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How to Write an Original Oratory - Davis School District

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How to Write an Original Oratory
With Thanks to Delose Connor
I. Why Oratory?
Never underestimate the power of a persuasive speaker. Wars have been started, fought and
won over the power of a powerful speech. Elections are not won by good politicians, but the best orators. Being able to speak persuasively will help you to get what you want, whether it is the car keys from your parents, a good grade from a teacher, a date from the most popular person in school, or even atrophy at a tournament. Speaking persuasively will empower you to get what you want. Long after the tournament is over you always have the power to speak persuasively, professionally, and powerfully.
II. Five (5) steps of the motivated sequence:
1. Attention Getting
2. Establish a need
3. Satisfaction
4. Visualization
5. Action
III. So, how do I write a winning oration?
1. Select a topic
Make it something interesting
Be emotional
Stay away from controversy
2. Research
Find everything you know on the topic
3. Brainstorm
Write down all the ideas you can think of
4. Organize
Fit all of the items of your brainstorm under the 5 parts of the emotional sequence
5. Outline
Choose the best thing from each list
Make a blueprint of the speech
6. Write
Use great words! Write things out! Have fun with it!
7. Rewrite
Have an English teacher check for Grammar
Cut speech to 10 minutes keeping the best material
8. Memorize
Read it from beginning to end over and over
Read it OUT LOUD over and over - listen carefully to it!
Read it to a tape recorder and listen to it over and over
9. Phrase
Set it to music based on the flavor and sequence of the words
10. Dramatize
Add blocking movements and staging
11. Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!!
Hints for success
- Stay healthy! Be physically fit!! Delivering an oration is demanding.
- Sleep before a tournament. Eat a healthy breakfast
- Run through the speech two or three (2 or 3) times before competition
- Don't be distracted. Train yourself to concentrate and maintain composure.
- Remember . . . This is a performance.
- Dress appropriately . . .. suits with ties, dresses or skirts with business like jackets and tops.
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