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HOW TO GAIN CONFIDENCE OF EMPLOYEES AND SUBORDINATES The position of HR Manager is very complicated job to perform by any of the individuals in the present day circumstances, keeping in view the various legal provisions, hurdles, and challenges before the emerging trends in the youth. It is obligatory on the part of the every HR Manager to gain confidence among the employees surrounded him and subordinates working under his jurisdiction. It is not only obligatory, but also necessary that HR Manager should maintain cordial relations with all the employees working in the Organization. It is the responsibility of the HR Manager to extract fruitful work from the employees for realization of the goals set forth by the Management. It is possible only when the HR Manager maintains sound relations and gain confidence of the employees and subordinates working with him. The following can be considered as some of the factors to gain confidence from the Employees in any firm or organization or in any corporate sector. * Positive thinking is very much important in the work arena. Positive outlook, positive stand are very much essential to motivate the people to increase their satisfaction. * Authoritative orders/Instructions do not serve the purpose, but only keeps distance from the Managerial wing to the Subordinates wing. * Interpretation of organizational guidelines strengthens the minds of subordinates to improve their skills and tools.
* Delegation of authority always provides job satisfaction to the employees and makes them ready to carry out the orders of the Managers in true letter spirit. * Convincing nature to carry out the orders and work, makes the mind set of the employees nearer to the Managerial cadre involving improvement in their performance
* Always try to exercise power through people instead of getting tendency to exercise power over the people. * Positive mindset definitely rouses the enthusiasm of the individual members of an organization or firm to excite them, to awaken them towards their legitimate duties, and offer maximum co-operation.
* Dominating nature always leads to negative results and lack of co-ordination and co-operation.
* To the extent possible, HR Managers should try to eradicate fear and insecurity among the employees so that they can build up their career with self satisfaction and render excellent job for the improvement of the organization.
Human beings differ from one another in their basic mental abilities, personality, motor abilities, interests, skills, attitudes, culture, concepts, intelligence, aspirations, energy, education, qualifications, competence, temper, training, experience, behaviour and conduct. Performance of human beings and their behaviour when they are engaged on a particular job, is influenced by intangible psychological and social factors, viz., family breeding, education, personal likes and dis-likes, emotions, job circumstances. Maintenance of Human Relations is a key factor in dealing with employees in any work environment. Human Relations can be considered to be a study and practice of utilizing the man power (human resources) through knowledge and understanding of the activities, attitudes, sentiments, and inter-relationships of people at work. It is nothing but an art of getting people to achieve greater productivity at work, and greater human satisfaction with the organization. Keeping in view the above factors pertaining to Human relations, the HR Manager has to deal with their employees and subordinates, giving importance to the Human Relations and individual's attitude and satisfaction, and develop Humanistic approach and Human touch to gain the confidence of the employees and subordinate. Keeping Human Relations in view, the HR Manager may have to remember the following aspects:
* Give the employee the facts and figures clearly keeping in advance in all aspects.
* Do not dominate the employee, but let him keep his self-respect and self-confidence
* As far as possible try to promote the competitive spirit among the employees, but do not make it as a serious one to invite fights among employees.
* Set an example for the employees to make them to like to respect their superiors.
* Employee's sentiments and social situations should be considered at bye and large, so that employees can build their world on this.
* Ample opportunity to be given to employees to express their feelings, to appeal, to represent their grievances in good faith.
* Arrange reasonable security, safety, and healthful conditions. * Treat each employee as an individual.
* Discuss with the employees about their problems if any while discharging their duties and explore possibilities for searching immediate remedial measures.
* Keep an eye on the welfare measures to be taken in the best interest of the employees and try to expand the same to win the confidence of the employees.
* An incentive plan has to be formulated for both monetary and non-monetary elements to encourage individual performance or group performance, motivation, and commitment among the employees.
* Provide fringe benefit and service Programmes to increase and improve employee morale and to create a helpful and positive attitude on the part of their workers towards their employers. 
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