I4 have offset exten
These and other objects and advantages of my
sions for the hinged or pivotal attachment of
invention will appear more fully as the descrip- 40 the ends 8 as by means of the rivets or bolts 9.
tion proceeds.
The ends 8 and inwardly extending flanges II
In the drawings, Figs. 1 to 3 illustrate a premay, if desired, be formed from a single sheet af
ferred embodiment of my invention, Fig. 1 showmetal, the upper edge of which can be flanged
ing the basket in side elevation, Fig. 2 being a
or beaded as iat I9. Hinge point S for the
transverse sectional view taken as indicated at 45 right-hand end preferably is offset as shown in
2-2 in Fig. 1, and Fig. 3 being a detail crossFig." 1, being located near the base of ñanges
sectional view showing to an enlarged scale the
right-hand end of Fig. 1 with the basket col-
II, whereas that for the left-hand end is located
near the top of these flanges as also shown in this
The basket in its general arrangement com- 50
The terms and expressions which I have em
prises a bottom 1, end members 8 hingedly
ployed are used in a descriptive and not a lim
mounted in association with the bottom as at 9
and a series of side members I0 arranged in
spaced parallel relationship along the sides of
iting sense, and I have no intention of exclud
ing such equivalents of the invention described,
or of portions thereof, as fall within the purview
the basket and pivotally secured individually at 55 of the claims.
I claim:
1. A folding basket for market carriers com
prising a bottom, end forming members hinged
to the bottom, each of said end forming mem
bers having inwardly extending vertical mar
ginal flanges, and a series of spaced parallel
horizontal side forming members on each side of
wardly oñset flattened ends pivotaflly attached
to ísaid ñanges, the points of pivotal attachment
being arranged in two parallel lines each of
which makes an acute angle with its adjacent
end of the basket.
the basket, each of the side forming membersA
having its ends pivotally attached to said
flanges, the points of pivotal attachment being 10 The following references are of record in the
file of this patent:
arranged in two parallel lines on each side of
the basket, each of which lines makes an acutel
angle with its adjacent end of the basket.
2. A folding basket for market carriers com- ~
prising a bottom, end forming members hinged to 15
the bottom, each of said end forming members
having inwardly extending, ïvertical. .marginal
ñanges, and a series of spaced parallel horizontal
side forming members on each side of the basket,
each of said side forming members having in
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